Chapter 208: Zhang Tiangui, The Seventh Prince

 Chapter 208: Zhang Tiangui, The Seventh Prince

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Hua Minggong nodded his head and said, "I'll have someone to check. I must know the identity of the mysterious teenager who has the ability to control the power of space."

Hua Minggong looked at Hua Qingshan with appreciation in his eyes.

Although Hua Qingshan was a bit of a rebel, Hua Minggong was quite satisfied that his only son was not only extremely talented, but also extraordinary intelligent.

For those incredible prodigies, weren't they all rebels?

In the black market, no one could truly be a hero if he was not sinister and rebellious enough.

"He has become quite a celebrity among the thirty-six commanderies in the Omen Ridge, despite the fact that he is no older than thirty now. He can definitely be counted as a top prodigy among the younger generation. Some day when his cultivation reaches the Heaven Realm, he will be a legendary figure in Martial Arts." Hua Minggong thought to himself, with his previous anger flung to the four winds.

All of a sudden, Hua Minggong said with a serious look on his face, "Quickly search for Commandery Princess Yanchen and that mysterious teenager. If we can't find them within three days, we will leave for Yunwu City and make a new plan."

Hua Qingshan hummed coldly and said, "We have the Red Spider Vessel. Even if masters from Qianshui Commandery, the School of the Martial Market and Yunwu Commandery come here, we will not fear them."

"The reason why the black market got its name is that we can hide in the dark so that the power of the School of the Martial Market and the official power cannot beat us. But now the Earth Blaze City has exposed itself, which will certainly render it a target attacked by all parties. When Qianshui Commandery is involved, even the Red Spider Vessel cannot protect us." said Hua Minggong.

Despite of his arrogance, Hua Qingshan knew how to judge the situation. Thus he nodded his head and said, "Alright! We should spare no efforts to find them in three days. If we can't find them, we must go back to Yunwu City then."

Hua Minggong said, "Yunwu City is the final battle stage. Top masters from both the School of the Martial Market and Moon Worship Demonic Sect will gather there. If we go back to Yunwu City, the Moon Worship Demonic Sect will naturally share our burdens."

In the following three days, the Tarantula Chamber of Commerce sent out all its warrors to search for Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen in the Earth Blaze City. But they found nothing.

On the other hand, the news came that Yunwu Commandery Prince had dispatched eighty thousand soldiers led by Wan Chengchong, the head of the troops, to the Earth Blaze City. It looked as if they were going to invade the city.

Ordered by the Elders of the School, the first master among the Internal Academy of the School of the Martial Market, Si Xingkong, also left the Devil Martial City and reached Yunwu Commandery with the Half-saint's Blood Book. The destination of his travels was the Earth Blaze City as well.

Si Xingkong was a master on the list of the Earth Board. As a representative of the younger generation, his power ranked first in the thirty-six commanderies of the Omen Ridge. He had even managed to kill warriors in the Heaven Realm. This time, since he brought the Half-saint's Blood Book, it looked as though he meant to use it to repress the Red Spider Vessel.

Although he had the reputation as the top prodigy in the thirty-six commanderies of the Omen Ridge, the Seventh Prince of Yunwu Commandery Zhang Tiangui, was still too young to be able to match Si Xingkong in strength.

Meanwhile, two legends of martial arts in the Heaven Realm from Qianshui Commandery also came to the Earth Blaze City with nine-class Genuine Martial Arms.

Threatened by all these parties, Hua Minggong and Hua Qingshan had to flee from the Earth Blaze City with the Red Spider Vessel.


In the forest, a troop of generals and soldiers in armor rode their horses to the lakeside of the Fog-hidden Lake.

The leaves had all fallen and the flying birds disappeared in the winter days. The only sound that could be heard was that from those heavy iron heels.

Wan Chengchong, waering red armor, rode on a armored beast 10 meters high. He gazed across the fog filled lake with thunder in his eyes and awed all with his presence.

"General, the Red Spider Vessel has driven out of the Fog-hidden Lake. It looks like Hua Minggong wants to flee. Should we chase after them or not?" A spirited soldier reported.

Wan Chengchong shook his head and said, "What Hua Minggong is driving is the Red Spider Vessel. We if they want to run away we will be unable to stop them. However, as the School of the Martial Market and Qianshui Commandery are both rushing to finish him, it will, of course, not be easy for him to get away."

"Then what's our purpose for coming to the Earth Blaze City?" The soldier asked.

Wan Chengchong replied, "Now that Hua Minggong has fled, other parties from the black market will escape from the Earth Blaze City as well. Our mission is to catch the heretics from the black markets in the Earth Blaze City in one fell swoop. None of them can escape our grasp. That is the only way the Commandery Prince can satisfy the Qianshui Commandery. Or if Commandery Princess Yanchen is caught by the black market in the territory of Yunwu Commandery, we cannot shoulder this responsibility."

"I see," replied Han Qiu.

Wan Chengchong said with a solemn look, "What I wish now is that Commandery Princess Yanchen is still safe. I cannot bear to think about the consequences."

"Hasn't Commandery Princess Yanchen already been saved by someone?" The soldier asked.

Wan Chengchong glared at him and said, "Who has personally seen that? It is only when Commandery Princess Yanchen is found that we can make sure she is free from danger."


A soldier who had reached the Black Realm by horse stopped about thirty meters away. He leapt off the horse, went to Wan Chengchong and got down on one knee. "Commander, the Seventh Prince has arrived." he reported.

"The Seventh Prince?"

With seriousness in his eyes, Wan Chengchong said, "Hasn't the Seventh Prince secluding himself for refining in the Yuntai Suzerain? Why did he come here so suddenly? Where is he now?"

"Lingyue Town." The soldier answered.

"Everything here is up to you now. Any heretics from the black market of the Earth Blaze City who escape from the Fog-hidden Lake should be killed without exception." there was a grim look on Wan Chengchong's face. Even though he did not know the reason why the Seventh Prince had suddenly come back, he must go and greet him at once.

Wan Chengchong came to the Lingyue Town and saw the Seventh Prince very quickly.

Zhang Tiangui, the Seventh Prince, stood at the entrance of the town with his hands crossed behind him. He looked about twenty years old. Wearing a purple robe, he had bright eyes with graceful eyebrows and a tall and straight figure.

Even such a casual stance could have great presence.

The soldiers around him could hardly bear the pressure from him. All of them kneeled on the ground and feared to rise their heads.

"No wonder he is the top prodigy among the thirty six commanderies in the Omen Ridge. Even I feel a bit pressured around him. How has he been able to reach such a high level within such a short period of time?" Wan Chengchong stared at Zhang Tiangui from a distance, and then went to his side. He greeted Zhang Tiangui with left palm on right fist and said, "Greetings, Seventh Prince."

Zhang Tiangui immediately greeted him as well. He held up Wan Chengchong's hands and smiled warmly at him, "Uncle Wan, you're a legend of martial arts in the Heaven Realm. And you're also my father's man. My father will certainly never forgive me when I get back to Yunwu City if he finds out you knelt in front of me."

Wan Chengchong stood up and looked again at Zhang Tiangui, only to find that he was already ten steps away from him. He was a bit astonished and said, "With his present martial cultivation, the Seventh Prince can even be enrolled into the Earth Board."

All those powerful warriors on the Earth Board had the strength to fight against the legends of martial arts in the Heaven Realm. One must know that Zhang Tiangui was just over twenty years old. It would be breaking news if he entered into the Earth Board at such a young age.

Zhang Tiangui laughed and said, "Indeed I've entered into the Earth Board. But I still have a long way to go compared with Uncle Wan."

"Why have you come to Lingyue Town, Seventh Prince?" Wan Chengchong asked seriously.

Zhang Tiangui answered, "I heard that the fiancee of my ninth brother was caught in Lingyue Town by the heretics from the black market and imprisoned in the Earth Blaze City. I was quite worried. So I ended my seclusion and came here to help my ninth brother save his fiancee. However, when I reached Lingyue Town, I heard that the Commandery Princess Yanchen had already been saved by someone else. How fortunate!"

"The heretics from the black market are arrogant enough that they dared to imprision the fiancee of prince. If we don't beat them severely, how can the Royal Family keep their dignity? Uncle Wan, you must catch those evil warriors this time and avenge my ninth brother. If you ever need me, I will follow your orders."

Wan Chengchong knew clearly that the Seventh Prince didn't have a good relationship with the Ninth Prince at all. How could he end his secluding only for the purpose of saving the Commandery Princess Yanchen?

Suddenly, Zhang Tiangui said, "Next month will be the Ceremony of Worship. It is said that my dad is going to designate the Prince on it. Do you know something about it, Uncle Wan?"

Wan Chengchong realized the reason why Zhang Tiangui returned to Yunwu Commandery. His aim was the title of the Prince.

Top geniuses like Zhang Tiangui would by no means stay in Yunwu Commandery in the future.

Nevertheless, the title of Crown Prince of Yunwu Commandery was important, as the Crown Prince could succeed the Baron of Yunwu Commandery.

Even if the Commandery Prince was an inferior-class or a medium-class , or even a superior-class, they could only get their identities from a Baron of Empress Chi Yao of the First Central Empire.

Once they got their identities as a Baron, a lot of advantages would be given to them. And much more convenience in the pratice of martial arts would be provided for them.

Therefore, what Zhang Tiangui really cared about was the title of Baron, instead of the position as Yunwu Commandery Prince.

Had things been as they were before, the Crown Prince of Yunwu Commandery would no doubt be Zhang Tiangui.

But there suddenly came the Ninth Prince, Zhang Ruochen, who was even supported by Qianshui Commandery. Then it's hard to say who would get the title of the Prince in the end!

Did Zhang Tiangui come to the Earth Blaze City so urgently only to save Commandery Princess Yanchen?

"Of course not!"

If Wan Chengchong guessed it correctly, Zhang Tiangui came here actually to assassinate Commandery Princess Yanchen.

If Commandey Princess Yanchen died, Zhang Ruochen would natually lose the support from Qianshui Commandery. At that time, how could he contend for the title of Crown Prince?

"The Commandery Prince is going to designate the Crown Prince? I didn't hear about that." Wan Chengchong shook his head and said, "The Black Market, Moon Worship Demonic Sect and the School of the Martial Market are now bothering the Yunwu Commandery. All the Commandery Prince's efforts are concentrated on solving the problem. He can't designate the Crown Prince at such a time."

"I was just asking out of curiousity, why are you so nervous?"

Zhang Tiangui smiled and said, "Now that Commandery Princess Yanchen has been rescued, I'm just wondering where she is now and whether she is safe or not."

"We're not sure. Probably she is still trapped in the Earth Blaze City." Wan Chengchong said.

"We're not sure. She is probably still trapped in the Earth Blaze City." Wan Chengchong said.

Zhang Tiangui farewelled Wan Chengchong with left palm on right fist, then he left Lingyue Town towards the direction of Fog-hidden Lake with two junior fellow apprentices from Yuntai Suzerain.