Chapter 311: Meeting

 Chapter 311: Meeting

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Seeing Zhang Ruochen below, Zi Qian was also slightly shocked.

She thought her eyes were playing tricks on her. She closed her eyes and thought to herself, "He can't be here at the Death City. It must be an illusion. Yes, it must be."

When she opened her eyes again, however, Zhang Ruochen was still there.

Standing in the center of the street, Zhang Ruochen smiled He nodded to her slightly.

"He actually is here, in the Death City."

After a short while, Zi Qian left the inn in her purple veil. Walking through the crowd, she found Zhang Ruochen.

They stood face to face.

Zi Qian asked coldly, "Why are you here?"

Zhang Ruochen smiled. "You are here as well. Why can't I be here?"

"You don't know what you are talking about. Masters from the Black Market are everywhere here. What's more, many people want to kill you." In a low voice she said, "We can't talk here. Follow me!"

Zi Qian took Zhang Ruochen to the inn. They entered a room and she carefully closed the window and door. Only then did she dare to take off the purple veil and show her beautiful face.

Zhang Ruochen was very calm. He sat on the chair and asked, "So, I assume there must be many masters from the Hades Department here?"

His tranquil attitude was not what she was expecting.

Zi Qian replied, "There are altogether 257 killers at the Completion of the Earth Realm in the Hades Department. They are from all over the 36 commanderies in the Omen Ridge. And now, they are all here. Most of them are superiors from the older generation. Although they are not on the Earth Board, many of them are just as powerful as the Earth Board warriors."

One of the rules for the Earth Board was that warriors must be under the age of 50.

So in the Omen Ridge, there were many older warriors who actually had the ability to be on the Earth Board but couldn't because of their age.

Among the 257 killers from the Hades Department, there were at least 20 who had the same abilities as Earth Board warriors.

"The Hades Department is indeed the biggest assassin organization in the Omen Ridge. They can send out 257 killers at the Completion of the Earth Realm in such a short time. With power like this, they can easily destroy any inferior commandery."

Zhang Ruochen continued, "Are they going to follow Di Yi into the Underwater Dragon Palace?"

Zi Qian was astonished. "You know about that? Who told you that?"

"It's none of your business!"

Zhang Ruochen said, "I have only one question for you. Do you want to go to the Underwater Dragon Palace with me? You found the dragon horn and I gave you my promise. If I go to the Underwater Dragon Palace, I will take you with me."

"But I'm not a student at the School of the Martial Market now." Said Zi Qian disappointedly.

Zhang Ruochen smiled. "I don't care if you are from the School of the Martial Market or the Black Market. If you go, you'll have a share in the Underwater Dragon Palace's treasures."

Suddenly, Zi Qian's color changed slightly. "Zhang Ruochen, you need to listen to me. You can't go to the Underwater Dragon Palace. You have no idea how strong Di Yi is. Even Bu Qianfan, first on the Earth Board, couldn't block three of his movements. What's more, Di Yi has also sent many masters from the Black Market out to patrol the death reach in case someone gets close to the Underwater Dragon Palace."

"Well, it seems that many masters from the Black Market are here now." Zhang Ruochen frowned.

"At least half of the masters from the Black Market are gathering at the Tongming River now." Zi Qian said. "And it is said that masters from the Moon Worship Demonic Sect are here as well. It looks like they are asking around."

Zhang Ruochen smiled. "The Black Market made such a major move, the Moon Worship Demonic Sect and the Martial Market Bank must have noticed something. I'll think about what you said. If I really can't get into the Underwater Dragon Palace, I won't barge in. I'll stay in the Death City. If you have any problems, just come to me."

Zhang Ruochen left Zi Qian's room and was back on the street. He looked up and saw Zi Qian standing there. The moment their eyes met, Zi Qian became flustered and shy. She turned away immediately.

Zhang Ruochen didn't worry too much. He wandered about the Death City for a while, and soon found the mark Huang Yanchen and Duanmu Xingling had left. Following the mark, he came to a magnificent mountain villa.

The mountain villa belonged to the Martial Market Bank.

When they had decided to come to the Tongming River, Si Xingkong had told the warriors of the Martial Market Bank in the Death City to get the mountain villa ready for their arrival.

Zhang Ruochen scanned the villa to make sure it was safe, then entered through the gate.

"Junior fellow apprentice Zhang, your cultivation is the highest, why are you the last to arrive? We have been waiting for you for two days."

Giggling, Chang Qiqi walked up to Zhang Ruochen.

Behind her was a red Greedy Rabbit as fat as a pig. It had long ears and big white teeth.

The Greedy Rabbit walked on two legs. It held a bowl-wide ginseng in its hands and was gnawing on it like a carrot.

"Yum, yum!"

When the Greedy Rabit saw Zhang Ruochen, its eyes lit up and it swooped into his arms. Its teeth rubbed hard against his shoes.

What's more, it pointed to the ginseng in its paws with a discontented look. Then it simply threw the ginseng away.

Apparently, it didn't really like ginseng.

The ginseng Chang Qiqi had given it was not a Spiritual Dose at all. Although it was around three kilograms in weight, it was just common ginseng.

For common people, it might be useful. But for warriors and savage beasts, it was just like cabbage.


Chang Qiqi shouted and gripped his fingers. He was very upset and quickly picked up the ginseng. He said bitterly, "This rabbit is too hard to raise. It is not only has a huge appetite, it's also fussy. This ginseng cost me 800 silver coins. But it throws it away just like that! I can't afford to raise it anymore. I'll sell it."

Guoguo was the name Chang Qiqi had given the Greedy Rabbit.

It seemed Guoguo understood what he had said. It was so shocked that its ears straightened up. Immediately, it hid itself behind Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen smiled and pulled a jade box out from his Storage Ring. He took out a 10 kilogram Spiritual Brawn from the jar.

"I happened to kill a Blackwind Python in the Tongming River and took its Spiritual Brawn. Guoguo can have this." Zhang Ruochen patted Guoguo on the head.

Seeing the Spiritual Brawn, the Greedy Rabbit's eyes suddenly lit up. It grabbed the Spiritual Brawn at once and started eating in a terrible hurry.

"The Blackwind Python is a fourth-level medium level savage beast." Cried Chang Qiqi. "It's as strong as a warrior in the Dawn State of the Heaven Realm. When it is in water, it can be even stronger. Even a human warship can be overturned by it. Junior fellow apprentice Zhang, are you this strong now?!"

"Chang Qiqi, you are a mediocrity, while junior fellow apprentice Zhang is a top 100 genius on the Earth Board. There's no way you can imagine his martial cultivation."

The voice of a beautiful woman sounded out. Her voice was like music to the ear.

Chen Xier came out in a white dress.

Indeed, Chen Xier had an angelic face and voice. Almost every man fell for her. No wonder a conqueror like Yan Yunhuan had turned into an idiot when he was with her.

Chen Xier walked up to Zhang Ruochen. She smiled and said gently, "Junior fellow apprentice Zhang, where have you been these past few days? Were you in danger? My cousin and I were both worried about you!"

When Zhang Rouchen defeated Yan Yunhuan and became the top genius in the Omen Ridge, Chen Xier became interested in him again. She gave him excessive attention by actively talking to him about sword technique, the Underwater Dragon Palace, and Martial Arts.

In the past, she had advanced on Zhang Ruochen actively just because she wanted to annoy Huang Yanchen.

But now, it looked like she really was chasing him. Every time she looked at him, her eyes were filled with love.

Being the top genius in the Omen Ridge might not be so important, but being in the top 100 on the Earth Board was indeed very meaningful. It meant that he was one of the top ranked warriors in all of the Eastern Region.

A person like this had the potential to become a Half-Saint or even a Saint.

Zhang Ruochen was immune to Chen Xier's tenderness. He remained calm and said to Chang Qiqi, "Gather everyone. I have something very important to discuss."

After a while, Huang Yanchen, Duanmu Xingling and Si Xingkong all appeared.

The six of them gathered together.

Zhang Ruochen asked, "You guys have been here for two days. Have you noticed anything strange?"

"Strange? Is there something strange?" Chang Qiqi could be very unobservant.

Si Xingkong replied seriously, "I have been here twice. So I think I am quite familiar with the Death City. But this time, I do feel something strange."

"Like what?" Asked Chang Qiqi.

"There are more masters here than before." Said Si Xingkong. "Everywhere I go it feels dangerous."

In a small place like the Omen Ridge, Si Xingkong could reach Three-and-a-half-realm. He was indeed an elite of man.

Only a very sensitive person could feel the danger just by staying in the city.

Chen Xier and Huang Yanchen were both very confused about what was going on.

Since Zhang Ruochen had asked the question, he must have known something himself.

Feeling all eyes upon him, Zhang Ruochen said slowly, "The situation is very severe now. Half of the masters from the Black Market in the Omen Ridge are gathering in the Death City and the death reach of the Tongming River."