Chapter 307: Endless Battles

 Chapter 307: Endless Battles

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"Phantom Lightning Whip."

Jin Yeyun executed a Spiritual Stage whip martial technique. Genuine Qi flowed from her hands and wrapped around the metal long whip.

The metal long whip turned into threads of lightning that twisted together and flashed towards Zhang Ruochen's waist in the dark.

"Windcatching Thirteen Swords."

At the same time, Guo Shisan swung out 13 times in succession. Each sword stroke was like a wave that crashed one after another towards Zhang Ruochen.

The whip technique and sword Qi intertwined to form a gigantic wave of attack.

Zhang Ruochen retreated continuously, but she still managed to catch his thigh with her whip, leaving a wound.

Crackling sounds came from the wound as the blood and flesh were fried by lightning.

Fortunately, the wound was not deep and did not affect his bodily movement.

Zhang Ruochen resisted the pain in his leg and roared, "Break!"

The the Abyss Ancient Sword in his hand began to spin quickly and flew towards the metal whip.


The metal whip snapped in half; one half fell to the ground.

When the whip snapped, naturally its inscriptions also broke. The Genuine Martial Arms was destroyed; it had lost all of its previous power.

"How is this possible? My dragon lightning whip is made from Candle Dragon Metal and is an eighth level Genuine Martial Arms. How could he have broken it so easily?"

Jin Yeyun looked at the broken whip in her hand. She lost her focus slightly for a moment.

In that moment, Zhang Ruochen pushed off with both feet and arched into a curve. Genuine Qi flowed into his legs from his Qi Sea.


He flew into the sky like a cannonball.

His speed only began to slow slightly as he reached 70 meters. Looking down, the people on the ground appeared to be no larger than a finger.

After the initial burst of speed faded, Zhang Ruochen immediately executed the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon. Using the tiny scraps of wind power in the air, his body stopped slightly before continuing upwards.

"No! Zhang Ruochen wants to escape!" Zhang Tiangui announced.

"He can't escape."

Yin Shan took out three Phoenix Feather Arrows and nocked them into the giant red bow. He drew the bow to its fullest extent.

Upon closer examination, the flames were moving up and down the bow string.

The three Phoenix Feather Arrows were like three Phoenixes.


As the three arrows flew out there were three ear-splitting explosions.

The power of the explosions forced Yin Shan to take three steps back.

The arrows flew faster than the speed of sound and became three streaks of fire. They formed a curve, flying towards Zhang Ruochen.

"Incredible. A man's arrow is able to surpass the speed of sound!" Zhang Tiangui was awed.

"That is because Yin Shan's bow itself is already very powerful," Jin Chuan explained. "It is a ninth-level Genuine Martial Arms. The bowstring is made from the Meridians of a the Fourth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm warrior. Even without arming it, just the sound of firing an empty bow is enough to kill a flying bird."

Guo Shisan added, "Yin Shan is publicly known as the best archer in Square Commandery. He once killed a Master of Martial Arts who was in the Heaven Realm from 50 kilometers away."

"Zhang Ruochen will be much less agile in the air. No matter how skilled he is, he won't be able to dodge three Phoenix Feather Arrows."

It was at this moment that a strange thing happened right in front of their eyes.

The three Phoenix Feather Arrows turned together and flew past Zhang Ruochen before hitting the cliff nearby.


Three giant booms sounded from the cliff.

Each Phoenix Feather Arrow gouged a deep hole into the cliff, causing the stone wall to shake, and dislodging giant rocks which fell to the ground below.

"How could this happen? Could it be that Zhang Ruochen has practiced the legendary Star Shift martial technique?" Zhang Tiangui narrowed his eyes and became lost in thought.

Naturally, they did not know that Zhang Ruochen had just demonstrated the power of space warps.

"Follow him!"

The four masters Guo Shisan, Jin Yeyun, Cao Lin, and Yin Shan ran together towards the stone wall and rushed to the top.

Meanwhile Jin Chuan did not appear to be in a rush. He appeared to be very relaxed. He smiled coolly, "Does Zhang Ruochen really think he can get away by climbing the cliff? He's too naive!"

After Zhang Ruochen dodged the three Phoenix Feather Arrows, he climbed over the hundred meter high cliff and rushed into the glades.

He had just run into the glades when dozens of long spears appeared, turning the forest into a forest of spears.


Above the cliff, there was an ambush from the Barbarian Elephant Army. There were 50 people and each was a master at the Dawn State of the Earth Realm.

Each of them was dressed in black armor. They rode brute elephants as large as small mountains.

The long spears they held were made from Earth Core Scorching Iron, and each weighed 1,500 kilograms. Combining that with the strength of the brute elephant's charge, the power of each of their strikes could surpass the entire strength of a warrior at the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm.

The power of a brute elephant was already equal to that of a warrior at the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm.

The 50 members of the Barbarian Elephant Army stood in a row like a spear array. When they attacked at the same time it was like a rain of spears, and it forced Zhang Ruochen to back up.


Zhang Ruochen backed up to the edge of the cliff. If he took one more step back, he would fall into the abyss.

The four masters were running up the cliff; they were going to reach the top soon.

"There is a brute elephant spear forest ahead, and masters behind. It looks like my only option is to fly across the sky!"

The Spatial Ring on Zhang Ruochen's finger gave out a pulse of light. He removed a fist-sized red iron ball from within the ring.

The surface of the ball was covered in scales and had many lines of inscriptions carved into it.

Zhang Ruochen injected his Genuine Qi into the iron ball and activated the inscriptions. In a flash, the scales on the surface of the iron ball fell off and enveloped Zhang Ruochen's fingers, wrists, arms, chest, head, and legs.


A moment later, Zhang Ruochen's entire body was covered in a layer of red scales and a pair of seven meter wide fins, like a pair of wings, appeared on his back.

A ninth-level Genuine Martial Arms, Flying Fish Armor.


A loud boom came from the top of the cliff.

Zhang Ruochen flew up wearing the Flying Fish Armor and reached the speed velocity. In a mere moment, he had flown up into the night sky.

Yin Shan climbed to the top of the mountain and immediately nocked three Phoenix Feather Arrows to his bow.


Three Phoenix Feather Arrows shot like shooting stars across the sky towards Zhang Ruochen.

After firing the three arrows, Yin Shan bent his bow and fired three more.

The six Phoenix Feather Arrows seemed to move together as one drawing six fiery paths across the sky.

Although Zhang Ruochen moved much more quickly after putting on the Flying Fish Armor, he was considerably less agile.

Using the power of space warps, he successfully dodged five Phoenix Feather Arrows but was struck in the back by the sixth.

BOOM! Zhang Ruochen felt like he had been struck by lightning. An intense pain radiated out from the center of his back; it felt like his spine had snapped.

Luckily the Flying Fish Armor blocked 70 percent of the Phoenix Feather Arrow's power. Otherwise, that one arrow would have left a bowl-sized blood hole in Zhang Ruochen.

Even so, he still lost some of his center of gravity. It seemed like he would topple to the earth.

No, he must continue on.

If he fell to the ground, he would be at their mercy!

Through sheer force of will, Zhang Rouchen clapped his hands in void space and drew on his Genuine Qi to correct his center of balance. Using the Flying Fish Armor, he flew into the distance.

"We can't let him escape!" Zhang Tiangui cried out.

"He can't escape."

Jin Chuan revealed a trace of a smile. "I have put down an inescapable net. It is not one that a junior could escape from."

In the night sky, there came a strange noise. It sounded both like the roar of a beast and the screech of an eagle.


Suddenly, lightning flashed, and thunder crashed in the clouds.

The shadow of a strange bird of gigantic proportions opened its wings and flew out of the clouds.

It was too dark for them to see anything clearly. They could only see that it was a giant savage bird with a wingspan that covered half the sky and dimmed the light of the moon and stars.

Flying beneath the giant shadow, Zhang Ruochen looked like a tiny bug.


The giant shadow extended a claw that crackled with lightning and struck towards Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen's scalp felt numb and his entire body was freezing cold. It was as if he was being enveloped in death's embrace and could not escape.

"Oh no! I've been completely trapped by that savage bird. Its Genuine Qi has imprisoned me, and I can't escape."

The savage bird was at least a fourth-level superior class savage beast.

When two warriors dueled, if their cultivations were too far apart, the stronger warrior would be able to trap the weaker with their Martial Arts Genuine Qi. This meant the weaker warrior did not even have a chance to escape.

Right now, Zhang Ruochen was caught in this situation.

It appeared that the giant descending claw was about to land on him.


Zhang Ruochen raised the Abyss Ancient Sword with great difficulty. He activated the inscriptions and swung the sword out.


The Abyss Ancient Sword tore an opening into the savage bird's Genuine Qi. Zhang Ruochen seized the opportunity and burst through the opening. His body plummeted down and splashed into the ice cold Tongming River.


Landing in the water, he sent up a wave meters high.

Like a fish entering the ocean, Zhang Ruochen dove into the water and swam towards the bottom of the river.

The wings on the Flying Fish Amor became two fins that sliced through the water with no resistance. Once again moving at the speed velocity, he disappeared into the dark water in a flash.


The black savage bird let out an earth-shattering cry.

The Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, affected by the savage bird's power, created a thick bolt of lightning and sent it flashing down from the heavens onto the surface of the Tongming River.

The surface of the water was completely covered with lightning and emitted a cracking sound.

A moment later, fish, shrimp, and turtles floated to the surface of the water in a dense group. Among them there were even some Aquatic Savage Beasts' corpses.

They had all been killed by the flash of lightning. All creatures within hundreds meters had pretty much been wiped out.