Chapter 357: Encountering a Warrior in Fish-Draagon Realm

 Chapter 357: Encountering a Warrior in Fish-Draagon Realm

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Once upon a time, Zhang Tiangui wanted to have a fight with Zhang Ruochen, in which he would defeat Zhang Ruochen and regain his reputation as the first genius of Omen Ridge with his formidable power.

But now that he was truly standing with Zhang Ruochen. The powerful pressure emanating from Zhang Ruochen almost crushed him.

Although he had powerful Martial Arts willpower, he was still terrified.

It was not until this moment did he really understand the huge gap between Zhang Ruochen and himself. Compared with Zhang Ruochen, his so-called talent was nothing.

Zhang Tiangui completely ignored the dead Queen who was lying in blood. Dead was dead, there was no need to look at a dead person. He pretended to be calm and asked, "Zhang Ruochen, how did you escape from Di Yi's siege?"

Zhang Tiangui thought Di Yi was unfathomable. Even if Zhang Ruochen was powerful, Zhang Tiangui still did not believe that Zhang Ruochen could defeat Di Yi.

Zhang Ruochen did not want to say anything to Zhang Tiangui. He had determined to kill Zhang Tiangui and would not give him any chance to survive.

After seeing Zhang Ruochen's murderous feeling, Zhang Tiangui's heart sank and he immediately turned around to run.

"Do you think you can escape?"

Zhang Ruochen's body moved. It turned into a Shadow, catching up with Zhang Tiangui in an instant and appearing behind him.


Zhang Ruochen stretched out his palm. The dragon shadow appeared and it struck Zhang Tiangui on the back.

Zhang Tiangui immediately infused Genuine Qi into a Jade Amulet. It formed a light screen to envelop him and tried to resist Zhang Ruochen's handprint.


The light screen was shattered and turned into strands of light spots.

The handprint sent Zhang Tiangui flying out. A huge bloody handprint was left on his back.


Zhang Tiangui spat out blood mixed with some pieces of flesh. It seemed like his internal organs had all been shattered by the palm power.

Zhang Tiangui took a Healing Pill while he was lying on the ground. Then, he slowly got up.

However, he had already suffered internal injuries. So he couldn't use any power in his current state even with the help of the Healing Pill. Now, even an ordinary person could easily defeat him with only a punch.

Zhang Ruochen walked over step by step, his eyes were filled with an extremely strong murderous intent.

"Zhang Ruochen, you are too arrogant. Do you really think that I will die today?"

Zhang Tiangui laughed and spared a glance over Zhang Ruochen's shoulders.

A single-armed old man suddenly appeared nearly ten meters behind Zhang Ruochen. He was standing in the air. The man had a head of white hair which was separated down the middle where a wrinkled old face looked out.

Zhang Ruochen naturally felt the aura of the horrific power from behind him. That kind of feeling did not feel like a man was standing behind him, rather, it was like a thousand-year-old ghost was standing behind him.

In just an instant, the cold air from behind him almost froze Zhang Ruochen's entire body.

Instinctively, Zhang Ruochen immediately mobilized his Genuine Qi to form a giant light blue ball and wrapped himself in it.

The Genuine Qi practiced by Zhang Ruochen was Blue Genuine Qi. The Celestial Bodyshield which was made from it had robust defensive power. It was even harder to destroy the shield than to destroy a wall.


In a flash, the one-armed man struck out with his palm.

The palm, like a five-fingered mountain, smashed the light ball of Genuine Qi and reached to Zhang Ruochen's chest.

Just as the palm dropped down, a golden light rushed from Zhang Ruochen's heart.

In the light, an audible dragon's roar appeared and a powerful force burst forth, defusing the power of that elder.

Even so, that great impact force still sent Zhang Ruochen flying away. He broke a tower and smashed into the ruins of the collapsed wall.

"Who are you?"

Zhang Ruochen walked out of the shambles and dusted himself down. He still stood above the wall and gazed at the one-armed elder.

An incredible look appeared on Zhang Tiangui's face as he saw Zhang Ruochen survive the attack of the one-armed man. He said, "Zhang Ruochen, the man standing in front of you is the chief chairman of the Poisonous Spider Club, Hua Qingye. Do you think you have the opportunity to kill me today as Predecessor Hua is here?"

Zhang Tiangui has always been arrogant, even a dominator of Martial Arts like the Square Commandery Prince was looked down on by him. However, he dared not to act presumptuously in front of Hua Qingye.

Because Hua Qingye was an existence that had surpassed Martial Arts. His cultivation had already reached the Fish-dragon Realm.

Although Zhang Tiangui had been the first genius of Omen Ridge, he might not be able to break through the Fish-dragon Realm with his talent.

Throughout the entire 36 commanderies of Omen Ridge, there were less than 20 warriors in the Fish-dragon Realm. Each of them was honored by the martial arts legends in the Heaven Realm. A warrior in the Fish-dragon Realm was a real master, a superior among superiors.

There were three Half-Saints in Omen Ridge. They were Half-Saint Kongkong in the School of the Martial Market, Half-Saint Hanjue in the Yuntai Suzerain, and Half-Saint Lingxi in the Tai Qing Palace.

However, Half-Saints were not in Omen Ridge most of the time. They went to the battlefields of Primitive World to open up new territories for human beings. They stayed in the Suzerain for only a little time. Instead of intervening in struggles of major forces, they preferred to seclude themselves for refining and comprehending the Holy Road.

Therefore, warriors in the Fish-dragon Realm were the most powerful in Omen Ridge. They dominated the fate of all warriors here.

Di Yi highly valued Yunwu Commandery. He wanted to unify the 36 commanderies in Omen Ridge and establish a superior class commandery which would be under the control of the Black Market. And the commandery would be based on the foundation of Yunwu Commandery.

So, he had dispatched Hua Qingye to suppress Yunwu Commandery, in case the School of the Martial Market counter-attacked.

However, even Hua Qingye did not think that Zhang Ruochen would arrive before the arrival of those masters of School of the Martial Market.


Hua Qingye flew down from above. He stepped onto the ground and stared at Zhang Ruochen coldly, "You can ward off my palm, there must be a splendid amulet treasure on your body."

An ordinary amulet treasure could not stop a strike of a warrior in the Fish-dragon Realm. It must be a top-notch amulet treasure which was worth more than millions of Spiritual Crystals that had such a defensive power.

The amulet treasure of Zhang Ruochen was the Dragon Pearl in his heart.

After knowing the old man's identity, Zhang Ruochen said with a serious expression, "You have reached the First Change in the Fish-dragon Realm."

"You can see through my realm, indeed you are a genius who can be the top 100 in the Earth Board."

Slightly lifting eyes and exposing white teeth, Hua Qingye grimly smiled and said, "Do you think I can't kill you by my power in the First Change in the Fish-dragon Realm? The gap between the Fish-dragon Realm and the Heaven Realm can't be compensated by your talent."

Never mind Zhang Ruochen, even if a legendary genius with nine tricks encountered a master in the Fish-dragon Realm at the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm, he would be killed with no power to counterattack.

Moreover, Hua Qingye had great talent to be able to reach the Fish-dragon Realm. He was not an ordinary warrior.

Zhang Ruochen had another trump card, the Sarira. As long as he unlocked the first seal, he would be able to obtain the power of a warrior in Fish-dragon Realm, which was enough to kill Hua Qingye.

But Zhang Ruochen did not want to waste the power of the first seal of the Sarira to deal with Hua Qingye. The power could be used to save his life, it was very valuable to him. So the power would never be used unless there was no other way.

"I'll have to use the power of Martial Soul!"

After reaching the Heaven Realm, he had never used all of the power of his Martial Soul. And now, it was time to show his strength.

Zhang Tiangui did not know what Zhang Ruochen was thinking, and he thought that Zhang Ruochen was thinking about how to escape. With a joking smile on face, he said, "Zhang Ruochen, it's too late to escape! Your power that you're so proud of is even weaker than an ant in front of Predecessor Hua."

Zhang Ruochen did not talk nonsense and directly released his Martial Soul.


The shadow of the soul stood behind Zhang Ruochen and it emitted a blue light. The Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi gathered above Zhang Ruochen's head and condensed into a blue cloud.

Hua Qingye shook head and said with a smirk, "It is useless, even if you have practiced the Martial Soul. The strength of a warrior in the Fish-dragon Realm is not something you can imagine. Let alone you're just at the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm. You will never be my match even if you reached the Completion of Heaven Realm."

Previously, Hua Qingye had seen that Zhang Ruochen using the powerful force of Martial Soul to kill the Square Commandery Prince. So he had some understanding of his power.

Even so, Hua Qingye still looked down on Zhang Ruochen. The battle between Zhang Ruochen and the Square Commandery Prince was just like a horseplay of children to him.

But he did not know that the power of Martial Soul that Zhang Ruochen used against the Square Commandery Prince was only a tenth of what he had.

Hua Qingye also did not want to say anything more. He suddenly charged out, his speed so fast that it could not be captured by naked eyes. It seemed like it was just a moment before he came to Zhang Ruochen and attacked Zhang Ruochen's head.

Zhang Ruochen's Martial Soul had perceived Hua Qingye's trick in advance. It immediately mobilized Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi. A sword was formed and it chopped toward Hua Qingye.


With just one casual strike, Hua Qingye shattered the spiritual sword with one squeeze on his palm and continued to strike toward Zhang Ruochen's head.

At that moment, Zhang Ruochen quickly retreated backward and escaped the attack.


Zhang Ruochen condensed all of the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi into the Abyss Ancient Sword. Then, he made an attack to stab the belly of Hua Qingye.

This attack not only contained the power of himself but also contained the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi which was summoned by his Martial Soul. The power in it had already exceeded the fighting strength of a warrior in the Heaven Realm.

(To be continued...)