Chapter 231: Come out with honors

 Chapter 231: Come out with honors

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24 days had been passed outside while in the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel more than two months had passed.

The practicing of Body of the False God had been unprecedentedly smooth. It was perfect and beyond Zhang Ruochen's expectation.

In his last lifetime, Zhang Ruochen never practiced the Body of False God. After all, in the last lifetime, he had had no need to plunder the Sacrifice Power because his identity had been as a noble. It had been easy to obtain any resource he wanted.

Zhang Ruochen was ecstatic about his success.

In order to practice the Body of the False God, his Martial Soul had blended 63 drops of Half-Saint's Blood and three blades of God Habitat Grass. His present Martial Soul surpassed that of Completion of Heaven Realm warriors.

When he released his Martial Soul, everything inside the royal palace emerged in his mind. It was so real.

"Unexpectedly, there are four myths of martial arts of the Heaven Realm. Sure enough, the Royal Family was not being superficial."

Zhang Ruochen could feel four strong breathes in the royal palace. They came from deep inside the Mount Emperor and were more powerful than that of the Yunwu Commandery Prince.

He took back his Martial Soul. He didn't want to alarm the four myths of martial arts. Their Spiritual Power surpassed the twentieth level and their perceptual skills were strong. If Zhang Ruochen got too close to them, they might discover him.

"If now I control the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth with my Martial Soul, one strike of 'weapon of thunderbolt' will kill that heresy siren."

Zhang Ruochen sat cross-legged on the ground. The most powerful breath exuded from his body and a huge golden aura floated above his head. He was like a god sitting in the center of heaven and earth.

A Martial Soul was the soul of a warrior. Now that Zhang Ruochen's Martial Soul was stronger, his Spiritual Determination would be more powerful too.

Zhang Ruochen could now dominate an ordinary Martial Arts master of the Earth Stage with only a gaze, just by wielding his Martial Soul Power.

In fact, the Body of the False God referred to his Martial Soul rather than his mortal body.


When he received the Martial Soul the strong breath which had wafted around outside him converged back into his body immediately, like tidewater, and then disappeared.

After withdrawing his strong momentum, Zhang Ruochen appeared quite reserved.

As long as he didn't release his Martial Soul intentionally, no one would perceive his changes

"My martial cultivation has increased as expected. But to break the Advanced Stage of the Earth Realm I still need sacrifice power."

Zhang Ruochen stood up and left the internal space of Time and Space Spinel. He headed towards The Jade Palace.

"The Ninth Prince has finished secluding himself for refining!"

Two young maidservants rushed to tell Concubine Lin the news.

Zhang Ruochen arrived at Concubine Lin's room and greeted his mother, "How are you, mom?"

To his surprise, Huang Yanchen was boiling tea for Concubine Lin elegantly and sitting leisurely next to her. It looked like a beautiful picture.

Zhang Ruochen was amazed that senior sister apprentice Huang, who had a such short fuse could be so gentle and quiet. She was thoroughly showing the Royal Family's temperament.


Huang Yanchen poured hot tea into a cup and then offered it to Zhang Ruochen with two hands.

He was astonished to see her being so gentle. He took the cup and sipped the tea.

Swallowing the hot tea, he felt extremely comfortable. All his meridians and Blood Meridians opened thoroughly and his every pore breathed.

"Good tea!"

He closed his eyes and his mind became clear. He could feel the Genuine Qi in his body flowing more quickly.

The tea's effect was not so good for a warrior.

But to common people like Concubine Lin, this tea was more beneficial than any lucid mushroom or ginseng.

Moreover, the mild efficacy of this tea was wonderful for an average person. If it was drank regularly, it could make him or her reach the Yellow Realm or prolong their life-span.

Huang Yanchen said melodiously with a smile, "I specially sent people to bring me back 15 kilograms of this tea, 'White River Leaves'. It will be enough for Concubine Lin for ten years."

Zhang Ruochen put the cup on the table and said with a smile, "I didn't know that senior sister apprentice Huang was a master in tea ceremony...before."

"Why do you still call Yanchen as senior sister apprentice? Commandery Princess Yanchen is a gentle lady with a gorgeous face and aristocratic status. You are extremely lucky that she loves you! If you don't treat her well later, I will punish you," said Concubine Lin unhappily.

Concubine Lin liked Huang Yanchen more and more each time she met with her. She thought she was a fairy, perfect as a jade and had no shortcomings. She sometimes thought she was dreaming to have such a beautiful and elegant daughter-in-law and then couldn't help smiling herself awake.

Zhang Ruochen said, "Mother, let me reassure you that I have a good relationship with Commandery Princess Yanchen."

Glancing at Zhang Ruochen, Huang Yanchen said softly to Concubine Lin, "Shall I be going, your Grace?"

"Chen-er, see Commandery Princess off." Concubine Lin glared at her son with unhappiness because of his bad manners.

Zhang Ruochen stood up quickly and bowed to Huang Yanchen,"This way please, Your Majesty."

Huang Yanchen arched her eyebrows at him and then left the room.

When they had walked out of the Jade Palace, Zhang Ruochen said seriously, "Senior sister apprentice Huang, did you mean it?"

Huang Yanchen stood in the snow wearing a white silk robe with a Bordeaux red cloak. It made her fair face appear even more like crystal.

Huang Yanchen stared at Zhang Ruochen with her two big royal blue eyes and said coldly, "Of course I meant it."

"But we agreed that our engagement was fake..." said Zhang Ruochen. He shook his head in confusion.

"Zhang Ruochen, are you joking? I am the Commandery Princess of Qianshui Commandery, the same as you are the prince of Yunwu Commandery. How could our engagement be fake?" said Huang Yanchen. She was serious too.

Zhang Ruochen was speechless. He looked at Huang Yanchen for a moment, then said, "Senior sister apprentice, you shouldn't break your promise."

Huang Yanchen raised her chin, exposing her white neck and said, "Did you fall in love with Duanmu Xingling? So you want to break off the engagement with me?"

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, "It's got nothing to do with senior sister apprentice Duanmu."

"If you don't like her, why did you say you were her boyfriend?" Huang Yanchen asked angrily.

"You mean my other identity, Chen Ruo?" replied Zhang Ruochen.

Huang Yanchen bit her lips tightly and said coldly, "I never knew she was so good at disguises. She even tried to seduce her sister's fiance. She was never really my sister. But now she is an enemy!"

Looking at the serious expression on her face, Zhang Ruochen sighed. He had never expected this to happen.

He intended to explain it, but realized that the more he explained, the more suspicious she was.

He really didn't understand women.

It was not incidental that he had died under Princess Chi Yao's hands in his last lifetime. Maybe he had hurt her somehow so she finally killed him with a sword.

But trying his best to think back, he couldn't find when he had offended Princess Chi Yao.

Why do I spend so much time trying to figure out what they are thinking?

He remembered Emperor Ming's advice: never divert your attention from Martial Arts' Practice. He pulled himself together.

Zhang Ruochen didn't go back to the Jade Palace but instead towards the Imperial Ancestral Temple.

Tomorrow there would be a Ceremony of Worship in the Imperial Ancestral Temple.

It was natural to investigate here in advance. He was planning to capture the sacrifice power tomorrow.

The Imperial Ancestral Temple had started to arrange the Ceremony of Worship half a month ago.

On the ancient stone-altar outside the Temple piled millions of sheep and cattle oblations, including several savage beasts.

Yunwu Commandery had a population of a hundred million and treated Martial Arts as its fundament. They were preparing for a grand Ceremony.

Thousands of warriors, eunuchs, and maidservants were busying around the altar.

They all greeted him as he entered the Imperial Ancestral Temple.

Zhang Tiangui spoke behind him.

"Ninth brother, the Ceremony of Worship will be held tomorrow. Why are you here tonight?"

Zhang Ruochen smiled and replied, "Seventh brother, why are you here?"

In addition to Zhang Tiangui was Han Qiu, they had been walking side by side in the distance.

Lin Chenyu followed them and bowed his waist. His eyes were gloomy and no one could figure out what he was thinking.

All three were top Martial Artists. They left no footprints when they passed.

Zhang Tiangui said, "I will host the Ceremony of Worship this year following father's command. You should have opportunities like this when you get older."

Gazing at Zhang Ruochen's face, Han Qiu showed a curious expression. With a smile, she said, "I heard that the Ninth Prince's sword techniques are preeminent and that even the disciple of a Half-Saint, Qing Chibai, lost to you. Could you please show us your talent today?"

Zhang Ruochen boasted a great reputation among the younger generation, especially his attainments in sword techniques and Spiritual Power. He ranked first among his peers.

If his martial cultivation was high enough, the first genius title, which Zhang Tiangui bore, would one day belong to Zhang Ruochen.

As a sword technique master, Han Qiu's sword technique was at the peak of Sword Following the Mind too. Her sword techniques ranked third among the young generation in the Omen Ridge's 36 commanderies.

Of course, she wanted to challenge Zhang Ruochen's sword techniques.

If she could defeat Zhang Ruochen, would it mean that her sword techniques were better than Qing Chibai's?

Zhang Tiangui practiced palm techniques mainly, rather than sword techniques. Even though he was First Genius, he was not outstanding at sword techniques.