Chapter 223: Life and Death

 Chapter 223: Life and Death

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After forcing Zi Yinyang to retreat, Zhang Ruochen immediately infused Genuine Qi into his legs and leapt over three meters into the air. He landed above the observation platform and took the height advantage.

In so doing, he would be able to react in time to any of Zi Yinyang's attacks.

Zhang Ruochen's gaze swept around the Coliseum of the Martial Market and saw warriors all fighting their hardest. Dozens of bodies already littered the floor.

Most of the bodies were evil warriors from the black market or the Moon Worship Demonic Sect. There were some fallen members of the Martial Market School and the Yuntai Suzerain; they lay in the blood moaning pitifully.

The black market and the Moon Worship Demonic Sect had prepared well for this battle. Although there were many masters among those who came from the Martial Market School and the Yuntai Suzerain, they still sustained heavy losses.

Sweeping his gaze across the scene, Zhang Ruochen saw that the Ninth Commandery Princess was in dire circumstances, surrounded by seven evil warriors.

The seven evil warriors were all masters. Under their combined attack, the Ninth Commandery Princess had already sustained three wounds and fresh blood stained her clothes.


Zhang Ruochen moved at his fastest speed of 140 meters per second and flashed down to stand in-front of the Ninth Commandery Princess.

"Dragon Shape and Elephant Shadow!"

Countless shadow fists flew out in one attack.

His Genuine Qi surged out and created lines of dragon and elephant shadow which flashed in the void space.


The sound of bone breaking rang out loudly.

All seven of the evil warriors let out desperate cries. Blood spewed from their mouths and they all flew back, landing a dozen meters away before succumbing.

The Ninth Commandery Princess finally released a breath and asked, "Ninth brother, what do we do now?"

"Don't worry. Yunwu City's army are sure to come as fast as they can given the immensity of the situation. The warriors of the black market and the Moon Worship Demonic Sect will soon retreat." Zhang Ruochen replied.

The Ninth Commandery Princess pursed her lips. Watching the increasing brutality of the evil warriors, she felt she wouldn't be able to last until the Yunwu City army arrived.

Zhang Ruochen took out the War Map Luo Shuihan had given him and shoved it at the Ninth Commandery Princess, "Infuse your Genuine Qi into the War Map and you'll be able to immediately summon Leopard-headed Blood Bats to help you. They should be enough to hold out against an attack from a normal warrior of the Earth Realm."

After some thought, Zhang Ruochen was still worried. He took out the Wings of Wind and handed it to the Ninth Commandery Princess.

"Zhang Ruochen, I will be your opponent today. I am determined to take your head this time."

Zi Yinyang's Genuine Qi was rich and thick, and it contained great power. Having sliced through three students of the Martial Market School in a row, he rushed out of the crowd towards Zhang Ruochen. In his hand was a bloody Fish Intestine Sword and it was aimed right at Zhang Ruochen's throat.

Zhang Ruochen struck with one fist against the Ninth Commandery Princess' chest and pushed her back dozens of meters.

"Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon!"

Zhang Ruochen's body split into nine and became nine shadows.

Zi Yinyang immediately changed his attack and swung his sword quickly back and forth to make dozens of sword shadows.

Each sword stroke seemed to slide passed Zhang Ruochen's body. If Zhang Ruochen hadn't Practiced Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon to perfection, he would probably have been sliced to pieces by now.

"Junior brother apprentice Zhang, let me help you."

Chang Qiqi let out a long cry and sliced towards Zi Yinyang with a two handed attack.

Chang Qiqi's martial cultivation had reached the Final State of the Earth Realm, and he was also a great prodigy. Below the Heaven Realm, he was among the best. A normal warrior at the Completion of the Earth Realm would not be able to beat him.

Having attacked with all his strength, even Zi Yinyang had to dodge the attack. He quickly retreated one step to avoid the sharp sword.


Chang Qiqi's attack struck the ground and left a long scar. Around the scar there were tiny cracks and lines.

"Stay out of it."

Zi Yinyang's eyes became serious and he struck out again.

"What elegance."

The Fish Intestine Sword spun quickly and emitted an ear-piercing cry.


Although Chang Qiqi's martial cultivation was very high, he was unable to avoid the strike from Zi Yinyang. The sword went through his body, with the tip exiting through his back.


Chang Qiqi's body shook with pain and blood dripped continuously from the corner of his mouth.

Zi Yinyang was more skillful with a long sword than with a broadsword, and although Chang Qiqi's cultivation was high, it would have been difficult for him to avoid such a strike.

"Elder Brother Chang!"

Zhang Ruochen let out a roar and immediately rushed over. His index and middle fingers were extended together to a point and he struck at Zi Yinyang's right arm.

"You came right on time, I can send both of you off together."

Zi Yinyang pulled out his sword and scattered fresh blood on the ground. A blast of cold air surged from his hands and covered the tip of the sword in a layer of icy blood crystals.

In Zi Yinyang's opinion, although Zhang Ruochen's martial cultivation was not as advanced as Chang Qiqi's, he was far ahead in terms of tactics and speed in combat.

And so he considered Zhang Ruochen the more dangerous enemy and did not dare to underestimate him.

Once Zhang Ruochen was only five steps away, Zi Yinyang moved like lightning and struck with his sword towards the center of Zhang Ruochen's forehead.

Being a top assassin, Zi Yinyang knew all about taking advantage of the situation.

Only strike at the most optimal moment, and strike to kill.

This one strike was sure to take Zhang Ruochen's life!

Just as Zi Yinyang's strike was about to reach Zhang Ruochen, space warped a little, and the point of the sword sliced past Zhang Ruochen's left cheek.

"Damn it!"

Zi Yinyang's face changed and he moved to change his strike, however, Zhang Ruochen struck his chest first.

Given Zhang Ruochen's current strength, he could punch through half a meter of iron with one finger.


Zi Yinyang's armor glowed red, and when Zhang Ruochen's finger struck against the armor, there was a loud noise and ripples of energy flowed out.

"He actually blocked it?"

Zhang Ruochen didn't want to give Zi Yinyang a moment of respite. Genuine Qi surged through the 36 Meridians in his body and he switched his finger to a palm before striking against Zi Yinyang's chest.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

He fired off 12 strikes in rapid succession.

Zi Yinyang retreated with each strike.

With the last strike, Zi Yinyang flew back.

Zi Yinyang's cultivation was very solid. He sustained 12 hits from ZHang Ruochen and was still able to steady himself. Landing on the ground, he put a hand over his chest and spat out a mouthful of blood.

All the veins in his body stood out in sharp relief, his eyes were red, yet his battle lust became even stronger. In a cold voice he said, "What was the martial technique you used? If it weren't for the fact the sword tip went crooked, you would be dead right now."

Zhang Ruochen stood opposite him with a shallow cut on his cheek which dripped with warm blood.

He cursed silently. Just now he had used all his strength in the 12 strikes, even his arm ached, yet he was still unable to crush Zi Yinyang.

He was living up to the reputation of being one of the top seven young prodigies in the black market. His strength was incredible.

Zi Yinyang was alert now. Even if Zhang Ruochen used the space power again, it might not be effective.

How was he to do battle now?

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Chang Qiqi and saw that he was only heavily injured. He hadn't yet died from that strike. However, his injuries were grievous and if not attended to quickly by a doctor he could easily die.


Zhang Ruochen flew in and hoisted Chang Qiqi onto his back before flying out again. Passing through the giant hole above the Coliseum of the Martial Market, he landed on top of it.

The Coliseum of the Martial Market was 80 meters tall. Standing on top of it, much of Yunwu City was visible.

"Given the height of the Coliseum in addition to the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon, I should be five kilometers away when I land. That should be enough to escape the sealed area the black market and the Moon Worship Demonic Sect has created."

When his Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon was at Small Success, Zhang Ruochen could cover have 500 meters in nine steps.

Now that his Shadow of the Wind Dragon had reached perfection, he was even more powerful.

Zhang Ruochen carried Chang Qiqi on his back. All of the Genuine Qi in his body surged and created a gust of Genuine Qi wind.


Zhang Ruochen rushed out. The Genuine Qi around him took on the shape of a dragon flying through the void space. Each time he took a step, that dragon would move forward hundreds of meters.

Zi Yinyang followed Zhang Ruochen to the top of the Coliseum. Glancing at the retreating figure of Zhang Ruochen he said, "He has a powerful technique."

Without pause, Zi Yinyang pushed off from the wall and rushed to the ground. Looking in the direction Zhang Ruochen had gone in, he ran at a speed of 180 meters per second to quickly catch up.


After nine steps, Zhang Ruochen landed on the ground. His feet shattered the stones, and penetrated the ground up to his knees.

The royal palace was not far from his current position.

He would be safe as long as he made it to the palace. It wasn't like Zi Yinyang would be able to slaughter his way in.

However, just as Zhang Ruochen was about to head out, his steps froze as his gaze alighted on the Young Lord of the Poisonous Spider, Hua Qingshan.

"Haha! I have waited a long time for you!"

The Young Lord of Poisonous Spiders held a machete in his hands and the ghost of a smile hovered over his lips, "Just as I thought, you are the mysterious prodigy Chen Ruo. You didn't let me down, your majesty."

Zhang Ruochen stood in the middle of the street and his gaze was sharp, "I don't even know what you're talking about!"

"You know perfectly well what I'm talking about." the Young Lord smiled, "Right now, you have two paths. One, you go with me, and you have a chance of survival."

"Two, you can wait until Zi Yinyang catches up. At that time, you will die for sure. Think carefully before you decide."

Zhang Ruochen replied, "I have never liked walking a path someone else has chosen for me."

The Young Lord's face darkened, "Then death is your only option."

A long howl came from behind.

Zi Yinyang had caught up. He landed on top of an ancient building behind Zhang Ruochen. Hefting his bloody sword, he stood ramrod straight and looked like a life-stealing Asura.

"Qing Huashan, Zhang Ruochen's life is mine!" Zi Yinyang said coldly.

The Young Lord smiled and said, "It is only a head, if you want it then naturally I will not quibble with you. However, Zhang Ruochen is very cunning. Although he has only just broken into the Earth Realm, he has many tricks up his sleeve. Brother Zi, you should be careful!"

The Young Lord flew up and landed on the tallest nearby structure. He appeared to be only observing, but he was in a position to monitor the situation. Regardless of which direction Zhang Ruochen fled, he would be able to catch up and kill him quickly.

Under the gaze of two master warriors, Zhang Ruochen's chances of escaping were very slim.

Furthermore, Zhang Ruochen sensed, with Space Domain, that there were nearly a hundred evil warriors waiting in ambush in the surrounding hundreds of meters. All his escape routes were firmly sealed.

Zhang Ruochen had twice escaped from the Young Lord's hands, and this had taught him plenty of caution. This time, he was determined to succeed and had left nothing to chance.

"He just broke into the Earth Realm?"

Zi Yinyang was doubtful. After all, the power Zhang Ruochen displayed earlier was stronger than many warriors at the Completion of the Earth Realm. How could he have just broken into the Earth Realm?

The Young Lord laughed, "I had someone look into his background. At least four months ago, he was still at the Completion of the Black Realm."

"Then he must die today."

The gaze Zi Yinyang trained on Zhang Ruochen grew even colder and heavier.