Chapter 219: Aggressive

 Chapter 219: Aggressive

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The beautiful woman standing next to Zhang Tiangui took a glance at Zhang Ruochen and the Ninth Commandery Princess, and said with a smile, "It turns out to be two lovers meeting in the garden. Looks like we came without warning and interrupted them."

The Sixth Prince let out a cold snort, bowed to that beautiful woman, and said, "Miss Han Qiu, they are not lovers, but brother and sister, the Ninth Commandery Princess and the Ninth Prince of Yunwu Commandery."

Han Qiu, the daughter of the Master of Yuntai Suzerain, was also one of the ten beauties in Omen Ridge. Not only did she have a pretty face, she also had a great talent.

This time, Han Qiu only came to visit the palace because of Zhang Tiangui's personal invitation.

In Yuntai Suzerain, Zhang Tiangui and Han Qiu were known as the golden couple. Many thought they would definitely be together in the future, and become the next pillar of Yuntai Suzerain.

"The Ninth Prince." A look of surprise could be seen in Han Qiu's beautiful eyes. She peered at Zhang Ruochen and said, "Is he that genius, the Ninth Prince?"

"Miss Han Qiu, yes, he is." The Six Prince bowed to Han Qiu with his face almost touching the ground. With a hint of flattery, he said, "Although the ninth brother is a genius, but compared with Miss Han Qiu and the seventh brother, there is still a large gap."

As a prince, he saluted to others like a servant.

Seeing the way the Sixth Prince acted, the Ninth Commandery Princess felt very disgusted.

Han Qiu smiled and said, "It is said that the Ninth Prince is the top one in Western Campus of the School of the Martial Market. He still stands out amongst others though he could not compare to the eldest brother. Yunwu Commandery has two talented princes at the same time, it's easy to imagine its rise in the future."

In Han Qiu's eyes, Zhang Tiangui deserved to be the top one in 36 commanderies in Omen Ridge. Even if Zhang Ruochen's performance was outstanding, he could not beat Zhang Tiangui.

This was the first time Zhang Tiangui met Zhang Ruochen and he was a bit surprised too.

He had actually met this ninth brother for a few times, but none left a deep impression on him. He only remembered that he looked ill all the time, and always trailed behind Lin Ningshan as he really liked her.

He never thought that just after a few years, the once sickly ninth brother had grown up. He was handsome, full of spirit and had an unparalleled charisma. There were no signs of illness anymore.

"Zhang Ruochen, since you have met the Seventh Brother and Miss Han Qiu, shouldn't you come and salute to them? Do you really think that you have great cultivation, then you can look down on elders?" the Third Prince scolded harshly.

He was defeated in the hands of Zhang Ruochen and his heart was full of resentment. But he could not do anything to Zhang Ruochen. So, he could only suppress Zhang Ruochen's arrogance with the help from Zhang Tiangui and Han Qiu indirectly.

Zhang Ruochen walked over, cupped his hand and said, "Brother, Miss Han Qiu, if there is nothing else, I'm leaving!"

Zhang Ruochen had no good feelings about Zhang Tiangui.

Knowing well that his ninth brother liked Lin Ningshan, he agreed to the engagement with Lin Ningshan and was ready to receive her as his concubine. Zhang Ruochen was not willing to make friends with such person. Calling him Brother was already a great respect for him.

Moreover, Lin Chenyu went to the black market to hire a killer to assassinate Zhang Ruochen. Zhang Ruochen suspected that Zhang Tiangui was behind this assassination. After all, Zhang Ruochen and Lin Chenyu had no direct conflict of interest. There was simply no need for Lin Chenyu to spend so much money killing him.

"Ninth brother, why are you hurrying to leave? We are blood brothers and haven't met for years. You are leaving right after we meet, how disappointing is that?" Zhang Tiangui smiled, shot a glance at Lin Ningshan who was standing behind and said, "Ningshan, you should talk to the ninth brother. I remember he listened to you well when he was young."

Lin Ningshan gently tapped her lips, looked at Zhang Tiangui with slight awe and sighed inwardly. She walked out and said, "Cousin, all the princes and Young Geniuses in Yuntai Suzerain gather here talking about how to deal with the black market and the Moon Worship Demonic Sect. You are a student of the School of the Martial Market, and also the eldest brother in the Western Campus. Don't you want to join the discussion?"

Zhang Ruochen had just broken through into the Earth Realm one month ago. The news had yet to be spread out. Everyone only thought that his cultivation was just at the stage of the Completion of the Black Realm and he was still an external student. Lin Ningshan could not have possibly known that Zhang Ruochen had already reached the Mid Stage of the Earth Realm.

Before Zhang Ruochen could reply, the Third Prince said with a smile, "Right, ninth brother, the heretics in the black market and the Moon Worship Demonic Sect did all kinds of evil things and they should be eradicated as soon as possible." I heard that not long ago your fiancee, the Commandery Princess Yanchen had been captured by the Evil Warrior of the black market and was locked away in the Earth Blaze City. A top talent from the School of the Martial Market broke into the Earth Blaze City and rescued her. I wonder where they are now?"

The Sixth Prince said, "I'm curious too. The Commandery Princess Yanchen was caught and the entire Yunwu Commandery was agog with rumors. Everyone knew about it. Where were you hiding at that time?"

"What do you mean by where he was hiding? Sixth brother, your words are too mean." the Ninth Commandery Princess said angrily.

The Fifth Prince, too, stepped out and said, "Ninth Sister, you are wrong. It is true that Commandery Princess Yanchen is ninth brother's fiancee. But the genius Chen Ruo risked his life to break into Earth Blaze City and narrowly escaped death before he rescued Commandery Princess Yanchen. Seventh brother also rushed to the Earth Blaze City and wanted to help Ninth brother to rescue her when he heard the news."

"But ninth brother, where were you at that moment? I think you were too scared to break into the Earth Blaze City, so you hid away. A man like that is not even qualified to help carry Chen Ruo's shoes. I think it's better for him to break off the engagement with Commandery Princess sooner, so Chen Ruo and Commandery Princess Yanchen can be together. Don't waste Commandery Princess Yanchen's time."

The Fifth Prince's words were straightforward and too close to the bone. Obviously, he did not care about the disciples of the Yuntai Suzerain who were also there.

It was conceivable that these remarks from today would soon spread out and became a joke material for the warriors in Yunwu City to mock Zhang Ruochen.

Knowing that this came from the Fifth Prince who was his blood brother, it was enough to make Zhang Ruochen lose all his standing and reputation.

The disciples of the Yuntai Suzerain stood at the back and jeered in a low voice. Strange gleams appeared in their eyes as they looked at Zhang Ruochen.

The Ninth Commandery Princess was furious. If Zhang Ruochen had not stopped her, she would have gone and beaten the Fifth Prince, the Third Prince, and the Sixth Prince up.

Zhang Tiangui's cultivation was so powerful that even the martial arts legends of the Heaven Realm were not his opponent. Zhang Ruochen did not want to involve the Ninth Commandery Princess in this mess so as not to harm her.

It was not easy for Zhang Tiangui to deal with Zhang Ruochen. But if he wanted to harm the Ninth Commandery Princess, he only needed to use some means, and the Ninth Commandery Princess would die quietly.

Zhang Ruochen stepped forward calmly and said, "Fifth brother, how did you know that I haven't been to the Earth Blaze City?"

The Fifth Prince curled his lip and said with a sneer, "Have you been to the Earth Blaze City? How come I know nothing about it?"

"Your cultivation is too low and you are not familiar with the Martial World, of course, it is only natural that you don't know a lot of things."

The Fifth Prince's expression suddenly flickered.

Zhang Ruochen said, "After I was back in the Yunwu City, I have met with elder brother Chen Ruo. He is with senior sister apprentice Duanmu now. As for the Commandery Princess Yanchen, she should have gone back to the Yunwu City too. Fifth brother, you are not qualified to judge our matters in the School of the Martial Market."

The Fifth Prince felt a little bit angry and said, "Ninth Brother, you can't talk to your brother like this. I admit that my cultivation is inferior to yours. But you are too arrogant! Do you really think that you are already invincible among the younger generation?"

The Fifth Prince obviously wanted to drag those disciples in Yuntai Suzerain into this and used them to suppress Zhang Ruochen.

After all, it was not easy to carry the title of invincible in the younger generation. Even Zhang Tiangui did not dare to boast himself like that, but The Fifth Prince deliberately put the name on Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen was not originally planning to argue about the things in the past. But he did not expect them to push things over the edge, even a mud man had a temper too. Besides, Zhang Ruochen was no mud man to be manipulated by others.

Moreover, the Fifth Prince's remark was a devastating criticism. Once it was out in the open, it would put Zhang Ruochen at a disadvantage.

"The Fifth Prince, if you talk nonsense again, I will not spare you easily." Zhang Ruochen's eyes gave off an icing air and were sharp like swords.

Meeting Zhang Ruochen's eyes, the Fifth Prince's eyes hurt as if they were stabbed by a needle. Everything went pitch black in his head and he almost fainted.

Zhang Tiangui put one of his hands on the shoulders of the Fifth Prince and infused a stream of Genuine Qi into his body. At the same time, he gave Zhang Ruochen a look of reproach and said, "Ninth brother, after all, Fifth brother is our elder brother, even if he offends you with his remarks, you shouldn't be so cruel to him. His cultivation is just at the Completion of the Yellow Realm. How can he withstand your power? If you really want to vent your anger, you can take it out on me. I will not fight back."

"Eldest brother, what are you saying? You are already wounded, let the junior fellow apprentice take this for you."

A disciple of the Yuntai Suzerain stepped out, stood in front of Zhang Ruochen and said with such great conviction, "The Ninth Prince, if you are really angry because of the things happened to Commandery Princess Yanchen, you can take it out on me, please don't make things difficult for the eldest brother."

Looking at those hypocrites, Ninth Commandery Princess's body was trembling with rage. If Zhang Ruochen did hurt him, what would they say?

They would definitely say that Zhang Ruochen was furious over the things between Commandery Princess Yanchen and Chen Ruo. Not only did he hurt his own elder brother, but also the disciple of the Yuntai Suzerain who came to stop the fight.

The Third Prince, the Fifth Prince, and the Sixth prince could surely do such act of twisting the truth.

"Ninth brother, don't stop me, let me teach them a lesson," Ninth Commandery Princess said.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head. He clearly knew that Zhang Tiangui did that on purpose to test him.

Obviously, Zhang Tiangui had started to doubt him, and even suspected that he really was Chen Ruo.

Even if Ninth Commandery Princess stepped in to stop Zhang Tiangui now, he would certainly find another chance to test him again.

If that was the case, there was no need to involve the Ninth Commandery Princess in this.