Chapter 263: Reinforcement

 Chapter 263: Reinforcement

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"Hey, kid! You're going to get yourself killed."

Ling Xiansu stood up on the back of the Three-footed Firecrow. The light displayed from the purple crystal wrapped him up completely and transformed into a round shape light screen.

The Three-footed Firecrow's body displayed a dazzling light as if every feather was made of fine gold. Along with a long groan, it spat out a mouthful of fire like a magma wave, surging toward Zhang Ruochen.

"Such a horrifying fire...I can't believe it's the Fire of Divine Gold. Maybe Ling Xiansu's steed is a fourth-level medium-level savage bird?"

Zhang Ruochen's countenance changed. He made use of the force in the void space and leaned backward immediately. Very quickly he retreated a hundred meters away and escaped from the pouring fire.

The fire had burnt the void space until it distorted, it made a puffing sound.

The fourth-level medium and lower level savage birds were two completely different classes and there was a great difference between their fighting power.

With Zhang Ruochen's current martial cultivation, he was able to kill a fourth-level lower-level savage bird. However, even if there were 10 Zhang Ruochens together, he was still no match for a fourth-level medium level savage bird.

The powerful Dragon-eagle that he fought earlier was only a slightly stronger fourth-level low-level savage beast.

Ling Xiansu laughed out loud and said, "Do you really think that I'm easy to kill, kid? Let me tell you honestly. My Three-footed Firecrow carriage is a fourth-level medium level savage bird. Even if the Yunwu Commandery Prince arrived in person, he might not be strong enough to kill it, let alone you! Haha!"

"A fourth-level medium level savage bird...this is going to be trouble!"

At the same time, Han Qiu rushed over and joined Zhang Ruochen. She was about to display the Yin-Yang Two Forms Sword Array.

Other savage beasts had also rushed over. Three layers on the inside and three layers on the outside, surrounding Zhang Ruochen and Han Qiu closely in the center. All the savage beasts were grunting and ,had a ferocious look in their eye along with their sharp teeth.

"Dong, dong!"

Some of the savage beasts moved forward tentatively and made the circle smaller.

The atmosphere had reached a boiling point.

At this moment, two long wheezing noise broke out from outside the city. It transformed into two sound waves and rushed into the crumbling city.

"What happened? Did a master of the Heaven Realm rush over?" Ling Xiansu's countenance fell and he looked towards the outside of the city.

The two long roaring noises had shaken the Spiritual Qi between the heaven and earth. Obviously, only warriors of the Heaven Realm would be able to explode out with such power.

"Surely the reinforcements of the School of the Martial Market and the Yuntai Suzerain have arrived. They are going to save us!" Han Qiu was overjoyed and excited. She gazed at Zhang Ruochen with bright eyes.

Outside the city, a beautiful woman with long royal-blue hair, a tall and slender body, and an arrogant temperament arrived. She charged into Yueji City with a long sword in her hands. Without any hesitation, she entered the crowd of beasts and started killing.

There were two elders with powerful cultivation following behind her. The old man and old woman were myths of martial arts of the Heaven Realm.

That beautiful woman was Huang Yanchen.

"Zhang Ruochen should be trapped inside the city center. Fengxuan and Songji, please offer me a hand and charge in!"

Huang Yanchen entered the crowd of beasts.

The two elders, Fengxuan and Songji killed the savage beasts around them and left countless dead bodies on the ground. Shortly after, the three of them charged successfully into Yueji City.

Zhang Ruochen looked at the crowd of savage beasts and recognized Huang Yanchen who was charging forward at the front. He was shocked, "I can't believe it's senior sister apprentice Huang."

Zhang Ruochen attacked immediately and joined Huang Yanchen shortly.


Fengxuan and Songji had each brought along an eighth-level Genuine Martial Arms. In order to clear the way, they struck it out at the same time. A number of savage beasts flew away and they cleared out a large patch.

Huang Yanchen went over next to Zhang Ruochen. When she saw that he wasn't hurt, she was relieved and sighed.

However, her eyes turned cold-blooded after a short while. She said, "After all the assassinations of the masters from the Poisonous Spider Club and the Square Commandery, you're still alive. How is your life tougher than an ant's?"

"You look disappointed."

"Yes, I am. I want them to kill you so that it'll be easier for me to break off our engagement in the future. No...I need not break it off as I'm not going to marry a dead person."


Zhang Ruochen glanced at her and noticed that her face was full of sweat and her chest was heaving as well. Apparently, she was exhausted from rushing all the way here to save him. Yet, she still pretended to be cold and arrogant.

It had to be said that Zhang Ruochen was touched by what she had done. When he was in danger, Huang Yanchen was the first person who came to save him. Although she was quite mean when she spoke, she was still a nice person.

"Thank you so much for saving me!" Zhang Ruochen expressed his appreciation.

Although Huang Yanchen looked cold at this moment, a sense of joy and fondness flashed through her eyes. She turned around and said with disdain, "Stop pretending in front of me. You being affectionate doesn't work for me."

"Let's solve the crisis we're facing, then we can sit down and talk," said Zhang Ruochen.

Huang Yanchen nodded. She stared at Ling Xiansu and said arrogantly, "Whoever works with the Poisonous Spider Club deserve to die."

Ling Xiansu said in a deep voice, "You're Commandery Princess Yanchen of the Qianshui Commandery? Are you here to save Zhang Ruochen or allow yourself to be trapped and killed?"

Fengxuan and Songji retreated at the same time and blocked Ling Xiansu in front of Huang Yanchen.

Huang Yanchen sneered, "Ling Xiansu, you don't think I'm the only one who came over to Yueji City, do you?"

"Are there other masters in the School of the Martial Market to Yueji City as well?" Ling Xiansu asked.

Suddenly, a loud noise broke out in the sky, "Ling Xiansu, are you saying that there School of the Martial Market lacks people?"

Hearing this, Ling Xiansu's countenance changed. He asked, "Who is this?"

"Si Xingkong, the No.1 of the Internal Academy of the School."

Accompanying the sound wave in the sky, Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi unhurriedly walked through the city gate.

Si Xingkong swung his arm and struck out a scroll of Blood Book.

The Blood Book flew up to the sky, floated on the cloud and completely covered the entire Yueji City. Then, words of blood fell down one after another.

The blood-words were heavy as if they were a hundred thousand kilograms. They transformed into a swathe of blood rain and pressed down on the bodies of the savage beasts.

Shortly after, other than those fourth-level savage beasts and savage birds, all other savage beast had been pressed to the ground and couldn't move an inch.

Even those fourth-level savage beasts and savage birds were scared by the pressure of the Half-saint's Blood Book. 70% of their power had been stamped out.

"How shameful it is for people who are almost a hundred year old to fight with their juniors? Should I fight against you for a few moves?"

Si Xingkong jumped down with the wine gourd in his hand and landed on a broken wall in Yueji City. His hair fluttered while he stood up confidently. At the same time, he displayed arrogance and pride.

"Half-saint's Blood Book."

Ling Xiansu's countenance turned pale when he looked at the massive blood book floating in the sky.

If there was only Si Xingkong himself, Ling Xiansu even consider him an opponent.

However, Si Xingkong had brought along the Half-saint's Blood Book and suppressed all the Inferior Stage savage beasts. Ling Xiansu didn't have the confidence that he would definitely defeat him if they fought.

"Finally I did not arrive late" Chang Qiqi gasped. Then, he sat and rested on the ground.

Anyhow, it was impossible for Ling Xiansu to escape the senior brother, the Half-saint's Blood Book as well as two Heaven Realm warriors of the Qianshui Commandery.

Hundreds of kilometers away, Zhang Tiangui clenched his fingers. With a cold look in his eyes, he said, "Si Xingkong again! He destroys my plan every time!"

Lu Qiankun asked, "Senior brother, should we charge to Yueji City now?"

"If we don't go there now, Si Xingkong will steal all of our thunder!"

Zhang Tiangui laughed coldly. He took out a tiny carriage made with cyan metal. Under the surge of Genuine Qi, the carriage had expanded 100 times bigger and turned into a glimmering Feiyuan Chariot.

This was an eighth-level Genuine Martial Arms that possessed a forceful power. It was numerous times stronger than ordinary battle carriages.

Zhang Tiangui drove the Feiyuan Chariot and shot toward Yueji City. He clashed with the savage beasts and sent them flying. He roared loudly, "Junior sister apprentice, ninth brother, let me help you guys!"

When the Feiyuan Chariot rushed over, dust and smoke had been kicked up.

Lu Qiankun followed behind the carriage and entered Yueji City one step behind after Zhang Tiangui.

Zhang Tiangui drove the Feiyuan Chariot and stopped in front of Han Qiu. He said, "Junior sister apprentice, the defensive power of this carriage will keep you safe!"

Han Qiu glanced at Zhang Ruochen. She bit her lips, smiled and shook her head gently, "I'm alright. Ling Xiansu couldn't do much with Si Xingkong's Half-saint's Blood Book. There's no need to be afraid."

Zhang Tiangui narrowed his eyes as if something was bothering him. He said, "Since Si Xingkong has displayed the Half-saint's Blood Book, there will be a brutal fight here later. Let's get you out of the city!"

Han Qiu thought for a while and responded, "Zhang Ruochen, your seventh brother has his point. Let's retreat from Yueji City so that Si Xingkong can fight freely against Ling Xiansu."

"Huh! Half-saint's Blood Book isn't enough to finish me!"

Ling Xiansu transferred his Genuine Qi into the purple crystal. He rode on the Three-footed Firecrow and attacked Si Xingkong.

As long as Si Xingkng was killed, he still had a chance to turn defeat into victory.

"Perfect timing!"

Si Xingkong let out a long laugh. He flew up high and struck a palm towards Ling Xiansu.

"Me as well!"

Zhang Tiangui was reluctant to show weakness. He drove the Feiyuan Chariotcup into the sky and charged towards the Three-footed Firecrow.

"The Three-footed Firecrow is a fourth-level medium level savage bird. Even with the suppression of the Half-saint's Blood Book, its attacking power is still horrifying. Even if Si Xingkong and Zhang Tiangui work together, there's only 50% that could win." Zhang Ruochen claimed.

If the Half-saint's Blood Book that Si Xingkong brought was only used to defeat the Three-footed Firecrow it was possible to say that within a few breaths, he would be able to kill the Three-footed Firecrow.

Unfortunately, other than the Three-footed Firecrow, the Half-saint's Blood Book still needed to hold more than 10,000 savage beasts on the ground. Therefore, the pressure toward the Three-footed Firecrow wasn't strong.

Han Qiu walked next to Zhang Ruochen and said, "Zhang Ruochen, if we display the sword array, we should be able to kill the Three-footed Firecrow."

Having listened to her, Huang Yanchen was quite defensive. She stared at Han Qiu and asked coldly, "What kind of sword array?"

Han Qiu glanced at Huang Yanchen, smiled and answered, "Zhang Ruochen and I have practiced a sword array which is classified as the strongest duo sword array. Once we display it, perhaps we will be able to confront the fourth-level medium level savage beast. I guess Zhang Ruochen has also taught you that?"

From Han Qiu's point of view, Huang Yanchen was Zhang Ruochen's fiancee. It was normal for him to teach her the Yin-Yang Two Forms Sword Array.