Chapter 298: Tricked

 Chapter 298: Tricked

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Millions of Spiritual Crystals was a small matter?

If Chang Qiqi and Si Xingkong had not just seen Zhang Ruochen throw down thousands of Spiritual Crystals - as if it was nothing - with their own eyes, they would have thought he had gone crazy!

It was not an easy matter for a commandery with tens of millions of people to gather hundreds of millions of Spiritual Crystals, much less for a single person to do so.

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen appeared to be very serious, Chang Qiqi's heart skipped a beat. Perhaps there really was a way to make lots of money. He asked excitedly, "Re...really?

"Of course it's true, but..."

Zhang Ruochen spoke evenly, "I have to warn you beforehand, this matter is very dangerous and could cost you your life."

Chang Qiqi's excitement cooled but, very quickly, his gaze became determined. "The way of the Martial Arts is like walking on the sharp edge of a knife, how can it not be dangerous? I am not an heir to one of the Half-Saint families and I don't have enough resources. How will I become a strong warrior if I don't work hard? I can earn merit to exchange for resources by completing missions, but it wastes a lot of Practice time. If I could somehow get a million Spiritual Crystals I would be able to buy enough Practice resources to actually focus on Practicing."

Chang Qiqi's aspirations were not that high. As long as he made it to the Completion of the Heaven Realm it would be a sufficient achievement. It would be enough for him to establish a strong clan.

Given his current progress, he could work his whole life and never earn a million Spiritual Crystals. Similarly, his chances of reaching the Completion of the Heaven Realm were also very slim.

There was an opportunity hanging in front of him right now. If he didn't grasp it now there might not be another one.

"I'll do it!" he said with determination.

Zhang Ruochen's gaze swung towards Si Xingkong. "How about you, elder brother?"

Si Xingkong looked at Zhang Ruochen and smiled. "They say that treasures are found in the midst of danger. How can I become a strong warrior if I don't take risks? I'm in too!"

Chang Qiqi asked urgently, "Junior fellow apprentice Zhang, please tell us! What is it that we are doing?"

Zhang Ruochen gazed into the darkness and seemed to sense something. He became cautious. "This is not a good place to talk. Let's go to my Practice mansion and take our time discussing it."

The five young warriors walked out from behind the three-meter tall giant statue, creating a slender and graceful silhouette.

Hidden in the shadows, Chen Xier's face appeared unusually pale, as if it was covered in wax. Her eyes glimmered with excitement. "It seems that Zhang Ruochen and my cousin are indeed hiding a huge secret. What on earth are they planning to do? How could it be easy to earn a million Spiritual Crystals?"

Chen Xier's hand tapped on her chin. Her glossy red lips turned up at its corners, giving off a trace of a smile.

It could be said that there were as many happy people as there were sad after this auction.

Tonight would be a sleepless night for Yan Yunhuan.

Having put his jade amulet as collateral, he had finally been able to take the Storage Ring and Storage Bracelet with him.

But, he had barely warmed it up before giving the Storage Ring to Chen Xier leaving him with a Storage Bracelet that had an internal storage space of a mere 12 cubic meters.

He sat and contemplated all night; his eyes were dull and bloodshot. He shouldn't have come to Omen Ridge.

Early the next morning, he decided to pack and leave this cursed place.

Although he had lost a great deal, at least he had been able to suppress Zhang Ruochen in terms of attitude and had won a definite victory there. That should have left sister Xier with a positive impression.

Everything must be considered in a positive light!

Having thought things through, Yan Yunhuan felt his spirit rise a little. He got ready to say good-bye to Chen Xier.

The sun had just risen, and its beams fell like threads of gold on Devil Martial City.

An Elder from the Yan family who had come with Yan Yunhuan to Omen Ridge appeared and gave him a message.

After hearing the message, Yan Yunhuan suddenly stood up. A wave of shock strong enough to crush mountains and stop oceans radiated from him. In a serious voice, he asked, "What?! Is this true?"

The Elder from the Yan family spoke, "The news was all over Devil Martial City this morning. The owner of the five Space Treasures was indeed Master Lei of the Silver Gowned Elder Hall, and Zhang Ruochen is indeed Lei Jing's disciple. Do you understand what happened now?"

Yan Yunhuan felt like he had been struck by lightning; his entire head was a blank. Only one word floated in his mind: Sucker!

Yan Yunhuan grabbed the Elder by the shoulders desperately. His face was twisted, and he asked ferociously, "The auction just happened last night, how could the news have come out so fast? It must be someone making up rumors, right? Right?!"

The Elder sighed. "Actually, Lei Jing sent letters to many of the powerful Chiefs before the auction inviting them to attend. So many people already knew that the owner of the Space Treasures was Lei Jing. They also knew that Zhang Ruchen was Lei Jing's 'seed'."


Yan Yunhuan felt like he had been struck by lightning again, his entire body was numb. He released his grip on the Elder's shoulders and muttered to himself, "So last night, everyone knew that Zhang Ruochen was a seed and I was the only one who was in the dark. And like an idiot, I competed against Zhang Ruochen, thinking I had triumphed over him... haha... Zhang Ruochen... Zhang Ruochen, I'm going to kill you!"

Yan Yunhuan snatched up the sword on the table and rushed into the street yelling Zhang Ruochen's name. He ran in the direction of the Martial Market School.

The warriors of the Devil Martial City saw this and immediately thought of the amusing situation that had happened last night at the auction.

"Looks like he figured out that he was tricked and wants to get revenge on Zhang Ruochen."

"What an idiot. I'm really worried about the future of the Yan family."

"You can't say that. After all, Yan Yunhuan is ranked 375th on the Earth Board. He's a strong warrior. Zhang Ruochen can't compare to that. Seems like there will be another show to watch!"

"Not necessarily. Zhang Ruochen clearly must know he is no match for Yan Yunhuan. Maybe he's already hiding."

"Hopefully so. Otherwise, given Yan Yunhuan's currently mood, he might kill him in one strike."



As Yan Yunhuan ran up the street with his sword, Chen Xier arrived at Huang Yanchen's Practice mansion.

Huang Yanchen was not pleased to see Chen Xier. With a cold sneer she asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Cousin, we grew up together. Can I not come and visit you?"

Chen Xier stepped over the threshold of the Practice mansion with a long slim leg. Pushing out her bountiful chest, she stroked the Space Storage Ring on her finger, purposely showing it off in front of Huang Yanchen.

Huang Yanchen's attitude became cold. She gently stroked the purple Space Pendant hanging from her neck. She thought, "This is a true Space Treasure, yours is but second-grade trash."

Zhang Ruochen had given her the purple Space Pendant last night. The Storage Space reached 2,800 cubic meters and it also recognized its owner and could protect them.

Of course, Huang Yanchen could not tell Chen Xier. She let her continue to show off her second-grade item.

Huang Yanchen declared, "Chen Xier, if you're only here to show off your Storage Ring, I suggest you leave now!"

Chen Xier's eyes leaped and she immediately got to the point. "Cousin, you and Zhang Ruochen are going to explore the ancient cave from Medieval Ancient Times, right?"

Huang Yanchen's eyes tightened. "What ancient cave?"

Chen Xier smiled. "The ancient cave where Zhang Ruochen found the five Space Treasures. Were you planning to hide that from me?"

Huang Yanchen sneered coldly. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Chen Xier said, "If you don't understand, here, let me analyze the situation for you. Zhang Ruochen discovered an ancient cave from the Medieval Ancient Period and found five Space Treasures. However, he did not dare to auction them himself, so he went to ask Master Lei for help. To deceive the eyes and ears of others, Master Lei came forward and said he discovered the Space Treasures so that the attention would not be on Zhang Ruochen."

Huang Yanchen's heart skipped and she involuntarily clenched her fist, "This is only your theory!"

Chen Xier laughed and stared intently into Huang Yanchen's eyes. "Even if it is a guess, it's not without basis. Last night, Zhang Ruochen spent a total of 610,000 Spiritual Crystals at the auction. If the five Space Treasures didn't belong to him, how could he have such a fortune?"

"When Zhang Ruochen and Yan Yunhuan were competing, he didn't even break a sweat. If the five Space Treasures were not his, how could he bid a price like 1,500,000 Spiritual Crystals?"

"Your reasoning is based on this?" Huang Yanchen asked.

"Of course, it is not just this."

Chen Xier smiled. "Last night, the objects Zhang Ruochen bought were all for either battle or self-defense. This means that he plans to go on an expedition sometime soon, and the returns on the expedition are expected to be high. Otherwise, it would not be worth it for him to spend that many Spiritual Crystals. Following this line of thought, it was not difficult to guess the truth."

It could not be denied, Chen Xier was rather incredible. She had managed to guess most of the truth from just one auction.

In terms of cunning, Huang Yanchen could not compare at all.

Chen Xier watched Huang Yanchen's cold gaze and suddenly smiled brilliantly. "You aren't going to kill me to keep me quiet, right?"

"Chen Xier, what are you actually here for?" Huang Yanchen asked coldly.

Chen Xier replied, "I am just here to warn you that if I can guess the truth so can others. Although Zhang Ruochen was very careful, there were still slip-ups. If I were his fiancee, I would definitely have stopped him from making those mistakes."


Her sword flew out from its scabbard.

Huang Yanchen swung her arm and pointed the sword straight at Chen Xier's neck.

Chen Xier appeared very calm, showing no indication of fear. She smiled coquettishly. "Cousin, although we fought all the time growing up, surely it hasn't come to this? Besides, you should know that I don't have any ill intent. I just want to be in on exploring the ancient caves and sharing in the spoils."


The sound of urgent footsteps rang out.

A maid ran in from the outside. "Princess Commandery, things are not good. Master Yan just ran into Zhang Ruochen's Practice mansion with a sword."


Huang Yanchen and Chen Xier spoke almost simultaneously.

Yan Yunhuan was ranked 375th on the Earth Board; his martial cultivation was unfathomable. How could Zhang Ruochen be a match for him?

What if Yan Yunhuan killed Zhang Ruochen in a fit of anger?

Chen Xier had just made a deal with Huang Yanchen. If Zhang Ruochen died, didn't that mean no one would know the location of the ancient cave?

"Quick, go stop him."

Chen Xier and Huang Yanchen moved almost at the same time. They dissolved into two beautiful shadows and rushed out the door towards Zhang Ruochen's Practice mansion.