Chapter 352: Anger

 Chapter 352: Anger

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Xue Jingtian used his hand as a knife and swung it to make an arch line, chopping toward Zhang Shaochu's neck.

Suddenly, there was a sharp sound. A sword light flew overhead, emitting splendid sword awe. It fell from just above Xue Jingtian's right arm.


His arm was cut in half and fell to the ground.

Blood gushed out of his arm. At the same time, a powerful Sword Breath rushed into his body from the wound, continuously breaking his Meridians and blood veins.

"Who? Who the hell is it?"

Xue Jingtian held back the pain. He looked into the dark night and roared fiercely.

He sealed the Meridians on his right shoulder using Genuine Qi to stop the bleeding. But the stroke of Sword Breath suddenly broke through his Genuine Qi, rushing toward his heart and Qi Pool.

Zhang Shaochu had been shocked to see the sword, which had suddenly flown out. However, he was not terrified. Rather he was quite happy.

He knew that sword. It belonged to the Ninth Brother.

The Ninth Brother has come back. He has come back. Haha!

Zhang Shaochu laughed aloud crazily and mockingly looked at Xue Jingtian as if to say 'didn't you just say that Ninth Brother had already died'? But he is back now. He is back!'

All of the Martial Arts masters of the black market became nervous and raised their battle knives. They stood together and looked around on alert like they were facing a powerful enemy.

Xue Jingtian shook his head and said, "It is impossible. It is definitely impossible. The ninth prince has already been killed by the young master of Black Market Excellence Hall. He can't possibly be alive."

Who was the young master of the Black Market Excellence Hall?

For Xue Jingtian, he was a figure who could only be looked up to. With just one word, he could make the Yunwu Commandery Prince disappear.

How could Zhang Ruochen have possibly escaped from the young master of the Black Market Excellence Hall?

At this very moment, there was a voice coming from behind Xue Jingtian.

"Minister, how do you know that I have already been killed by the young master of Black Market Excellence Hall?"

Xue Jingtian was shocked. His expression changed and slowly he turned around.

A young and handsome man was standing five steps away, holding a broken sword in his hand. His clear and cold eyes were glaring at him.

"Zhang ... Ruochen ... How are you still alive?"

It might have been the severe blood loss, or it might have been fear; Xue Jingtian's heart twitched and his face turned pale.

Zhang Ruochen said, "Did you hope I was dead?"

Xue Jingtian clenched his teeth. With cold eyes, he showed killing intent toward Zhang Ruochen and secretly gathered his Genuine Qi.

He knew that Zhang Ruochen was very powerful, but between him and Zhang Ruochen, one of them had to die. Why not risk his life to fight? Maybe he could turn things around.


Xue Jingtian suddenly struck out a palm toward Zhang Ruochen's chest.

Zhang Ruochen moved his hand. In a spilt second, he grabbed Xue Jingtian's wrist. His fingers were like pinchers, squeezing his flesh and blood. Xue Jingtian's face twisted in pain and his whole body twitched.

Drops of blood came down from Xue Jingtian's wrist.

It seemed that Zhang Ruochen's fingers were going to pierce through his wrist.

"Zhang ... Zhang Ruochen ... You ... " Xue Jingtian said miserably.

Zhang Shaochu rushed over. He was both ecstatic and furious. He said, "Ninth brother, kill this bastard. He killed our father."

Zhang Ruochen sighed. It seemed he was too late. What had happened had happened.

"Zhang Ruochen, I'm the man of the black market now. If you dare to kill me, the masters of the black market will cut you into pieces," Xue Jingtian said.

ZZhang Ruochen replied, "You are using the black market to threaten me. If they could kill me, I wouldn't be here now."


Zhang Ruochen regulated his Genuine Qi into his five fingers. His palm was surrounded with a cloud of blue light. Suddenly, he twisted tightly, and Xue Jingtian's arm turned into a fried dough twist.

The bones in his arm were all broken.


Xue Jingtian screamed like a pig being killed. Both his legs softened and he knelt down on the ground, wailing mournfully.

"Xue Jingtian, go to hell!"

Zhang Shaochu rushed over madly. His fists dropped down on Xue Jingtian like rain drops, making him cry out continuously as he rolled and crawled on the ground.

"Ninth Prince, Fourth Prince, you can't ... treat ... me like that ... Help me ... "


Incalculable bones were broken. Even his face depressed and his head was almost smashed.

Xue Jingtian was beaten to death in the end.


Zhang Shaochu's fists did not stop. He continued to beat Xue Jingtian's dead body, letting out the insane hatred and anger in his heart.

Finally, Zhang Ruochen forcefully pulled him away. He knelt down on the ground, holding his brother's legs and crying loudly. He said desperately, "Ninth brother, father is dead. Mother is dead. Grandfather is dead. Uncle Wan is also dead. Eldest brother is dead. Second brother is dead ... All of them were killed. You have to avenge them."

Zhang Ruochen's heart sank. He had guessed that the Royal Family would go through big changes when Zhang Tiangui got back to the Yunwu Commandery, but he never thought it would be this bad.

After all, Zhang Tiangui was a royal family member. How could he be so cruel?

Besides, what Zhang Ruochen worried about most was his mother ...

Even the Yunwu Commandery Prince had been killed. His mother was just an ordinary woman. How could she have been spared?

Zhang Ruochen felt an indescribable grieving. His ten fingers could not help clenching. A blaze of anger rose in his heart.

Suddenly, a powerful momentum burst out of his body, forming a gust of violent wind, causing dozens of black market warriors to fly up.

"All go to hell."

Zhang Ruochen swung his arm, accumulating a giant palm of Genuine Qi. It waved toward the sky.


There were a series of loud bangs. The bodies of dozens of warriors of the black market were smashed into pieces from the powerful Genuine Qi palm. They were blasted into clouds of blood fog. Each cloud of blood fog dropped down a broken skeleton. The heads and abdomens were blown open, leaving only the bloody skeleton.

"Zhang Tiangui!"

Zhang Ruochen looked up at the sky and roared. His voice was like thunder, resounding 80 kilometers away.

Although Zhang Ruochen had only stayed with Concubine Lin for a short time, he had felt her maternal love. He sincerely treated her as his own mother.

As for the Yunwu Commandery Prince, although Zhang Ruochen was very dissatisfied with him and never called him father, Zhang Ruochen could feel that he loved and cared for him, and had made an effort of trying to make up for him.

So, Zhang Ruochen's opinion of the Yunwu Commandery Prince had also been changing.

Originally, Zhang Ruochen had wanted to go back to the Yunwu Commandery after visiting the Underwater Dragon Palace. He wanted to give some esotericas and the Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph to the Yunwu Commandery Prince to help warriors of the Royal Family improve their strength.

No one could expect that Zhang Tiangui was so cruel he could kill his own father and brothers, as well as the entire royal family.

Upon hearing what had happened in Yunwu City and Zhang Tiangui's crime, Zhang Ruochen's face turned darker and darker, and the killing intent in his heart grew unprecedentedly powerful.

Zhang Shaochu said, "According to a royal guard who ran away from the palace, he saw with his own eyes that Zhang Tiangui smashed father's head. And, Xue Jingtian said before that ... Zhang Tiangui was ... his son, was the child of the Queen and him.


"Xue Jingtian thought that I was going to die, so he told me the truth. It can't be fake. With his identity, there is no need to lie to a man who is going to die," Zhang Shaochu said.

Zhang Ruochen showed a strong murderous look in his eyes. He said, "Zhang Tiangui ... shall die ... However, this can never be leaked out."

Zhang Shaochu understood. After all, it was disgraceful. Once it got out, the Yunwu Commandery Prince would definitely become a joke among the warriors in the world.

He knew that Zhang Ruochen was defending the Yunwu Commandery Prince's dignity.

Actually, this was the only thing they could do to help the Yunwu Commandery Prince aside from the revenge.

"Ninth brother, Zhang Tiangui has lots of warriors of the black market working for him. Some of them are really powerful and definitely martial arts legends at the Heaven Realm. Shall we tell this to the School and let school presbyters call the shots for us?" Zhang Shaochu asked.

"It's our enemy. We should take revenge by ourselves," Zhang Ruochen replied.

Zhang Shaochu checked on the badly injured soldiers. He looked at Zhang Ruochen again and said, "But with just a few of us, even if we get back to Yunwu City, we can't kill Zhang Tiangui."

Zhang Ruochen patted Zhang Shaochu on the shoulder. "Fourth Brother, you and the soldiers are injured. Stay and recover! Leave the revenge to me."

With the words, Zhang Ruochen was laden with anxiety and walked toward Yunwu City, with an inexpressible heavy heart.

Zhang Shaochu chased after him and shouted, "Ninth Brother, wait for me. Even if you want to avenge them yourself, count me in. If you kill Zhang Tiangui, you will bear a bad name for killing your own brother. You have a promising future. Don't do it. Leave this notoriety to me ... Leave it to me ..."

Zhang Ruochen kept walking forward without turning around. He appeared to walk slowly, but actually he walked more than 30 meters with each step. Zhang Shaochu could not catch up to him.

Before long, Zhang Ruochen disappeared into the hazy night, leaving only a tall firm figure.

The next morning, Zhang Ruochen finally arrived at Yunwu City. He raised his head and looked at the tall city wall.

The cold fog from last night had dampened his shoes and robe. Even his broken sword was covered with a thin layer of white frost.

"Master Chen, you have already arrived at the city. Why don't you talk?" Guoguo asked doubtfully. It exposed its round fat face and blocked Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen said nothing. His eyes were full of blood. He held the sword and kept walking toward the city gate.

"Who is it?"

Soldiers guarding the city looked at Zhang Ruochen with a sword in the distance. They rushed out instantly and surrounded Zhang Ruochen.

"If you don't want to die, get out of here."

With his long hair flowing eccentrically, Zhang Ruochen did not stop walking.