Chapter 322: An Extraordinary Beauty in Red

 Chapter 322: An Extraordinary Beauty in Red

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"Boy, you cannot escape my grasp with your Earth Realm cultivation."

Standing on the water, Jin Chuan laughed loudly with his hair and long beard flying. His breath became stronger and the thick Genuine Qi condensed into a golden cloud.

"Go to hell."

The giant claw of Genuine Qi that was controlled by Jin Chuan began to generate power.

It slowly contracted with the wish of squeezing the three of them to death.

"I can only use the Defending Light Screen in the Spatial Ring."

It could only be used three times, so unless he was in a dire situation, Zhang Ruochen was not willing to use it.

The power of the Genuine Qi claw became stronger and Zhang Ruochen immediately infused his Genuine Qi into the Spatial Ring, on which many space defense inscriptions then appeared.


White lights came from the ring, forming a cocoon-shaped light screen that looked just like a micro-universe.

"You dare to wear an amulet treasure? I want to see how long your treasure can last."

Jin Chuan laughed fiendishly as his other hand punched out and condensed a second Genuine Qi giant claw with a desire to break the cocoon-shaped light screen of the Spatial Ring.

"Jin Chuan's cultivation is indeed profound. I will not be his match if I don't raise my cultivation to the Heaven Realm."

Zhang Ruochen immediately closed his eyes and Genuine Qi gushed out from his body, causing a vision of a "hundred foot blizzard" of heaven and earth.

The snow blew on the water while the temperature was rapidly decreasing.

Gradually, the water there was frozen into a thick layer of ice.

Staying on the ice, Zhang Ruochen's sword cut through Jin Chuan's hand of Genuine Qi and he escaped, roaring with a sound wave, "Jin Chuan, do you dare to fight me in the water?"

"Why not?"

Jin Chuan did not take Zhang Ruochen seriously because, with his cultivation, it was so easy to deal with a people like Zhang Ruochen.

But Di Yi attached great importance to this guy-if he could kill Zhang Ruochen, it would be an honor for Di Yi.

Perhaps, he could take this opportunity to leave Omen Ridge and join the Black Market Excellence Hall.

It was also a huge merit, so Jin Chuan should seize the opportunity anyway.

As he stamped his feet "Crack!" the ice shattered.


Surrounded by his Celestial Bodyshield, Jin Chuan turned into a golden light and dashed into the water.

However, he felt something terrible as he entered the water-a strong savage beast aura was approaching rapidly.

Not far away, a silver shark was coming, whose big eyes like two silver suns turned the black water into the color of quicksilver.

The Silverlight Shark showed its sharp teeth and rushed at Jin Chuan with wind blades coming from its mouth.

"Swish!" The wind blades whizzed and slid through the water, all of them attacking Jin Chuan.

"A fourth-level superior-class savage beast, the Silverlight Shark."

Jin Chuan was immediately shocked and stretched out hands, then his Genuine Qi gushed and formed an ice wall that froze all of the wind blades from the Silverlight Shark.

Why did this horrible savage beast appear here so suddenly?

This fourth-level superior-class savage beast, which could be compared to a warrior in the Completion of Heaven Realm, had much deeper cultivation than Jin Chuan.


The Silverlight Shark smashed into the ice wall and cracked it.

In just one shot, the nearly five-meter-thick wall broke into pieces of ice stones that flew down under the water.

The powerful impact force also knocked Jin Chuan away. He was so confused as to why the shark had attacked just him and ignored Zhang Ruochen.

But, he was afraid to fight the Silverlight Shark in the water, so he quickly fled to the surface, in a hurry to get far away.

The Silverlight Shark was more formidable than he was, let alone in the water, where its power could be exerted to its maximum extent and defeat a warrior in the Completion of the Heaven Realm.

Jin Chuan was only in the Dawn State of the Heaven Realm, so all he could do was just escape upon seeing a Silverlight Shark.

Watching him flee, Zhang Ruochen sighed with relief, then he took Chang Qiqi and Si Xingkong to continue their escape.

They did not know how long had passed and, to their surprise, an island appeared on the water.

Zhang Ruochen felt exhausted because the use of the Flying Fish Armor consumed a massive amount of his Genuine Qi.

So, he took Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi, who were badly injured, to the island for a temporary rest.

They should have been safe because they had escaped so far away!

"Thank you, junior fellow apprentice Zhang, for saving our lives."

Arriving at the beach, Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi suppressed their injuries and simultaneously bowed to Zhang Ruochen.

They were deeply touched because they knew that he had taken enormous risks to save them. How could they repay such kindness?

"Recuperate first, we'll talk about that later," Zhang Ruochen said.

The two nodded and, knowing that they were not yet completely safe, they took their Pills and began to heal themselves.

Zhang Ruochen took out two Spiritual Crystals and started to restore his Genuine Qi by holding a Spiritual Crystal in each hand.

After 15 minutes, half of his Genuine Qi had recovered.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked at the water, where a hint of vague Spiritual Qi could be felt.

Not from a savage beast, but from a human.

Only due to his powerful Spiritual Power could he find that man's aura.

"Who's there? Now that you're here, why don't you reveal yourself?"

Zhang Ruochen's right hand touched the hilt of the Abyss Ancient Sword, looking dignified.

Still healing, Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi also opened their eyes, but neither of them saw anyone nor felt any aura.

They looked at Zhang Ruochen with doubt, but he just stared at the water seriously. At once, the two of them were alert with their eyes looking around.

Maybe some master really had come.

Chang Qiqi felt like he had only blinked as a stunning beauty in red suddenly appeared out of thin air on the surface of the water.

That beauty was suspended on the water with long scarlet hair, snow-white feet, slender and straight legs, a thin waist, and a pretty and coquettish face.

Chang Qiqi was so stunned and, even knowing that the woman was probably from the Black Market and he was likely lost in the environment, he rushed over to the water cheerfully.

Even possessing strong composure, Si Xingkong was also obsessed with her enchantment.

However, he did better than Chang Qiqi and was able to control his body and restrain his desire.

Only Zhang Ruochen could remain calm as he stared at Chang Qiqi and howled, "Get back."

Containing Genuine Qi, his voice made all the Spiritual Qi shake, breaking the beauty's sorcery.

Chang Qiqi, who had already rushed to the edge, immediately became calm with a shiver after hearing his roar.

The water had submerged his insteps, he saw the water and then looked the suspending beauty, soon knowing what happened. He was shocked and shifted his eyes right away without any courage to see that woman.

"What wonderful sorcery!"

Si Xingkong also sobered up in fear, realizing that this siren had such a high attainment of sorcery that could break the spirit and soul of warriors.

Once they were lost in it, they could only be killed by her.

Thinking about this, Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi were completely nervous with their bodies shivering. Fortunately, they had Zhang Ruochen, otherwise, they would have never known how they were killed.

The Red Wish Emissary gave a melodious laugh with her beautiful eyes squinting and said, "You are worthy to be the lay disciple of the Thousand Buddhas Sect. Being not afraid of my sorcery, no wonder that my young master regards you as his archenemy."

Zhang Ruochen was not a disciple of the Thousand Buddhas Sect. The reason that the Red Wish Emissary's sorcery was unable to influence him was that he had formidable Spiritual Power that was stronger than hers.

Sorcery was a great strange martial technique that few people could successfully cultivate.

To successfully cultivate sorcery required a strong Spiritual Power.

The Red Wish Emissary indeed had formidable Spiritual Power that had reached the 30th stage, which was superior among her peers.

But, Zhang Ruochen was an exception.

Her proud Spiritual Power was so weak when she fought against Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen roughly understood the level of her martial cultivation at just a glance.

She had just broken into the Heaven Realm.

She was less formidable than Jin Chuan, who was in the same Realm.

However, Zhang Ruochen thought that she possessed much stronger power than Jin Chuan, She was a terrifying master of martial arts.

A master like Jin Chuan probably could not defend against one of her tricks.

That meant that she was a genius of at least six unique skills, and could even be a legendary genius of seven unique skills.

It appeared that there was only one realm between the Completion of the Earth Realm and the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm, but actually, it was the span of three little realms.

Zhang Ruochen absolutely could not defeat her unless he broke into the Heaven Realm. Only in the same realm could he beat her down.

The distance of a realm was equal to the distance between heaven and hell.

Chang Qiqi bent his legs to take the horse stance posture with his arms flat, making the gesture of meeting head-on. He said, "Younger brother Zhang, the three of us must collaborate to fight her! I don't believe we cannot deal with this bitch with our combined strength."

"Hoho! Bravo, such being the case, you three can try."

The Red Wish Emissary smiled gently and stretched a finger out toward Chang Qiqi.

Suddenly, Chang Qiqi could not control his body and he flew up.

It seemed like an intangible rope was lifting him in the air by twining around his neck.

"How did... how did it happen... Are you... a human or a ghost..."

Chang Qiqi struggled to cover his neck while he was suspended in the air.

That uncanny trick crept Si Xingkong out as he had never seen anything like this. He also began to suspect the identity of the woman in red-was it really a ghost?