Chapter 341: Leaping out of the Water

 Chapter 341: Leaping out of the Water

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Watching the Abyss Ancient Sword get closer and closer, Di Yi's eyes grew colder. His pupils contracted. They were as small as pinpricks.

Two flashes of purple lightning shot towards the Abyss Ancient Sword from his pupils.


Two forces bumped against each other. The two men separated simultaneously.

Zhang Ruochen only took two steps back before he regained his footing. Holding the Abyss Ancient Sword, he easily cut off the chaotic power of Genuine Qi.

He stood in the water with green lightening light haze emitting from all his pores like green rays of sunlight. He looked like a green lotus rooted in the bottom of the water, revealing an otherworldly temperament.

In contrast, Di Yi took 15 steps back, leaving 15 holes in the bottom of the water. His clothes which had been stabbed by the sword Qi had three holes. It seemed that he was in a tight corner.

Obviously, Zhang Ruochen had gained the upper hand.

"Zhang Ruochen, let us help you."

Six people rushed towards Zhang Ruochen and stood behind him. They were Huang Yanchen, Si Xingkong, Chang Qiqi, Duanmu Xingling, Chen Xier and Zi Qian.

Their momentum fused with Zhang Ruochen's, giving Di Yi considerable pressure.

"Zhang Ruochen, do you dare to fight with me on your own until we have a winner?" Di Yi asked coolly. He stood on the other side majestically.

Chang Qiqi laughed. "We don't need to fight fair when dealing with a person like you. Let's do it together and kill this hubristic man."

Zhang Ruochen shook his head. "This is a fight between Di Yi and me. You guys stay out of this."

"Zhang Ruochen..." Huang Yanchen said.

Zhang Ruochen said, "No more words. All of you must stand down."

Zhang Ruochen's request to fight with Di Yi alone was not to be arrogant, it was to protect the others.

Although Huang Yanchen and Si Xingkong were top masters and could help him a lot, there was still a huge gap between them and Di Yi. They could be killed any time if they let their guard down.

Zhang Ruochen did not want to risk their lives to kill Di Yi.

"Good! Let's fight outside, Zhang Ruochen!"

Di Yi was still worried that Zhang Ruochen and his friends would besiege him. He had confidence he could kill all of them except Zhang Ruochen, but he might get hurt in the fight.

So he could only go all out if they left the Dragon Palace.



Di Yi and Zhang Ruochen rushed out of the Dragon Palace. They both unleashed their bodily movements and rushed to the surface of the dead reach.

A few moments later, there were two loud sounds and water splashed to the sky.

Zhang Ruochen and Di Yi rose out of the water almost at the same time. They stood on the black surface of the water.

It seemed like they were standing on the ground.

Many warriors could be seen off in the distance. Meanwhile, there were several giant warships coming towards them at high speed.

In the month Zhang Ruochen and his friends were in the Dragon Palace, it had caused a sensation throughout the Martial World of Omen Ridge. Every force had come to the death reach, hoping to take a share of the spoils.

There was an ancient white warship off in the distance. It had a battle flag on its top with the letter M.

It was the School of the Martial Market's Rainbow Warship.

On the warship, dozens of silver gowned Elders rushed from the cabin to the deck. With powerful charisma, each one of them had the cultivation of the Heaven Realm. They were watching Zhang Ruochen and Di Yi's battle from a distance.

"I recognize Zhang Ruochen. But who is the man opposite?" A middle-aged silver gowned Elder asked in amazement.

Soon afterwards, two powerful middle-aged men came out from the cabin. They stood side by side. All the silver gowned Elders saluted them.

They were Lei Jing, the Hall Master of the Silver Gowned Elder's Hall, and Chen Ying, the Palace Master of the School of the Martial Market.

Seeing Zhang Ruochen come out of the water, Lei Jing let out a long sigh of relief.

For the past month, Lei Jing had been worried that Zhang Ruochen would meet Di Yi in the Dragon Palace and be killed by him.

Lei Jing was relieved to see Zhang Ruochen come out of the Dragon Palace alive.

Chen Ying was a gentleman who looked to be in his forties. His hair was combed back neatly, and his moustache perfectly shaved. He had a prominent nose and deep-set eyes. It was easy to imagine him as a womanizer in his early days.

He was still charming after all these years.

This gentleman was Chen Xier's father, the Palace Master of the School of the Martial Market.

Chen Ying narrowed his eyes. "These two young men are amazing to have such vigor considering they just broke into the Heaven Realm. Lei, Zhang Ruochen's gift is much better than you mentioned."

Lei Jing laughed. "Of course. After all he is my disciple."

Chen Ying despised him. "Don't toot your own horn. Zhang Ruochen is strong enough to fight against the Saintly Being warriors now. How could you train such a talent?"

"He is my disciple after all, not yours. That's enough." Lei Jing smirked.

Chen Ying shook his head and did not bother to argue with Lei Jing. Zhang Ruochen was Huang Yanchen's fiance and Huang Yanchen was his niece, which meant Zhang Ruochen belonged to the Chens. They were relatives.

"Yanchen does have better taste than Xier. I'm surprised she was able to see Zhang Ruochen's talent earlier." Chen Ying smiled.

In addition to the masters from the School of the Martial Market, masters from Yuntai Suzerain, Tai Qing Palace, Godblood School and other top Suzerains of the Omen Ridge were all gathering at the death reach.

They were also driving warships and watching the battle.

"Our young master has come out!"

Seven people jumped out and flew towards Di Yi. They landed behind him and stood in a line.

They were the Seven Kills Emissaries of the Black Market Excellence Hall. There were four males and three females. They were all top masters. It seemed that they were all between the ages of 20 to 30 at first sight.

Of course, the higher a master's cultivation, the more youthful he or she would appear. It was difficult to tell someone's real age from their appearance.

Zhang Ruochen was not scared at all even when the Seven Kills Emissaries showed up. Standing straight, he held his Abyss Ancient Sword and stared coolly at Di Yi. "Let's begin!"

Seeing the Seven Kills Emissaries arrive, Di Yi finally let out a long breath and relaxed a little bit. He smiled. "Zhang Ruochen, you haven't seen Zhang Tiangui since the beginning. Don't you think it's strange?"

"What do you mean?" Zhang Ruochen asked.

"You can carefully and gently think about what I mean."

Zhang Ruochen suddenly realized that it was not going well.

That was right!

He hadn't seen Zhang Tiangui since before he went into the Dragon Tomb. Where had Di Yi sent him?

Although his heart state was affected, Zhang Ruochen appeared calm as before.

He knew that Di Yi was trying to disturb him in the battle.

He had done this last time when he fought against Bu Qianfan. First Di Yi had disturbed his heart state. Then he defeated Bu Qianfan in three movements with his sword.

He wanted to defeat Zhang Ruochen in the same way.

Zhang Ruochen took a deep breath. His flurried mind calmed down. He could not let himself be influenced by Di Yi. Otherwise, he might be killed in this fight.

Zhang Ruochen held the hilt with both hands and activated all 66 inscriptions in the Abyss Ancient Sword. Great sword Qi gathered together in the air, covering an area of more than 333 square meters.

Di Yi smiled. Zhang Tiangui had been right. Zhang Ruochen's weakness was his concern for others, not himself.

Zhang Ruochen looked very calm. But Di Yi believed that his words had influenced his Heart State to some degree.

Now, all he had to do was attack and defeat him.

"There's no need for the young master to fight when dealing with Zhang Ruochen. I will kill him for you."

The Red Wish Emissary laughed charmingly. Her sexy body flew up and turned into an illusory image. She attacked Zhang Ruochen before Di Yi.

Seeing the Red Wish Emissary's action, Di Yi frowned slightly.

He had planned to defeat or kill Zhang Ruochen with the most powerful martial art at the highest speed while Zhang Ruochen was flustered and vulnerable.

However, the Red Wish Emissary's sudden attack provided him a cushion period. It would be harder to defeat Zhang Ruochen once he calmed down.

So the Red Wish Emissary had chosen an odd time to attack.

"Could she be helping him intentionally?"

Di Yi was an oversensitive man. He threw doubt upon the Red Wish Emissary.

However, after contemplating for a while, he shook his head.

"She doesn't know that Zhang Ruochen has the power to contend against me. In that case, her action could benefit me. At least this way I can see some of Zhang Ruochen's martial techniques and trump card."

Di Yi no longer suspected the Red Wish Emissary. Instead, he watched their battle carefully, ready to find flaws in Zhang Ruochen's martial arts.

"Zhang Ruochen, last time you escaped with others' help. But this time you won't be so lucky!"

Dressed in crimson clothes made of tulle, the Red Wish Emissary had an ample chest and a plump behind. She was hot as hell. She made the Movement of Beauty and rushed to Zhang Ruochen at high speed. She looked like a succubus dancing on the water.

This woman was indeed stunning. She did not even need to fight in person. All she had to do was leering at others, and there would be countless men willing to kill for her.

"Scarlet dreamland."

Then she used sorcery.

Zhang Ruochen felt the scenery around him change. It seemed that he had come to a luxurious palace and was surrounded by beautiful women with white skin and long legs. Even the air was filled with the faint fragrance.

A startlingly beautiful girl in pink lingerie walked gently to Zhang Ruochen.

Other beauties were all cast in the shade compared to her.

The girl looked very similar to the Red Wish Emissary. She lifted her perfect face and leered at Zhang Ruochen.

Her hands moved gently to her back and untied the little red strings. Then the pink panties she wore slid down to her shanks, showing her perfect body.

Zhang Ruochen stared at the gorgeous woman coolly. "Red Wish Emissary, you should know that I am not scared of your sorcery."

"Haha! Is that so? I understand."

She smiled flirtatiously. Suddenly, she attacked towards Zhang Ruochen's glabella with her Finger Sword.