Chapter 269: Qiu Lin, One of the Ten Prodigies of the Omen Ridge

 Chapter 269: Qiu Lin, One of the Ten Prodigies of the Omen Ridge

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"Although the practicing exercises of the Brightness Half-Saint can't compare to the Scripture of Emperor Ming's Empyrean, his understanding about Martial Arts is deeper than mine. It's good for me to consider the Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph he left."

During his meditation on the Painting of the Sun and the Moon , the Genuine Qi in his body continually blended into his bones and the splendor of the stars began to cast its glow on his bones.

His mortal body grew more robust.

The Martial Arts of the Brightness Half-Saint who had paid more attention to practicing his mortal body's physical quality, especially his shinbones, was different from that of Zhang Ruochen.

Once a warrior chose a particular exercise, his decision was locked in.

Even if two warriors practiced with the same method, their Martial Arts would be totally different. One tended to achieve more than the other.

To some extent, to perceive the Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph and learn Half-Saint's Martial Arts was to change one's own Martial Arts and break the limitation of exercise.

Some talented warriors could even create their own Martial Arts style with unique exercises after they had studied the Arts of many Half-Saints or Saints.

Weren't Scripture of Emperor Ming's Empyrean and Peacock Canon both written by predecessors?

Zhang Ruochen put high requirements on himself, so he tried to learn more Martial Arts from the basis of Emperor Ming's Empyrean to create stronger Martial Arts.

"With my current martial cultivation, I am able to contend with some weak warriors of the Heaven Realm, but my martial techniques are limited."

"It is time to practice the fifth palm of the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm, 'Nine Elephants Power', to succeed in increasing the ferocity of my palm technique."

Zhang Ruochen had practiced to the sixth fold of the Nine-folds of the Elephant Power, and now he could deliver an attack six times more powerful.

The higher he practiced, the harder it became.

It was difficult to make further progress only practicing in the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel.

So he had to go the Mount Saint Crossing to practice Nine-folds of the Elephant Power with the help of the Gravity Practicing Secret Room's special environment.

In the Gravity Practicing Secret Room, he could develop his palm techniques in a tenfold, or even hundredfold, gravity environment, thus strengthening his body.

The Four Martial Arts Realms, Yellow, Black, Earth, and Heaven, laid emphasis on mortal body cultivation.

The mortal body was the basis of all Martial Arts!

On his way to the Mount Saint Crossing, Zhang Ruochen meant to go the Merit Tower first to exchange some of his merit.

When he arrived at the Merit Tower, many people recognized him.

"Is he the famous Zhang Ruochen? It is said that the Young Lord of Poisonous Spider, one of the Seven Young Masters of the Black Market, died at his hands."

"Not only the Young Lord of Poisonous Spider, but he also killed two Heaven Realm masters in the Black Market."

"What? He could kill masters of the Heaven Realm? Wouldn't you say that he already has the power to enter the Earth Board and maybe rank in the top fifth in the Internal Academy?"

"He is so young, not yet 20 years old. Maybe even our elder brother won't be his rival in the future because of his terrible strength."

"How many merits did he gain after killing the Young Lord of Poisonous Spider and two Black Market Heaven Realm masters? Maybe 30,000 merits?"


Only top geniuses could enter the Internal Academy, and so none of them were unskilled. Even so, they were all excited to see Zhang Ruochen and admire him.

He was a young king who could kill a martial arts legend!

A conqueror like Zhang Ruochen would be an influential figure of the youth in a Half-Saint or Saint family, let alone in the Omen Ridge.

Just then, a man in a silver robe walked out of the Merit Tower. He was two meters tall with a cool temperament, acting every inch the superior.

Four or five internal students walked behind him like his attendants.

Only three internal students had the right to wear a silver robe, and each was an Earth Board master. Together they were called the three dominators of the Internal Academy.

All other internal students should look up to him.

This man was named Qiu Lin, ranked second in the Internal Academy and the 27,861st on Earth Board. As one of the Ten Prodigies of the Omen Ridge, he boasted great fame in the 36 commanderies of Omen Ridge.

Two years ago, in the war between Qiu Lin and the Leech King, a fourth-level savage beast, Qiu Lin killed his enemy, and fought with aquatic savage beasts for the next three days without a break. He killed thousands of them, which dyed the river red for hundreds of miles.

That war made him very well-known.

Staring at Zhang Ruochen from afar, Qiu Lin assumed a disdainful expression, and he asked an internal student next to him, "Is that the prince from an inferior commandery who has flattered Commandery Princess Yanchen and junior sister apprentice Chen Xier?"

"Yes elder brother, he is Zhang Ruochen." Said Xun Guihai who stood behind Qiu Lin with a stony face.

Xun Guihai was a tip-top influential figure beyond the Academy, however in the Internal Academy he did not rank in the top hundred. So, in front of Qiu Lin, he was respectful.

Now Xun Guihai had not fully developed his skill. But even when he grew up, he still would not be able to attain as high a degree as Qiu Lin.

Except Si Xingkong, no one in the Internal Academy dared disrespect Qiu Lin because of his great strength.

When seeing Qiu Lin walking to Zhang Ruochen, Xun Guihai gloated.

"Wow! It's elder brother Qiu Lin. Fancy seeing him at the Merit Tower." Said a pretty female student.

"Really, that's him! They said some time ago he accepted the task of handling a heresy branch gang in Moon Commandery. Maybe now he has finished it and come back to exchange some merits."



Qiu Lin had been used to screams from these internal students and he smiled slightly.

In the Internal Academy, it was he who was the real king, and Zhang Ruochen was far beneath him.

Walking in front of Zhang Ruochen, Qiu Lin showed great hostility to him and said superciliously, "They said you killed the Young Lord of Poisonous Spider. Did you?"

Zhang Ruochen stared at Qiu Lin and replied, "Could you please tell me who are you?"

"I am Qiu Lin." He said arrogantly.

Zhang Ruochen said, "It's elder brother Qiu! I've heard a lot about you."

With that, Zhang Ruochen bypassed him, walking straight to the Merit Tower.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen had heard Qiu Lin's name before, because he ranked sixth among the Ten Prodigies of the Omen Ridge.

However, he had planned to exchange his merits and go straight to Mount Saint Crossing. He had no time to talk with Qiu Lin, so he just left.

But Qiu Lin did not let Zhang Ruochen go so easily. He sneered and called, "Junior fellow apprentice Zhang, I'm the second brother of the School of the Martial Market. I don't think you respect me."

Zhang Ruochen stopped walking and asked, "Elder brother Qiu, you are so serious! How have I disrespected you?"

"Oh, really? Did you salute me when you met me?" Said Qiu Lin.

Now Zhang Ruochen saw clearly that Qiu Lin was looking for trouble deliberately.

But Zhang Ruochen did not see where he had offended him.

Though he preferred not to stir up trouble, he was never afraid when it came to him.

Xun Guihai ,who stood behind Qiu Lin, sneered. "Zhang Ruochen, don't be so proud, even if you have killed the Young Lord of Poisonous Spider. Don't dream you are matchless!"

Another female student who admired Qiu Lin asked, "Why are you so confident and arrogant in front of elder brother Qiu?"

Zhang Ruochen cast a sharp eye on all of them.

Xun Guihai said to Zhang Ruochen without fear, "Why do you stare at us? Am I wrong? I can understand your youthful indiscretion. After all you are Commandery Princess Yanchen's fiance with Qianshui Commandery's backing. But I can't stand your discourtesy to elder brother Qiu!"

His fury replaced by amusement, Zhang Ruochen said, "Xun Guihai, what should I do to show my politeness?"

Xun Guihai smiled insidiously. He felt that today he could teach Zhang Ruochen a lesson, since Qiu Lin had found trouble with Zhang Ruochen.

"Ten years ago, elder brother Qiu entered the Internal Academy. Not only is he our elder brother, but he is also our predecessor. You just entered the Internal Academy as a freshman. Don't you think you should bow to elder brother Qiu?"

The law of the jungle also applied in this world. Everybody played up to people of power and influence.

The weak would be trodden on.

The internal students maintained their own hierarchy.

Strong as Qiu Lin, was the king, at the top of the internal students. All the other students should pay him a tribute of some of their practice resources for protection.

The cruel law of the jungle made Qiu Lin used to superiority. He expected all students to stand in awe of him.

When a student showed no reverence for him, he became unhappy.

Just like Zhang Ruochen.

Shooting a glance at Qiu Lin, Zhang Ruochen said, "We are all internal students and came to the School of the Martial Market for practicing Martial Arts. What are these redundant rules for?"

Several of the internal students standing behind Qiu Lin burst into laughter, feeling that Zhang Ruochen was being a reckless fool.

"The world would descend into chaos without laws and rules. You, the weak, should stand in awe and service to the power!"

Suddenly Xun Guihai hauled an internal student of the Initial Stage of the Earth Realm from the throng, clasped his Meridians, and dragged him in front of Qiu Lin.

"Do you think you should salute elder brother Qiu Lin?" Asked Xun Guihai darkly.

The student had entered the Internal Academy six months ago, so he knew the rules well. A mediocre student like him must pay respect to Qiu Lin.

Because it was easy for Qiu Lin to kill him.