Chapter 229: Zi Brother and Sister

 Chapter 229: Zi Brother and Sister

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Before Zi Qian could react with the corresponding strategy, Zuo Lengxuan laughed out loud. He dashed forward, pointing one finger at her glabella.

The air on Zuo Lengxuan's finger swept forward. Zi Qian was astonished. She felt that the bitterly cold wind had frosted her to numb. The light before her shined in all directions. It glared so intensely that she couldn't open her eyes.

The cultivation between the two was widely different. Without waiting, Zuo Lengxuan sealed Zi Qian's Qi sea with one attack.


Zi Qian screamed and fell to the ground.

Her body twisted. But she pulled out her dagger and pointed to Zuo Lengxuan, who was 3 meters away.

He wore a contemptuous smile as he walked towards her. He said, "I looked down on you before, when you could operate your Genuine Qi, never mind now. Even though you're a Warrior of Division Profound, you can't withstand a single blow from me. I advise you not to strike a stone with an egg."

He gazed at her unbridled. There was no denying that Zi Qian now looked very much like Chen Xier. Not only did she have the breathtaking beauty, but also the grandeur and elegant temperament.

Once upon a time, Zuo Lengxuan had fantasized about the present scene repeatedly. But he simply could not be rude to Chen Xier. He could only suppress the evil thoughts in his mind.

Nevertheless, the woman before him was different. She was not noble like Chen Xier. Besides, there was not even a soul here. The evil thoughts he was suppressing in his mind inflated and finally burst out.

Zi Qian found that there was something wrong with Zuo Lengxuan's expression. With desperation showing in her eyes, she wielded the dagger purposefully toward her neck without hesitation. She felt like she wanted to take her own life.

At this moment, a blast of dark wind struck the dagger and sent it flying.

"Who's there?"

Zuo Lengxuan was stunned. He looked in the direction the wind had come from.

Zhang Ruochen came out from the darkness wearing a metal mask on his face. He didn't even look at Zuo Lengxuan. Instead he stared at Zi Qian. "I'm lucky I caught up to you. Are you hurt?"

She shook her head.

Seeing him, Zi Qian finally sighed with relief. She felt she had someone to rely on and no longer needed to worry about Zuo Lengxuan.

However, Zuo Lengxuan was nervous now. He gazed at the mysterious teenager who had appeared suddenly and asked, "Are you... Chen Ruo?"

"You could say that!" Zhang Ruochen responded.

Zuo Lengxuan knew that Chen Ruo's cultivation was very strong. He didn't dare to provoke him. He said prudently and carefully, "Junior Brother Chen, I believe that she is not Junior Sister Xier. Do not be fooled by her!"

Zhang Ruochen said, "Of course, I know that she's not Chen Xier."

Zuo Lengxuan narrowed his eyes and asked, "Then, who is she?"

"Hades Department Assassin, Zi Qian." Zhang Ruochen said frankly. "Don't you know that the Silkworm Butterfly Skill of the Hades Department can change a person's appearance?"

Zuo Lengxuan's face grew paler. He couldn't help clenching his fists and operating all the Genuine Qi in his body. He said, "If you know that she's the Hades Department's Assassin, why are you still helping her? Are you one of the heretics from the Hades Department too?"

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, "People like you will never understand the relationship between her and me."

"Haha! You just want to sleep with her because of her beauty. Why do you make it sound so lofty?" Zuo Lengxuan snorted coldly.

Zhang Ruochen said, "Whatever you think."

Zuo Lengxuan knew clearly that he was no match for Chen Ruo. He stepped two steps backwards and said, "Since she's the woman that Junior Brother Chen wants, I'm not going to interfere. I'll pretend that I haven't seen anything tonight. Now, excuse me, please!"

"Now that I've told you all this, you still want to leave?" Zhang Ruochen asked.

Zuo Lengxuan's eyes became cold. He responded, "Chen Ruo, could it be that you want to kill and silence me? You should know that even though your cultivation is a little bit stronger than mine, it's far from enough for you to kill me. I don't have anything against you. We don't need to have a life and death battle, do we?"

Zhang Ruochen said, "Who says that I have no grievance or enmity towards you? Perhaps you've forgotten that you nearly made me lose all my martial cultivation in the School of the Martial Market. Can't this be regarded as deep hatred?"

Zuo Lengxuan frowned slightly and scanned his brain. The realization suddenly hit him and his countenance changed. He said, "I get it! You're..."


Zhang Ruochen didn't give him the chance to speak. He moved his feet and transformed into a flowing light that pierced through Zuo Lengxuan's body.

Zuo Lengxuan's right hand still pointed forwards, but his body was frozen. He stood still as streams of blood flowed out endlessly from a bloody hole in his forehead.


His body fell to the ground heavily.

Zhang Ruochen stood with his back to Zi Qian. He stared into the darkness with sharp eyes and asked, "Brother Zi. Since you're here, why don't you show yourself?"

Shortly after, came a sneer from the dark.

"You're worthy of being a Secret Disciple. I'm surprised you could find my breath." Zi Yinyang came out from the dark. He stood upright and wore a black robe with a black fighting sword at his side.

Zhang Ruochen had already discovered Zi Yinyang's presence before killing Zuo Lengxuan. This was why he didn't let Zuo Lengxuan say his name out loud.

If Zi Yinyang knew that Chen Ruo was actually Zhang Ruochen, they would be fighting each other now.

Seeing Zi Yinyang, Zi Qian's countenance became unnatural. She tried to avoid him.

Since he had shown up, Zi Qian would definitely not be in danger.

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Zi Yinyang and walked out into the darkness.

Zi Yinyang stared at the departing figure of "Chen Ruo" with killing intent in his eyes. But he wasn't sure if he could kill him, so he didn't take action. He could only let him go.

Zi Yinyang watched Zi Qian until "Chen Ruo" disappeared completely. He said coldly, "How dare you not salute when you see your brother? Do you think I'm going to take you to the Law Enforcement Hall and hand you to the law enforcement presbyter for punishment?"

Zi Qian changed to her original appearance. She gazed at Zi Yinyang with cold eyes and said, "I know how to get to the Law Enforcement Hall. You don't need to take me. I'll go right now."

"Stop!" Zi Yinyang said seriously. There was a chill to his voice.

Zi Qian stopped and said, "Zi Yinyang, what other advice do you have?"

"Is this the way you talk to your brother?" Staring at her figure, Zi Yinyang no longer had the heart to be tough on her. Softening his voice, he said, "Do you think that I don't know you exposed your identity in order to save Zhang Ruochen? I failed to kill him because of you." ..

"So what?" Zi Qian said.

Zi Yinyang said, "Father sent you to the School of the Martial Market to conduct an important task. But you exposed yourself because of a man. If he knew it, he would definitely kill you."

Zi Qian laughed and said, "He has never seen me as his daughter and never gives me any resources to practice. The martial cultivation I possess now is all due to my own efforts. Zi Yinyang, I'm telling you, if I had as many resources to practice as you, I would be way stronger than you."

"Are you thinking of betraying the Hades Department?" Zi Yinyang asked.

Zi Qian was silent for a moment. Then she responded, "It's none of your business. I'll report to the Law Enforcement Hall when I return to the Hades Department."

Zi Yinyang said, "You don't need to go to the Law Enforcement Hall! I've shouldered all your duty for you. Father has a new task for you. If you can finish it, you can make amends for your fault with good deeds and you will still have the chance to practice in the 'Black Market First-Class Hall'."

"The Black Market First-Class Hall!" Zi Qian was surprised.

Zi Yinyang nodded his head. "Father has seen all your efforts in the School of the Martial Market. He hopes you can strive for top 10 of the Profound Board in the Black Realm. You should know that he loves you."

Zi Qian sneered and said, "He has so many daughters. If I hadn't shown my extraordinary practice talent in the School of the Martial Market, would he even notice me? I won't go back to the Hades Department until I've reached the Heaven Realm. You can tell me my new task now."

Zi Yinyang stared at Zi Qian. Then he took a jade bottle out from his bosom and passed it to her. "This is a reward from father, a drop of Holy Water. It can help you to improve your physical quality," he said.

Zi Qian took the Holy Water without a trace of politeness.

Zi Yinyang opened his lips and told Zi Qian her new task. Soon after, he turned away and disappeared like a ghost.


The next day, warriors of the School of the Martial Market finally found Chen Xier imprisoned in the dungeon.

After she was released, she immediately dispatched all the warriors in the Volley Manor, in an effort to recapture Zi Qian.

Unfortunately, the warriors didn't find Zi Qian. Instead they found Zuo Lengxuan's corpse.

At noon, Zhang Ruochen and Duanmu Xingling left the Volley Manor without anyone noticing. No one would suspect them.

"With the dungeon so tightly guarded, how did you save Zi Qian? And how did you manage to imprison Chen Xier?" Duanmu Xingling asked with curiosity.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, "I can't tell you."

"If you don't tell me, I'll go and tell Chen Xier, and ask her to capture you. Since she loves you so much, maybe she'll foster you as her gigolo and ask you to serve her every night...perhaps that's too good for you. After all, she's one of the top 10 beauties in the Omen Ridge. Many men long to be her gigolo day and night." Duanmu Xingling's bright eyes twinkled.

Knowing that Duanmu Xingling was joking, Zhang Ruochen didn't take it seriously. He said, "Senior Sister Duanmu, we should bid farewell here! I'll leave for the imperial palace!"

Duanmu Xingling pursed her lips up and squinted at Zhang Ruochen. Then she said, "You call me Senior Sister, yet you never invite me to your palace. I hate you, Zhang Ruochen!"

She left with her chin up.

Zhang Ruochen looked at this lovely girl. A smile showed on his face again. He thought of the three blades of Godhabitat Grass that she had sent him.

"I have 25 days before the beginning of the Ceremony of Worship. I must succeed in practicing the Body of the False God before then."

The situation in the imperial palace was unpredictable and the only way to protect himself was to enhance his strength constantly.

Zhang Ruochen returned to the imperial palace instantly and entered the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel again to begin his practice.