Chapter 247: The Rosefinch Tower

 Chapter 247: The Rosefinch Tower

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In the Western Nine Prefectures, more than seventy percent of the brothels were open by a unified organization, "the Rosefinch Tower".

Though what the Rosefinch Tower conducted were obscene businesses, there were many masters of Martial Arts among the prostitutes. Their organization was so huge that they even had an independent institution specially designed for talent cultivating.

On top of that, as countless lords and masters in Martial Arts were willing to spend money on them, they were not short of money at all. Since they were rich enough, they could afford to buy a lot of practice resources any time when they needed.

The wealth of the Rosefinch Tower was even more than that of some five-class suzerains.

Being able to gain a foothold in the black market and could even expand their businesses to the entire Western Nine Prefectures just proved how powerful they were.

Elder Wei led Zhang Ruochen to the Rosefinch Tower in the Black Market of the Hugestone City.

The Rosefinch Tower in the Hugestone City was only a branch of the organization. However, it was built in an extremely luxurious way. Occupying a large space, it was decorated as splendid and magnificent as a palace.

Elder Wei was quite a celebrity in the black market of the Hugestone City. When he came to the Rosefinch Tower, he was warmly welcomed. Lots of prostitutes came to greet him the moment he arrived.

Naturally, Zhang Ruochen who walked in front of Elder Wei, too, was assumed as an exalted guest. Thus he was surrounded by many prostitutes as well.

The warriors in the Rosefinch Tower all looked at Zhang Ruochen who wore a metal mask.

"Who is he? Even the Owner of Rosefinch Tower goes to welcome him?"

"Even Elder Wei of the Poisonous Spider Club followed him closely behind. This young man must have a profound background."

"It is said that the most popular prostitute of the Rosefinch Tower, Miss Yunzhi, has been requested. It must be him who did so."

"A night with Miss Yunzhi costs at least fifty thousand silver coins."


Everyone was talking about Zhang Ruochen.

Despite being surrounded by the inviting prostitutes, Zhang Ruochen never spare them a glance. Instead, he kept calm and tranquil throughout.

"Mr. Chen, Elder Wei, the honorable guest has been waiting for you for a long time. He is in the Elegance Hall named Cloud. This way, please!" The Owner of Rosefinch Tower said with a smile.

The Owner of Rosefinch Tower was a young lady in her thirties. She was elegant and delicate. Her figure was well-shaped. Her skin was fair and she emitted an attractive aroma.

From a quick glance, Zhang Ruochen knew that she had reached the Completion in the Earth Realm. She seemed to be far more powerful than Elder Wei.

It was definitely not simple to become an evil overlord in the Black Market.

The Owner of Rosefinch Tower seemed to show great interests in Zhang Ruochen. She approached Zhang Ruochen deliberately, with her ample breasts touching Zhang Ruochen's arms from time to time. Her flirtatious eyes were glowing with enchantment, making it clear that she was making unbridled advances to Zhang Ruochen.

One had to admit that the Owner of Rosefinch Tower was quite a feminine stunner. If it were others that were provoked by her, he would have been in strong lust already.

Unfortunately, Zhang Ruochen had seen too many top beauties, for instance, Duanmu Xingling, Huang Yanchen, Chen Xier and Han Qiu, all of whom were exceptional in both temperament and appearance. The Owner of Rosefinch Tower was far too behind them. Was it even possible for her to seduce Zhang Ruochen?

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen was not moved at all, the Owner of Rosefinch Tower could not help but feel discouraged. She whined bitterly, "How time flies. I am too old for this, else Mr. Chen would not thoroughly ignore me."

Hua Buwei fixed his eyes on the firm shapely hips of the Owner of Rosefinch Tower, drooling over her and said, "You are incredibly beautiful and striking. I will fight whoever dares to say you are old."

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and walked into the Elegance Hall named Cloud.

A Beard Elder who wore a golden silk robe was already sitting down on the left side of the room and had been waiting with a potful of tea. He was relishing the tea at that time.

On seeing Zhang Ruochen, he stood up at once and smiled at him, "Mr. Chen, I've been waiting for you for a long time! Come this way, please!"

Zhang Ruochen stared at the Beard Elder and asked Elder Wei who was standing beside him, "He is the master of the city?"

"Yes!" replied Elder Wei.

Zhang Ruochen had been told by Hua Buwei that the master of the city was the Army-guarding Marquis, a master in the Heaven Realm.

However, the Beard Elder in front of him definitely could not be the Army-guarding Marquis, as his martial cultivation did not reach the Heaven Realm.

Zhang Ruochen pulled Hua Buwei aside, condensed his voice into a sound wave and whispered into his ears, "Are you sure the master of the city is Army-guarding Marquis?"

Hua Buwei condensed his voice into a sound wave as well and answered, "I'm sure. Many people in the black market know about this. And several of my friends in the Poisonous Spider Club have all seen the Army-guarding Marquis showed up there."

Zhang Ruochen asked, "Since you know the cooperation between the Army-guarding Marquis and the Poisonous Spider Club, why didn't you report it to the Martial Market Bank?"

Hua Buwei put on a long face and said, "The Army-guarding Marquis is a martial arts legend of the Heaven Realm. He is second to none in the Hugestone City. How dare I report it to the Bank without any exact evidence? On the one hand, the seniors in the Bank will not take my news seriously. On the other hand, what if the Army-guarding Marquis knows that it was me who informed against him? It's just so easy for him to put me to death. Do you think I dare to rashly report the news?"

"Mr. Chen, you should know better than me. The internal of the Martial Market Bank is not as united as we imagine. There are so many spies from other parties in it."

Zhang Ruochen nodded his head and accepted Hua Buwei's worries.

Hua Buwei was quite a shrewd man.

Hua Buwei took a glance at Beard Elder and said, "Actually, the Beard Elder is the counselor of the Army-guarding Marquis. His name is Yun Zhonghai, who is also a powerful person."

Zhang Ruochen patted Hua Buwei on the shoulder and laughed, "You indeed know so much!"

"In other places, I may be flattered. But here in the Hugestone City, there are very few things that I don't know." Hua Buwei puffed out his chest and appeared to be self-satisfied.

In fact, it struck Zhang Ruochen that the Army-guarding Marquis must be someone astute. He would not show up before confirming Zhang Ruochen's identity. Dispatching his counselor here to negotiate with Zhang Ruochen showed that he was quite serious about this.

Eight million silver coins were by no means a small amount of money even for a warrior in the Heaven Realm.

Moreover, the warriors in the Heaven Realm had already had a considerable expenditure. There were so many things needed to pay the silver coins for. For every realm they were going to break through, they would have to purchase a large number of the practice resources.

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen and Hua Buwei were discussing among themselves at a corner in low tones, Elder Wei was afraid that this business opportunity would be blown. Thus he asked in haste, "Mr. Chen, do you have any questions?"

Zhang Ruochen laughed, "No, actually. The price is also acceptable. But I want to negotiate with the true master of the city."

A hint of craftiness flashed across Beard Elder's eyes. He said with a smile, "You are smart, Mr. Chen. It's true that the master of the city is not me, but someone else. However, you don't have to worry. I have every right to make the decision on this business."

"Do you?"

Zhang Ruochen sat down and pondered the matter for a while, "It is not as simple as you think. Maybe I will buy another one or two cities further. Can you really make the decision?"

"Another one or two?" The Beard Elder was a little taken aback by his answer.

Not only the Beard Elder but Elder Wei and the Owner of Rosefinch Tower were also surprised by Zhang Ruochen's words. It was unexpected that he would buy more cities since it was already a big business to buy one.

Just who on earth was this person?

The Beard Elder said, "Actually, you can meet with my master. But he worries about your identity. Mr. Chen, if you are willing to reveal your identity, he will definitely come to negotiate with you on his own."

It appeared that the Arm-guarding Marquis was really cautious about his business so as not to leave any evidence to be caught by the Martial Market Bank.

"In that case, in order to show my sincerity, I'll reveal my identity first."

Zhang Ruochen said, "I'm not from the 36 commanderies of the Omen Ridge, but from the superior-class commandery, 'Qianshui Commandery'. I'm the disciple of the Left Prime Minister. My real name is Liu Xin."

The Left Prime Minister was the top minister among the Ten Powerful Ministers in Qianshui Commandery and was extremely powerful. He was second only to the Qianshui Commandery Prince. He had an overwhelming influence and could command almost everything he wanted.

Compared with the Qianshui Commandery, the Square Commandery was only a medium-level commandery. Even with the power of all the Royal Family added up together, they were still far behind that of the Left Prime Minister.

The reason why Zhang Ruochen pretended to be the student of the Left Prime Minister was that the title of him could repress everyone on spot. Besides, on the Sword Technique Conference of Qianshui Commandery, he had fought with Liu Xin, the student of the Left Prime Minister, by which he learned about the existence of Liu Xin.

As a matter of fact, Elder Wei and the Beard Elder had long suspected that the so-called "Chen Ruo" was not from the 36 commanderies of the Omen Ridge and thus they were already expecting it. However, they were still very taken aback when "Chen Ruo" revealed it to them.

Could it be that Left Prime Minister wanted to extend his power to the 36 commanderies of the Omen Ridge? Or else why did he want to buy so many cities?

The Beard Elder was really vigilant. He then asked, "I've heard a lot about the Left Prime Minister. However, this business is not something trivial. Do you have any evidence to prove that you are the student of the Left Prime Minister?"

Zhang Ruochen snorted coldly, and an intense Martial Arts' aura erupted out from his body in a peremptory manner . In an instant, his Genuine Qi filled the entire Elegance Hall. It seemed that there was a hurricane surging in the room.

"How dare you doubt the student of the Left Prime Minister! Even the Commandery Prince of the Square Commandery who offends the Left Prime Minister will have to bear his consequences, let alone you!" Zhang Ruochen raised his voice.

Elder Wei replied, "Mr. Chen... No... Mr. Liu, the business is indeed a serious matter. Military Counsellor Yun has always been cautious, which is actually for the good of all. I hope you don't mind."

Elder Wei shot a knowing glance toward the Beard Elder.

The Beard Elder immediately bowed to Zhang Ruochen and explained, "Mr. Liu, it's not that I don't believe in you. But our business is under-the-table. Thus we cannot take any risk. I believe the Left Prime Minister, too, doesn't want the news to be leaked, right?"

In order to propitiate Zhang Ruochen, the Owner of Rosefinch Tower immediately called Miss Yunzhi to the Hall. Miss Yunzhi sat carefully beside Zhang Ruochen, lest "the student of the Left Prime Minister" would be mad again.

Miss Yunzhi was indeed a peerless beauty. Zhang Ruochen's anger gradually subsided as he was being attended upon by her. He said, "Alright! Let's get back to the topic, our business is more important. I will let this go. It's no problem for me to show the Left Prime Minister's token, but you don't deserve it. Only the Army-guarding Marquis, Huo Yundu, has the right to negotiate with me. Don't lie to me. I know that he is the real master of the city."