Chapter 330: Treasure Mountain

 Chapter 330: Treasure Mountain

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Zhang Ruochen put the dragon horn in his palm and mused, saying, "The Four-winged Earth Dragon refined its dragon horn into a key, so it must lock up some kind of treasure. Is there anything more important than the Dragon Sarira?"

Zi Qian nodded and said, "Right, I think so. So, even if Di Yi entered into the Divine Dragon Temple, without the dragon horn, he couldn't get the Dragon Sarira. In that case, we don't have to confront him.

"Besides, the Dragon Sarira is not necessarily located in the Divine Dragon Temple."

At that time, a faint light emerged on the dragon horn, and then, the light twinkled and light spots flew out.

Zhang Ruochen and Zi Qian were bewildered, both saying, "Huh?" at almost the same time.

What happened?

"Does... the dragon horn feel something?" Zi Qian stared at the horn as her pupils constantly dilated.

A moment later, the dragon horn twinkled again and the light became stronger.

Zhang Ruochen mused and said, "If we go after the light of the dragon horn, maybe we could find something. But, we should wait for my friends."

After a while, Si Xingkong, Chang Qiqi, Huang Yanchen, Duanmu Xingling, Chen Xier, and Guoguo passed through the black fog and caught up with them. After seeing that Zhang Ruochen was still waiting for them, they were all touched.

All of them knew that Zhang Ruochen had a dragon horn that could open an important treasure in the Dragon Palace.

They had originally thought that the reason that Zhang Ruochen had stolen a march on them was that he wanted to keep the treasure for himself.

But now, they realized that Zhang Ruochen had actually paved the way for them and helped them to eliminate risks rather than having abandoned them.

Chang Qiqi sighed and said, "I'm so ashamed. I just told them that you had surely gone for the treasure and certainly left us behind!"

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, "Now that the six of us have come here together, naturally we'll find the treasure together. Only when all of us go back with fruitful results can this exploration be regarded as a success."

Chang Qiqi felt even more abashed and gave himself a hard slap, leaving a hand print on his face. Meanwhile, he bowed to Zhang Ruochen three times in great admiration of him.

Before today, he had only admired Si Xingkong, but now Zhang Ruochen had also become someone that he worshiped.

Chang Qiqi used to see Zhang Ruochen as a good friend. Now, he regarded him as a brother who could go through thick and thin together.

Just a word from Zhang Ruochen could send Chang Qiqi to undergo the most severe trials without any refusal.

When Chen Xier saw Zi Qian standing beside Zhang Ruochen, she immediately pulled out a double-edged sword and stabbed at her.

Chen Xier's cultivation had broken through to the Heaven Realm, and with more power, the speed of her sword was as quick as lightning. In a flash, it touched between Zi Qian's eyebrows.

Zhang Ruochen attacked with a palm and made her sword turn in another direction.

At the same time, he stood in front of Zi Qian.

The light from the sword became brighter. With the same homicidal intention, Chen Xier said, "Zhang Ruochen, she is a killer of the Black Market, why do you protect her?"

Zhang Ruochen said, "I know where she's from. But it was she who found the dragon horn in the Chikong Secret Mansion. I promised that I would take her to find the treasure."

Chen Xier frowned and gazed at Huang Yanchen, Si Xingkong, and Chang Qiqi. She asked them, "Do you agree that a killer of the Black Market should come with us?"

Chang Qiqi said, "I believe in junior fellow apprentice Zhang, and I support him."

Although Huang Yanchen disliked Zi Qian, she still said, "The dragon horn was indeed found by Zi Qian."

"But she is from the Black Market..." Chen Xier said.

Zhang Ruochen said to confirm, "It's been decided. Anyone who disagrees with that can withdraw. Senior sister apprentice Chen, if you think that I'm colluding with the Black Market, you can report it to the Palace Master."

Chen Xier stared at Zhang Ruochen's eyes and felt an unprecedented overwhelming vigor from him that made her put her head down and her legs shiver. She did not dare to look directly at Zhang Ruochen again.

Finally, she compromised because all of the people looked at Zhang Ruochen as their leader. Nobody would stand on her side even if she strongly opposed.

These were true friends that shared joy and sorrow together. Even though they knew there was something inappropriate in Zhang Ruochen's actions, they still supported him and stood by him without hesitation.

If it were in the past, Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi would have definitely drawn their swords against Zi Qian once they learned her identity. And there would have been no room for negotiation.

"Let's go!"

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Zi Qian. He grabbed the dragon horn and rapidly walked toward the northwest corner of the Dragon Palace according to the guidance of the dragon horn.

There were many killing arrays arranged in the Dragon Palace.

Any carelessness would make those killing arrays a road to death.

Zhang Ruochen knew something about the arrays. So when they met with any killing arrays, they immediately took a detour.

About half an hour later, the seven of them arrived below an underwater hill.

The light from the dragon horn became stronger and stronger, and it even began to shake slightly. If they put it near their ears, they would have even heard a deep dragon howl.

"It should be there."

Zhang Ruochen stopped and faced that underwater hill.

The hill, reaching a height of 800 meters, was filled with dark stones and clay.

Many Spiritual Doses were growing on the hill and they exuded a colorful light that gave one the impression of jewelry.

"Oh my god! It is an underwater teasure mountain. Look at the Crimson Coral, it is almost 333 centimeters high. At least it is 1000 yeas old. If I can refine it, I will absolutely break through two realms and reached the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm."

Thrilled, Chang Qiqi kept his rubbing hands and was ready to rush to the hill.

Amazement could be seen in Zi Qian's eyes, she said, "There are 14 Purple Qi Dragon Plants growing on the hill. If I get one of them, my Divine Purple Light Skill will reach the seventh stage and my cultivation will break into the Heaven Realm. All of those Purple Qi Dragon Plants could help me reach the eighth stage."

Even one Purple Qi Dragon Plant could not be found in Omen Ridge. But here, 14 of them were growing on the hill. How could Zi Qian not be excited?

Zhang Ruochen stopped Zi Qian and Chang Qiqi from getting close to the hill. He said seriously, "Take it easy, look at the ground."

Everyone looked at the bottom part of the hill, where the skeletons of human beings and savage beasts were piled up.

Among them were some fresh skeletons, which obviously belonged to those warriors of the Black Market who had rushed toward the hill.

It was so strange!

All of them calmed down after seeing those bodies and they all had panicked expressions on their faces.

"Some kind of killing array must be set up in the boundary of the hill. Once someone gets close, he will be killed by it," Huang Yanchen surmised.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, "I just looked around and there is no Inscription of Array in the boundary."

"How can that be possible? Were those warriors and savage beasts beaten to death?" Chang Qiqi worriedly touched his chin.

"This is the strangest thing. How did those humans and savage beasts die?" Zhang Ruochen frowned.

It was so terrible for them that they could only look at the hill but they could not do anything.

Chang Qiqi had recklessly rushed toward the hill several times, but he was drawn back by Zhang Ruochen and Si Xingkong.

"Maybe a Martial Soul can be used," Zhang Ruochen thought in his heart.

Zhang Ruochen immediately sat cross-legged and secretly unleashed his Martial Soul. He made it cautiously get closer to the hill.


The Martial Soul had walked forward just 10 steps, then suddenly, a dragon's roar rang out from the interior part of the hill that almost shattered his soul.

Zhang Ruochen took back the Martial Soul immediately. His brain was damaged and he spat out blood.

What a grisly power!

Zhang Ruochen's Martial Soul was seriously hurt and he got a severe headache. It was so lucky that he had attracted two Chord of Gods and the illusory image of gods in his Qi Lake helped him ward off part of that power. Otherwise, it would not have been as simple for him as just spitting out some blood.

"Zhang Ruochen, what happened to you?"

Zi Qian put her palm on Zhang Ruochen's back and transferred some of her Genuine Qi into his body.

Huang Yanchen had run over to him but Zi Qian remained a step ahead.

Huang Yanchen felt unhappy as she saw their apparent intimacy. She walked up and grasped Zi Qian's wrist with cold eyes. She pulled her palm away from Zhang Ruochen's back and pushed Zi Qian away, and said, "Your cultivation is insufficient. I'll help him."

Then, Huang Yanchen sat cross-legged behind Zhang Ruochen. Her Strong Genuine Qi flowed from her Qi Sea into her palms, and then she put her palms on Zhang Ruochen's back.

Zi Qian's hands clenched, she felt angry . "How could Huang Yanchen be so brutal?"

However, she put away her anger as she thought that Huang Yanchen was Zhang Ruochen's fiancee. "She is his fiancee, who are you?"

Besides, Huang Yanchen had reached the Heaven Realm and her martial cultivation was higher than hers. So she did not dare to provoke Huang Yanchen in any case.

Previously, they just saw Zhang Ruochen sitting on the ground, so they did not know that he had been unleashing his Martial Soul. They also did not know that Zhang Ruochen was not hurt in his body, but in his Martial Soul.

A damaged Martial Soul could only be rehabilitated slowly. Any Genuine Qi from outside was useless.

Zhang Ruochen opened his eyes after he suppressed the trauma on his Martial Soul. Except for some stinging pain in his head, he did not feel any discomfort.

"It seems that the Martial Soul cannot be used again within a short time."

Having no Martial Soul meant having no Spiritual Qi and no Space Domain. So, Zhang Ruochen's power would be lessened.

Although his Martial Soul was damaged, Zhang Ruochen still had gained a lot. He now knew how to access to the hill.

"Senior sister apprentice Huang, I'm OK," Zhang Ruochen said.

After seeing Zhang Ruochen had woken up, Huang Yanchen was very happy. She drew back her palms and asked him with concern, "Zhang Ruochen, what happened to you? Why did you spit up blood?"

Chang Qiqi looked around and said in a gloomy voice, "Are we haunted?"

Zhang Ruochen stood up and said with a smile, "There is no ghost in the world. I just used a secret method to search that hill. I got hurt because a strong power attacked me."

Duanmu Xingling asked, "Did you find anything?"

"I have definitely found something."

Zhang Ruochen stared at that high hill and his fingers constantly moved. After a while, he withdrew his hands and said with a nod, "The dragon cave symbolizes life, but it is full of a dead breath. If I'm not wrong, this is not a hill at all, it is a tomb."

"A tomb? Who will build such a huge tomb?" Chang Qiqi asked.

"A dragon!"

Zhang Ruochen said again, "It's the tomb of a dragon."