Chapter 253: King Kong Savage Beasts Body

 Chapter 253: King Kong Savage Beasts' Body

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The King Kong Savage Beasts' Body is a low-class type of Spiritual martial technique widespread among many warriors. By constantly drinking savage beasts' blood, a warrior can refine their body to improve their martial techniques.

Upon practicing to the peak of the realm, a warrior can even obtain power beyond the mid-class martial techniques from the Spiritual Stage.

Commandery Princess Zhenling has already practiced to the peak realm of the "King Kong Savage Beasts' Body". Her physical strength had long since surpassed that of a fourth-level savage beast.


Commandery Princess Zhenling's complexion turned gold. A golden spot of light--the radiance of her Qi sea--appeared between her brow.

A horrible feeling of martial power emanated from her body. She rushed forward in an instant, crushing holes in the ground beneath her feet as she moved.

"Golden Flame Fist."

Commandery Princess Zhenling punched the Abyss Ancient Sword, making Zhang Ruochen rapidly back away.

Zhang Ruochen felt the Genuine Qi in his body churn. His arms were wracked with extreme pain, as if he had been struck by a mountain made of iron. He slid a few dozen meters back before regaining his footing. "A woman can practice to the realm realm of the King Kong Savage Beasts' Body. How incredible!"

The power behind that single blow was strong enough to give Zhang Ruochen heavy internal injuries.

In that moment, Commandery Princess Zhenling punched Zhang Ruochen in the face again with a huge golden fist before Zhang Ruochen could come up with a counter.

This punch was much stronger than the previous one.

The razor-sharp wind around her fist slammed painfully into Zhang Ruochen's face. It felt like his skin was being cut open.

Zhang Ruochen immediately used the power of space warping to avoid the golden-hued fist. He lowered his body and stabbed at Commandery Princess Zhenling, to her great astonishment.


With a single motion, Zhang Ruochen launched a surprise attack as fast as the speed of light. In the blink of an eye, he plunged his sword into the body of Commandery Princess Zhenling.

Commandery Princess Zhenling was quite sensitive; after all, she was strong in the Heaven Realm. She instantly retreated when Zhang Ruochen stabbed her.

The Commandary Princess flew 100 meters away from Zhang Ruochen before standing firmly again.

She felt a faint pain in her chest.

Drops of blood poured from her golden skin, dyeing her clothes red.

Luckily for her, Commandery Princess Zhenling's quick reflexes allowed her to dart away from Zhang Ruochen's sword, which had pierced her body half an inch deep. If she hadn't been able to react in the blink of an eye, she would have died by his sword.

Thinking on this, Commandery Princess Zhenling broke into a cold sweat. She no longer held Zhang Ruochen in contempt. She looked up at Zhang Ruochen with caution and said: "I've heard that your sword technique is pretty good. Today I truly believe it. No wonder you're able to defeat the disciples of a Half-Saint. I'm curious; how were you able to avoid my fist? It seemed like you were warping space..."

Were it not for the space warping, she would have killed Zhang Ruochen with her fist for sure.

"That's because I can control space." Zhang Ruochen said indifferently.

"Huh? Even the great Saints can't control space."

Commandery Princess Zhenling did not believe Zhang Ruochen at all. She clenched both her hands into fists and prepared to attack Zhang Ruochen again.

"Ahh... Help... "

It was then that she felt pain from the chest that threw her genuine Qi into disorder. Blood gushed forth from her wound.

Zhang Ruochen seemed to realize that there was something wrong with Commandery Princess Zhenling. "I've broken through your protection with my sword," he said. "I would counsel you to stop using the King Kong Savage Beasts' Body and leave now. Otherwise, your body will be disintegrated."

"You talk big! You think you can scare me?"

Commandery Princess Zhenling bore down and continued to force Genuine Qi to flow through her body.

Her body was like a balloon which has been pricked by a needle. The small wound on the chest grew bigger and bigger as she channeled genuine Qi, causing blood to erupt like a spout.

As Commandery Princess Zhenling started withdrawing her genuine Qi in reaction to the pain, Zhang Ruochen attacked her. A sword flashed before her eyes.

Sword Breath sharp as a light shuttle stabbed towards her throat.

Commandery Princess Zhenling's expression shifted. Calling on energy from every meridian in her body, she thrust her palm out and struck the flat body of the Abyss Ancient Sword.


Zhang Ruochen twisted his wrist, turning the flat of the Abyss Ancient Sword away and presenting the edge of the blade.

The Abyss Ancient Sword was so sharp that Commandery Princess Zhenling's palm was split from middle finger to forefinger when her hand struck the sword.

"My hand!"

A heartrending cry issued from her mouth. Commandery Princess Zhenling immediately sealed the blood meridian on her right arm to prevent the loss of blood.

Her right arm was totally disabled.

Zhang Ruochen obviously couldn't miss such a chance. He launched an assault of sword swings once again, calling up a tide of Sword Breath.


The Sword Breath surged up and made a wave-like sound.

Commandery Princess Zhenling used her left hand to deploy the metal claws from her arms and fend off the strokes of Zhang Ruochen's sword techniques.

At the same time, she kept retreating, trying to find a chance to escape.

With her defenses pierced and arm disabled by Zhang Ruochen, Commandery Princess Zhenling could barely exert half of her force and skills.

If she could not run away in time, she would be killed by Zhang Ruochen.

It truly was advantageous for Commandery Princess Zhenling to keep the fighting long-distance using her Metal Claws.

But now, fighting only three steps apart, she couldn't bring the power of her Metal Claws into play at all against the subtle sword techniques of Zhang Ruochen.


The Abyss Ancient Sword cut the chain of metal claws into two halves with a single stab. The two metal claws flew out of Commandery Princess Zhenling's grasp and landed in the snowfield.

"Damnit! I'm a martial arts legends of Mid Stage in the Heaven Realm. How can I be defeated by you, a junior of the Earth Realm?"

Commandery Princess Zhenling roared in anger and struck the ground with with a single blow. A pillar of Fierce Genuine Qi blasted upward from the point of impact, lashing out at Zhang Ruochen.

The ground shook violently.

Zhang Ruochen only had time to feel a strong power brimming beneath his feet; then his body went flying.

At this moment, he instantly put his Heart Integrated into Sword Realm to good use as he swung the Abyss Ancient Sword.


Like a shaft of light, the Abyss Ancient Sword flew across the 33-meter gap and sank into Commandery Princess Zhenling's chest.

Strong Sword Breath flared from the body of the sword, cleaving Commandery Princess Zhenling into two halves that flew apart in two different directions.

The Abyss Ancient Sword flew around in the air and returned to Zhang Ruochen's hand.


Zhang Ruochen leaned on his sword, a trail of blood dripping from his mouth. He seemed to be seriously injured.

Zhang Ruochen had actually taken quite the beating when Commandery Princess Zhenling first punched him with her King Kong Savage Beasts' Body.

Luckily, Zhang Ruochen had managed to break the King Kong Savage Beasts' Body of Commandery Princess Zhenling using the power of space warps and his excellent sword technique. Without those advantages, the odds of his survival would have been quite slim.

"Masters of the Heaven Realm aren't easy to deal with. If I hadn't practiced the Space Domain, I wouldn't stand a change of defeating strong Heaven Realm warriors like her."

It was incredible for a warrior of the Dawn State in the Earth Realm to kill a martial arts legend from the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm, since the gap of the martial cultivation between them was too big. But Zhang Ruochen had done it!

Over 200 miles away from where Zhang Ruochen had fought with Commandery Princess Zhenling, Huo Jingcheng had caught Han Qiu.

Huo Jingcheng and Commandery Princess Zhenling had chosen their opponents before they entered the fray. Huo Jingcheng chose Han Qiu and Commandery Princess Zhenling chose Zhang Ruochen.

After defeating Han Qiu and Zhang Ruochen, they planned to reunite in this location.

"Why hasn't Zhenling come yet?Did something go wrong?" Huo Jingcheng said, floating in the air like a grim ghost as he looked off into the distance.

Han Qiu, her meridians completely sealed by Huo Jingcheng, had been propped up under an ancient tree with a trunk one-meter in diameter. She could not even twitch.

Beside her, a Blue-scaled Snake more than ten-meters long writhed around the trunk. With cyan scales and the thickness of a finger, this snake resembled a vine from afar.

Han Qiu turned a fearful glance towards the Blue-scaled Snake and spoke carefully: "Uncle Huo, you'd better go take a look. My friend may have already killed Aunt Zhenling."


Huo Jingcheng turned and cast a ferocious stare her way. "Zhenling is beyond me," he said with a sneer. "How could Zhang Ruochen oppose her?"

"Are you sure he's actually Zhang Ruochen?" Han Qiu said with a laugh.

"You really don't know his identity?"

"I'm not familiar with Zhang Ruochen; of course I don't know who he actually is."

Huo Jingcheng gave Han Qiu a doubtful look. "Zhang Ruochen killed Hua Minggong and the Young Lord of Poisonous Spider, right in the middle of his Poisonous Spider Club in Lin'an County Town," he said. "He also stole a Red Spider Vessel and killed Mu Qing." He killed three martial arts legends in a single day, each of them top-ranked masters. After leaving Lin'an County Town, he sped to Hugestone City, where you two killed the Army-guarding Marquis and took the account book from Mu Qing's mansion. Is any of this wrong?"

"No wonder he knows about the account book in the secret underground room of Mu Qing's mansion. He has already killed Mu Qing."

Light dawned on Han Qiu. She hid her feelings of immense shock behind a peaceful-looking expression. "Since you know he can kill three legendary martial arts masters in one day, is it really that impossible for him to kill Commandery Princess Zhenling?" she said with a laugh.

Hearing Han Qiu's words, the countenance of Huo Jingcheng grew rather heavy. Was Zhang Ruochen really strong enough to stand up to Zhenling?

Han Qiu went on: "I really don't have the account book, Uncle Huo. If Zhang Ruochen has killed Commandery Princess Zhenling and fled to Devil Martial City, it's already too late for you to do anything about it!"

"Pah! Little girl, do you think you can escape by sending me on a wild goose chase? Don't be stupid! Even if I leave, my Blue-scaled Snake will keep an eye on you."

Huo Jingcheng gave an order to his Blue-scaled Snake. "If she tries to escape, don't hesitate to kill her," he said in a grim tone.

The Blue-scaled Snake writhing around the trunk hissed, scarlet tongue fluttering past its lips. Its triangular head gave a slight nod.

Huo Jingcheng immediately flew toward the field where Commandery Princess Zhenling was embroiled in battle with Zhang Ruochen.