Chapter 275: Refined Physique Elixir

 Chapter 275: Refined Physique Elixir

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"I've finally made it to the Small Success!"

Zhang Ruochen was delighted. He was content with the power of the Sun Meridian Ripple.

One wisp of Sword Wave was strong enough to destroy a Heaven Realm warrior's Celestial Bodyshield.

In addition to an enhanced practice, the power of the Sun Meridian Ripple would be stronger.

Although the Sword Ripple of Ten Channels was only a Spiritual Stage Superior class martial technique, if one practiced all 10 channels to succeed, he would possess power at the Ghost Level Inferior Class.

Of course, practicing all 10 channels to succeed was equal in difficulty to practice 10 types of Spiritual Stage Superior class martial techniques.

"What's wrong with you, Zhang Ruochen?"

Huang Yanchen looked irritated. She appeared from the other side of the hole and glared at the damaged wall. Her eyes widened. She held a fighting sword and rushed towards Zhang Ruochen angrily.

Seeing Huang Yanchen, Zhang Ruochen suddenly realized that his practicing mansion was located right next to hers. The Sword Wave he had just struck out must have destroyed the inscription of defense strategy set up on the wall and broken into Huang Yanchen's practicing mansion.

He wondered how bad it was inside her mansion.


Kong Xuan rushed to the mansion and stood in front of Zhang Ruochen. She stared at Huang Yanchen with hostility.

No matter who they were, if any person appeared to be a danger to Zhang Ruochen, Kong Xuan would always rush out without hesitation and help her master handle the enemy.

Huang Yanchen was rushing to Zhang Ruochen's mansion angrily, so in Kong Xuan's eyes she was a harmful enemy.

Zhang Ruochen shook his hand gently, "Kong Xuan, please back down and give us some privacy."

"Yes, master."

Kong Xuan retreated behind Zhang Ruochen, staring cautiously at Huang Yanchen all the while.

Huang Yanchen glared at her coldly. She seemed to remember that she was the maid he had bought.

Huang Yanchen was not impressed. She swung her sword and said, "Wow! This maid has got nerve. Daring to challenge me? The Commandery Princess! Who knows what such a lawless maid is going to do in the future? Zhang Ruochen, if you're not able to manage your maid, I'll help you."

Kong Xuan glared at Huang Yanchen with ice cold eyes. Her temperament wasn't suppressed by Huang Yanchen at all.

Zhang Ruochen responded, "Senior sister apprentice, you don't have to accommodate her. I was practicing martial technique. I didn't mean to destroy your practicing mansion. If you want me to pay for the damages, please give me a price and I'll bear the cost."

"You don't need to pay for the damage. I still owe you some silver coins." Huang Yanchen continued, "If you compensate me with that maid, I'll let it go!"

Hearing this, Kong Xuan who had exposed a strong temperament just moments ago looked worried. She was worried Zhang Ruochen would indeed hand her over to Huang Yanchen.

If he handed her over to Huang Yanchen, the rest of her life would be a nightmare.


Kong Xuan stared at Zhang Ruochen with a delicate look.

Zhang Ruochen laughed. "Senior sister apprentice, you're the Commandery Princess of a superior class commandery. You don't need to compete with a maid."

Huang Yanchen responded unrestrained, "So, are you going to compensate me?"

Zhang Ruochen shook his head.


Huang Yanchen sneered and pierced her sword out.

It was as if Zhang Ruochen's hand had transformed into a phantom. He caught her sword with just two fingers stopping her from displaying any power.

"How ruthless are you, Zhang Ruochen? I should have killed you before you'd fully developed your cultivation so that you wouldn't be able to infuriate me."

Huang Yanchen clenched her snow-white teeth. She was extremely irritated. She took away her sword. "Zhang Ruochen, what kind of mysterious martial techniques have you been practicing recently? I think the power of your last strike was more powerful than the full power of a warrior at the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm."

Zhang Ruochen retreated his fingers and stretched the joint gently. He responded faintly, "It's not some sort of amazing martial technique. Just a wisp of Sword Wave."

"If you don't want to tell me, fine!"

Huang Yanchen did not lack for advanced rare book of martial techniques. If Zhang Ruochen refused to tell her, she wasn't going to bother asking again.

She grasped her fist tightly. She stared intently at Kong Xuan again. She sneered, "I've been practicing the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon in the Hurricane Secret Practicing Room recently and made it to succeed. I'm about to venture into the Jiujue Tower. Do you want to come with me?"

"You've already practiced the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon to succeed?" Zhang Ruochen was shocked at her progress.

The Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon was classified as a Spiritual Stage Superior class martial technique.

Zhang Ruochen had been able to practice it quickly because he had practiced this martial technique before. He had fully comprehended the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon. Therefore, when he practiced it again, he accomplished the technique with half the effort.

Yet, Huang Yanchen was able to practice the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon to succeed in just over a year. It was indeed incredible.

And she did not have any previous basic knowledge of such technique.

Unless her comprehension ability was extremely high.

Huang Yanchen smirked. "Why are you so shocked? You made it to succeed without even possessing a wind nature physical quality, which I had. Are you going or not?"

Zhang Ruochen shook his head. "No, I'm not going. I want to continue practicing the technique."

Jiujue Tower was a place to test a warrior's ability.

The so-called genius titles were based on how many levels they were able to proceed.

Generally, warriors who surpassed the first level of the Jiujue Tower, were able to fight with warriors who were one realm higher.

Those who exceeded the second level, were able to fight with warriors who were two realms higher and so on. In theory, warriors who achieved the ninth level were able to fight and defeat opponents who were nine realms higher.

Other warriors rushed to the Jiujue Tower like a flock of ducks just to achieve fame from venturing into the Tower.

For example, the Ten Prodigies of the Omen Ridge became famous after surpassing the third level of the Jiujue Tower. Warriors throughout the entire 36 commanderies of the Omen Ridge were familiar with them.

The Jiujue Tower meant nothing for Zhang Ruochen.

Although one's talent was somewhat related to the Jiujue Tower, it was dependent on what arms a warrior used and what martial technique they practiced.

If two warriors possessed the same ability but used a different level of martial arms, the results would be different.

As a warrior's realm grew higher, the significance of the Jiujue Tower declined.

The School of the Martial Market had conducted a study; 60% of the Heaven Realm warriors were One-realm Fighting Geniuses while 20% were Two-realm Fighting Geniuses.

99% of warriors who became Half-Saints were Three-realm or higher Fighting Geniuses. Some of them were even Four-realm Fighting Geniuses and Five-realm Fighting Geniuses.

This didn't mean that there was a high chance of becoming a Half-Saint after turning into a Three-realm Fighting Genius. In fact, 90% of Three-realm Fighting Geniuses weren't able to reach the realm of Half-Saint. Among the Ten Prodigies of the Omen Ridge, it would be superb if one of them were to reach the realm of Half-Saint in the future.

So even if a warrior reached the Half-Saint realm and was a Seven-realm Fighting Genius, they weren't necessarily able to fight across the seven realms. Once a warrior became a Half-Saint warrior, he obtained the strength to confront with opponents who were several realms higher.

The higher the realm of the warrior, the more difficult it was to fight across realms. Therefore, Jiujue Tower was less significant.

Zhang Ruochen didn't want to waste time going there.

While Huang Yanchen went to the Jiujue Tower, Zhang Ruochen went to the Merit Tower. He spent 3,000 merits in exchange for six bottles of Third-class healing pills, a total number of 60 Pills.

He also spent another 10,000 points on 10 Fifth-class Pill, Refined Physique Elixirs.

Zhang Ruochen brought along the pills he'd bought and arrived at the Mount Saint Crossing again. He entered the Earth Stage Gravity Practicing Secret Room for a second time and continued practicing the fifth movement of the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm.

"Nine-folds of the Elephant Power."

He entered an environment with 20 times more gravity. He activated all the Qi and blood in his body and kept striking his handprint.

After seven days of healing, Zhang Ruochen had recovered. He had reached his peak condition and was able to withstand the high intensity of practice.


He struck out 2,500 handprints in a row. His arms and hands were seriously wounded. He had to stop as he was almost half-disabled. He took a healing Pill and a Refined Physique Elixir to recover his injuries and refine his physique.

The Refined Physique Elixir was a Fifth-class refining Pill. Just one pill required an exchange of 1,000 merits in the School of the Martial Market.

The price of the elixir was double outside the School. It cost at least two million silver coins to buy just one pill.

The value of just one elixir was equal to the total assets of an eighth-class family.

Even for ordinary Heaven Realm warriors, one Refined Physique Elixir was a very precious treasure.

When Zhang Ruochen took the Refined Physique Elixir while practicing the palm technique, it allowed his body to fully absorb the power of the pill therefore increasing the intensity of his body.

Since he aimed to break into the Ultimate Realm of the Earth Realm, not only did he need to be skillful, his physical quality had to be powerful as well, so he could burst out enough speed and power.

The current intensity of Zhang Ruochen's body rivaled warriors at the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm.

If he was able to refine the 10 Refined Physique Elixirs he'd bought, the power of his body would exceed his original realm and reach a new height.

Once his arm injuries had recovered, he continued to practice the palm technique.

Two weeks passed quickly. He consumed all the healing pills he'd bought and refined all 10 Refined Physique Elixirs.

The intensity of Zhang Ruochen's body was much better than before. He was able to strike 10,000 handprints in a row before he had to stop and heal.

Moreover, he had greatly improved his palm technique. He could strike out three palms at a time and explode the palm power three times more even if he struck when there was a 20 times increase in gravity.

After leaving the Mount Saint Crossing, Zhang Ruochen didn't return to the practicing mansion. Instead he went to meet Lei Jing at the Silver Gowned Elder Hall.

Everyone knew now that Zhang Ruochen was a Secret Disciple of Lei Jing, so he could meet him without any problems.

Zhang Ruochen saluted with his hands folded in front. "Hall Master, I want to go to the Earth Board Testing Palace and test the ranking of my power on the Earth Board."

"If you want to go to the Earth Board Testing Palace, you can just head over. Why did you come to tell me?" Asked Lei Jing.

Zhang Ruochen answered, "I just want to know my ranking, I don't want my results recorded."

Lei Jing smiled. He understood now.

Zhang Ruochen wanted to test his ranking on the Earth Board without exposing his ability too early. He'd come to ask for help.

Lei Jing narrowed his eyes and said, "If I'm not mistaken, you've just reached the Medium State of the Earth Realm. You probably won't make it into the top 1,000 of the Earth Board."

"That's not certain though." Zhang Ruochen claimed.

"Fine!" Lei Jing responded. "If you can make it into the top 1,000 on the Earth Board with a cultivation at the Medium State of the Earth Realm, you will definitely make it into the top 100 when you reach the Completion of the Earth Realm. If you can break into the top 1,000, I'll give you a precious treasure that will help you break into the Final State. How does that sound?"

Of course the treasure Lei Jing gave out would not be an ordinary gift.

Zhang Ruochen was overjoyed. "I won't let you down!"