Chapter 314: Bone-melting Darkcloud Palm

 Chapter 314: Bone-melting Darkcloud Palm

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Jin Chuan's long hair fluttered without wind. He put his hands together in Mudra to unleash the Celestial Bodyshield, which covered his body.

BOOM! With a loud sound, Jin Chuan was hit by the power of water and fire. Under protection of the Celestial Bodyshield, he slid backward more than 30 meters.


Zhang Ruochen screamed the word again. Flashes of purple lightning flew out in all directions from the array.

Tiny electric lines appeared densely on the ground. The whole villa was turning into a thunderbolt ocean.

The pavilions were split into pieces under the impact of lightning. Only bits of burned wood remained.

More than 30 soldiers from the Barbarian Elephant Army were hit by the lightning. They screamed out and fell to the ground.

Some of them were badly hurt and fainted; others were turned into charred skeletons inside their armor.

In the distance, a man with a metal mask was standing on top of a six story tower. It was Di Yi, the young master of the Black Market Excellence Hall.

A purple light emerged in his eyes, like two purple fireballs burning in his pupils. Even the white fog that enveloped the city couldn't block his line of sight.

Gazing out at the faraway battleground, Di Yi shook his head. "A bunch of craps! Zi Feng, go help them."

"Yes, sir."

Dressed in a purple robe, the man who had stood behind Di Yi flew to the sky of the Death City in a flash.

The Purple Wind Emissary, who wore a pair of purple metal gloves, was hanging in the void space. His fingers were like purple metal sticks. He put his hands together in Magic Handprint in different positions and shouted, "Spirit of wind throughout the universe, heed my call!"


The Purple Wind Emissary opened his mouth and took a breath. He exhaled a fierce wind over the entire Death City.

The wild wind howled eerily. After a few seconds, the white fog in the city was blown away.

When the white mist lifted, the Barbarian Elephant Army soldiers who had been besieging Zhang Ruochen got their vision back. They attacked in the direction of the Array of Water, Fire, Wind, and Thunder.


"Kill Zhang Ruochen, and you will be handsomely rewarded." Guo Shisan said.

"Do you really think you can stop me with an array? Guo Shisan, assist me!" Jin Chuan said in a deep voice.

Guo Shisan made a dash for the spot near Jin Chuan.

Jin Chuan closed his eyes. A light shadow of soul flew out from his body and floated above him.

"Jin Chuan has practiced the Martial Soul. No wonder he is one of the top 10 masters in the Square Commandery."

Guo Shisan stared at the shadow of soul above, full of admiration.

Although it was said that once a warrior reached the Heaven Realm, he or she could use Genuine Qi to foster their soul and practice the Martial Soul, only warriors with profound cultivation actually had the ability to do it.

If a warrior practiced Martial Soul, he or she could mobilize Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi to attack others.

So, warriors of the Heaven Realm who practiced Martial Souls and those who didn't were two totally different concepts.

The strength of Guo Shisan's soul was far from the level of Martial Soul.

Martial Soul was actually the name of a soul that had reached a certain level.

Jin Chuan's Martial Soul began to mobilize Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi. He created a huge saber shadow in the void space and used it to cut the Array of Water, Fire, Wind and Thunder below.

"What bad luck! Jin Chuan has practiced the Martial Soul." Zhang Ruochen's face clouded.

Although Zhang Ruochen had a Martial Soul to mobilize the Genuine Qi of the universe and his Martial Soul might even be stronger than Jin Chuan's, his Martial Soul had to be connected by the power of the Vessel of Spirit, which was largely restrained.

Regardless of whether he could withstand Jin Chuan by mobilizing the power of his Martial Soul, Zhang Ruochen dared not show his Martial Soul. The powerhouse who had just blown away all the white fog in the city was somewhere nearby.

Once his Martial Soul was exposed, more horrible warriors would be attracted.

Zhang Ruochen would not show his Martial Soul until he had no other alternative.

He controlled the array and gathered the power of the 32 Formation Flags together. It turned into a huge lightning ball. He used it to attack in front of Jin Chuan.


Jin Chuan controlled the shadow of the saber and cut downwards.

The Thunder Bolt was sliced to pieces with a loud noise, turning into shades of thunderbolt, rushing in all directions.


The shadow of saber hit the top of the shield of the Array of Water, Fire, Wind and Thunder, crushing the earth beneath the array and spraying mud up from the ground.

When the mud cleared, a huge hole dozens of meters wide and two meters deep appeared on the ground.

Only broken Formation Flags remained. Zhang Ruochen disappeared.

Jin Chuan's Martial Soul returned to his body. He cried out, "Chase him! We cannot let him escape from us."

Cao Lin and Guo Shisan led the Barbarian Elephant Army into the villa and searched the whole building.

"The powerhouse of the Heaven Realm that practiced the Martial Soul is indeed powerful. Even the Array of Water, Fire, Wind, and Thunder couldn't defend against his hit. He is truly a martial arts legend. Thankfully the Flying Fish Armor warded off 70% of the attack."

Zhang Ruochen unleashed movements and raised his speed as much as he could, heading towards the entrance of the secret channel.

He had consumed a lot of Genuine Qi when he was controlling the array. In addition, he was badly hurt from Jin Chuan's last attack.

He only hoped that he could escape through the secret channel.

A deep voice called out behind Zhang Ruochen. "Zhang Ruochen, where are you trying to escape to?"

The old eunuch Cao Lin trailed closely behind and was rapidly gaining on him.

Zhang Ruochen could feel the Icing air coming from his back. Every wisp of the chilly air was like a needle punching his back. It was cold and painful.

Cao Lin was much faster than Zhang Ruochen. Just as Zhang Ruochen arrived at the stone gate of the secret channel, Cao Lin stuck his hand out with claw-shaped trying to scratch Zhang Ruochen's back.

Zhang Ruochen was fully aware that the claw would hit him, but he did not dare stop and resist. If he did, Guo Shisan and the Barbarian Elephant Army would track him down and surround him again.

If he was surrounded again, would he be able to get out?

He could only bear the attack.


Cao Lin's claw hit him in the back.

The claw crashed against the Flying Fish Armor with a metallic clink. It left five white marks on the armor.

"It's a ninth-level Genuine Martial Arm suit of armour. It was able to withstand a hit from Jin Chuan and save me from him. But it's a pity, no matter how strong the armour is, it can only keep out penetrating power, not hidden or concussive power."

Cao Lin took his claw back and opened his hand.

"Bone-melting Darkcloud Palm."


He hit Zhang Ruochen right on the spine with a cold and penetrating palm power.

Although the armor kept out some of the power, there was still Yin power coming through the armor continuously. It was a unique type of palm power. It could enter Zhang Ruochen's body and seep towards his bones.

Suffering this, Zhang Ruochen continued on and fell through the stone gate of the secret channel. He tumbled down the stone ladder towards the underground.

"There is a secret channel. No wonder Zhang Ruochen went all out to escape in this direction."

Cao Lin was delighted. He quickly entered the secret channel.

If he could catch Zhang Ruochen, whether he was alive or not, it would be a great merit.

Zhang Ruochen had already been hurt even before Cao Lin hit him with the Bone-melting Darkcloud Palm. Now was the perfect time to kill him.

"The old eunuch has a great capability. He is more powerful than Yin Shan and Jin Yeyun, not to mention that he has practiced the evil Bone-melting Skill."

After falling down the stone ladder, Zhang Ruochen was dizzy and weak. He was in great pain and felt like his bones had disappeared.

The sound of flowing water came to his ears.

The air was moist, and it was totally dark all around him.

Nevertheless, he could see his surroundings by using the power of Space Domain. There was an underground river a short distance away.

He was lying on the stone terrace, only a dozen meters from the river.

Zhang Ruochen immediately used the Scripture of Emperor Ming's Empyrean, hoping that he could defuse the power of Cao Lin's Bone-melting Darkcloud Palm with Spiritual Fire and Genuine Qi.

The Bone-melting Darkcloud Palm that Cao Lin practiced was quite strange. It had a kind of Yin power that could cross the air and touch one's bones. Even the Flying Fish Armor couldn't withstand it.

Scripture of Emperor Ming's Empyrean deserved to be rated as one of the top exercises. Genuine Qi circulated vital power through his body for a large cirde of vital energy and some of the Yin power dispersed. Zhang Ruochen regained some power.

But he didn't have time to completely disperse the Yin palm power. He heard the sound of footsteps not far away.

Cao Lin lit the dark underground space with a Spiritual Crystal of light nature, showing his ferocious pale old face.

He appeared in front of Zhang Ruochen and laughed. "Young man, you've been hit by my Bone-melting Darkcloud Palm. That must be painful. Are you feeling like all your bones are disappearing? Do you have any strength left? Haha!"

Zhang Ruochen had been lying on the ground. But as soon as Cao Lin appeared, he suddenly unleashed his power, pulled back his legs and sat cross-legged.

Cao Lin was shocked; his eyes twitched. He said, "Good boy, you've got the goods. I'm surprised you can even move after being hit by my Bone-melting Darkcloud Palm."

Cao Lin assumed it was Zhang Rouchen's armour that helped him withstand the palm power, and that was why he could still move. He could never have realized that Zhang Ruochen had the power to disperse the Bone-melting Darkcloud Palm.

Zhang Ruochen continued dispersing the power from the palm. He laughed and said, "A simple palm technique can't hurt me."

"Really. I think you are just pretending."

Cao Lin smiled inexorably and got closer and closer to Zhang Ruochen.

Knowing that Zhang Ruochen had skills and weapons, Cao Lin dared not underestimate him. He had seen him kill Yin Shan.

Even with 300 Barbarian Elephant Army soldiers surrounding him, he could still fight his way out. This man should never be underestimated.

When Cao Lin was less than five steps away, he suddenly dashed forward charging his finger towards Zhang Ruochen's glabella.

As soon as Cao Lin pointed his finger, the whole underground was filled with a cold light.

Zhang Ruochen frowned. He lifted his left thumb quickly, in an attempt to fight back.

"Sun Meridian Ripple!"


Two fingertip forces smashed together.

It was obvious that Zhang Ruochen's cultivation had not recovered, and the power of his Sword Wave was still limited. He was defeated by Cao Lin's finger force in a split second.

"BANG!" Cao Lin's fingertip hit the surface of Zhang Ruochen's Flying Fish Armor and sent him flying.

"Haha! You're badly hurt just as I expected. It's naive of you to try to scare me like that."

Cao Lin laughed and charged up again. He moved his Genuine Qi and rotated his five fingers, ready to use the Bone-melting Darkcloud Palm again.

If he killed Zhang Ruochen, he would not only gain great merit, he would also be famous around the world.

Lost in his excitement, Cao Lin didn't notice that the space around him was vibrating slightly, and that strange space Lines had emerged.