Chapter 296: The Arrogant Yan Yunhuan

 Chapter 296: The Arrogant Yan Yunhuan

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Yan Yunhuan raised his crystal card and again placed a higher bid, "630,000 Spiritual Crystals."

It seemed that he was going to bid against the Commandery Prince of Minshu to the end.

The Commandery Prince of Minshu was in an extremely bad mood. The expression in his eyes grew worse as he glared at Yan Yunhuan.

"I've already given the jade storage bracelet to you. How dare you bid against me for the Spatial Ring? You really think that I dare not to offend the Yan's Family?"

An elder with a wrinkly face stood behind the Commandery Prince of Minshu with a cold expression in his eyes. "He's just a junior. How dare he be so arrogant in Omen Ridge. Your Majesty, won't you give him the Spatial Ring and let me teach him a lesson when the auction finishes?"

"Forget it! He's just a junior!"

The Commandery Prince of Minshu once again raised the price. He said, "650,000 Spiritual Crystals."

Yan Yunhuan raised the crystal card and said, "670,000 Spiritual Crystals."

The Commandery Prince of Minshu frowned. He placed his final bid. "700,000 Spiritual Crystals."

The Commandery Prince stood up and glared at Yan Yunhuan. He said, "Childe Yan, this is my final price. If you can offer a higher price, then you can take the Spatial Ring away!"

Hearing this, Yan Yunhuan was greatly relieved. To be honest, 700,000 Spiritual Crystals almost reached the limit he could endure. Fortunately, the Commandery Prince had given up first.

Yan Yunhuan calmly raised the crystal card once again. "701,000 Spiritual Crystals."

Seeing the price on the crystal card in Yan Yunhuan's hand, the Commandery Prince clenched his fist. The anger in eyes was even stronger. He said, "Damn it, this junior is deliberately insulting me. Ji Lao, please crucify him after the auction."

"701,000 Spiritual Crystals. Once!"


Just when people thought that the Spatial Ring was to be won by Yan Yunhuan, Zhang Ruochen slowly raised his crystal card. "750,000 Spiritual Crystals!"

Bai Xuling's eyes lit up. She immediately shouted, "750,000 Spiritual Crystals. Any higher bids?"

Yan Yunhuan's eyes sank, as he stared at Zhang Ruochen in anger. He had never expected that Zhang Ruochen would interfere just when he'd almost gotten the Spatial Ring.

Yan Yunhuan looked at Chen Xier. She was staring at him with deep expectation in her eyes, which seemed to remind him, "Bid quickly! You told me that you would give it to me. Don't be a coward at such a critical moment!"

Yan Yunhuan clenched his teeth. It was as difficult for him to lift the crystal card, like raising a large mountain. Eventually, he said, "760,000 Spiritual Crystals."

"800,000 Spiritual Crystals."

Zhang Ruochen appeared to be greatly relaxed as he raised the crystal card once again.

Yan Yunhuan was furious. "Zhang Ruochen, you are just a prince from an inferior commandery. Can you really offer 800,000 Spiritual Crystals?"

Zhang Ruochen certainly could not offer 700,000 Spiritual Crystals. However, he was the one who had actually sent the Spatial Ring to auction. Therefore, he did not worry about the price.

Huang Yanchen said "I suppose the heir of the Yan's family can't actually afford a Spatial Ring? If you can't afford it, then you'd better not talk big. Others may despise you."

Chen Xier also showed a bit of disappointment. Reluctantly she said, "Hey! Forget it. Childe Yan, I don't want this Spatial Ring that much. Just give it to Zhang Ruochen! We can't win against him!"

Hearing Chen Xier's words, Yan Yunhuan quickly grew more furious. "Sister Xier, you don't have to worry about it. I will win the Spatial Ring and give it to you. I don't believe that he can be richer than me."

Actually, Yan Yunhuan was a bit worried that Zhang Ruochen was deliberately bidding up the price. However, on second thought, he was concerned that if he didn't increase the price, Zhang Ruochen would purchase the Spatial Ring.

If Zhang Ruochen could not offer the Spiritual Crystals, he would be severely punished by the Martial Market Bank.

It was based on this idea that Yan Yunhuan again bade with Zhang Ruochen. However, he could never suspect that Zhang Rouchen was actually the owner of the Spatial Ring.

"810,000 Spiritual Crystals."

Zhang Ruochen raised the crystal card. "900,000 Spiritual Crystals."

"910,000 Spiritual Crystals."

"1,000,000 Spiritual Crystals." Zhang Ruochen raised the price dramatically once again.

Every time Zhang Ruochen raised the price, Chang Qiqi sitting next to him trembled. He was really worried that Zhang Ruochen was just bluffing. What would he do if could not afford the Spatial Ring after winning it?

Many people in the Auction House were also frightened.

"Zhang Ruochen is bidding too high! Where can he get so many Spiritual Crystals?" Someone asked anxiously.

Many people felt that Zhang Ruochen was being very arrogant, even more arrogant than Yan Yunhuan who was from a Half-Saint's family after all.

The Commandery Prince of Minshu was delighted, so delighted that he almost laughed out. "Great! Yunwu Commandery has a good son. Right, just bid up the price like this and ruin the Yan's Family."

"Your Majesty, what's going on here? I'm a little confused! Even if Zhang Ruochen is the Prince Consort of Qianshui Commandery and he has the support of Commandery Princess Yanchen, there's no way he could afford so many Spiritual Crystals at one time. Is he not afraid that he won't be able to afford it?" Asked the elder standing behind him.

The Commandery Prince of Minshu grinned. He said, "That's because you don't know a secret."

"What secret?"

The Commandery Prince of Minshu laughed. "The owner of the Spatial Ring is the Hall Master of the Silver Gowned Elder's Hall, Lei Jing."

Hearing this, the elder suddenly understood and laughed. He said, "I see. Since Zhang Ruochen is Lei Jing's disciple, he must be his assistant. It is really unlucky for the junior of the Yan's family to be competing with Zhang Ruochen."

Almost all the big shots who had received letters from Lei Jing understood what was going on here. Many people were waiting for a good show, wondering to what degree Zhang Ruochen, the assistant, could bid up the price?

"How come the Yan's family has such an idiot? Can't he see that Zhang Ruochen is an assistant, even an unwise assistant?" Han Li, Master of the Yuntai Suzerain, laughed.

Han Qiu had been staring at Zhang Ruochen. "Why do you say that? I think he is very smart! Otherwise, how could Yan Yunhuan be cheated?"

Han Li shook his head. "Of course he's not smart. People who know that Zhang Ruochen is Lei Jing's disciple are sure to defend him. It is not wise for Lei Jing to ask him to be the assistant. If I were to do it, I would definitely ask someone that people don't know."

Han Qiu said, "So you mean it was Master Lei who did not do a good job."

"Who did you think I was talking about? Zhang Ruochen?"

Han Li shook his head. "Zhang Ruochen is just a junior, nothing to talk about really."

In Han Li's opinion, Zhang Ruochen was just a junior of the Earth Realm. It was difficult to tell what kind of achievements he would make in the future. Such a junior was naturally not qualified to be noticed by him.

Zhang Ruochen once again raised the crystal card. "1,100,000 Spiritual Crystals."

Yan Yunhuan was in a cold sweat. He raised the crystal card again, trembling. "1,150,000 Spiritual Crystals."

Sitting next to Yan Yunhuan, Chen Xier could clearly see the sweat on his forehead and feel his quick aura. It was obviously an auction, why did she feel like they were risking their lives?

On the contrary, Zhang Ruochen had been relaxed and talked with Huang Yanchen cheerfully and humorously from time to time.

Chen Xier knew better than anyone else how many Spiritual Crystals Huang Yanchen could dispatch.

She knew that his confidence was not because of Huang Yanchen's support.

Since it was not Huang Yanchen who was supporting him, who could it be?

Chen Xier felt that she was increasingly unable to understand Zhang Ruochen. She always felt that he was not as simple as he seemed to be on the surface. She seemed to have underestimated him.

Zhang Ruochen decided to use a dose of powerful medicine and raised the price considerably. "1,500,000 Spiritual Crystals!"

" 1,510,000 Spiritual Crystals."

Yan Yunhuan bid again.

However, he trembled. Just as he raised his bid, he suddenly understood.

Why had Zhang Ruochen suddenly increased the price to 1,500,000 Spiritual Crystals?

1,510,000 Spiritual Crystals exceeded the number that he could control.

He was nervous to his limit. He kept staring at Zhang Ruochen, hoping he would once again bid up the price.

But to his disappointment, Zhang Ruochen thought for a moment, looked at Huang Yanchen, and softly shook his head. Quietly he said, "That's it!"

According to Zhang Ruochen's estimation, Yan Yunhuan should have reached his limit.

Even if he continued to provoke Yan Yunhuan, he would probably ignore his face and give up the Spatial Ring.

Zhang Ruochen was still hoping to make money from auctioning the Spatial Ring, so it was naturally impossible for him to buy it. Yan Yunhuan was just the man to pay the bill.

Huang Yanchen understood what Zhang Ruochen was thinking. She said, "Since Childe Yan is so dedicated to that Spatial Ring, let's give it to him!"

Yan Yunhuan immediately said, "No, no, I don't want to buy the Spatial Ring anymore. I think it's better to give it to you. You can bid again and this time, I will certainly not increase the price."

Huang Yanchen stared at Yan Yunhuan like he was an idiot. She said, "Why should we bid up the price when you have already won the Spatial Ring? What's more, there are still three Space Treasures, which may be better. Why do we need to compete for this one?"

"1,510,000 Spiritual Crystals. Once."

"1,510,000 Spiritual Crystals. Twice."

"1,510,000 Spiritual Crystals three times. Sold! Congratulations to the 793rd guest for winning the Spatial Ring. Now, let's welcome today's next item."

Although Yan Yunhuan had won the Spatial Ring, his face was rather ugly, and he was in tears. He was thinking about how he was going to explain this to his family.

"Maybe it's not a loss to bid 1,510,000 Spiritual Crystals for the Spatial Ring... After all, it is a Space Treasure... The leader may not punish me..."

Yan Yunhuan's face was pale as he tried to reassure himself.

Chen Xier immediately brought him back to reality. She said delightly, "Childe Yan, you are generous! No wonder you are the heir of the Yan's family. I really appreciate you winning me the Spatial Ring. You are so generous!"

"What?" Yan Yunhuan exclaimed.

Chen Xier squinted her beautiful eyes and said, "Childe Yan, you did say that you would give me the Spatial Ring, didn't you?"

"Yes! I heard it too. Childe Yan is truly the model of our generation. In order to pursue junior sister apprentice Chen, you bid 1,510,000 Spiritual Crystals for that Spatial Ring! I really admire you." Said Chang Qiqi.

Yan Yunhuan squeezed out an ugly smile.