Chapter 351: A Blood Feud

 Chapter 351: A Blood Feud

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After fighting with Di Yi, Zhang Ruochen returned quickly to the Yunwu Commandery.

He regulated his Genuine Qi to its extreme. He took his feet from the ground as if he was riding on the tip of grassblades. His speed reached its maximum limit.

Rushing for a day and a night and crossing thousands of kilometers, he did not stop to rest until the Genuine Qi in his body ran out.

I should be near Yunwu Commandery. Hope I can still make it.

Although he was very anxious, he had to stop and restore.

Zhang Ruochen walked into a temple. He sat below a statue surrounded by spider webs with his legs crossed. He swallowed a Blood Pill and regulated his martial techniques to absorb the Divine Dragon Strength from Dragon Pearl. His Genuine Qi and strength started to restore.


The howling cold wind blew through the damaged door, letting out a devilish crying sound, adding a slight chill.

At midnight, there was a heavy sound of footsteps outside the temple.

The sound woke Zhang Ruochen up. The Genuine Qi inside his body had almost recovered. He called out the Abyss Ancient Sword and stared at the door of the temple, alert and ready.


A fat figure burst the wooden door open. It missed its footing, tumbled down the staircase, and finally fell into the temple courtyard.

"It hurts. It's killing me!"

The fat figure kept howling. It seemed that it had taken a bad fall.

Zhang Ruochen looked over carefully, finding that the fat figure who'd tumbled in was actually a rabbit with long red fur. Its body was very big, almost two meters tall when it stood up.

Its ears stuck up like two giant fans.

Its head was round, like a fluffy ball. Its big oval eyes kept rotating and looking around the temple. It finally saw Zhang Ruochen who sat below the statue with his legs crossed.

With a strange cry, it flew over.

"Guoguo, why are you here?" Zhang Ruochen asked, slightly confused.

Guoguo sat next to Zhang Ruochen, with its snow white teeth exposed. It spoke like a human, "It's a long story. I swallowed a piece of meat under the water, then my body started to burn. So I tried my best to run to put out the fire, but the fire didn't go out. It made me so mad. Then I kept running. Afterward I saw that you were running. So I ran after you and followed you here."

Although Guoguo had been enlightened after absorbing the Dragon's Blood, its intelligence was still limited. It could only talk very fast, and also it did not speak clearly.

It talked for a long time, gestured with its paws and made all sorts of exaggerated expressions. However, Zhang Ruochen was confused. He had no idea what it was talking about.

Zhang Ruochen did understand one thing. The cause of the whole thing was that it had swallowed a piece of meat.

What kind of meat was it?

Zhang Ruochen felt a jolt. Was it ...

He quickly stretched out a hand to grab one of Guoguo's paws. He infused Blue Genuine Qi into its palm.


A stroke of powerful Evil Breath corrupted Zhang Ruochen's Genuine Qi and flew backward from Guoguo's body, toward Zhang Ruochen's arms.

The cloud of Evil Breath was very cold, making Zhang Ruochen feel numb in his arms.

Zhang Ruochen instantly regulated his Genuine Qi to defuse it. He stared at Guoguo with slight amazement, exposing a dignified look.

Guoguo looked at Zhang Ruochen and had a bad feeling. It opened its eyes wide and said nervously, "Master Chen, Did ... Did I eat something that I shouldn't ..."

Zhang Ruochen took a keen look at it and nodded, "You do eat some bad things."

Guoguo was scared. Its mouth was twisted, and its tongue was hanging out. It was totally shocked.

After a long moment, it gave out a cry and stretched out both its claws, trying to pull the bad thing out from its mouth.

It wailed and rolled on the ground, hitting the nearby stone stool and incense burner table.

Zhang Ruochen nodded his head and said, "You don't need to be so miserable. If I am right, what you swallowed is the evil heart of Di Yi."

Guoguo somersaulted to get up and stood in front of Zhang Ruochen. It said, "Master Chen, Di Yi was so powerful. Why did he throw his evil heart into the water? What on earth is the evil heart? You tell me. You tell me!"

Zhang Ruochen said calmly, "The evil heart was Di Yi's heart, and it was dug out by me. It fell into Tongming River and you swallowed it. Although the evil heart grows in the human body, it is a miraculous thing, containing the most evil power with Utmost Yin. I just used my Martial Soul to explore, and discovered that the evil heart was in your body. It actually turned into an evil ball of red fire and integrated with your flesh and blood. It was a bit strange."

"Alas! I'm doomed! I am a vegetarian rabbit. I ate the evil heart by mistake. I'm afraid that I will be killed by that thing. Master Chen, you have to help me take out the evil ball. Our Greedy Rabbit family has only one offspring for each generation. Our family can't disappear because of me, " Guoguo stared pitifully at Zhang Ruochen with his big round eyes.

Zhang Ruochen said, "Only one offspring for each generation? How did your father give birth to you?"

"Don't pay attention to those details," Guoguo said.

Zhang Ruochen said, "You are not a vegetarian. I gave you Spiritual Brawn before. You also ate it."

"Master Chen, when Xiaochang taught me how to talk, he told me that when you are listening to someone, you should learn to get the essentials. Why can't you get the essentials? Whether I am the only offspring, or I am a vegetarian do not matter. What matters most is that you have to help me take out the evil ball," Guoguo said.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, "It is true that the kind of teacher teaches the kind of student. Together with Chang Qiqi, you haven't learned to talk fluently yet, but you have learned how to talk nonsense. Don't worry! The evil ball is not bad for you. On the contrary, it might be very good for you. In the future, it might be practiced into a body pill.

Hearing Zhang Ruochen's words, Guoguo felt calm and relief. It sat down again.

"Master Chen, where are you going? Why are you in such a hurry? I almost failed to catch up with you," Guoguo could not help but asking.

Zhang Ruochen turned serious. After a long while he said, "Home."

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen's ears moved and he said, "A large number of people are rushing toward us, they are roughly a hundred kilometers away ... "

He closed his eyes to release his Martial Soul.

The Martial Soul left his body, and flew toward the people a hundred kilometers away.

"You can hear what is going on more than 100 kilometers away? For real?"

Guoguo looked at Zhang Ruochen with some confusion. It did not really believe him, so it laid down on the ground with its ears against the ground, listening carefully.

"This is not good. It's the Fourth Brother."

Zhang Ruochen suddenly opened his eyes and swung his arms. A stroke of Sword Comprehension come out, attracting the Abyss Ancient Sword.


The Abyss Ancient Sword let out a cry and turned into a flying light. It flew out from the broken temple. With its long tail, it disappeared into the dark night.

Zhang Ruochen jumped up. He broke through the roof of the broken temple with a bang.

The Genuine Qi inside his body was released and turned into a giant dragon shadow, more than 20 meters long, enveloping his body. It flew out at the speed of sound.

"Master Chen, why are you running again? Where are you going? Don't leave me behind ... I'm scared of darkness ... "

Guoguo broke the wall of the temple, rolling down the hill. It chased after the dragon shadow and rushed out. Its speed was surprisingly fast.

It was 80 kilometers away.

The fourth prince, Zhang Shaochu was fleeing with a group of soldiers. Dozens of black market Evil Warriors in black clothes were after them.

Zhang Shaochu wore armor and had fought a bloody battle. However, his soldiers were getting fewer and fewer. They died one by one in a pool of blood. In the end, there were less than ten men still with him.

Five days ago, Zhang Tiangui had returned to the Yunwu Commandery and killed all of the members of the Royal Family. He had killed his brothers and father, ascending to the throne of Commandery Prince.

At that time, Zhang Shaochu had been leading the army to attack the Square Commandery. When he learned the horrible news, he was desperate and immediately returned with his army. He wanted to crusade against Zhang Tiangui to avenge his father, his brothers and his mother.

Unfortunately, there were several masters with Zhang Tiangui. He had the support of the black market. Zhang Shaochu was defeated before he even got to the city gate and now he was being hunted down by the black market masters.

Zhang Shaochu was already devastated after all the running. It wasn't just the physical pain and exhaustion in his body, but also the pain in his heart that made him sob again and again.

A sergeant with blood all over his body and disheveled hair said miserably, "Your Royal Highness, it seems that we can't escape!"

Zhang Shaochu was also hurt badly. He used his sword to support himself. He said, "Don't be scared. Mr. Liu has already been back to the School of the Martial Market to send the message. As long as the ninth brother can hurry back, we can rally our forces and kill Zhang Tiangui, that son of a b*tch.

"I'm afraid that you won't get the opportunity."

Xue Jingtian walked out from the group of black market warriors. He stared at Zhang Shaochu and said with a smile, "Fourth Prince, the other princes have already been executed. Why are you still struggling? Do you still hope that Zhang Ruochen can make it back to rescue you? Truth be told, Zhang Ruochen has already died in Tongming River. He can't come back! Haha!"

Zhang Shaochu clenched his teeth and said angrily, "Xue Jingtian, my father trusted you so much. He let you be the minister. You are a beast with a human face."

Xue Jingtian smiled and looked sympathetically at Zhang Shaochu. He used sound wave to send a message to Zhang Shaochu's ears. He said, "You're right! I am a beast with a human face. Not only did I kill your father, I also slept with your father's woman."

"What ... What did you say?" Zhang Shaochu was surprised.

Xue Jingtian was very proud and said with a smile, "Zhang Tiangui is my son. Do you understand now? From now on, Yunwu Commandery belongs to the Xue Family. It has nothing to do with your Zhang Family! Haha!"

"Sure enough ... So that's what it is ... That's what it is ... " Zhang Shaochu burst into tears. He said, "I always said that no matter how cruel Zhang Tiangui was, he would never kill his own father and brother. So that's what it is ... "

Xue Jingtian had told the truth, because he knew that Zhang Shaochu would die today for sure. So, he told the secret hidden in his heart to Zhang Shaochu.

Keeping a secret was a painful thing. Xue Jingtian had never dared to tell anyone.

But it was all right to tell a dead man.

Finally telling the hidden secret made Xue Jingtian feel comfortable, as though he was walking on clouds. He could finally share his achievement with others.

"Since you now know the secret, you have to die!"

Xue Jingtian used his hand as a knife and swung it to make an arch line, chopping toward Zhang Shaochu's neck.