Chapter 288: Han Li

 Chapter 288: Han Li

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After Zhang Ying left, Lei Jing was silent for a moment, as if thinking about something.

After a moment, he looked at the other silver gowned Elder, and asked, "Fan Tian, eight inferior commanderies of Western Nine Prefectures have already begun to send a punitive expedition against Square Commandery, correct?"

Ji Fantian stood below. In awe, he replied, "Hall Master, two weeks ago, eight inferior commanderies began to attack the inferior commandery almost at the same time and dispatched troops from eight directions. It is obvious that they want to carve up Square Commandery's territory."

"It is said that when the sanction document of Saint Prince's Mansion in the Eastern Region was issued, all the senior members of the royal family in Square Commandery escaped, and the whole palace was empty. Now, Square Commandery is in a civil strife. The leaders of the army are standing on their own to form independent factions and even the big Families and Suzerains are included. They also want a piece of the pie in troubled times."

"However, in terms of overall strength, the eight inferior commanderies are still the strongest."

"Square Commandery is a medium level commandery." Lei Jing went on, "Both its area and population are much more than the sum of the other eight commanderies. With only power, an inferior commandery cannot swallow Square Commandery."

"Hall Master, why are you suddenly asking about this?" Ji Fantian asked.

Lei Jing did not answer. He stood up, opened the door and went out. Standing atop the 12-floor tower, he gazed into the sea of clouds. "Fan Tian, you have been with me for fifty years, right?"

"Forty-nine years and three months," Ji Fantian answered.

Lei Jing asked, "Which realm is your Martial Arts Practice at?"

"The Completion of Heaven Realm," Ji Fantian answered.

Lei Jing nodded. "I never admitted that you are my disciple, but I have always regarded you as my eldest disciple. I think you can understand, right?"

Ji Fantian immediately kneeled on the ground, tears filling his eyes, "I see Lord."

Lei Jing motioned for him to rise. "Fan Tian, there is one thing I need you to do for me."

"I will go through fire and water only for your one word."

Ji Fantian immediately asked again, "Is it pertaining to the thing of Square Commandery?"

"That's right."

Lei Jing said, "Your youngest junior fellow apprentice is the Ninth Prince of Yunwu Commandery. I am hoping Square Commandery will fall into the hands of Yunwu Commandery. However, the strength of Yunwu Commandery is still too weak. So I want you to go to Square Commandery and help the Yunwu Commandery's army. At the same time, you also need to relay my message to the powers of the Martial Market Bank in Square Commandery. Let them know who to help."

"I understand." Ji Fantian answered.

"You may go!"

A peach for me and a peach for thee.

Zhang Ruochen had given him the Blood and God Classics and the Space bracelet. It had been such a big favor. Naturally, he wanted to do something in return.


Yuntai Suzerain was the top-rated hegemony in Omen Ridge.

To Omen Ridge's warriors, Yuntai Suzeraini was a sacred place. Each year, countless young men came here wanting to join the Yuntai Suzerain.

At the moment, in a quiet and beautiful manor of Yuntai Suzerain, a tall, slim, attractive woman was practicing with the Ancient White Jade Sword, revealing many mysterious sword techniques.


Han Qiu's sword technique was Floating Clouds and Flowing Water, like a dragon, like a butterfly. Every move was like a peerless sword that could almost inspire the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth.

The move she was showing was Nine Yin Sword.

Since she'd returned to the Yuntai Suzerain, Han Qiu had been secluding herself for refining. She had gained a certain level of Nine Yin Sword. Even without the Nine Yang Sword, its impact was still powerful.

Every move seemed to have the power to cut a river and split mountains.

Suddenly, Han Qiu's mouth curved. She turned the blade into a white light and stabbed at a middle-aged man standing just outside the Coliseum.


The fast speed and powerful sword technique made a deafening screech.

The middle-aged man, tall and handsome, continued to stand there casually. He gave off the aura of a Martial Arts master.


In the entire Yuntai Suzerain, it was estimated that only Han Qiu, dared to attack him with a sword.

The middle-aged man just gently lifted two fingers, firmly clutching Han Qiu's sword. He commented, "The sword is actually exquisite, but unfortunately you are still limited in movement. It is obvious that somebody has passed you Nine Yin Sword. But they only taught you the sword moves and footwork; they did not pass the inner strength to you.

Han Qiu was unconvinced. She said, "Not true. You can only hold my sword because of your strong cultivation. In my opinion, Nine Yin Sword is too enigmatic. Currently, I can't use even one percent of its power. When my cultivation reaches your level, I will defeat you with just one sword."

"Haha! Okay! I am looking forward to it."

The middle-aged man was the Master of Yuntai Suzerain, Han Li.

Han Li was usually a very serious person, but recently, he had been in a great mood. He could not help laughing today.

Han Li released his fingers and let go of the jade sword. Feeling very pleased, he gazed at Han Qiu. "Nine Yin Sword is indeed a great sword technique. Even with only the sword strokes and footwork, it is comparable to the ghost level martial technique. You are lucky that someone gave you this expert advice. If you see him again, you must invite him to Yuntai Suzerain. I will reward him."

Han Qiu thought of Zhang Ruochen in the back of her mind, her eyes flashing an unusual color. She answered, "Father, the expert not only taught me sword technique, but also helped me solve a big problem in cultivation. In your eyes, do you think I can break through the fourth floor of Jiujue Tower now?"

Han Li answered, "You have indeed progressed considerably. Breaking through the fourth floor of the Jiujue Tower will not be difficult for you."

"If you can also learn the inner strength of Nine Yin Sword and practice it to the Success stage, maybe you can make it through the fifth floor. Of course, do not be discouraged. Even without the inner strength, you still have the opportunity to achieve level four."

Even though Han Li was at the Completion of the Earth Realm, he was still not as good as the present Han Qiu. How could he be upset?

Han Li said again, "There is one more thing I want to tell you. Your grandfather has watched you play Nine Yin Sword. He plans to create a series of sword technique based on Nine Yin Sword that will belong to our Yuntai Suzerain.

Han Qiu immediately felt unhappy hearing this. "How can he do this? When was he watching and how could I have no clue?"

"Actually, even if he is standing at your side, you may not see him," Han Li said.

"Father," Han Qui started. "When the expert passed me this sword technique, he told me this set of sword techniques is from the Liangyi Sect. Is it ok to copy others' sword techniques?"

"We are not copying, but we are evolving it."

Han Li shook his head. "All martial arts come from three laws. If you trace the source of any martial arts techniques, they all evolved from other martial arts."

"You should be aware that our Yuntai Suzerain's greatest weakness is sword technique. After four hundred plus years, we still do not have a superior-class Spiritual Stage sword technique."

"As a sect, if you want to be strong, you have to have martial arts as the base. If your grandfather can create one of the top sword techniques using Nine Yin Sword and it belongs to Yuntai Suzerain, then in the future, the Sword Arts geniuses of Omen Ridge will not choose Tai Qing Palace or the School of the Martial Market. We will become the top Sword Arts place for them."

Han Qiu was still annoyed. "This is the reason you made me keep practicing sword technique?"

Han Li seemed to feel sorry for his daughter. His face turned tender. "Don't be angry! This is my fault. I will make it up to you, okay? Whatever it is you want, just tell me. I give you my word. "

Han Qiu knew that the sword technique had been stolen, it was an irreparable thing.

"Okay! I want you to expel Zhang Tiangui from Yuntai Suzerain." Han Qiu said.

Slightly startled, Han Li laughed, "Zhang Tiangui? Are you and him not all right? Did you have a fight?"

Zhang Tiangui had always been one of Han Li's favorite disciples. Han Li liked him, and he also knew that he and Han Qui had had a good relationship. Years ago, he had decided to marry Han Qiu to Zhang Tiangui.

Han Qiu snorted. "Father, do you think I'm joking? In appearance, he looks fair and honest, but behind closed doors, he is sinister and mean. He even dared to hurt his own brothers, what else could he do? Father, if you leave him in Yuntai Suzerain, I think you are breeding evil."

When she returned to Yuntai Suzerain, Han Qiu had sent someone to investigate Zhang Tiangui.

After discovering his real character, she had been extremely disgusted. She could not think of him as the senior brother she had once admired.

Han Li became very harsh. He said, "Han Qiu, your senior brother is my disciple. He is an extreme genius. In the future, he will become the pillar of Yuntai Suzerain. You do not have any evidence. How can you say that?"

"I do have evidence."

Han Qiu said, "I not only have evidence, I also have a witness."

"Who is this witness?" asked Han Li

Han Qiu said, "Father, do you remember Zhang Tiangui's servant, Lin Chenyu?

Han Li nodded. "Of course. Lin Chenyu is also a good genius, but your senior brother told me he has some type of hidden illness. He is not sound."

Han Qiu sneered. "His hidden illness is thanks to senior brother."