Chapter 246: Unexpected Windfall

 Chapter 246: Unexpected Windfall

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Upon hearing Zhang Ruochen's words, Han Qiu's heart beat a little faster. She hid both hands in her sleeves and knotted her fingers together tightly, saying, "It's no big deal. I'll recover as soon as I get the Saint's Light Pill."

"No big deal?"

Zhang Ruochen smiled and continued, "Your Sacred Mark belongs to the dark series, but you don't want others to know. In order to disguise it, you have practiced the top exercise of the Yuntai Suzerain, the Holy Universe Reaching Skills.

The Holy Universe Reaching Skills is one of the exercises in the Inferior Class of the Ghost Level. It is profound, advanced, sacred, and potent, just enough to hide the dark breath in your Genuine Qi.

The Holy Universe Reaching Skills, however, clashes with your physical quality. The impact is not noticeable in the early stage. But with your martial cultivation level getting higher, the clash between the two forces will become more and more intense.

When you break through the Heaven Realm, the clash between the two different types of powers will be so strong that all your meridians will be torn to pieces, and you will become a total wreck from then on. Perhaps you might even explode and die a violent death.

It is true that The Saint's Light Pill can be used to balance the two distinct powers in your body, but it will only last you up to the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm. If you want to reach a higher realm, you still have to face the threat of death."

Every single sentence from Zhang Ruochen was accurate and to the point. It seemed that Zhang Ruochen knew her situation better than she did.

His words echoed like thunder in Han Qiu's ears. She bit her lips tightly and asked in surprise, "How do you know everything?"

"Not everything, " Zhang Ruochen replied.

Han Qiu was a little surprised by his answer. Then, she became slightly complacent and said, "I thought there is nothing that you don't know. It turns out that you don't know everything. So, tell me, what else is there for you to know?"

Zhang Ruochen replied, "First, how do you know there is a Secret Room here? After all, Mu Qing is the principal of the Poisonous Spider Club, and he is in the Heaven Realm. What's more, his mansion is very well-guarded.

"Second, how do you know that Mu Qing has a Saint's Light Pill?"

Han Qiu answered, "Don't you think it is ridiculous? You can't even figure these things out! In 36 commanderies of the Omen Ridge, the Yuntai Suzerain could be considered strongest aside from the Martial Market Bank. It's very easy to plant an undercover agent beside Mu Qing."

Zhang Ruochen came to the realization that he had set his standards too high in the past. He thought that only the Martial Market Bank, the Moon Worship Demonic Sect, and the Black Market could be regarded as the top forces.

But he had forgotten that the Yuntai Suzerain was actually an important local tyrant in 36 commanderies of the Omen Ridge. It was comparable to the Martial Market Bank in terms of power and influence. It even outdid the Martial Market Bank in certain fields.

For example, almost every single Commandery Prince was a disciple of the Yuntai Suzerain. The situation was the same in the Western Nine Prefectures.

That was how influential the Yuntai Suzerain was!

Zhang Ruochen said, "It seems that your agent has a pretty high status in the Poisonous Spider Club. He may even be the closest person to Mu Qing."

"I can say no more!"

Han Qiu's expression turned serious. She asked nervously, "You just mentioned that the Saint's Light Pill can only last up to the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm. Is it true?"

"I don't have any reason to lie to you. If you don't believe me, let's just wait and see," Zhang Ruochen replied calmly.

"You..." Han Qiu was greatly enraged.

What did he mean by wait and see?

How could she wait and see if she were to die just after breaking through the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm?

How could she be so hasty when it came to her life?

Han Qiu showed great talent since youth. Later on, she activated the Sacred Mark of the dark series. Naturally, she had high expectations for herself. She wanted more than just to reach the Heaven Realm, rather, she wanted to become a Half-Saint or even a Saint.

Zhang Ruochen stopped paying attention to Han Qiu and searched through the entire Secret Room carefully. But he could not find the Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph at all, which disappointed him very much.

"Maybe Mu Qing took the Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph with him and it was destroyed on the Red Spider Vessel?"

It was possible. After all, the Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph was such a precious treasure, so Mu Qing had every reason to take it with him.

If that was the case, it meant that Zhang Ruochen had destroyed the great treasure with his own hands!

Zhang Ruochen could feel his heart bleeding. A Half-Saint could only leave one Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph in all his life. Thus, a Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph could be regarded as the inheritance of a Half-Saint.

It was almost impossible to find another one!

"No. I have to keep searching."

Zhang Ruochen quietly released the Space Domain and started to search every corner of the Secret Room. When he searched it for the third time, he finally found some clues.

There was a wave of weak Spiritual Qi under the stone table.

Since there was a wave of Spiritual Qi, there must be something weird going on.


Zhang Ruochen transferred the Genuine Qi to his palm. With a wave of his hand, he slashed the stone table in half.

"Haha! There's a hidden array under the table!"

A white halo layer appeared on the ground as soon as Zhang Ruochen hit it, as if it was trying to block Zhang Ruochen's attack.

Zhang Ruochen transferred the force from his palm to his fingers. He pointed his finger out and hit the light. With a clear snapping sound, the array was broken at once.

The Inscriptions of Array immediately turned into sparkles of light.

A secret chamber emerged after the array had disappeared.

Zhang Ruochen immediately opened the secret chamber and found an account book in it.

He took the account book out and flipped through the pages. He smiled faintly and said, "Even the Square Commandery Prince colluded with the Poisonous Spider Club. How interesting! I'll bring their good days to an end with this account book!"

"What are you talking about? The Square Commandery Prince colluded with the Poisonous Spider Club? That's impossible! The Square Commandery Prince is a disciple of the Yuntai Suzerain. And I should call him uncle apprentice. How could he possibly have any relationship with the Black Market?" Han Qiu said coldly.

"Believe it or not, but that's the truth! You guys think that the Yuntai Suzerain has taken control of the Square Commandery and seized all their resources. But little did you know that the Poisonous Spider Club is secretly getting far more benefits than you guys."

Zhang Ruochen took the chance to keep the account book in his Spatial Ring in Han Qiu's blind spot.

In the secret chamber, there was also a three-foot-long cylindrical metal box.

Zhang Ruochen opened the metal box and found a Glyph inside it.

Zhang Ruochen did not unroll the Glyph because Han Qiu was there. He suppressed his ecstasy and put the Glyph back inside the metal box.

Seeing a Glyph inside the metal box, Han Qiu was very surprised and said, "There really is a Glyph!"

The Glyph was so well-hidden. Mu Qing must have considered it far more valuable than a Saint's Light Pill.

Zhang Ruochen shot a glance at Han Qiu and said, "What? Do you want to snatch it from me? With your strength, I'm afraid it won't be an easy task for you to snatch anything from me."

"It's nothing but a Glyph, right? Unless it's a Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph... Wait! Don't tell me it really is a Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph!" Han Qiu's eyes widened and every one of her eyelashes stood straight up.

"I can say no more." replied Zhang Ruochen.

"Do you think that I will believe? It just can't be. Even we from the Yuntai Suzerain has only one Half-Saint's Sacred Glyph. How could it be possible for Mu Qing to own one?"

Han Qiu gave Zhang Ruochen a contemptuous glance. Carrying the Saint's Light Pill with her, she performed a physical technique, dashed out of the stone gate, and left the Secret Room.

After getting the Glyph, Zhang Ruochen decided to leave as well, in case he was sabotaged by Han Qiu.

After all, he was not familiar with Han Qiu at all. Besides, there were agents from the Yuntai Suzerain mixed among the Poisonous Spider Club, so she could easily draw some Evil Warriors from the Poisonous Spider Club who would besiege him. At that time, if he wanted to leave, he would have to fight his way out.

Only when Zhang Ruochen left Mu Qing's mansion did he allow himself to relax.

Hua Buwei was looking for Zhang Ruochen everywhere when he suddenly turned around and found Zhang Ruochen standing behind him. He was so shocked that he even staggered a few steps backward.

Hua Buwei rubbed his chest and said, "You made me jump! Master Chen, where have you been? There are traps and arrays all over the place. Please don't wander around. Once you blunder into some forbidden areas, we'll all be in great trouble."

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, "Is Elder Wei back yet?"

"Not yet..." Hua Buwei replied.

Just then, hurried footsteps resounded outside. Elder Wei stepped in quickly with a happy expression on his face. He shouted from afar, "Thank you for waiting, Master Chen!"

Zhang Ruochen asked, "Well?"

Elder Wei nodded and replied in a low voice, "The important person is very concerned about this, so he came to the black market in person. But he has quite a special status, so the Poisonous Spider Club isn't really a good place for him to go. He asks you, therefore, to meet him at the Rosefinch Tower. The carriage is ready. We can head for the Rosefinch Tower right away."

Zhang Ruochen nodded, followed Elder Wei, and walked towards the outside of the Poisonous Spider Club.

Actually, the meeting with the Army-guarding Marquis was no longer important after he had gotten the account book. The evidence was already all here anyway.

But the Army-guarding Marquis had colluded with the black market for his own benefit and waged wars time after time. Countless citizens of the Yunwu Commandery died in the wars or became slaves, facing inhuman treatment because of him.

Since he was here now, there was every reason for Zhang Ruochen to have him repay the debt with interest.

It would be even better if he could take this opportunity to kill him.

Han Qiu, dressed in a black outfit, was standing in the distance. She watched Zhang Ruochen, Elder Wei, and Hua Buwei leave, her eyes shining with strange light. "He is being received by Wei Xianshu! So he must be somebody. I'll see what he came for in the black market."

Since Zhang Ruochen could see through the problems that she encountered in practice, he must not be an ordinary person.

Whether it was out of her curiosity or because of her problems in practice, she had to follow up and figure out who he was.

Han Qiu tightened her grip on the golden purple box with the Saint's Light Pill and her expression became serious. She said, "A master like him wouldn't talk for nothing. If he knows my symptom clearly, he might also know how to cure it."

A gust of Black Genuine Qi poured out and wrapped her body up, turning it into a ball of black light.


The black light split into six wisps and flew away.

Han Qiu also disappeared into thin air.