Chapter 324: Another Stunner

 Chapter 324: Another Stunner

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"Raging Sea Stomp."

Si Xingkong suddenly stepped in the sand to form a half-meter deep pit. He curvetted and performed a mid-class Spiritual Stage fist technique.

He performed smoothly. His fist technique was like running rivers and seas.

"Furious Knife Slash!"

Chang Qiqi crouched down with his knife in hand. He chopped at the Red Wish Emissary's legs.

The Red Wish Emissary hit the flying weapon of thunderbolt with one finger to crash against the dragger-ax. It condensed with a beam of lightning into several separate bolts of lightning.

Seeing the three attackers, she gave a scornful smile and clapped her hands.

"Impure Essence Qi."

A circle of red Genuine Qi poured out from her body with a roar. It zapped Zhang Ruochen, Si Xingkong, and Chang Qiqi at the same time.

Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi, who were already injured, were hurt even worse. They fell to the ground and nearly passed out with blood gushing from the seven orifices of their heads.

Zhang Ruochen fell 33 meters away. His whole body hurt and his vision was blurred. If his physical quality had not been so strong, he would have already passed out.

"The difference in their cultivations is quite large... We are not at the same level... Eh-hem..."

Zhang Ruochen straightened his waist and turned to grasp the Abyss Ancient Sword firmly. With eyes full of intent, he glared coldly at the distant Red Wish Emissary. He lifted his sword up again.

"To be in the Earth Realm means that one has cultivated to Heart Integrated into Sword and refined their Martial Soul. How can you have achieved it when even Di Yi may never be able to?"

With an unusual fluctuation in her eyes, the Red Wish Emissary exclaimed, "Zhang Ruochen, you are indeed an once-in-a-lifetime genius. If you are willing to take a Poison Blood Mind Control Pill, I will not kill you. I'll even let you be my man. Are you sure you won't consider it?"

"Save it! Let's fight!"

Zhang Ruochen secretly released Space Domain to envelop the whole island. He stood majestically as sword Qi circulated around his body.

The Red Wish Emissary shook her head lightly. Since Zhang Ruochen was unwilling to subject to her, she could only kill him.

The Red Wish Emissary clasped her hands and her Genuine Qi turned into Impure Essence Qi. It formed a raging wind that swept silt and gravel from the beach.

As Red Wish Emissary was preparing to launch a deadly attack against Zhang Ruochen...

Suddenly, a wonderful woman's laughter came from the dark.


The laughter was very clear and spread throughout the night sky.

The Red Wish Emissary's face sank. She looked up into the sky, saying, "Who's there?"


A Genuine Qi handprint fell from the sky above the island onto the Red Wish Emissary's head.

The Red Wish Emissary pupils shrank. She retreated rapidly. She receded 33 meters to the water in the distance.


The Genuine Qi handprint landed on the ground causing the whole island to shake fiercely.

A seven-meter-long handprint appeared on the ground. It looked like the handprint of a giant.

As the handprint dropped, a shapely enchantress in a white dress fell to the ground, sending out an alluring delicate fragrance. Slender white legs could be seen peeking out from her long ivory dress. She was very seductive.

She was quite the marvel, very charming with her plump behind and large firm breasts. Just a glimpse of her was enough to make any man's blood boil in excitement.

Zhang Ruochen showed a gleam of joy on his face.

He recognized her. It was Qin Ya, Duanmu Xingling's aunt, the owner of the Qingxuan Pavilion.

Zhang Ruochen had known that Qin Ya's cultivation was strong, but he had not known she was so strong that her mere handprint could push the Red Wish Emissary back.

Both Qin Ya and the Red Wish Emissary were enchanting sexy women. However, Qin Ya was more mature, seductive, and full of strong femininity. She was even more voluptuous and coquettish than the Red Wish Emissary. Her ample curves were flawless.

The Red Wish Emissary was very sexy and seductive, but she was a little green in comparison with Qin Ya. She was less feminine, more icy evil spirit and arrogant.

Qin Ya fell lightly near Zhang Ruochen and gazed at him seductively. Gently, she said, "Zhang Ruochen, you are truly hopeless in the romantic department! Do you not know how noble and beautiful the Red Wish Emissary is? Countless men have begged to be her slave with not a chance in sight. Moreover, she just agreed to be your woman from now on. How can you refuse her? Even I, your sister, feel pity for you."

Zhang Ruochen just smiled. He did not take her words seriously.

The Red Wish Emissary stood on the water's surface in the distance. As her eyes grew cold, two red flames condensed in the center of her palms, like flashing sparks. She said, "Who on earth are you? Why are you saving Zhang Ruochen? Do you not know the consequences of offending the Black Market?"

"Whoops! Little sister, how can I answer when you ask so many questions?" Qin Ya said. She was exceedingly fascinating.

Her enchanting figure and meaningful glance overshadowed those of the Red Wish Emissary.

"Well then, I guess I can only find answers by myself."

The Red Wish Emissary's eyes grew even colder. She turned into a red shadow and charged out. The shadow transformed into eight beautiful women. They each performed one finger technique and attacked Qin Ya at the same time.

The Red Wish Emissary was so fast that every movement was displayed with a quick pop.

Furthermore, the movements she displayed were very mysterious. Each finger technique had eight variants.

Eight finger techniques actually had 64 variants.

It was as if there were 64 movements in the attack and each had a powerful strength. Fingertips were like sword tips.

The Red Wish Emissary was really exerting all her strength now. Previously when she fought with three people including Zhang Ruochen, she had only been using 10-20% of her cultivation.

Qin Ya had been smiling before the eight red figures rushed into the three meter space surrounding her.

Suddenly, a strong Spiritual Blood poured out from her body, forming a Blood Wave at her feet. The Blood Wave quickly rotated to form a circular array light and sweep all eight figures at the same time.

With the Power of Animal Spirits, all of the Red Wish Emissary's attacks were easily destroyed.

Until this day, Zhang Ruochen had never witnessed Qin Ya's power.

All warriors at the Black Realm could use Blood Qi Convergence, but those with such powerful Blood Wave were absolutely not ordinary people.

Zhang Ruochen was suspicious. How could such a master like Qin Ya stay in Yunwu Commandery?

He doubted that the top superior of Yunwu Commandery could not gain the advantage over her.

The eight beautiful red figures, which had been swept back by the Blood Wave, solidified together to form the Red Wish Emissary's tender body.

Red Wish Emissary retreated 33 meters. She looked pale and evidently had an internal injury.

She stared somewhat fearfully at Qin Ya. With a pale face she asked, "Has your martial cultivation reached the Fish-dragon Realm?"

Qin Ya squinted and smiled, without answering. "You can go. Today, I will make it easy on you for your Master Phantom Saint's sake. However, you will not get another opportunity."

"It is strange that she knows my Master is a Phantom Saint."

The Red Wish Emissary was slightly surprised. She looked Qin Ya up and down once again.

Since Qin Ya had agreed to let her go, it meant that she was not from the Martial Market Bank. But, who was she?

It was a secret that the Red Wish Emissary had taken the Phantom Saint as her Master to practice sorcery. Thus, very little was known about the relationship between them.

How could she know that?

"I must know your identity."

Red Wish Emissary took a deep look at Qin Ya. Without further questioning, she swiftly turned into a wisp of red smoke and disappeared into the water.

"She is actually a disciple of the Phantom Saint. No wonder she has practiced sorcery to such a profound level at a young age."

Looking at where Red Wish Emissary was going, Zhang Ruochen took a deep breath. His mind was clouded with worry.

Zhang Ruochen had not known that Red Wish Emissary was a disciple of the Phantom Saint; he had revealed his secrets, both Heart Integrated into Sword and Martial Soul.

With her incredible aptitude, how else could he defeat the Red Wish Emissary?

He was afraid that he would fight with her again in the future.

Qin Ya was very close to Zhang Ruochen, half a meter away. Her bright face shone like jade.

Her beautiful eyes were fixed on Zhang Ruochen with a smile. She said, "You are really strong. Even with her sorcery as the disciple of the Phantom Saint, she cannot defeat you. As your sister, I am really curious about the extent of your Spiritual Power. And your willpower."

With this, Qin Ya stretched her delicate hands to Zhang Ruochen's shoulders. Then, she got closer to him with her soft and tender body.

Her fingers slid from his shoulders to his chest, then to his abdomen, and continued to move down...

Zhang Ruochen pinched her wrist and said, "Owner of the Pavilion, do not tempt me any further. My willpower may not be strong. If I am aroused by you, it will cause trouble."

Qin Ya fluttered her eyes at him and said faintly, "I don't care, what are you worried about?"

The voice of Duanmu Xingling came from the distance, "Aunt."

Hearing this, Qin Ya sighed and quickly drew her hands back.

A moment later, Duanmu Xingling, Huang Yanchen, and Chen Xier came towards them driving a warship. They stopped near the island.

"Sister Chen, I told you not to be afraid. As long as my aunt is about, Zhang Ruochen will definitely head off any danger." Duanmu Xingling laughed.

Huang Yanchen held her combat sword. She stood still with a cold smile on her face. "Just now, your aunt was obviously trying to seduce Zhang Ruochen. Do you think I didn't see it? "

However, Qin Ya had indeed saved Zhang Ruochen, so Huang Yanchen just threw a cold stare at Qin Ya, as if she hadn't seen anything.

Qin Ya felt Huang Yanchen's cold eyes, but she did not take it seriously. She smiled faintly and slowly boarded the warship to leave with grace.

Her fragrance still lingered on Zhang Ruochen's body.