Chapter 347: Digging out the Demons Heart

 Chapter 347: Digging out the Demon's Heart

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Under the control of Zhang Ruochen, nearly 1,000 ice swords turned into light columns, leaving behind streaks of sword path, as they shot towards Di Yi.

Di Yi swallowed a green Pill and began to recover his Genuine Qi.

At the same time, he stopped using Ghost Level sword technique. Depending only on his strong Saintly Being, Di Yi ceaselessly crushed the ice sword with repeated claw marks, while running towards Zhang Ruochen.

He decided to end the fight quickly, he couldn't give Zhang Ruochen any more chances to burn out his Genuine Qi.


When Di Yi rushed to Zhang Ruochen, he finally moved his Genuine Qi into the Blackdragon Ghost Claw.

A pair of fists with black light, like two black dragon claws, reached for Zhang Ruochen's abdomen.

"Di Yi, you think I'll be beaten in a melee?"

Zhang Ruochen moved himself to the right to avoid Di Yi's claw prints and attacked him on the left shoulder with one palm.


The Innate Magic Qi shook suddenly and Di Yi walked two steps backward. Zhang Ruochen almost broke Di Yi's defense with a single hit.

Di Yi was very angry, "Zhang Ruochen's speed really is faster than mine."

Now, Di Yi was almost sure that Zhang Ruochen has reached the Ultimate Realm of the Earth Realm. It was bad news for him.

Reaching the Ultimate Realm meant that Zhang Ruochen could bring down Chord of Gods.

The Chord of Gods could bring unimaginable benefits for warriors to bridge the gap between non-Saintly Beings and Saintly Beings.


Again, Zhang Ruochen gave full play to his high speed. He appeared behind Di Yi to cut his cervical spine with his sword.


The white bone sword inset in Di Yi's spine flew out by itself, like a bone whip, to hit the Abyss Ancient Sword.

The power of a tenth level Genuine Martial Arms could not be compared by a nineth level Genuine Martial Arms. Each time the Abyss Ancient Sword bumped into it, the pain which Zhang Ruochen felt was unbearable, like a stone hitting his chest.

However, he still persisted and continued to swing his sword.

In one breath, Zhang Ruochen cut more than 80 times in a row, each one contained his utmost effort.

The sword radiance, like a tempest, fell down to crash into the white bone sword, producing a pounding sound.

Di Yi just controlled the white sword without turning round to constantly resist the attacks from Zhang Ruochen. He smiled and said, "Zhang Ruochen, you want to challenge my tenth level Genuine Martial Arms with just your broken sword?"

Suddenly, Di Yi's face changed, he heard a loud crashing sound from behind him.

"BOOM!" There came a loud noise.

Finally, Zhang Ruochen broke the white bone sword when he made the 103rd cut.

"No... no, how could you..."

Di Yi felt a hot pain on his back. A warm stream flowed down from his neck, thoroughly drenching his robe.

It was blood.

The last hit not only broke the white sword but also left an inch deep cut on Di Yi's neck, chopping off the muscle and exposed the bone there.

Although the white sword was broken, Zhang Ruochen also got hurt by the sword Qi.

The Abyss Ancient Sword was extremely sharp, but it was just a nineth level Genuine Martial Arm, much less powerful than the white bone sword. In order to cut the bone sword, the sharp Abyss Ancient Sword had to chop the same part of it endlessly.

From the previous fight, the sword Qi from the white bone sword had left dozens of scars on Zhang Ruochen's arms. His arms were badly mutilated with flowing blood and half-broken Blood Meridians.

Zhang Ruochen originally wanted to cleave Di Yi's neck with that single cut.

When the Abyss Ancient Sword hit Di Yi on his bones, his bones unexpectedly gave off a colorful light, which blocked the sword.

Di Yi's bones were colorful instead of white upon a closer look.

It could be determined from this that Di Yi practiced the "Saintly Being of Five Elements".

"No common warriors' bones could be compared with those of Saintly Beings."

The power of the bones of a Saintly Being was no less than that of a Half-Saint.

Di Yi escaped death owing to his strong bones.

Zhang Ruochen immediately attacked again after failing to cut through Di Yi's neck. He directed the Genuine Qi to his Meridians in his legs and kicked Di Yi's back.


A powerful force strike on his back and Di Yi felt a sharp pain in his five internal organs. Crackling sounds seemed to be coming from his body and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Di Yi flew out. The pain made him endlessly spit out blood. It was certain that his five internal organs were heavily injured, even broken.

A darkness was in front of his eyes. He felt top-heavy as if he was on the verge of fainting.

The audience in the distance was totally astonished.

Those warriors who thought Di Yi was sure to win before all felt surprised and said, "How did this happen? Why can Zhang Ruochen suppress Di Yi? Is the Demon's Heart of Saintly Beings so weak?"

"It is not the weak Demon's Heart of Saintly Being, but it's because Zhang Ruochen is too incredible. Have you noticed that Zhang Ruochen's speed is much faster than that of Di Yi's? What's more, Zhang Ruochen practices the Heart Integrated into Sword, the advanced realm which Di Yi has not reached."

"Maybe... Zhang Ruochen really has the Dragon Sarira." Someone guessed.

At these words, everyone was silent and then nodded their heads.

Without the Dragon Sarira, Zhang Ruochen definitely could not beat the Demon's Heart of Saintly Beings.

This was the only reasonable explanation.

Even Lei Jing and Chen Ying also wore a solemn look, because they also felt that Zhang Ruochen was likely to have gotten the Dragon Sarira and received Buddhist Emperor and Golden Dragon's inheritance.

Once this matter was spread about, it was going to shock the whole world, even the High-level of the Thousand Buddhas Sect and the First Central Dynasty.

The inheritance of the Nine Emperors was no small matter.

Lei Jing frowned and said, "Today's fight, once it gets out, will make Zhang Ruochen's future difficult!"

"It is not necessarily a bad thing for him." Chen Ying said.

Lei Jing nodded with an intimidating stare and said, "As long as I live, I will protect him. If anyone dares to hurt him, he has to beat me first."



"No, I have the Demon's Heart of Saintly Being. How could I lose to a nobody from the backcountry?"

Di Yi's heart nearly collapsed, but he was not satisfied.

By dint of his strong will, he steadied his body and prepared to fight back.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen, like a juvenile Sword Fairy, flew down from above the Nine Heavens. Clasping his sword in his hands, he cut down to form a sword Qi like a waterfall.

Di Yi knew that in his current state, he was unable to ward off the sword.

"Zhang Ruochen, it is you who have cornered me..."

When Di Yi's hands were put together, the Sacred Mark of his glabella emerged. A small vortex was born with the Sacred Mark as the center. The whirlpool grew larger and larger, and Zhang Ruochen was caught up in it.

Zhang Ruochen immediately took control of his own body and looked toward the center of the vortex, finding, faintly, that in the depth of the glabella of Di Yi's eyebrows, an ancient crimson seal was suspended.

That... that was a Holy Weapon.

Di Yi actually had to use the power of the Holy Weapon. Zhang Ruochen felt a little surprised, and immediately cast the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon to escape the vortex.

Even if the holy weapon only gave off a burst of power, it was not something Zhang Ruochen could resist now.

"You want to escape? It's too late! Haha!"

Di Yi's face was extremely ferocious with a wild laugh.

That ancient crimson seal in his Qi Sea flew out under the impetus of his Genuine Qi and floated above Zhang Ruochen's head.

Looking up, it could be seen that the ancient seal had become more than 30 meters tall. The entire seal burst into flames and slowly rotated over the sky, emitting an ancient Holy Aura.

The 30-meter-tall ancient crimson seal, as tall as a ten-story building, was extremely large. Zhang Ruochen stood under the ancient seal, like a tiny ant.

Just as Di Yi used the holy weapon, Lei Jing and Chen Ying rushed to Zhang Ruochen at almost the same time, ready to save him.

However, the Seven Kills Emissaries rushed out and arranged a Seven-Star Array Battle to delay the both of them.

"Today, Zhang Ruochen must be killed by the holy weapon. You are unable to save him." Purple Wind Emissary said coldly.

Lei Jing shouted, "Di Yi is obviously not a match for Zhang Ruochen. Even if he wins by the Holy Weapon, so what?"

The Purple Wind Emissary said, "As long as Zhang Ruochen dies, the young master will be the winner."

Without further nonsense, Lei Jing immediately exerted the Blood Magic Shadow condensing it into a huge God's shadow of a cow head and struck at the Seven-Star Array Battle.

"Zhang Ruochen, you must hold on, don't die under the Holy Weapon."

The Seven-Star Array Battle completely connected the power of the Seven Kills Emissaries and made it pull on Lei Jing and Chen Ying, not giving them the chance to rescue Zhang Ruochen.

"Zhang Ruochen, today I'll teach you a truth. The living person is a king, and the deceased one is a loser. Everything is about to be over!"

Di Yi laughed loudly and took control of the huge ancient seal and pressed it down on Zhang Ruochen.

Di Yi's face was beaded with sweat, and his body was trembling with protruding Meridians. Obviously, it is not an easy task to control the Holy Weapon.

At the same time, Zhang Ruochen immediately injected Genuine Qi into the Dragon Pearl to activate its power.


A layer of golden light rushed out of Zhang Ruochen's body and wrapped around his body, it even managed to block the holy weapon.

Using the Holy Weapon, Di Yi almost exhausted his Qi Sea instantaneously, even a better part of the blood in his body had been burnt.

The blow did not kill Zhang Ruochen, and Di Yi did not have the power to use the Holy Weapon again.

"How could it be...?" Di Yi's eyelids felt increasingly heavy, and he could no longer control the ancient seal.

In the end, his Qi Sea completely dried up.


Losing power, the ancient seal became a light spot and flew back to Di Yi's glabella.

How could Zhang Ruochen miss such a good opportunity?

His forefinger and middle finger converged into sword skill and performed the Sword Defending Technique. He mobilized the Abyss Ancient Sword to stab Di Yi's heart.


The Abyss Ancient Sword became a stream of light, smashing through Di Yi's Celestial Bodyshield. The sword pierced into the pit of his stomach and punctured his heart's arteries. It passed through his body, leaving a blood hole behind. His Demon's Heart was dug out.


Di Yi screamed and reached out with a hand, trying to grasp the Demon's Heart.

Unfortunately, Di Yi's Genuine Qi as well as his Spiritual Blood was greatly damaged, which left him strengthless. He could only watch the Demon's Heart fall into the water like a fireball.


When the Demon's Heart entered the water, the entire body of water roiled and bubbles appeared one by one.

The change took place suddenly. Clearly, earlier on, Di Yi had the absolute upper hand and was going to use the Holy Weapon to kill Zhang Ruochen in an instant.

However, in a moment, the scene changed. Zhang Ruochen even launched a counterattack under the attack of the holy weapon. Not only did he heavily injure Di Yi, he also dug out Di Yi's heart.

Even the Seven Kills Emissaries, who were still controlling Lei Jing and Chen Ying, were all stunned. The seven of them looked at Di Yi falling from the sky in the distance. They were all confused.

The young master had already displayed his Holy Weapon, but he still failed.