359 Break the Seal

 "That's right. It is indeed very easy for me to kill Zhang Ruochen. Similarly, it is even easier for me to kill you," Hua Qingye said.

Upon seeing Hua Qingye's cold eyes, Zhang Tiangui felt an indescribable chill. Drops of cold sweat poured out of the center of his back. He stopped walking, not daring to move forward. He said, "Predecessor Hua... why do you say that?"

Hua Qingye grinned, showing a mouthful of yellow teeth. He said, with a smile, "Zhang Ruochen made a deal with me that if I could kill you, he would tell me his secret. Should I trust him? Hoho!"

Zhang Tiangui's whole body went stiff like he was falling into an ice hole. He hastily said, "Predecessor Hua, Zhang Ruochen is full of craft and cunning, you must never believe his words. It's best for you to kill him now. Then bring his head to the young master to take the credit. Young master will definitely give you a great reward."

Hua Qingye frowned, showing a contemplative expression.

Zhang Ruochen did not give Hua Qingye time to think and said, "Unfortunately, Di Yi has already been injured badly and has escaped Omen Ridge. Even if he can survive, given his identity, he will never come to such a remote and insignificant place like Omen Ridge. Hua Qingye, you'd better think clearly before you make your decision. Of course, you can also keep waiting. What happened in Tongming River will be known to Yunwu City of Yunwu Commandery in five days at most. At that time, it's not too late to decide who you are going to kill."

Zhang Tiangui said hurriedly, "I can't wait. Zhang Ruochen is the disciple of Lei Jing, Hall Master of Silver Gowned Elder's Hall. Since Zhang Ruochen is in Yunwu City, Lei Jing must be here soon."

Upon hearing Lei Jing's name, Hua Qingye's face changed a little bit.

Although he and Lei Jing were both in the Fish-dragon Realm, he was at the first change, and Lei Jing had reached the First Change in the Fish-dragon Realm 50 years ago. His current realm was even more terrifying and was far beyond Hua Qingye's.

Moreover, he had lost one arm now and his strength has declined greatly. How could he defeat Lei Jing at his prime?

Zhang Ruochen saw that Hua Qingye seemed to be persuaded by Zhang Tiangui's words, so he kept pushing and said, "In order to show my sincerity, I can tell you the source of my secret in advance."

"What source?"

Hua Qingye was moved and asked quickly.

Zhang Ruochen replied, "I can reach the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm in three years. And I have reached the Realm of Heart Integrated into Sword, of course, all these are because I had a great adventure."

Upon hearing this, even Zhang Tiangui, let alone Hua Qingye, was attracted by Zhang Ruochen's words. He really wanted to know what happened next.

Zhang Ruochen calmly continued, "Three years ago, I found an ancient cave of the Middle Ancient Times in Omen Ridge by accident and received treasures from a saint monk. I was very weak at that time and didn't get very deep into the ancient cave. I swallowed a strange white fruit, and left in a hurry. Afterward, I don't know what happened, my martial cultivation improved greatly. Even my physical quality also seemed to be refreshed by the strange fruit. I actually easily reached the Heart Integrated into Sword."

Before Zhang Ruochen could finish talking, Hua Qingye's eyes revealed a feverish glare. He said hurriedly, "Is it possible that what you swallowed was the legendary saint fruit of Buddhism, Bodhi fruit?"

"I don't know. The shape of the fruit was like a saint Buddha with his leg crossed reciting scriptures," Zhang Ruochen said.

Zhang Ruochen certainly knew what the Bodhi fruit was and even knew its effect.

He deliberately made up a lie because he wanted to guide Hua Qingye's thought to the Bodhi fruit.

If he took the initiative to bring up what he swallowed was Bodhi fruit, Hua Qingye would definitely not believe him. But if Hua Qingye guessed it out, he would certainly believe it without doubt.

Not only Hua Qingye, Zhang Tiangui who stood at the side also believed in Zhang Ruochen's words.

It was because that Zhang Tiangui knew Zhang Ruochen the best. Three years ago, Zhang Ruochen was just a sick man. If there was no such great adventure, how could he have current achievements?

"Damn it. If I could find the ancient cave and swallowed the Bodhi fruit, I guess I would have already reached the Completion of Heaven Realm. Why does Zhang Ruochen have such good luck?"

Zhang Tiangui stared at Zhang Ruochen with envious eyes.

However, he was injured badly. As he became a bit angry, there was a sharp pain in his stomach and he started to cough.

Hua Qingye could almost be certain that what Zhang Ruochen swallowed was Bodhi fruit. He was shaking from the excitement. Every one of his nerve was jumping. He rushed to get in front of Zhang Ruochen and said, "Where is that ancient cave? Bring me there quickly."

Zhang Ruochen smiled and walked toward Zhang Tiangui. He said, "It seems that you haven't accomplished what you promised me."

Hua Qingye narrowed his eyes, looking at Zhang Tiangui.

Zhang Tiangui said anxiously, "Predecessor Hua, you should never believe Zhang Ruochen's words. He is driving a wedge between us."

Hua Qingye hesitated for a moment. Finally, he decided to wait for a few days. When the news from Tongming River arrived, it would not be too late to kill Zhang Tiangui.

Of course, he was also afraid that Lei Jing would be in Yunwu City. Therefore, Hua Qingye took Zhang Ruochen and Zhang Tiangui and left Yunwu City. They arrived at a secret stronghold of the Black Market outside Yunwu City. They settled down, waiting for the news.

It was just five days. Hua Qingye could wait for that.

This stronghold was only 15 kilometers away from Yunwu City. If anything happened in Yunwu City, Hua Qingye could be the first one to know it.

Hua Qingye sealed Zhang Ruochen and Zhang Tiangui's Meridians and locked them up in a Secret Room.

The Secret Room was a dungeon elaborately built by the Black Market. As long as the stone gate was closed and the array was activated, Zhang Ruochen could not escape even if his cultivation was not sealed, which it was.

Hua Qingye left after the stone gate was closed.


Zhang Tiangui was injured badly. Since his Meridians had been sealed, his Genuine Qi could not regulate inside his body.

Without the protection of Genuine Qi, he was an ordinary man. He lay on the ground with a pale face and could not move. He could only wait till his injury recovered itself.

When he was at his highest and in his most vigorous spirits, he never thought that he would have such a tragic day.

Zhang Ruochen coldly stared at Zhang Tiangui. He had no intention to kill him in a hurry and so he sat with his legs crossed and began to practice.

Hua Qingye was obviously very cautious. He not only sealed Zhang Ruochen's Meridians with his Genuine Qi but also inserted a Magic Breaking Needle into Zhang Ruochen's glabella, sealing his Qi Sea.

With double seals, even a warrior in the Fish-dragon Realm could only sit in the secret room, waiting for his death.

Unfortunately, Hua Qingye did not expect that there was an odd Meridian inside Zhang Ruochen's body, Vessel of Spiritual Blood. Furthermore, he did not expect that there was a Dragon Pearl in Zhang Ruochen's heart.

Zhang Ruochen absorbed the Qi of the Saint Dragon with the help of the Vessel of Spiritual Blood. Very quickly, he opened up the sealed Meridians.

"Hua Qingye wants to seal my Qi Sea with a Magic Breaking Needle. He underestimates me too much!"

Zhang Ruochen clasped his hands together and regulated the Divine Dragon Strength in the Dragon Pearl. It gathered toward his Qi Sea and quickly pushed out part of the Magic Breaking Needle.

The Qi Sea's seal loosened a bit.

As Zhang Ruochen kept using his strength an almost transparent silver needle slowly came out of his glabella and fell on the ground.

Because the needle was very thin. It was ten times lighter than a hair. So even when it fell on the ground, it made no sound.

The seal was totally unlocked. The Genuine Qi in his Qi Sea instantly rushed toward Zhang Ruochen's 36 Meridians like tidewater.

With his cultivation recovered, Zhang Ruochen was full of energy.

I have to reach the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm in five days. As long as I do, my power of Martial Soul will be more powerful. In due course, even if I can't defeat Hua Qingye, at least I can try my best.

Zhang Ruochen closed his eyes and, using the Vessel of Spiritual Blood, started to absorb the Divine Dragon Strength of the Dragon Pearl.


There was a thin layer of golden Genuine Qi coming out of his body. Every ray of Genuine Qi contained powerful energy like a swimming legendary small dragon with horns.

After practiced for half day, Zhang Ruochen gathered 13 drops of Vital Essence. There was already Vital Essence in his Qi Sea. Now, he had 32 drops of Vital Essence.

As long as he got 100 drops of Vital Essence, he could reach the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm.

Originally, a warrior gathering Vital Essence was a very slow process. For Zhang Ruochen, it was as easy as drinking boiled water.

It was because he had the Dragon Pearl.

Originally, Si Xingkong, Chang Qiqi, and others just blended a single drop of Dragon's Blood and they directly reached the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm from the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm.

What Zhang Ruochen had was the Dragon Pearl, which was much more powerful than a drop of Dragon's Blood.

As long as Zhang Ruochen actively absorbed the Qi of the Saint Dragon in the Dragon Pearl, he could easily gather Vital Essence.

Predecessor Golden Dragon's Dragon Pearl was indeed good stuff. The speed of increase of my cultivation is faster than I expected.

If Zhang Ruochen's cultivation could be increased at this speed, he was confident that he could reach the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm within three days.

Zhang Tiangui lay on the ground. Seeing the golden light emitting from Zhang Ruochen's body, he was very surprised.

He knew that Zhang Ruochen had already broken the seal.

"You... you..."

Zhang Tiangui seemed to be trying to say something. However, he was injured badly and could not say a full sentence.

Previously, Zhang Tiangui had Genuine Qi to protect his five internal organs and six hollow organs, so he could still manage to walk. Since Zhang Tiangui's Genuine Qi had been sealed, hs injury was getting worse and worse. His face was as pale as a dead man's.

Zhang Ruochen spared a glance at Zhang Tiangui. His eyes showed an intention of killing again, so he stopped practicing and stood up.


His right palm turned once. He used a ray of Genuine Qi to attract the Magic Breaking Needle on the ground and pinched it between his two fingers. He walked toward Zhang Tiangui.

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen was walking over, Zhang Tiangui started to twitch. His eyes grew wider and wider, he was becoming more and more terrified.

Stopping in front of him, Zhang Ruochen crouched down and looked at him up close, "Zhang Tiangui, should you pay with your life for a murder?"

Zhang Tiangui violently shook his head. He stuttered, "Ninth... Ninth brother, father... father...was not killed by me... I was forced. It was Hua Qingye. Hua Qingye and Di Yi forced me to do it. Father was dead. I was also very sad..."