Chapter 286: The Medium Level Inscription

 Chapter 286: The Medium Level Inscription

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"Underwater Dragon Palace of the Four-wing Earth Dragon."

Duanmu Xingling's eyes lit up. Eagerly, she said, "What are we waiting for? Let's go now. The Four-wing Earth Dragon is like a Saint. It has ruled Omen Ridge for hundreds of years. There must be countless treasures. If we get its treasures, our cultivation will improve greatly."

"No! We have to wait."

"Tongming River is full of danger. Underwater Dragon Palace is a forbidden area. It hasn't been opened for 500 years. We need three months to prepare," Zhang Ruochen said.

Huang Yanchen nodded her head. "My martial cultivation is at the Medium State of the Earth Realm right now. If I want to go to the Underwater Dragon Palace, I have to break through one more Realm. Three months should be enough time!"

Duanmu Xingling sighed. "All right! It's true, we need to be prepared. I have to improve my cultivation too."

"We only have three people. We need three more," Huang Yanchen pointed out. "Who are you going invite to our team?"

Zhang Ruochen narrowed his eyes. "They need to have powerful strength and their martial cultivation should not exceed the Heaven Realm. I have three options and will take the time to talk with them."

"All right! Then we'll split up," Huang Yanchen agreed. "In three months, we'll go to Tongming River and break into the Underwater Dragon Palace."

Zhang Ruochen wanted to wait for three months to go to the Underwater Dragon Palace because he wanted to practice the fifth palm of Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm to the completion during this period and make himself more powerful.

After separating from the girls, he went to Merit Tower to exchange for four bottles of third-class healing pills and 20 body quenching and reinforcement pills. It cost him a total of 22,000 merit points.

Afterwards, he went to Mount Saint Crossing and entered the Earth Stage Secret Gravity Practice Room to continue practicing the Nine-folds of Elephant Power and refine his body.

Last time, he'd used ten Refined Physique Elixirs, improving his physical strength from the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm to the Mid Stage.

He had brought 20 Refined Physique Elixirs this time. He wanted to improve his physical strength even more.

Martial Arts were about cultivating the body and exercising.

Exercise was just as important as the body.

Zhang Ruochen decided he would challenge himself with an even more cruel practicing environment. He entered the Earth Stage Secret Practice Room in hopes of reaching the highest level.

He practiced the palm technique with 30 times the gravity.

Ordinary people were unable to survive gravity or pressure increases of ten.

"Bang! Bang!"

A palm technique sound came from the Secret Practice Room. A new round of intense practice had begun!

After half a month of practicing, Zhang Ruochen left the Secret Gravity Practice Room.

His palm technique had increased again.

He could now strike out eight palms at a time, and his power was eight times stronger. He was only one step away from Success.

His body was also much stronger after refining the 20 Elixirs. Of course, he didn't reach the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm.

After the Heaven Realm, the span of Realm was wider, and the effect pills had on the body decreased.

He estimated he had to refine at least ten Refined Physique Elixirs before he could reach the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm.

In this half month, he had strengthened the realm he had broken through considerably. He could now control his improved strength freely. Even if he didn't use the Space Domain, he didn't need to worry about Qi leakage.


Zhang Ruochen's body flashed and he disappeared from Mount Saint Crossing. He stood outside Secret Practice Mansion shortly afterward. It was like he emerged out of the void.

"My speed seems to have improved a bit. My quickest speed is 293 meters per second. I can compare with the top ten warriors on the Earth Board! "

He felt a kind of inexpressible pleasure every time his cultivation improved. As long as his strength improved, all his hard work was worth it.

Back at the practice mansion, Zhang Ruochen wanted to rest for a few days and then go to Mount Saint Crossing to practice his palm technique.

No one could stay under an environment of ten times gravity for long. He didn't want to hurt himself or risk anything.

Practice needed to proceed in an orderly way, step by step.

During this period, Zhang Ruochen entered the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel and began to study the Mystery of Time and Space .

He took the Mystery of Time and Space onto the stone steps and started to read slowly. In his current realm, he could read the first six pages.

As for page seven, no matter what he did, he couldn't open it.

According to the record of the Mystery of Time and Space , he could now start to practice the "Mark of Time".

Time was much harder to control than space. There were many uncertainties. He didn't want to practice 'Mark of Time" yet. It would not be too late to study it when he reached the Heaven Realm. And by then his cultivation would be more powerful.

For now, he mainly focused on studying the Inscription of Space.

Due to time constraints, Zhang Ruochen had only learned 12 Inscriptions of Space to date.

He wanted to start learning the Universe Form Inscription, a defensive Inscription of Space.

The medium level inscription was ten times harder than the basic inscription. It was very delicate and complicated. If the Spiritual Power was not enough, it would fail, and the work would not be completed.

Generally, a warrior could only dissect the medium level inscription after his Spiritual Power reached level 30.

The medium level inscription of space was even harder. The Spiritual Power had to have reached level 35.

Of course, the power of the medium level inscription was far better than that of the basic inscription.

For example, one basic Inscription of Power Series was merely a soldier with a 50kg increase in weight.

One medium stage Inscription of Power Series was a soldier with a 500kg increase in weight.

What was the most important thing in the Martial World?

To survive.

Most of the Heaven Realm warriors in the Black Market he had fought with had amulet treasures. When they encountered a death threat, the amulet treasure would form a defense and save its owner's life.

Amulets were sold in the Martial Market. They were made by Refined Weapon Masters and were very rare and expensive.

It cost at least ten million silver coins to buy an amulet. This was half the fortune of a warrior at the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm. Most of them had a disposable protective effect and could only be used twice.

Zhang Ruochen studied the defensive medium stage Inscription of Space. He wanted to form a protective amulet.

The medium level inscription was much harder than he'd expected. It took him a half month and 10,000 pieces of Spiritual Paper to carve the entire medium level inscription.

"Finally, I've completed the first step. It's one big step forward toward Success."

In addition to the medium stage Inscription of Space, Zhang Ruochen had learned three basic defensive Inscriptions of Space.

With his current Spiritual Power, he could get the basic Inscription of Space and carve it successfully and easily.

Zhang Ruochen decided to carve the defensive inscription onto the Spatial Ring and turn it into a defense treasure.

The first defensive Spatial Ring was the most important, so he was very careful.

Still, he wasted seven jade rings before he was able to make the first defensive Spatial Ring successfully.

This Spatial Ring was now his most valuable Space Treasure. It contained 100 times more storage space than all the Spatial Rings before it.

Moreover, this Spatial Ring had a special function - it could recognize its owner. Even if he lost it, other warriors wouldn't be able to open it.

The most powerful function was the defensive power.

He carved three medium stage defensive inscriptions and 33 basic defensive inscriptions onto the Spatial Ring. Just the power of inscription was at Genuine Martial Arms level nine.

According to his calculation, the defensive function of the Spatial Ring could be used three times. At its most powerful it could hold back a warrior at the Final State of the Heaven Realm.

In other words, as long as Zhang Ruochen wore the Spatial Ring and didn't meet masters at the Completion of Heaven Realm, he had three chances to escape from death.

Zhang Ruochen spent another three days refining nine pieces of Space Treasure: three Spatial Rings; three space bracelets and three space necklaces.

Including the Spatial Ring he'd refined earlier, there were ten Space Treasures.

That's right.

The Spatial Ring Zhang Ruochen had just made deserved to be a Space Treasure. And it was the one at the lowest level.

The ones he'd made before were just storage tools.

He took out the two space bracelets and three Spatial Rings he'd made earlier and threw them on the ground like they were trash.

For him, they were just junk. For other warriors, however, they were priceless treasures. He realized that if they were taken to the auction market in the Devil Martial City, they could be sold for a considerable sum.

Breaking into the Underwater Dragon Palace required a lot of preparation. The defensive Spatial Ring was far from sufficient.

He planned to visit the auction market and get some cutting-edge aggressive defense treasures.

No sooner said than done. Zhang Ruochen picked up the two space bracelets and three Spatial Rings on the ground and left the practice mansion.

He wanted to ask for Lei Jing's help before going to the auction market.

So, he came to the Silver Gowned Elder's Hall again.

Lei Jing was very happy to see him but still stood on his master's dignity. Proudly, he said, "Zhang Ruochen, what do you want me to help you with this time?"

Zhang Ruochen folded his hands and bowed. He replied with a smile, "Master, you are indeed most observant. I am here to ask for your help with something."

Lei Jing raised his eyes slightly. "What is it?"

"I want to ask you to come forward personally and send something to the auction market in the Devil Martial City to sell it," Zhang Ruochen said.

Zhang Ruochen definitely didn't want to let outsiders know that the five Space Treasures were from him. It was the best for Lei Jing to sell them to him. At least people would keep their hands off Lei Jing.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen could hide his identity and take the five Space Treasures to the auction market to sell them himself.

However, the Devil Martial City was no match for the Yunwu Commandery. There were so many masters and martial arts legends at the Heaven Realm here. Zhang Ruochen could easily expose his identity if he was careless. This would defeat the purpose.

Lei Jing widened his eyes. "You come to disturb for such a trifle thing. There are just a few things, why don't you send them to Auction Market yourself?"

"Master, please just look at these objects. It's not too late to make a decision.

Zhang Ruochen took out the two space bracelets and three Spatial Rings and put them in front of Lei Jing.