Chapter 270: Nine Spirits Beast Kings Shadow

 Chapter 270: Nine Spirits Beast King's Shadow

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The internal student knelt on the ground instantly and kowtowed to Qiu Lin again and again. "Elder Brother Qiu, if you have no further instructions I'll leave!"

Qiu Lin stood proudly with an expression in her eyes that said, "You can go".

The internal student accepted this discharge and scrambled away.

Zhang Ruochen looked at the internal student, shook his head and sighed. "To have entered the Internal Academy, you must have great talent. It's a pity that you don't have a strong will. Your future in the world of Martial Arts does not look bright."

Standing in the crowd, the internal student heard Zhang Ruochen's words. He said to himself, "You are the Prince Consort of Qianshui Commandery and Yunwu Commandery backs you. You are certainly not afraid of Qiu Lin. But I have nothing and with Qiu Lin's ability, he can kill me with one finger. How can I fight with him? When I become stronger in the future, I will certainly avenge today's humiliation. On the path of practicing Martial Arts, how can you survive if you don't know when to bend?"

Everyone had a way of doing things that he or she thought was right. You thought others were foolish, perhaps others thought you were foolish.

In the distance, a group of young beautifully-dressed female students walked toward the Merit Tower.

Chen Xier walked among them with her delicate face and a perfect figure. She looked dazzling. Like a crane standing among chickens, she attracted everyone's attention.

There were other beautiful and talented students, but they were nothing compared to her.

"Who's arguing up ahead?" she asked.

A noble twenty-something female student smiled. "It is said to be Qiu Lin and Zhang Ruochen."

"Zhang Ruochen? Qiu Lin? Why are they fighting?"

Chen Xier was surprised. She had never heard the two of them disagree.

"It's all because of you. You know that Qiu Lin has been pursuing you. If you had agreed earlier, would he make things difficult for Zhang Ruochen?"

"Although Qiu Lin is tough, Zhang Ruochen is not someone to mess with. Apparently, he has killed several martial arts masters in the Heaven Realm. He is quite powerful. It's possible he could defeat Qiu Lin."

"I'm kind of expecting them to fight. I wonder who is more powerful."

Chen Xier smiled slightly. "You're all so anxious to see the world in disorder. Qiu Lin was 32 when he reached the Completion of the Earth Realm five years ago. He is a Three-realm Fighting Genius and has attained perfection in his fighting experience and application of martial technique. Zhang Ruochen is only 18 years old. Even if his cultivation is roughly the same as Qiu Lin, there would certainly be a gap when they actually fight."

Chen Xier walked over. She decided to help Zhang Ruochen out of his predicament.

Chen Xier's believed that Zhang Ruochen had greater potential than Qiu Lin. Even if he was no match for Qiu Lin now, he would definitely exceed him in the future.

And, Zhang Ruochen was her brother-in-law, wasn't he?

"Qiu Lin, you are already a top ranking warrior on the Earth Board. And yet you're making things difficult for a junior fellow apprentice who just got into the Internal Academy. Can't you learn from the eldest brother and be more broad-minded?" Chen Xier said.

Qiu Lin saw Chen Xier supporting Zhang Ruochen and felt more unpleasant. But he didn't want Chen Xier to think he was narrow-minded so he smiled. "Junior sister apprentice Xier, you misunderstood! I just heard that junior fellow apprentice killed the Young Lord of Poisonous Spider Club. I have admiration for you and want to compare notes with you. I don't expect that you are so proud that you don't care to communicate with me about the Martial Arts."

Chen Xier frowned and asked, "Is that true?"

"Of course, I sincerely want to communicate with him."

Chen Xier looked at Zhang Ruochen asking for his opinion.

Zhang Ruochen didn't bother to argue. "Well! Since elder brother Qiu wants to exchange views, I certainly can't refuse."

Qiu Lin was happy with this response. "Junior fellow apprentice, you are straightforward!"

"Don't push too hard. If someone deliberately injures another, I will certainly report it to the Law-enforcing Presbyter," Chen Xier said coldly, glaring at Qiu Lin.

"Don't worry, I have a sense of propriety." Qiu Lin smiled.

"Zhang Ruochen really dares to fight with Elder Brother Qiu and doesn't weigh his strength. I estimate that there will be some injuries later."

"It's not possible. Senior sister apprentice Chen just said that no one can hurt others deliberately."

"Hey, hey! If Qiu Lin accidently hurt Zhang Ruochen, does that count as hurting others deliberately?"

"I see."

The internal students backed away one after another and stood more than 30 meters away.

Qiu Lin kicked out both legs, and raised his arms, commencing his form. He smiled, "If I have any imperfections, I hope you can teach me."

Zhang Ruochen nodded slightly. He deserved to be called a master on the Earth Board. His cultivation had reached the Completion Realm without a bug.

"Elder Brother Qiu's commencing form is called Stand Straight Like a Pine. Both his feet are like pine trees in the ground. And both his arms are like pine branches flowing in the wind. Just this one commencing form is enough for an ordinary warrior to practice for a lifetime."

Zhang Ruochen didn't have a commencing form. He just stood there casually.

"Nine Spirits Beast King's Shadow, the third move, Tiger King Cutting Corpse."

Qiu Lin was like a tiger as he lunged at Zhang Ruochen. Golden Genuine Qi rushed out from his body and formed into a giant shadow of a golden tiger.

It seemed that he and the tiger king were integrated into one. He cut out one palm and the stone slabs under Zhang Ruochen's feet were smashed to pieces.

Zhang Ruochen flew out and dropped ten meters away.

"Nine Spirits Beast King's Shadow, the seventh move, Ape King Pounding the Earth."

Qiu Lin folded his hands and his Genuine Qi morphed into a giant ape-like shape that attacked towards Zhang Ruochen.

"Nine Spirits Beast King's Shadow is a top move among the mid-class Spiritual Stage martial techniques. It is very hard to practice. Elder brother Qiu has practiced the seventh move, which is very impressive."

"I estimate there is more than that. Don't you see? Elder brother Qiu's move has not ended. Maybe he has practiced the eighth move successfully."

Zhang Ruochen moved his feet sideways, and then he was several meters away, ducking Qiu Lin's attack again.

Zhang Ruochen had dodged twice, which made Qiu Lin very angry. He said coldly, "Zhang Ruochen, do you only know how to run away? If you have the ability, fight with me face to face."

"Okay! I will confront you. If you can force me to retreat one more step, I am a loser." Zhang Ruochen said.


"Nine Spirits Beast King's Shadow, the eighth move, Kylin King Carrying a Mountain."

Qiu Lin's Genuine Qi condensed into a Kylin King. It was very ferocious.

"Dragon Shape and Elephant Shadow!"

Zhang Ruochen struck out both hands. His Genuine Qi rushed to his arms to form an Elephant Palm Print and a Dragon Claw Print.


Qiu Lin flew backward and dropped to the ground awkwardly. Both his legs bent, and he almost fell over.

Zhang Ruochen stood where he was without moving. He looked calm.

One could see the superior and the inferior.

The internal students outside the Merit Tower seemed to be suffocating. They looked at Zhang Ruochen in surprise.

"Am I seeing this right? Zhang Ruochen just defeated Elder Brother Qiu. Does he already have the strength to be on the Earth Board?

"No wonder he could kill the Black Market masters. It's impressive. I estimate that he has the strength to be in the top 10,000 on the Earth Board."

Chen Xier looked at Zhang Ruochen in surprise. A strange light glowed in her eyes. "Zhang Ruochen reached the Earth Realm less than half a year ago, and he can already defeat Qiu Lin. That's very impressive. No wonder Cousin got engaged to him."

"I haven't lost."

Qiu Lin uttered a loud cry. Genuine Qi gushed out from his body forming a vision of heaven and earth Golden light more than 300 meters long.

"Nine Spirits Beast King's Shadow, the ninth move, Dragon King Rushing into Sky."


His Genuine Qi condensed into a giant dragon that wrapped around his body. He rushed to the sky and stretched out one palm to hit Zhang Ruochen.

The palm turned into a dragon claw.

"Qiu Lin has practiced the Nine Spirits Beast King's Shadow successfully! He must have reached the Success Realm."

There were lots of exclamations coming from all around.

Warriors in the Earth Realm who could succeed in practicing mid-class Spiritual Stage martial techniques were quite amazing.

It took too much time. Pursuing the martial technique intentionally would slow down overall Martial Art improvements.

Zhang Ruochen, whose martial technique was in the Earth Realm, had succeeded in practicing the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon, a Superior class Spiritual Stage technique. He had the aid of practicing experience from his last lifetime and powerful Spiritual Power.

An internal student said, "Elder Brother Qiu is a top talent. He started to practice the Nine Spirits Beast King's Shadow five years ago. He must practice mid-class Spiritual Stage martial techniques."

"Within five years, he succeeded in practicing them. He deserves to be a Three-realm Fighting Genius."

"If Elder Brother Qiu has succeeded in practicing the Nine Spirits Beast King's Shadow, his strength must have improved greatly. It's enough to reach Three-and-a-half-realm. Even compared to the eldest brother, he is not much weaker."

"With Elder Brother Qiu's strength, he could reach the top 10,000 on the Earth Board."

Zhang Ruochen looked serious. He regulated his Genuine Qi and unleashed six palms in a row.

With the palm forces overlapping, he could explode six times more attack power.

"Nine-folds of the Elephant Power."

Qiu Lin spat out a mouthful blood and flew into the sky.

He fell to the ground with a bang.

Zhang Ruochen stood where he was and stared at Qiu Lin. "You have achieved Nine Spirits Beast King's Shadow. Actually, it didn't expose the power of the completion. Do you know the reason why?"


Qiu Lin was half kneeling with his hand supporting him on the ground. He stood up and clenched his teeth with his eyes fixed on Zhang Ruochen.

How could Zhang Ruochen know better than him about the Nine Spirits Beast King's Shadow?