Chapter 301: Eastern Region Report

 Chapter 301: Eastern Region Report

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"What am I talking about? You're in the Eastern Region Report . You've been named the most outstanding youngster in Omen Ridge since Luo Xu."

Chang Qiqi was extremely excited. His face was glowing, and his cheeks were ruddy.

He opened the report, pointed to one of the paragraphs and read out, "Eighteen-year-old Zhang Ruochen, the ninth son of Yunwu Commandery Prince, defeated 'Yan Qingwu', the top-ranked genius of the Yan Family and ranks 98th on the Earth Board . He was unable to practice Martial Arts until the age of 16 when he obtained a Sacred Mark. Since then, his accomplishments have soared. He is named as the most outstanding warrior in Omen Ridge after Luo Xu."

There was even a story stating his major results on the back page.

Zhang Ruochen looked with a faint smile. "It's not a big deal to be published in Eastern Region Report . Moreover, I'm only listed on the 18th page, which is the last page."

"How is this not amazing? You must know that it has been more than 10 years since an Omen Ridge warrior has been published in the Eastern Region Report . Do you know what this means? It means you're popular now. Indeed, you're famous!" said Chang Qiqi.

The Eastern Region Report was a monthly newspaper published by the Martial Market Bank. It had 18 pages and mainly recorded the major events of the entire Eastern Region in the previous month.

The more significant an event was, the higher the chance it would be published on a leading page.

For example, the Commandery Prince of the Tianyi Commandery had broken through the Half-Saint realm; this was published on the second page in this issue. It was explosive news in the Tianyi Commandery, and still quite a significant piece of news in the entire Eastern Region. Even the commanderies near the border of the Tianyi Commandery were affected.

It was expected that the Commandery Princes of the border of the Tianyi Commandery had already prepared numerous gifts and were ready to congratulate him in person.

Of course, it was more than one million kilometers between Omen Ridge and Tianyi Commandery. Warriors here had discussed it a bit, but it didn't warrant too much attention.

As for the leading page of this issue, it was occupied by another shocking story:

A mysterious young master from the Black Market Excellence Hall had defeated Bu Qianfan, the top-ranked warrior on the Earth Board with only three moves. A warrior at the Half-Saint realm estimated that the young master had already broken through to the Ultimate Realm of the Earth Realm.

Even the news of Tianyi Commandery Prince breaking through to Half-Saint had been squeezed off the front page. It showed just how significant this was.

Bu Qianfan, who had been named the most outstanding youngster in the past century in the entire Eastern Region and reached the level of seven and a half tricks genius, had occupied the top spot of the Earth Board for three years. No one was able to withstand even one of his moves.

And yet this outstanding youngster had been defeated by a young master of the Black Market Excellence Hall in just three sword moves. How could it not be shocking news?

If the mysterious young master had indeed reached the Ultimate Realm of the Earth Realm, the shock would be even greater. It was surmised that even the governing body of the First Central Empire would need to send masters for investigation.

If this youngster was fully developed, it would be another hundred years before he could be matched.

Compared to the young master, Zhang Ruochen defeating Yan Qingwu was not worth mentioning. That's why his news had been published on the last page.

Even though it was on the last page, it still caused a massive commotion in Omen Ridge.

It had been years since a warrior from Omen Ridge had entered the top thousand of the Earth Board . Never mind the fact that Zhang Ruochen had reached the top 100. It was definitely a glorious achievement for Omen Ridge.

The latest issues of both the Eastern Region Report and the Earth Board had been selling like crazy. People were queuing up outside the Martial Market Bank wanting to purchase it.

It was a massive honor to be published in the Eastern Region Report .

"Have you read the latest Eastern Region Report ? Zhang Ruochen, the Ninth Prince of the Yunwu Commandery is published in it!"

"Are you serious? When did Omen Ridge nurture such a popular person?"

"Amazing, isn't it? Zhang Ruochen defeated the top-ranked genius of the Yan Family and entered the top 100 of the Earth Board. He is the most outstanding warrior from Omen Ridge after Luo Xu."

"He has brought so much glory to Omen Ridge! I need to buy a copy!"


People from every city in Omen Ridge were discussing Zhang Ruochen.

This youngster who had once been just slightly popular was now known by every single person in Omen Ridge.

The warriors of Yunwu Commandery were even crazier. They had bought every copy of both publications from the Martial Market Bank. Almost all the young warriors set Zhang Ruochen as their idol and started practicing hard.

Before the sun had even risen, a copy of the Eastern Region Report had been sent into Yunwu Commandery palace and placed in front of Yunwu Commandery Prince.

When he saw Zhang Ruochen's name in the paper, he was completely overjoyed. "I have practiced Martial Arts my entire life and I have never been published in the Eastern Region Report . My ninth son is only 18 years old and has already entered the top 100 of the Earth Board . Indeed, he did not let me down. Good, very good!"

While Yunwu Commandery Prince was praising Zhang Ruochen, the Queen was furious. "If I had known that this kid would develop to this stage... I should have killed him long ago. Now he's fully developed, even Guier is incomparable with him. No way! He has to die!"

The Queen was filled with regret. Zhang Ruochen had once been just a sickly crap in front of her. She could have killed him with one finger.

If she wanted to kill him now, it was going to be extremely difficult.

At the same time, a copy of the Eastern Region Report had been sent to Zhang Tiangui.

When he read through the part about Zhang Ruochen, his hands shook. He was so angry his pupils were on fire. He regretted that he hadn't killed him earlier when he'd had the chance. If he had known that Zhang Ruochen would develop into such an outstanding warrior, he would have killed him without any hesitation.

Zhang Ruochen had already entered the top 100 of the Earth Board , while he was still ranked thousands behind him. The glory he had once owned had all fallen on Zhang Ruochen.

How could this be?

It had only been a few months. How could this happen?

What made Zhang Tiangui even more confused was that the Master hadn't summoned him for two months. He hadn't even seen Han Qiu. Every time he had gone to find her, he had been refused.

Nothing like this had happened before.

Lin Chenyu stood behind Zhang Tiangui and stared at him with compassion, yet his eyes were cold.

Since Zhang Ruochen had fully developed, Zhang Tiangui's good days had come to an end.

"Zhang Tiangui has probably lost all foothold in both the Yunwu Commandery and Yuntai Suzerain." Lin Chenyu smiled coldly.

Zhang Tiangui tried his best to stay calm. "Lin Chenyu, do you know who the Master and junior sister apprentice Han have been in touch with? Why have their attitudes toward me changed so drastically?"

Lin Chenyu walked toward Zhang Tiangui and responded with courtesy, "Master, I heard that Elder Sister Han sent people to Yunwu Commandery and investigated you."

Zhang Tiangui stood up suddenly and narrowed his eyes. "How long ago?"

"Last time Elder Sister Han came back...Oh, I remember. Before she came back, she confronted the assassins of the black market and Square Commandery with Zhang Ruochen. I'm guessing he said something to her behind your back," said Lin Chenyu.

Zhang Tiangui grasped his fists tight. His look was enough to make one's blood run cold. "Zhang Ruochen again!"

Lin Chenyu looked down and said carefully, "I also heard that Elder Sister Han had feelings for Zhang Ruochen and that she went to the School of the Martial three times wanting to meet Zhang Ruochen. But, Zhang Ruochen was secluding himself for refining, so she didn't see him."

Zhang Tiangui was even more shocked. He said furiously, "Why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

A woman's voice let out outside his mansion, "I asked him not to tell you."

Han Qiu appeared carrying a white jade fighting sword.

Lin Chenyu retreated a few steps backward and escaped from the room.

The fact that he had betrayed Zhang Tiangui had been revealed. Of course, he had to leave immediately and wait patiently for what would happen next.

It was obvious that Han Qiu couldn't help but take action against Zhang Tiangui. With her current ability, she was now the stronger one. Moreover, she was the daughter of the Master. Zhang Tiangui had no leverage to fight with her.

Zhang Tiangui realized that something had happened.

He let out a long laugh. "Zhang Ruochen and Lin Chenyu. Indeed I underestimated them. Junior sister apprentice, do you believe what they told you?"

Han Qiu held the white jade sword and stood five steps away from Zhang Tiangui. She said, "Why wouldn't I? To be honest, my elder brother, you have always been my role model. Unfortunately, what you've done is not role-model worthy."

"What did Zhang Ruochen say to you?" Zhang Tiangui questioned.

"Zhang Ruochen didn't say anything. It was the results brought back from the people I sent for investigation." Han Qiu continued, "You snatched the woman your brother loved, and you even wanted to assassinate your own brother?! What a character you are. I really doubt if there is still any humanity in you!"

"Haha! Junior sister apprentice, since you've said all this, I have nothing to say."

Zhang Tiangui laughed and asked, "So there's no place for me to stay in the Yuntai Suzerain?"

"You haven't done anything unfavorable to our suzerain. Why would you think there's no place for you in the Yuntai Suzerain?" Han Qiu claimed.

Zhang Tiangui responded, "Well, since you and the Master believe the words of a scoundrel, you've started keeping a lookout on me and you see me as a villain who would do anything at any costs, I guess I won't be learning any more advanced Martial Arts techniques at the Yuntai Suzerain. What's the point of staying here? Don't you worry. I'll leave the Yuntai Suzerain; I won't put the two of you in a difficult situation."

Zhang Tiangui didn't stop to get anything from his room. He walked passed Han Qiu, went down the long stone steps and left the Yuntai Suzerain through the mountain door.

He glanced back with a cold gaze and thought to himself, "Han Qiu, Yuntai Suzerain, you are going to regret letting me go today!"

He had pretended to be grieved in front of Han Qiu as he was hoping to get sympathy from her.

This was his only way to leave the Yuntai Suzerain alive.

Otherwise, today he would have died.