Chapter 354: All of You Will Die

 Chapter 354: All of You Will Die

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The Square Commandery Prince and Jin Chuan were both among the top ten warriors in the Square Commandery. Particularly, Square Commandery Prince who was ranked third.

The Square Commandery was a medium level commandery which was ten times stronger than the Yunwu Commandery. So the Square Commandery's top ten warriors were also highly respected as legends in the Yunwu Commandery.

Now, two of the top ten warriors were here. What's more, six masters in the Heaven Realm and many other warriors in the Earth Realm from the Black Market were also on their way here.

Zhang Ruochen was only a young warrior who was less than 20 years old. What could he do when so many masters were here?

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Wang Jinyi.

His gaze was like two cold needles stabbing into Wang Jinyi's pupils, making Wang Jinyi shiver. His eyes dulled and he almost fell off the savage beast.

Wang Jinyi immediately ran his Genuine Qi to dissolve the power of Zhang Ruochen's gaze. He cried, "Zhang Ruochen, I don't believe you are that powerful!"

After saying this, Wang Jinyi stood up on the savage beast's back. Holding his three-meter long spear, he jumped up and stabbed.

"Black Whirl!"

This spear technique was very powerful. As the spear turned, the Spiritual Qi between heaven and earth moved along with it, forming a spear vortex.

With the stabbing of the spear, countless wind blades flew out of the vortex, making swishing noise.

Wang Jinyi was very talented. He had once defeated an opponent who was two realms stronger than him. It was during that battle that the Square Commandery Prince noticed him and recruited him as his favorite disciple.

His Genuine Qi carried the power of wind nature.

Thus, whenever he used his Genuine Qi, wind blades would form.


Some of the wind blades slashed onto the street and cut up the half-meter thick slates, leaving behind two-meter long cracks, while other wind blades flew to the shops around them, cutting through the walls and pillars.

This destructive spear technique wrecked the whole street. Many fun-seeking warriors were accidentally injured by the wind blades, and some of them even lost their lives.

"How terrifying! That's the power of a martial arts legend! Step back, everyone! We are risking our lives if we stay here!"

An elder in the Earth Realm roared, and then he was the first to run away.

There were not many martial arts legends in the whole the Yunwu Commandery. Each one of them was a great martial expert.

Knowing that the man with the long spear was a martial arts legend in the Heaven Realm, everyone was shocked. Then immediately they started to run away.

"A martial arts legend has come here in person to fight with the Ninth Prince! The Ninth Prince has quite the honor!"

"Where on earth did Zhang Tiangui invite so many masters from? It seems that the Ninth Prince doesn't even have a chance to escape!"


The fun-seeking warriors all stood far away.

Only a few confident warriors stood near. They wanted to see if the Ninth Prince could escape from the martial arts legend's attack.


Everyone was dazzled. They could only see a beam of sword radiance.

The sword light was so bright that they were all blinded for a while. After they reopened their eyes, they saw that the Ninth Prince was still standing there, while the martial arts legend had become a headless body and was lying on the ground.


A bloody head dropped down from the air like a ball. It bounced on the ground and rolled to Wang Jinyi's armpit.

Seeing this, everyone gasped.

A martial arts legend in the Heaven Realm died just like this?

Who killed him?

Nobody believed that Wang Jinyi was killed by Zhang Ruochen. They thought maybe some masters were hiding in the dark.

Only a few warriors with higher cultivation vaguely saw Zhang Ruochen attack just now, and they were greatly astonished.

Because Zhang Ruochen was so fast like wind and thunder that Wang Jinyi lost his head before he could block.

The warriors from the Square Commandery were shocked as well. Wang Jinyi was a relatively strong master, but he could not even block one of Zhang Ruochen's blows.


Jin Chuan hummed. On an Ice Plain Wolf, he came out from behind the Square Commandery Prince's back. He stared at Zhang Ruochen from a height and said, "I'll be your opponent."

Jin Chuan stretched out his ten fingers and suddenly bent them into claws.


His ten fingers were enveloped with Genuine Qi. It looked like there were wisps of electricity flowing on his skin. His old hands looked just like electric tiger claws.

Wisps of lightning also appeared on the ground, looking like purple snakes crawling toward Zhang Ruochen.

Jin Chuan was the tenth ranked master in the Square Commandery, and his martial cultivation was much higher than Wang Jinyi's.

Before he had even struck, he had already created a great momentum.


Zhang Ruochen moved first. He stepped out and turned into a chain of Shadows. In just a second, he was in front of Jin Chuan.

"So fast!"

Jin Chuan's face changed color. He crossed his arms and performed his strongest martial technique, Ghostly Claw.

His hands were like metal claws, striking against the Abyss Ancient Sword with streaks of lightning.

Ghostly Claw was a Spiritual Stage mid-class martial technique. Once it was mastered, the warrior's hands would become harder than iron.

Zhang Ruochen slashed open the lightning on Jin Chuan's claws and ended Jin Chuan's martial technique.


Zhang Ruochen's gaze was ruthless. He suddenly lowered his combat sword and broke Jin Chuan's Celestial Bodyshield.

The sword edge came down right above Jin Chuan's head, it pierced through his chest and all the way to the ground with a loud noise.

A pit with a diameter of five meters appeared on the ground.


The slates around the pit were all broken and arched, forming a round ashy Qi billow.

"This is... one slash's power... of the Ninth Prince?"

The warriors around were all shocked and frightened.

Even the mounts of the Square Commandery Prince and other warriors from the Square Commandery were startled. They neighed and kept stepping back.


Jin Chuan, who was originally sitting on the savage beast's back, cracked in half when a blood line appeared in the middle of his body. He fell into the pit and his organs scattered everywhere.

Even a top ten master in the Square Commandery could not block Zhang Ruochen's one blow and had died in such an ugly way.

"How could Zhang Ruochen be... so powerful?"

The Square Commandery Prince's face changed color greatly. His jaw was set firmly in anger and his hands started to quiver.

The power Zhang Ruochen showed in that blow was beyond the Square Commandery Prince's expectations. He didn't have enough confidence that he would be able to block him.

His hatred towards Zhang Ruochen was completely aroused. The threads of blood in his eyes became even denser.

"All of you can die!"

Zhang Ruochen roared. Then, he shifted all of his Genuine Qi into the Abyss Ancient Sword and activated all the inscriptions in the sword.

Zhang Ruochen slashed out.

Countless angry Sword Breaths burst out, forming into translucent sword shadows and charged out like a storm.


Constant screeches could be heard among the sword Qi.

When everything became quiet again, only the Square Commandery Prince stood alive on the ground. The other warriors from the Square Commandery had all become bodies in a pool of blood. There were at least ten wounds on each of them.

Some of them were even ripped to pieces by the sword Qi and were mere body parts which no one could identify.

The Square Commandery Prince looked even more wretched. His face, shoulders, and legs were all wounded by the sword Qi. His clothes were pierced and he was covered in blood. He had a very disbelieving look on his face.

He had reached the Final State of the Heaven Realm, and he had the power to fight warriors in higher realms. In other words, he was standing on the Peak of the Heaven Realm. How could he be wounded by a junior at the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm?

Normally, a warrior who could reach the Final State of the Heaven Realm would at least be a One-realm Fighting Geniuses. Many of them were Two-realm Fighting Geniuses or even Three-realm Fighting Geniuses.

The Square Commandery Prince was already a Two-and-a-half-realm Fighting Genius when he was young.

Before the Square Commandery Prince could calm himself down, Zhang Ruochen appeared beside him with just a movement of his body. And then he slashed again.

After knowing how powerful Zhang Ruochen was, the Square Commandery Prince was a little afraid. He didn't dare to fight with Zhang Ruochen again. So he performed a bodily movement and ran back to the palace.

"Still trying to run? You are a dead man today!"

Zhang Ruochen stepped on a slate and crushed it. He bowed slightly and flashed forward like an arrow. In just a moment, he had caught up with the Square Commandery Prince.

"Dragon in the Sky!"

An illusory image of a flying dragon was formed in the void space after Zhang Ruochen's blow. It roared and flew toward the Square Commandery Prince.

The Square Commandery Prince sensed the palm power at his back. He turned around immediately and punched out as well.

"Surprise Cloud Palm!"

Two wisps of Genuine Qi from both of his palms integrated together and formed a ball of white light.

The illusory image of the flying dragon crashed into the white light and tore it open, turning it into wisps of light haze.


The Square Commandery Prince was blown out over 33 meters by the force of Zhang Ruochen's palm power.

The Square Commandery Prince's martial cultivation was high enough that he managed to steady himself the moment he fell to the ground. He landed on his tiptoe, turned his body around and kept running towards the palace.

"Zhang Ruochen is too powerful. I'm no match for him."

The Square Commandery Prince's arms were numb because of the pain. He knew he could block Zhang Ruochen only by getting back to the palace and activating the Palace-defending Array.

Zhang Tiangui and the Queen were just standing on the city wall, so they clearly saw what happened just now.

The Queen was pale with fear. She shuddered greatly and cold sweat kept dripping from her forehead.

Zhang Tiangui gasped and said, "Activate the Palace-defending Array! Now! We mustn't allow Zhang Ruochen to get in!"

"But... the Square Commandery Prince is still out there..." Said a master from the Black Market.

Zhang Tiangui replied coldly, "Don't care about him. If we let Zhang Ruochen in because of him, we will all die."

Seeing Zhang Ruochen coming nearer and nearer, Zhang Tiangui was also a little afraid. He shouted angrily, "You stupid servant! I told you to activate the Palace-defending Array! Are you deaf? Do it!"

The master sensed Zhang Tiangui's fury, and he quickly went away and asked the people in charge to activate the Inscription of Array that defended the Palace.