Chapter 320: The War of Death

 Chapter 320: The War of Death

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"Yes, sir."

The two Black Market masters sneered and waved their war knifes towards Chang Qiqi.

"Wait a minute!"

Si Xingkong clenched his teeth and shouted, "Zhang Tiangui, I agree... I agree... OK?"

"Ha ha ha ha!"

Zhang Tiangui burst out a great laughter. "As expected, you are righteous and affectionate. I have to say, I admire you! Kneel down and give me a kotow."

Zhang Tiangui moved his feet and stood upright. Expectations were rising in his mind.

A few months ago, Si Xingkong had been the eldest brother at the School of the Martial Market, full of high spirits. But now he was being defeated by Zhang Tiangui.

Only a few months had passed. Now Si Xingkong was lying on the ground like a dog, his life in the hands of Zhang Tiangui.

For Zhang Tiangui, the satisfied feeling of power was so wonderful.

Si Xingkong dragged his badly injured body and climbed up from the ground glaring at Zhang Tiangui.

As a warrior, Si Xingkong would rather to die than be humiliated.

But as a friend and senior fellow apprentice, he couldn't ignore his junior fellow apprentice.

He was a great man with dignity as well as affection.

Between dignity and his junior fellow apprentice's life, he must choose one.

This was a much more difficult problem than death. If Si Xingkong could choose, he would choose to die. It would be easier for him.

Si Xingkong closed his eyes with a long sigh and was about to kneel down.

Zhang Tiangui's smile grew larger.

But suddenly, two ice swords surged out from the water. They rotated and finally shot onto the Red Spider Vessel.


The two nine-meter ice swords pierced through the Genuine Qi of the two masters who were holding Chang Qiqi. The swords penetrated through their chests leaving two icy sword tips.

The blood covering the two tips looked like bloody jade.


"Young master,"

Looking down at the two ice swords pierced through their chests, the two masters were frozen with fear.


Their vitality ran out. They fell to the ground at the same time.

However, wounds in their chests didn't bleed.

The blood was sealed with Icing cold.

The sudden change left all the Black Market warriors aboard the Red Spider Vessel in a panic. They all looked towards the surface of the water.

A hundred meters out, a warrior in red armour with a broken sword was gliding across the water. He walked towards the Red Spider Vessel.

Every step he took froze the surrounding water into ice.

It was he who had used the ice sword to kill the two masters.

"Zhang Ruochen!"

Although he was covered in armour, Jin Chuan recognized him.

Jin Chuan clenched his fists, with a complicated feeling. He was angry but excited.

What really angered him was that Zhang Ruochen had killed his daughter, Jin Yeyun.

Of course, Jin Yeyun had actually been killed under Le's sword, but Jin Chuan didn't know that. He hated Zhang Ruochen.

What really excited him was that Zhang Ruochen had appeared.

It would not have been easy for Jin Chuan to find him if he had remained hidden.

Of all those present, aside from Jin Chuan, Zhang Tiangui was the most excited.

Originally, he had just wanted to humiliate Si Xingkong. He hadn't expected to draw Zhang Ruochen out. It was an unexpected harvest.


Zhang Tiangui thought, "Zhang Ruochen! Zhang Ruochen! There's a way to reach the heaven and yet, you decide to break into the underworld. If you can escape successfully today, I will be shocked."

Zhang Tiangui was so delirious with joy that his blood was boiling.

If he could kill Zhang Ruochen, he would regain the honor that once belonged to him. He must get back what Zhang Ruochen had taken away.

In fact, Zhang Ruochen never wanted this. It was a dead end.

If he had remained hidden in the water and ignored Chang Qiqi and Si Xingkong, he would not have been found by the warriors of the Black Market.

But, he couldn't convince himself.

Zhang Ruochen had no other choice. Si Xingkong was being forced to give up his dignity to save his junior fellow apprentice's life.

He would sooner die a hero than drag out an ignoble existence and see his junior fellow apprentice being humiliated.

Even Di Yi sitting in the cabin looked out the window and stared at Zhang Ruochen. He sneered and thought, "He is choosing to come forward. Is he being brave or is he just stupid?"

Zhang Ruochen stopped when he was 160 meters from the Red Spider Vessel. "Let elder brother Chang and elder brother Si go. I will be your captive."

Standing on the bow Jin Chuan sneered with his creepy face. "Zhang Ruochen, you aren't qualified to talk terms with us. Do you think you can escape now that you are here? Guo Shisan, Xia Houshuo, you two take Zhang Ruochen."


Guo Shisan and Xia Houshuo leapt up at the same time and charged toward water, attacking Zhang Ruochen from two different directions.

As a top Master of Martial Arts in the Square Commandery, Guo Shisan's power was strong. He held an epee but still rushed towards Zhang Ruochen's right at a speed faster than sound.

He slid on the water with the Genuine Qi inside his body surging hard and forming a Blood Wave five meters wide. He lifted his sword and struck towards Zhang Ruochen without any other moves.

A surge of vast and mighty sword Qi flew downward like a waterfall.

The surface of the water was split, forming a path.

The waves poured to the left and right of the water wall.

Zhang Ruochen stood in front of the sword Qi like an ancient pine rooted in water. When he waved his arms, the Genuine Qi turned into wind that surged out.

A wave of water rose and condensed into an ice wall 10 meters high and three meters thick.


Guo Shisan cut through the ice wall in one single motion, then struck at Zhang Ruochen's head.

Zhang Ruochen stared at the sword. With contracted pupils he could see everything clearly as if in slow motion.

In reality, Guo Shisan was very fast, even faster than Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen held the Abyss Ancient Sword and condensed his Genuine Qi into palms activating the swords inscriptions. He lifted his arms and shook sword light towards Guo Shisan.

His counterattack was as fast as the speed of sound.

For an instant, all the sword Qi flew out.

Guo Shisan's expression changed. He immediately held up his Celestial Bodyshield and blocked it with his sword.


Guo Shisan flew back and fell to the ground more than 30 meters away. His Celestial Bodyshield had been pierced by the sword Qi, leaving two cuts, one on his belly and one on his right leg.


Having repelled Guo Shisan, Zhang Ruochen stepped forward and flew towards the Red Spider Vessel.

All of a sudden, a shadow dashed towards him, it was Xia Houshuo, Jin Chuan's first disciple. He was a martial arts legends at the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm. He was famous in the Square Commandery.

"Zhang Ruochen, if you want to break into the Red Spider Vessel, you have to pass through me first."

"Tianyuan Vigorous Qi!"

Xia Houshuo spread his arms. He was holding a globe cover of Vigorous Qi. It was 40 meters in diameter and emanated bright white light.

Standing in the center of the cover, Xia Houshuo moved his palms with force.

A huge handprint appeared on the Vigorous Qi cover and pressed towards Zhang Ruochen's head.

"Dragon in the Sky!"

Zhang Ruochen twisted and swung. All his bones connected together causing a sound like dragon's roar.


Zhang Ruochen struck towards Xia Houshuo with sevenfold power. All of a sudden, Xia Houshuo's Vigorous Qi cover broke.

Xhang Rouchen's palm hit him and he spat out a mouthful of blood. He fell into the water with a huge splash.

"Awesome! With just one attack, Xia Houshuo was badly injured. Zhang Ruochen deserves to be a top master among the younger generation."

"Even Guo Shisan was hurt badly by Zhang Ruochen. He is talented in both palm technique and sword technique."

"Shit! He is flying towards the Red Spider Vessel."


When Zhang Ruochen landed on the Red Spider Vessel, more than 10 Black Market warriors at the Completion of the Earth Realm rushed forward and surrounded him.

"Sacred Wave Sword!"

Zhang Ruochen slashed with his sword. He surged out Genuine Qi that turned into waves of sword Qi.


As the sword Qi swept, blood spilled and screaming arose.

Six Earth Realm warriors were chopped in half by the sword Qi. They died. Other warriors with higher cultivation reluctantly blocked Zhang Ruochen's attack but were still injured.

Zhang Ruochen dashed towards Chang Qiqi and Si Xingkong. He grabbed Chang Qiqi's right arm and Si Xingkong's left arm and dragged them away.

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen's two hands were busy, Zhang Tiangui seized the opportunity to quickly unleash a fist technique of Spiritual Stage, attacking him from behind.

Zhang Tiangui didn't have the ability to defeat Zhang Ruochen if they fought face to face.

However, still grasping his injured brothers, he turned back to Zhang Tiangui.

His attack was enough to cause serious injury.

Zhang Tiangui was strong. As he punched, a crackling sound rose. His fist turned silvery like an iron fist.

Zhang Ruochen could feel Zhang Tiangui's fist strength. It was as if he had eyes in the back of his head. He nudged Si Xingkong forward, pushing him out of the Red Spider Vessel and into the water.

He turned back quickly and pointed his left thumb.

"Sun Meridian Ripple!"

All his Genuine Qi surged into his thumb. Like a roaring flame, it turned into sword Qi and flew towards Zhang Tiangui's fist.