Chapter 227: The Volley Manor

 Chapter 227: The Volley Manor

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When Duanmu Xingling saw Zhang Ruochen, she was exceptionally excited. She said with a beautiful smile on her face and a pair of round and bright glittering eyes, "Zhang Ruochen, guess what good news I've brought to you!"

"With the situation of the Yunwu City, is it possible to have any good news?" Zhang Ruochen responded emotionlessly in the metal mask.

Duanmu Xingling rolled her eyes, took out a wooden box from the space bracelet and handed it to Zhang Ruochen.

"What's that?" Asked Zhang Ruochen.

Duanmu Xingling lifted her chin, exposed her long and slender neck and said with pride, "Open it and take a look!"

After hesitating for a second, Zhang Ruochen opened the wooden box.

"SWISH... "

A strong whiff of an icy smell was released.

That smell contained a strong power of corrosion. It swallowed Zhang Ruochen's fingers within a second.

The skin on his right hand all turned black at once.

Yet, Zhang Ruochen wasn't scared; instead, he looked joyful. He closed the wooden box, and at the same time, activated his Spiritual Fire Genuine Qi, refining the toxic in his body.

"It's Godhabitat Grass! Where did you find it, senior sister apprentice Duanmu?" Zhang Ruochen asked with little excitement.

The toxicity of the Godhabitat Grass was absolutely strong. It only took a small amount of the toxin drilled into Zhang Ruochen's body for him to be able to refine with the help of Spiritual Fire Genuine Qi.

If he swallowed all the Godhabitat Grass into his stomach at once, not even the gods could save him.

Duanmu Xingling responded casually and said, "I asked a friend to find them in the Qianshui Commandery and send them back to the Yunwu City while traveling day and night. Well, It's just a small gift, and you don't need to keep thinking about it. Of course, Godhabitat Grass is rare as well as carrying an absolute strong toxicity. My friend could only find three of the grass, and I wonder if that's enough for you?"

"Sure, It's more than enough! Anyway, thank you so much, senior sister apprentice Duanmu!" Zhang Ruochen lifted his arms slightly and thanked Duanmu Xingling whole-heartedly.

In fact, the distance between Qianshui Commandery and the Yunwu Commandery was more than 100,000 kilometers. If she wanted to send the Godhabitat Grass within three days, she had to use a fourth-level savage bird and rush at the highest speed in order to make it on time.

Now, Zhang Ruochen owed her a favor.

It seemed like teamwork since Zhang Ruochen didn't ask Duanmu Xingling how she could send the Godhabitat Grass to the Yunwu City in three days, and she didn't ask him why he wanted the Godhabitat Grass.

She narrowed her eyes, smiled and asked, "By the way, has something happened for you to come?"

"I'm not going to hide it. Yes, there's an issue."

Zhang Ruochen put the Godhabitat Grass into his Storage Ring and said, "I wanted to know the situation of some disciples of the School in the Yunwu City."

"Is that it?" Duanmu Xingling put on a smile that didn't look like a smile.

He laughed and replied, "I'm not someone who is complicated anyway!"

Then Duanmu Xingling responded, "The School of the Martial Market suffered a massive loss in the fight at the Coliseum of the Martial Market. Ten genius students were killed brutally. Some of them have been caught and locked up somewhere else. There are three strongholds of the School in the Yunwu City, and Zi Qian is locked up in the dungeon of the Volley Manor. If Chen Xier found out that she is the assassin of the Hades Department, she would definitely kill her right away."

Zhang Ruochen stared into Duanmu Xingling's eyes, coughed and said, " did you know I came to find you because of Zi Qian?"

Duanmu Xingling covered her mouth and chuckled, "You're so close to her, and she exposed her identity because of you. It's not hard to discover the special relationship between you two. Knowing she's been locked up, you'll no doubt go and save her. Did I surprise you by getting the correct answer?"

She continued, "Well, I'm curious, how far have you two gone?"

"We are pure, pure friends, not like what you think..." Zhang Ruochen shut his mouth when he realized that he leaked some news out. He really wanted to slap himself in the face.

"Haha! Got you, Zhang Ruochen. She is indeed an assassin of the Hades Department! You got nerves to be friends with killers of the Hades Department. Aren't you scared that if sister Chen knew it, she would go crazy?" Duanmu Xingling laughed out loud.

Zhang Ruochen had to admit that he underestimated Duanmu Xingling's intelligence. He never believed the phrase "women with plumped chests are stupid".

He looked serious and said, "Senior sister apprentice Duanmu, this is not as simple as you think. Please, please don't spread this news."

"Don't you worry! Do you really think I'll sell you out given our relationship?"

Duanmu Xingling put away her smile. She touched her chin with two fingers and said, "Actually, I can even offer you some help if you're going to save her."


Every large-scale family and Suzerain in the Yunwu City owned their own individual manor.

The Volley Manor covered an area of 120 acres which was neither too big nor too small. It was one of the secret strongholds of the School in the Yunwu City.

Since it was a special period of time, the Volley Manor was highly secured and all array had been opened. It was even impossible for a Heaven Realm warrior to sneak in without a trace.

When Zhang Ruochen and Duanmu Xingling were approaching the Volley Manor, the royal guard who was stationed at the manor discovered them.

"This manor is private property. Who are you two?"

Before the royal guard even finished, both of them took out the token of the School of the Martial Market at the same time.

Looking at the token they were holding, the royal guard instantly kneeled down on one leg and saluted. Then he invited them into the Volley Manor with courtesy.

Many students looked surprised when Duanmu Xingling and Zhang Ruochen walked into the Volley Manor.

Especially when they saw the mysterious Zhang Ruochen. A lot of students were curious about him, and they all rushed towards him and wanted to meet the genius youngster who saved the Commandery Princess Yanchen in the Earth Blaze City.

"He's Zhang Ruochen, the Secret Disciple of the silver gowned Elder Hall Master. Why is he wearing a mask?" One of the external students, who gazed at Zhang Ruochen walking shoulder to shoulder with Duanmu Xingling, revealed a sense of envy as well as admiration.

"Since Elder brother Zhang is the Secret Disciple, it's normal if he's kind of mysterious. Moreover, we are definitely incomparable to his superior identity."

Another student cried and said, "I can't believe senior sister apprentice Duanmu is elder brother Zhang's girlfriend...I'm hopeless now!"

"Such a beautiful woman like senior sister apprentice Duanmu, surely only the Young Genius like elder brother Zhang is worth being her boyfriend. You ain't got any chance to steal sister Duanwu from brother Zhang."

After entering the Volley Manor, Zhang Ruochen and Duanmu Xingling didn't take any action. Instead, they settled down under the arrangement of the housekeeper.

In order to save Zi Qian, every step had to be planned. They couldn't just fight.

"I'll go take a look at the security of the dungeon. If possible, we'd better get her out tomorrow night," said Zhang Ruochen.

Duanmu Xingling shook her head and said, "It's easy to save her from the dungeon, but it's hard to get her out of the Volley Manor. We need a perfect plan instead of just rushing to save her."

Zhang Ruochen replied, "Don't worry, I know how to get her out of the manor!"

When Zhang Ruochen finished speaking, he opened the window. After checking that no one was guarding his room, he jumped out of the window and transformed into an illusory image, dashing in the middle of the night.

The entrance of the dungeon was located on the mountain in the center of the lake. If he wanted to reach the dungeon, he would need to fly over the lake without a trace and open the door of the dungeon.

Yet, getting through the security of the Volley Manor wasn't as easy as it sounded.

The surface of the lake probably had the Inscription of Array set up.

Zhang Ruochen released the Space Domain and sensed that there were three powerful breaths hiding at the lakeside.

Luckily, he possessed the Space Domain; otherwise, he wouldn't be able to discover the three Martial Arts masters hiding at the corner.

At the same time, Zhang Ruochen heard a light step coming. He held his breath immediately and hid on the tree branch.

The sound of footsteps got closer.

With the faint light, Zhang Ruochen could see a pretty woman with a sexy figure come to the lake.

It was Chen Xier.

She stopped and flicked her finger slightly.

An elderly walked out from the dark and saluted Chen Xier with his arms slightly lifted, "Greetings, Miss Chen."

Chen Xier nodded and asked, "Did anyone approach the fake mountain in the center of the lake?"

The elderly responded, "Don't you worry. With three of us stationed here, even a mosquito couldn't fly into the mountain, let alone a human being."

Chen Xier nodded and continued, "Presbyter Xue has checked her blood and found that her Blood Meridian contains Saint Power, which is the Posterity of the Saint. If she really is the spy of the Hades Department, she isn't just an ordinary assassin."

"I guess the news that she's being locked up has probably spread. The master of the Hades Department would definitely come to save her, and you guys have to be cautious. Don't let anyone rescue her!"

The elderly sneered, "Since the School sustained a great loss, the black market and the Evil Warriors will also need to pay a price. Don't you worry, Miss Chen, no matter how many Evil Warriors the black market have sent to save her, death would be their only way out."

Chen Xier said, "I need to go see her. Keep hiding, you guys, and don't expose yourself."

She took out a palm-sized iron ship and put it in her palm.

The tiny iron ship was a seventh-level Genuine Martial Arms.

Under the surge of her Genuine Qi, the tiny iron ship turned into a three-meter-long little boat.

Riding on the little boat, Chen Xier sailed towards the fake mountain in the center of the lake.

At the same time, the Inscription of Array set up in the lake had been fully opened.

"It's a good chance!"

Zhang Ruochen hid under the Space Domain and displayed the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon. He flew over the void space and reached the top of the fake mountain.

Since Chen Xier was heading to the fake mountain, the three elderly guards who were hiding in the lake didn't recognize the weak current of Genuine Qi, appearing over the lake.

She reached the fake mountain and walked into a dark road.

"Greetings, Miss Chen."

The two warriors who were guarding the dungeon kneeled down instantly and saluted Chen Xier.

"Open the stone gate." Chen Xier said coldly without looking at any of them.

The two warriors both took out a key, put it into the keyhole which activated the Inscription of Array carved on the stone gate.


The thick stone gate eventually opened and revealed a long ladder linking to the underground.

A breeze of Icing air blew out from the stone gate.

The stone gate was so dark that he couldn't see the bottom of the ladder.

Zhang Ruochen, who was following Chen Xier, glanced at the two warriors and recognized their cultivation levels.

Both of them possessed the cultivation at the Final State of the Earth Realm.

After the great loss of the School, the Martial Market Bank and the School of the Martial Market had indeed dispatched the Martial Arts masters to the Yunwu City.

The two warriors who were stationed at the dungeon were over 50 years old. Obviously, they were not students of the School, but rather warriors of the Martial Market Bank.

The School of the Martial Market was a base where the Martial Market Bank fostered geniuses. However, not all warriors of the Martial Market Bank came from the School. The Bank would also spend a large sum of the money to attract warriors from other commanderies.

Yet, the warriors who came from other places would only get a few chances to become the senior officials of the Bank. Moreover, their status was not as high as students of the School, so they couldn't get access to all of the cultivation resources. They were seen only as the outsiders of the Martial Market Bank.