Chapter 271: A Huge Sum of Merits

 Chapter 271: A Huge Sum of Merits

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Qiu Lin was not convinced. He had practiced in the Internal Academy for almost ten years and had just been defeated by a new internal student. You could imagine the feeling of humiliation, unwillingness and disgrace.

And, while he had said before that he wanted Zhang Ruochen to teach him, he didn't think that Zhang Ruochen was really teaching him now.

Zhang Ruochen said, "Nine Spirits Beast King's Shadow is actually called Ten Spirits of Animals. The tenth move is called Peerless Human King. Human is one of the hundred beasts in the final analysis. Your martial technique doesn't reach the succeed. If you can succeed in practicing the tenth move, this mid-class Spiritual Stage martial technique is enough to expose the power of the Superior class of the Spiritual Stage."

"You're lying. You are lying to me. The Nine Spirits Beast King's Shadow has only nine moves. You think there is a tenth move?" Qiu Lin roared.

"There is no reason to lie to you. The Ten Spirits of Animals of the School of the Martial Market is a scroll fragment and not complete. The first nine moves of this martial technique are much more powerful than ordinary mid-class Spiritual Stage martial techniques."

Zhang Ruochen saw that Qiu Lin still didn't believe him. He shook his head and ignored him.

Zhang Ruochen looked toward Xun Guihai and the others. He smiled without saying anything. He headed in the direction of the Merit Tower.

Xun Guihai and internal students who had followed Qiu Lin felt different. They were frightened when they saw Zhang Ruochen.

When they saw him walk into the Merit Tower, they were relieved. They ran away immediately and dared not stay outside the Merit Tower anymore.

Even a master on the Earth Board had been defeated by Zhang Ruochen, they were certainly no match. How could they risk being his enemy?


The whole Internal Academy roared.

"Do you know that Zhang Ruochen, who just enrolled in the Internal Academy, has defeated one of the Ten Prodigies of the Omen Ridge, Qiu Lin?"

"What? Elder brother Qiu is so powerful, how could he be defeated by a teenager?"

"I saw it with my own eyes. How could it be wrong?"

"With Zhang Ruochen's strength, I'm afraid that even the eldest brother is no match for him."



Zhang Ruochen walked up to a counter in the Merit Tower and said, "Presbyter, I want to get a token replacement and exchange merits."

The presbyter had seen Zhang Ruochen defeat Qiu Lin with his own eyes and knew he had a powerful strength. Even he was no match for Zhang Ruochen.

So, he was very polite to him. "Your merits were calculated by the school long ago. You have 82,000 points in total. Since you lost the token, we will deduct 10 merits, so there are 81,990 left."

"That's a lot." Zhang Ruochen was surprised.

The silver gowned Elder said with a smile, "Anyone who kills a Black Market warrior of the Heaven Realm is rewarded at least 10,000 merits. You killed Mu Qing, Hua Minggong and Hua Qingshan from the Poisonous Spider Club. You got more than 40,000 merits just for that."

"And, you have found evidence of the cooperation between Square Commandery and the Poisonous Spider Club. Master Lei ordered we give you 30,000 merit points for this. What's more, you killed some other Black Market masters. There are 82,000 merits in all. There should only be more."

"I see." Said Zhang Ruochen.

The silver gowned Elder said with a fawning smile, "You are Master Lei's Secret Disciple; we wouldn't dare to mess about with your merits. I may rely on you for many things in the future."


Zhang Ruochen smiled, put away the newly cast token and left the Merit Tower.

"Having Master Lei as my shield and buckler will save me a lot of trouble in the future."

Zhang Ruochen looked at the token in his hand and grinned. He wanted to go to Mount Saint Crossing now.

"Zhang Ruochen."

Chen Xier came up to him like a white orchid in the wind, pure and refined. She showed her sweet smile. "I really hadn't expected your cultivation to reach such a powerful realm within a few months. Should I say 'congratulations'?"

The fight between Zhang Ruochen and Qiu Lin had indeed shocked Chen Xier.

She knew better than anyone that Zhang Ruochen's cultivation had reached the Earth Realm a few months ago. With Zhang Ruochen's strength he would be on the Earth Board within a few months.

Previously, Zhang Ruochen had a good feeling about Chen Xier. She was of noble birth and easily approachable. But seeing how she had treated Zi Qian in the dungeon, he knew that while she was beautiful on the outside, she was viciously mean deep down.

Although she hadn't done anything to him personally, Zhang Ruochen didn't like her malicious personality.

He had always thought her smile was fake, he just didn't know why.

"Senior sister apprentice Chen, I'm was just leaving to practice, so I have to go. I'm sorry!"

Zhang Ruochen saluted with hands folded to Chen Xier politely, and left straight away. He didn't see her surprised expression at all.

Chen Xier watched Zhang Ruochen leave and felt puzzled. She didn't know what she had done to offend him or why he was so cold to her.

"My cousin must have said something bad about me to him."

Chen Xier shook her head gently. She didn't care too much. "Even if Zhang Ruochen is very talented, he is only a top genius in Omen Ridge. His talent is in the middle or superior class at most in the whole Eastern Region."

Chen Xier was a woman of high distinction and she was very demanding. Her eyes were not just confined to Omen Ridge.

She advanced on Zhang Ruochen actively because she wanted to act against Huang Yanchen and annoy her.

It was impossible for her to have a crush on Zhang Ruochen. Only the top 100 geniuses on the Earth Board could catch her eye. There was still a large gap between Zhang Ruochen and the top 100 geniuses on the Earth Board.

It was just that Zhang Ruochen's attitude caused a small uproar in her heart, but it calmed down quickly.

She secretly planned to invite one or two young conquerors from the top 100 on the Earth Board who was pursuing her to Omen Ridge so that they could defeat Zhang Ruochen in front of Huang Yanchen.

That would be interesting to see!

Zhang Ruochen came to Mount Saint Crossing and paid 100 merits. He went into an Earth Stage Gravity Practicing Secret Room.

This secret room had a space of 30 cubic meters.

Zhang Ruochen took one step inside and felt his gravity double.

When he was five meters inside, he felt his gravity had increased by five.

When he was ten meters inside, his gravity had increased ten times over. He felt pressure and his feet were getting heavier, as if there were lead bars attached to them.

When he was 20 meters inside, his gravity had increased 20 times. Zhang Ruochen felt great pressure and it became a bit difficult for him to breath.

He raised his arms slowly and felt like he was holding a giant 5,000-kilogram boulder. He tried to strike out a palm and found it was very difficult. His bones were making cracking sounds.

"20 times the gravity should be enough for now!"

Zhang Ruochen bent both his legs slightly to make the Dragon Shape with Elephant Footwork and ran the Genuine Qi throughout his body.


He struck out one palm and hit the stone wall.

There was a palm print one millimeter deep on the stone wall.

Affected by 10 times gravity, his palm strength was very weak. His movement was very slow; he couldn't be as fast as he was outside.

He continued...


Zhang Ruochen started practicing like crazy. He kept swinging his arms and hitting the stone wall to practice his palm technique.

He had only struck out 500 handprints, yet his arms hurt and were numb. Red lines appeared on his arms as if his skin was going to split open.

Zhang Ruochen took a Third-class healing Pill and sat in the space with 20 times gravity. In just an hour, his injury was fully recovered, and both his arms were full of power again.

Zhang Ruochen kept practicing; he was perspiring heavily. He exercised his body, refined his palm technique and struck out one palm after another. Gradually, he adapted to the environment with 20 times the gravity.

In the case of normal gravity, Zhang Ruochen could strike out six palm prints in a row, gather six palm prints together and explode six times the power.

With 20 times gravity, Zhang Ruochen could strike out six palm prints in a row too, but he couldn't gather six palm prints and couldn't explode the real power of Nine-folds of Elephant Power at all.

Zhang Ruochen kept practicing and after 10 days he was able to strike two times the palm power.

"Nine-folds of the Elephant Power!"

Zhang Ruochen struck out two palms in a row, which folded together with twice the power. It caused a three centimeter hole in the stone wall.

"Finally, some progress!"

Zhang Ruochen was happy. He looked down at his bloody hands. Both his arms were heavily injured from his intense palm practice.

But he was much better compared to a few days ago. He had struck out 1,000 handprints to make his arms like this.

In the next five days, Zhang Ruochen kept practicing, but he still couldn't make a breakthrough.

Without doubt, his resistance to the Gravity Practicing Secret Room was getting stronger and stronger. He could almost strike out 2,000 handprints at his best, then he would have to stop and heal.

This was progress too!

After practicing for half a month, Zhang Ruochen left the Gravity Practicing Secret Room.

Back at his own practicing mansion, Zhang Ruochen started to test his progress.

"Nine-folds of Elephant Power!"

He struck out seven palms in a row.

Seven handprints were formed in a straight line in the void space and condensed into a giant seven meter long handprint.


More than 66 meters away, the giant handprint turned into pieces of broken rocks that flew out like a fake avalanche.

"Seven times power is not a small improvement."

Zhang Ruochen gathered back his Genuine Qi and the Martial Arts momentum in his body gradually dissipated.

After half a month of hard practice in the Gravity Secret Room, the power in Zhang Ruochen's body had been totally refined and turned into his own power. His martial cultivation seemed to have increased slightly as well.

Kong Xuan came over from a distance. She saw Zhang Ruochen standing by the pool and bowed instantly, "My Lord."

Zhang Ruochen turned around and looked at Kong Xuan. His eyes lit up, "Your cultivation has reached the Advanced Stage of the Black Realm, hasn't it?"