Chapter 277: The Power Test

 Chapter 277: The Power Test

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Lei Jing glanced at Zhang Ruochen and Luo Shuihan, and then sat on the side. He closed his eyes for a rest.

The silver gowned Elder returned to his original position and tried to compose himself. "Time for the power test. Who's first?"


With tremendous confidence, Xue Qingshan went to the testing stone wall. He mobilized his Genuine Qi and hit the stone wall with one palm.


Seven silver Lines emerged from the stone wall.

Xue Qingshan frowned slightly and shouted out. "Heaven's Might Palm."


With the second hit, one golden Line and four silver Lines emerged from the stone wall.

The silver gowned Elder announced the results. "Xue Qingshan, your first hit unleashes the power of 0.7 brute elephant. Your second hit unleashes the power of 1.4 brute elephants. You have passed this round and can prepare for the next."

The power that the weakest Heaven Realm could unleash was equal to the power of a brute elephant.

The test of the Earth Board was very strict. Only when a warrior reached the power of a savage beast, could he or she pass the first round.

One silver line represented power one tenth that of a brute elephant.

One golden line represented power of a savage beast.

Xue Qingshan felt satisfied with his power. He stared at Zhang Ruochen, showing a tinge of condescension.

With the power of 1.4 brute elephants, one could contend with the weakest warriors of the Heaven Realm, barely reaching the level of the myth of martial arts. His arrogance really relied on his abilities.

Now it was Tu Jin's turn.

Tu Jin's first blow unleashed the power of 0.8 brute elephant without any martial technique.

Tu Jin's second hit used a fist technique that could burst great short term power. He unleashed the power of 1.9 brute elephants.

In terms of power, Tu Jin was much better than Xue Qingshan. So he also passed the first round.

"Who is next?" The silver gowned Elder asked.

Zhang Ruochen was quite gentlemanly. He turned to Luo Shuihan with a posture of "please" and said, "Senior sister apprentice, you go first!"

Luo Shuihan nodded. She walked to the place below the stone wall.

Everyone's gaze turned toward her.

Luo Shuihan was too young. It was nearly impossible to pass this test at her age.

However, Zhang Ruochen had confidence in her. He knew she had powerful strength.

Luo Shuihan stood below the stone wall. Her graceful posture made her looked like an elegant orchid. She unleashed a one-inch-punch on the stone wall. It was obvious she wasn't trying too hard.


One golden Line and eight silver Lines emerged from the stone wall.

Tu Jin and Xue Qingshan, who had expected to show off in front of her gazed in awe, with incredulous expressions.

"How could she... be so powerful..." Tu Jin sounded as if he was being strangled by someone.

Xue Qingshan was breathless. "Oh my God! She unleashed the power of 1.8 brute elephants with just one little punch." It was astonishing.

How strong could she be if she used martial technique?

Even Lei Jing who sat to the side had opened his eyes and watched Luo Shuihan. "She is worthy to be the prominent successor of the Saint Family Luo with that power. Not to mention her cultivation hasn't even reached the Completion of the Earth Realm. She has huge potential!"

Luo Shuihan drew back her hand and a white glow emerged from her body.

As she threw her punch, the roar of rushing rivers rumbled in the air. It was deafening, as if the air was vibrating.

"That's Luoshui Fist Technique!" Zhang Ruochen stared at the track of her fist technique with wide eyes.

"Boom!" There came a loud noise.

On the stone wall, nine golden Lines and nine silver Lines emerged.

It represented the power of 9.9 brute elephants.

Tu Jin and Xue Qingshan could barely breathe. Their attitude towards her changed. Awe appeared in their eyes.

She was not the kind of girl they could flirt with.

Even the silver gowned Elder was quite taken aback. He stared at Luo Shuihan as if she was a monster. After all, she was so young. Yet she could unleash power much stronger than many warriors of the Heaven Realm.

"Xue Qingshan, your first palm unleashes the power of 1.8 brute elephants. Your second palm unleashes of the power of 9.9 brute elephants. You have passed this round and can prepare for the next." The Elder announced the results.

"So she is the God's favored daughter from the Saint Family Luo. No wonder she is so powerful."

Xue Qingshan had become suddenly enlightened when he heard her name.

"It is said that Luo Shuihan has exceeded Four-realm Fighting Geniuses, not to mention people like us." Tu Jin sighed.

The silver gowned Elder stared at Zhang Ruochen. "Next one."

At this moment, Lei Jing said in a deep voice, "I want to test him by myself. Please leave now." Although he showed no fury, he emanated majesty.

"What? A High-level from the School of the Martial Market wants to test the boy in person? As if there is any chance his aptitude is superior to Luo Shuihan's?" Tu Jin was surprised.

"How is this possible? Luo Shuihan has high achievement because of her talent, the training of the School of the Martial Market and her Saint Family. Other warriors are not lucky enough to have such conditions and resources." Xue Qingshan said coolly.

Tu Jin, Xue Qingshan, Luo Shuihan and even the silver gowned Elder went out of the Secret Room for the power test, leaving Zhang Roushen and Lei Jing inside the room.

Lei Jing fixed his eyes on Zhang Ruochen and asked, "That God's favored daughter from Luo Family is truly mighty. I was far inferior to her at that age. Are you stressed out now?"

Lei Jing assumed Zhang Ruochen and Luo Shuihan were neck and neck. Perhaps Luo Shuihan had gotten one step ahead of Zhang Ruochen.

After all, Luo Shuihan was the disciple of a Saint Family. Some of the resources she had could never be reached by Zhang Ruochen.


Zhang Ruochen went directly towards the testing stone wall. He mobilized his Genuine Qi and let it flow in the 36 Meridians.


As soon as he hit the wall, a thundering bang was heard.

Four golden Lines and eight silver Lines emerged from the stone wall.

To test the limit of his power, Zhang Ruochen had made a complete effort without reservation.

"The power of 4.8 brute elephants."

Lei Jing immediately stood up from his seat. His eyes were wide open. He was deeply shocked.

It was a mere hit; he hadn't used any martial technique.

Under the same circumstances, Luo Shuihan could only bring out the power of 1.8 brute elephants, less than half of Zhang Ruochen's level.

Looking at Zhang Ruochen again, Lei Jing finally realized that Zhang Ruochen's composure throughout the test was actually because of his great capabilities. He burst out laughing.

Zhang Ruochen nodded with satisfaction. After refining 10 Refined Physique Elixirs, he had reached the level of Mid Stage warriors of the Heaven Realm in terms of body power.

Otherwise, there's no way he could have unleashed the power of 4.8 brute elephants.

Lei Jing hadn't been this excited in a long time. He urged Zhang Ruochen to continue, "Show me your second punch now."

Zhang Ruochen's eyes became brighter and brighter. Two fireballs burned within his eyes. He threw his punch and left seven handprints overlapping in succession. They came together with sevenfold power.


The stone wall shook slightly.

Three black Lines, two golden Lines and two silver Lines emerged from the stone wall.

It represented the power of 32.2 brute elephants.

Although it didn't reach seven times the power he'd reached the last time, it was pretty close.

This hit astonished Lei Jing even more. The power it unleashed could easily kill warriors at the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm.

Warriors like Tu Jin and Xue Qingshan couldn't survive one hit.

Lei Jing flushed and said, "What a boy! The palm technique you used must be a martial technique among the Superior class of the Spiritual Stage."

Although Zhang Ruochen hadn't mastered the fifth movement of Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm to succeed, the power it unleashed was greater than martial techniques among the Superior class of the Spiritual Stage.

"Exactly." Zhang Ruochen answered Lei Jing with a smile.

The Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm was a martial technique that could develop in the process. Since Lei Jing regarded it as a martial technique among the Superior class of the Spiritual Stage, Zhang Ruochen didn't bother to explain it.

The more he explained, the more trouble he might get.

Lei Jing laughed. "You have the ability to compete with the top 100 warriors of the Earth Board. No wonder you came to this test. I underestimated you."

"To rank in the top 100 warriors of the Earth Board is not easy. I have to test my speed and actual combat before getting the final results." Zhang Ruochen said.

Fully understanding the difficulty in ranking among the top 100 warriors, Lei Jing nodded his head.

But at least Zhang Ruochen held great promise, while others didn't.

"Time to test your speed. Let's go!"

Lei Jing composed himself quickly. Yet at the same time he looked forward to seeing more.

Zhang Ruochen was definitely a surprise to him.

Tu Jin and Xue Qingshan were already waiting in the Secret Room for the speed test. When they saw Zhang Ruochen come to the room with Lei Jing, they were astonished. They guessed that he had passed the power test.

But how could this be possible?

Luo Shuihan was the only one who seemed calm. She had expected Zhang Ruochen to pass the test. She even suspected that Zhang Ruochen had surpassed her. Otherwise, Master Lei wouldn't have tested him alone.

All three of them had finished the speed test while Zhang Ruochen was doing the power test.

Tu Jin's fastest speed was 205 meters per second.

Xue Qingshan's fastest speed was 219 meters per second.

As for Luo Shuihan, her fastest speed was 248 meters per second

One could pass the test as long as his or her speed was over 200 meters per second.

So they all passed the speed test, and could now prepare for the final-round test of actual combat.

Lei Jing waved his hand and said, "I want to test Zhang Ruochen by myself again. You guys can go outside now."

"Again? Who is this guy? Wait, Zhang Ruochen... That name seems so familiar."

Tu Jin frowned. He was lost deep in thought.