Chapter 290: The Second Young Master of Yan Nationality

 Chapter 290: The Second Young Master of Yan Nationality

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Chang Qiqi stopped and smiled. "Since she's just a maid, can you sell her to me? I'll give you a good price."

Kong Xuan was worried. She knelt on the ground begging, "Master, please do not sell me. I would rather die than leave you."

"Ha-ha! I'm just kidding! Don't worry. I can see there is something going on between you and your master," Chang Qiqi said.

Kong Xuan blushed but she didn't dare to refute. Chang Qiqi was Zhang Ruochen's elder brother; she was just a servant.

A servant was not allowed to refute their master's elder brother.

Si Xingkong stared at Kong Xuan with a surprised look. "Junior fellow apprentice Chang, I advise you not to offend her. Her future achievements may be higher than yours."

"What? Her achievements higher than mine?"

Chang Qiqi didn't believe Si Xingkong. He looked at Kong Xuan again. This time, he saw more than just her beauty.

He found that he couldn't see her real cultivation. He could only guess from her appearance.

But he was sure that her cultivation was much weaker than his.

What did it mean?

"Her exercises are more profound than mine, much more profound," he exclaimed.

This was why he could not see her cultivation.

Chang Qiqi was upset. "I'm an excellent internal student, a genius. What I practice should not be lower than that of a maid."

He grasped Zhang Ruochen's shirt and dished out hard. "I just practiced Spiritual Stage's mid-class exercises. Did you let your maid practice Spiritual Stage's superior-class exercises? Or ghost level?

Kong Xuan practiced the Kong Xuan Scripture. It was far more than ghost level, they were legendary King's Stage exercises.

If Zhang Ruochen told the truth, Chang Qiqi would cry out.

Si Xingkong had excellent vision. When he saw Saint Power coming out from Kong Xuan, he was shocked. "Junior fellow apprentice Zhang, you've spared no effort to cultivate your maid. You even give her Half-Saint's Essence?"

"Well, I can't really hide it from you."

Zhang Ruochen laughed. "Kong Xuan has a lot of talent. I have to foster her, or her talent will be wasted."

Si Xingkong had seen through Kong Xuan's cultivation. He said thoughtfully, "Her martial cultivation is at the Medium State of the Black Realm. But I sense that her power is much higher than that of many warriors at Completion and she has the ability to enter the Profound Board. If she enters the Jiujue Tower, she could break through the fourth floor, possibly higher."

"Oh my god, even a mere maid is better than me. What should I do?"

Chang Qiqi rushed towards Zhang Ruochen again and clutched his neck.

Zhang Ruochen quickly unleashed his power and avoided him. He laughed openly. "Elder brother, elder brother Chang, are you just visiting me for a maid?"

Chang Qiqi was outraged. "Of course not."

Si Xingkong said, "Tonight, the Devil Martial City will hold a great auction, do you want to go with us? It is said that the legendary Space Treasure will be there, something to look forward to."

Zhang Ruochen realized that in order to increase the value of the five low-class Space Treasures, Master Lei had conducted vigorous propaganda.

"The five low-class Space Treasures should sell at a good price."

Zhang Ruochen, Kong Xuan, Si Xingkong, and Chang Qiqi went to the auction together. As they were walking out of the practice mansion they saw a group of internal students.

Among the internal students, there were some acquaintances. They were princes and aristocratic daughters, who formed a separated faction.

Even Chen Xier and Huang Yanchen were there.

First in the queue was a 20 something man. He was good-looking, tall and handsome, and had a very haughty temperament.

He was surrounded by a group of internal students who were complimenting him.

"Childe, you deserve to be a top talent. You are so handsome, we can only look upon you."

A beautiful internal student was gazing at Yan Yunhuan, with a worshipping look.

One of the students noticed Zhang Ruochen and the other people walking out of the mansion. He shouted out, "Yan, that man is Commandery Princess Yanchen's fiance, Omen Ridge's and God's favored one, Zhang Ruochen."

"God's favored one? In front of childe Yan, who can dare to say he is God's favored one?" Qiu Lin sneered.

Qiu Lin was the second master of the Internal Academy. However, right now, he was following childe Yan around like a puppy.

The other internal students followed together.

"Childe Yan has an invincible cultivation. He is God's favored one."

"Zhang Ruochen and his elder brother may be strong, but there is a huge disparity between them and Childe Yan."


Huang Yanchen grimaced. She was unhappy.

Yan Yunhuan was a great master and had been invited by Chen Xier. He ranked highly on the Earth Board, moreover, he was chasing after Chen Xier.

Huang Yanchen understood why Chen Xier had invited him to Omen Ridge. She wanted to suppress Zhang Ruochen as a way to prove that her insight was higher than Huang Yanchen's.

She worried that Yan Yunhuan would bully Zhang Rouchen, because he couldn't defeat Yan Yunhuan with his current power.

Chen Xier was trying to humiliate not only her but also Zhang Ruochen.

Huang Yanchen knew that Zhang Ruochen and Chen Xier had broken up and she was happy about this. But now, she was worried. Chen Xier was vindictive, and she didn't want to let Zhang Ruochen go.

Chen Xier's eyes gleamed when she saw Zhang Rouchen. She turned to Yan Yunhuan purposefully. In her soft voice she said, "What a coincidence! We were going to ask you to attend tonight's auction with us."

"Zhang Ruochen? Isn't he Commandery Princess Yanchen's fiancé?"

Yan Yunhuan glanced at Zhang Ruochen. Casting a contemptuous look, he said, "Commandery Princess Yanchen, you are the commandery princess of a superior class commandery, why do you like him? A top genius of Omen Ridge means nothing! You can have any man you want, even Half-Saint Family disciples."

Yan Yunhuan was after Chen Xier, but he was also fond of Huang Yanchen, the cool beauty. Both Chen Xier and Huang Yanchen were pretty. If he could date them both at the same time, it would be pure bliss.

Zhang Ruochen frowned.

Standing by Zhang Ruochen, Chang Qiqi was angry enough to shout, but Si Xingkong stopped him.

Huang Yanchen glared at Yan Yunhuan. "I can choose my fiance, no need for your suggestions."

"Cousin Yanchen, don't be angry, he didn't mean to offend you."

Chen Xier walked over and grasped Huang Yanchen's arm to stop her from leaving.

If Huang Yanchen left, there was no point humiliating Zhang Ruochen.

Yan Yunhuan showed his generosity and bowed to Zhang Ruochen. "Brother Zhang, if I have offended you, please forgive me. Since you are the fiance of Commandery Princess Yanchen, of course, you are my friend. I don't look down upon a prince from an inferior commandery."

Chang Qiqi couldn't stand it anymore. He taunted, "Childe Yan, I've never heard of him? Is he from Omen Ridge?"

"What a limited view you have."

Yan Yunhuan didn't realize that Chang Qiqi was mocking him. He said, "In the Eastern Region, Omen Ridge is a remote wilderness. If the Yan Family army were to attack, in just one month, we could destroy all 36 commanderies, making them ours."

"Wow! Frightening! If you are so invincible, are you going to overthrow Empress Chi Yao's imperial throne?"

"You... you..."

Yan Yunhuan realized that Chang Qiqi was mocking him. His anger showed, and he sent out an overbearing momentum.

A row of golden light came off from Yan Yunhuan's pores forming a light pillar of about 30 meters. It seemed that there was a burning sun inside his body and once it broke out, its power could ruin everything.

Impacted by Yan Yunhuan's power, Chang Qiqi's face grew pale and there was blood on his lip. He backed away more and more.

Yan Yunhuan was power. Just by unleashing his power, he could hurt Chang Qiqi. His power must have reached the top 1,000 on the Earth Board.

Zhang Ruochen and Si Xingkong stood in front of Chang Qiqi. They ran their Genuine Qi to block Yan Yunhuan's power.

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Huang Yanchen, giving a cold look as if to blame her.

If he was just trying to find trouble, Zhang Ruochen wouldn't mind hitting him to give him a lesson.

Huang Yanchen understood. "Yan comes from a third level family, the Yan Family. He is a distinguished guest. In addition, he is the second talent of the young generation of Yans and ranks 375th on the Earth Board."

Huang Yanchen was not only introducing Yan Yunhuan but also warning Zhang Ruochen that he was a superpower. He could not defeat him, so it was not smart to provoke him. Huang Yanchen was very worried.