Chapter 284: Holy Eyes of Golden Light

 Chapter 284: Holy Eyes of Golden Light

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In Luo Xinyao's opinion, there were countless geniuses, much more outstanding than Zhang Ruochen in the Eastern Region. Many of them were descendants of the Saint Families. Senior sister disciple Luo had shown no special treatment during their visits.

Could a young warrior from Omen Ridge be better in Martial Arts than one of the Saint Families' successors?

Just when Luo Xinyao was about to leave, a squeaking sound came from behind.

It was Zhang Ruochen, walking outside. He looked at Luo Xinyao.

Luo Xinyao had originally despised him. However, when his eyes fixated on her body, she felt an incomparable Martial Arts momentum surge through her like a violent storm.


She felt like she was falling into an ice cave. The skin all over her body hurt as if she was being acupunctured. She relieved this great pressure by backing up three steps.

She was unexpectedly frightened by Zhang Ruochen's gaze.

She exposed a look of fear, being afraid that he had heard what she said and that her words might have infuriated him. She bowed to him. Trembling, she said, "I...I am senior sister disciple Luo's...maid, Luo Xinyao. Greetings, elder brother Zhang."

Zhang Ruochen asked, "Are you a School of the Martial Market student too?"

Luo Xinyao didn't dare show a trace of disrespect. She shook her head. "No. I'm a branch family member of the Luo Clan. Presbyters of my family sent me to Omen Ridge to serve senior sister apprentice and practice with her. I'm a maid, but senior sister apprentice Luo refers to me as a junior sister apprentice rather than as a maid."

Reading Luo Xinyao's unusual expression, Zhang Ruochen realized that he had leaked his momentum out. He had just broken the realm and couldn't control his power at will yet.

Luo Xinyao could be suffering great stress from his formidable presence.

In fact, Zhang Ruochen hadn't even heard what she said because he was so restless.

He released his Space Domain and shrank his momentum into it.

Instantly, Luo Xinyao felt the pressure disappear, but the sweat had soaked her clothes, making her look like a drenched animal. She took a deep breath and mused that Elder Brother Zhang was broad-minded and wouldn't blame her for the irreverence.

Zhang Ruochen said, "Lead the way!"

Under her guidance, Zhang Ruochen quickly arrived at Luo Shuihan's practice mansion.

The practice mansion was broad. Apparently, she enjoyed many benefits as an Earth Board student.

There were many cornices, rockeries and carved pavilions along the river. The mansion also boasted spacious martial arts fields, savage beast parks, separated pavilions, and gardens in which a variety of exotic herbs were planted. Here, the environment was tranquil and beautiful. The Spiritual Qi was richer than other places.

It was a place of happiness, where fairies lived.

Luo Shuihan was exquisite and delicate.

Seated opposite a jade stone stage, Luo Shuihan watched Zhang Ruochen from afar. She said, "Junior fellow apprentice, you have something on your mind."

Zhang Ruochen gave an involuntary startle at her words before he sat down. He smiled and said, "Senior sister disciple Luo is indeed intelligent. Nothing can be hidden from you."

She gave a faint smile. "Your Martial Arts cultivation is marvelous. There isn't much that should annoy you."

Zhang Ruochen didn't want to reveal his feelings, so he laughed, "Senior sister apprentice, it seems that you have seen through my cultivation?"

Luo Shuihan shook her head slightly and said, "A little bit. But there is much that I can't figure out. I remember earlier today you asked me if I possessed a Holy Eye or Holy Body. Now I can tell you..."

"If it's inconvenient for you, you don't have to tell me."

It was just a casual question. Although Zhang Ruochen was curious about it, he didn't want to know Luo Shuihan's secrets.

A warrior's secret was his or her ace in the hole.

Luo Shuihan said, "It's not a secret. It will be okay to tell you. You should know, all Saint descendants have a little Holy Blood in their bodies. If the Holy Blood is awakened, special abilities will be awakened, even sanctifying the physical quality."

Zhang Ruochen commented, "The probability of Holy Blood awakening is too low, and the sanctification is even lower. Among a million descendants of the Saints, I'm not sure if there would be even one descendant possessing a pair of Holy Eyes."

"That's me. I've opened my Holy Eyes of Golden Light," she said.

Her black pupils revealed golden threadlike rays which then turned into two streaks of harsh golden lights.

As she stimulated the Holy Eyes of Golden Light, her momentum increased massively. Her eyes were like sharp swords that could see through everything in the world.

Sitting next to her, Zhang Ruochen felt great pressure. He quickly mobilized the power of Space Domain to resist her Holy Eyes.

Thanks to the obstruction from the Space Domain, he looked calm. He said, "If you used the power of Holy Eyes of Golden Light, you should have ranked much higher on the Earth Board."

Luo Shuihan dissipated her Holy Eyes power and said modestly, "I can't match with you, even if I use the Holy Eyes of Golden Light. Zhang Ruochen, do you know why I invited you here?"

Zhang Ruochen gently shook his head. "No, I don't know."

Luo Shuihan said, "Although the Holy Eyes of Golden Light is very powerful, compared to the Holy Body of Golden Light, well, it's far from that. If I can practice the Holy Body of Golden Light successfully, I'll go further in my Martial Arts cultivation."

The expression in her eyes was limpid; Zhang Ruochen could see nothing but her yearning for the Martial Arts.

The Holy eyes of Golden Light referred to the sanctification of a warrior's eyes. This meant that the warrior had Saint's eyes.

The Holy Body of Golden Light meant the sanctification of a warrior's whole body. It made a warrior flawless and divine.

The difference between the two was as great as the difference between a tile and a whole palace.

Since ancient times, warriors who had awakened the Saintly Being reached the level of Seven Tricks Genius. They were invincible to their contemporaries.

That's to say, if a warrior had a Holy Body as long as he didn't die, he would practice to a Saint.

Zhang Ruochen said, "Can I help you practice the Holy Body of Golden Light?"

"I'm just speculating. I'm not sure."

Luo Shuihan rolled up her sleeves gently and took out a Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph and waved her finger. It flew out and suspended three meters from the ground in mid-air.

It was the authentic Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph painted by Luo Xu.

"Do you remember I told you that my ancestor left a Martial Arts technique in the Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph? No one in the Luo Clan has been able to perceive it.

"According to my ancestor, when he was young, he perceived the Martial Arts by chance and he practiced to a Saint successfully."

But even though he had reached the Half-Saint Realm, he couldn't pass it down. So he had to leave it in the Sacred Glyph."

Luo Shuihan continued, "When my ancestor discovered that I had the Holy eyes of Golden Light, he gave this Glyph to me. He added that if I could perceive the Martial Arts in it, I might practice to the Holy Body of Golden Light."

"I see."

Zhang Ruochen asked, "How can I help you?"

Luo Shuihan replied, "Last time when we entered the Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph, you told me you'd seen a person shadowboxing on the water. I am speculating maybe it is the Martial Arts."

Zhang Ruochen smiled. "I just saw a shadow and it disappeared quickly. Perhaps my eyes were blurry."

Luo Shuihan stood up. Walking towards the Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph, she said, "In fact, I shouldn't get my hopes up. But I should seize every single opportunity, right?"

Looking at the beautiful Luo Shuihan standing beneath the Sacred Glyph, Zhang Ruochen calmed down and expelled his anxiety.

He said, "Okay! I'll go into the Sacred Glyph again and perceive the Martial Arts left by Predecessor Luo Xu to help you."

Luo Shuihan glanced back and gave him a sweet smile.

Like a spring wind, her smile smoothed him. He felt an unprecedented tranquility and seemed to enter a land of idyllic beauty, forgetting all the annoyances of his previous life and this life. He wouldn't be distracted by anything; he concentrated on the practice of Martial Arts.

Zhang Ruochen managed to defuse his personal demons by helping her.

Chi Yao was his inner demon.

"Let's go into the world of the Glyph!"

Luo Shuihan closed her eyes, released Spiritual Power, and condensed it into a bright spot. Then she flew into the Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph.

Zhang Ruochen closed the eyes likewise and began to sit quietly and meditate.


A moment later, they once again entered the world of the Glyph. At their feet were rivulets, brooks, streams, and rivers. They heard clear sounds of water flowing, interchanging with gentle and choppy sounds now and then.

Each stream represented Luo Xu's Spiritual Determination. Only by overcoming it could they continue their march.

They stepped onto the water and walked side by side in the direction of the sea.

Zhang Ruochen's Spiritual Power was more powerful than hers, so he moved further, coming directly to the wide river near the sea.

He sat cross-legged on the water. Instead of practicing Spiritual Power intentionally, he tried to perceive the illusory Martial Arts.

However, the more he managed to perceive, the more indistinct the martial arts were.

One whole day went by. Zhang Ruochen had gained nothing.

They left the Glyph. She glanced at him.

He shook his head slightly and said, "Perhaps last time my eyes were blurry."

"Don't worry about it," she said. "Of course, it's good to practice the martial arts, but we don't have to force ourselves at the cost of generating inner demons."

"You're right," he replied. "The more we care about it, the easier it becomes to develop a demon. But I still want to try again. I need another seven days. If I still can't perceive the martial arts, I'll give up."