Chapter 207: The Space Power

 Chapter 207: The Space Power

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Zhang Ruochen took back the remedy pills and sat cross-legged opposite Commandery Princess Yanchen. He stared at her. She was arrogant but straight-forward and frank.

After meditating for a moment, Zhang Ruochen said to her, "I have had some adventures, found treasures and gained exercise books. But I don't have any other identities, nor did I deliberately approach you. I am the Ninth Prince of Yunwu Commandery. Even if you investigate me you will find nothing except that I am the Ninth Prince."

To Zhang Ruochen, his identity as Emperor Ming's son in his previous lifetime had faded.

Seeing Zhang Ruochen's so unperturbed, Huang Yanchen started to calm down. She rolled her eyes at him and asked, "How many secrets did you end up hiding from me?"

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, "Everybody in the world, including you, has unspoken secrets. Why do you ask me to tell you my secrets when you hide your own?"

Huang Yanchen curled her lips and couldn't reconcile herself to stop asking questions, "Have you practiced martial techniques that could control space?"

"No comment," said Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen had been forced to wield the power of Space Domain. He wouldn't have escaped from Hua Qingshan's grip otherwise, given his current cultivation.

Of course, at that time he had worn a mask so that Hua Qingshan wouldn't know who he was.

Now nobody knew he could control space except Huang Yanchen.

She gazed at him coldly and ground her teeth ceaselessly, "Don't be so mean! I won't let you teach me."

"Even if I teach you, you won't be able to learn!"

Zhang Ruochen stopped talking to Huang Yanchen. He began to study the 12 elixir bottles placed in order on the ground. They had all been refined by Blackie and filled with pills. Blackie had left them in the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel.

He lifted the lid of one bottle and a cold icy gas escaped. The ground beneath the center of the elixir bottle quickly turned to ice.

"Icing Meridian Pill!"

He put the lid back on the bottle and lifted another one to check inside.

Six of them were filled with Icing Meridian Pills. Two contained Wind Meridian Pills, three bottles were filled with Fire Meridian Pills and one held Electric Meridian Pills.

Each had eight pills inside.

As he held it in his hand, Zhang Ruochen could hear the sound of thunderbolts, even though its lid was shut.

"I didn't know that Blackie successfully refined the Electric Meridian Pill. I underestimated him," Zhang Ruochen thought, smiling.

But where did he collect the raw materials?

Suddenly, Duanmu Xingling came to his mind.

It made sense that Duanmu Xingling would have bought the materials for Blackie and supported him. She knew he had the ability to refine the Icing Meridian Pill.

"You mean all these pills were made by that animal?" Huang Yanchen was shocked. She couldn't believe it.

Zhang Ruochen replied honestly, "Yes, he did."

He took out the remedy pill again and passed it to Huang Yanchen. She accepted it without reluctance this time. But she frowned slightly when she saw that it was merely a third-class remedy pill.

If her Storage Ring containing many fourth-class remedy pills hadn't been taken away, she wouldn't have had any interest in this third-class pill.

However, her Storage Ring had been taken away after getting caught. She had no choice but to take the third-class pill with contempt.

Huang Yanchen felt a surge of heartache when she thought of her Storage Ring. She had hidden practice resources worth millions of silver coins. Moreover, the Storage Ring itself was an invaluable treasure.treasure.

Taking her current injury and taking four products to heal the medicine, it only takes half a day to heal the injury.

But with the third-class pill, it would take at least three days.

After swallowing the pill, she started to wield the Genuine Qi in her body, refine the pill and heal her injuries.

As for Zhang Ruochen, he had no need to take remedy pills for his injuries as they were not serious. In addition, he could change the condition of his injuries by using his Genuine Qi.

The Tarantula Chamber of Commerce must be looking for them. The safest place to hide was in the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel. If they were to leave, they might be found by the Tarantula Chamber of Commerce. After all, the Earth Blaze City was a territory of the black market.

"Masters of the School of the Martial Market and Qianshui Commandery are likely to rush to the Earth Blaze City shortly. Even the Yunwu Commandery will send straong men to handle the Tarantula Chamber of Commerce. Now senior sister apprentice Huang is my fiancée, and it is putting a strain on the friendship between Yunwu Commandery and Qianshui Commandery. If an accident were to happen to senior sister apprentice Huang, the Qianshui Commandery Prince would surely blame the Yunwu Commandery Prince."

"If senior sister apprentice Huang had still been imprisoned in the Tarantula Chamber of Commerce, none would have dared to act rashly. However, I rescued her. Will the Tarantula Chamber of Commerce withstand the siege of masters from all sides now that they've lost their bargaining chip?"

Therefore, Zhang Ruochen should do nothing except wait patiently. Somebody would handle the Tarantula Chamber of Commerce.

"I can take this opportunity to enhance my cultivation."

Zhang Ruochen knew very clearly that martial cultivation was his biggest weakness at the moment.

Although the martial cultivation of the Initial Stage of the Earth Realm was much greater than that of other young warriors, there was still a huge gap to the Ten Prodigies of the Omen Ridge and the Seven Young Masters of the Black Market.

With one hand holding the bottle of Electric Meridian Pills, and the other holding the Fire Meridian Pill, Zhang Ruochen pondered for a moment. Finally, he opened the elixir bottle of Fire Meridian Pills and put the other one on the ground.

When he opened the bottle, a plume of red flame escaped from inside.


He poured out a Fire Meridian Pill, placing it in the palm of his hand. The surface of the pill burned, and it emitted a boiling heat.

In the Internal Academy, a single Fire Meridian Pill was worth 200 merits.

It might be double on the outside, at least 400,000 silver coins. Average princes and princesses could not even buy them in large quantities.

Zhang Ruochen chose the Fire Meridian Pill rather than the Electric Meridian Pill because he was practicing the third level of Scripture of Emperor Ming's Empyrean, "Tai Qing Spiritual Fire Sky".

The Fire Meridian Pill could help him advance his cultivation.

He took a Fire Meridian Pill. It felt like a mass of flames in his body. His skin turned completely crimson and looked like red-hot iron.


Earth Blaze City, Tarantula Chamber of Commerce.

When Hua Minggong was informed that Huang Yanchen had been rescued by others, he became very angry and felt an urge to kill Hua Qingshan.


Hua Minggong's palm shattered a ten-meter-high rockery into pieces off in the distance. His hair stood on end and he said wrathfully, "If you were not my one and only son, I would destroy you right now. I warned you not to touch Commandery Princess Yanchen, but you didn't listen. This time you caused a great deal of trouble and now even I can't protect you."

The Tarantula Chamber of Commerce's force influenced all of the Omen Ridge's 36 commanderies. In the Tarantula Chamber of Commerce there were 36 chief directors. Hua Minggong was merely one in the Yunwu Commandery.

Originally, he had intended to make a contribution to the Tarantula Chamber of Commerce by capturing Commandery Princess Yanchen. He could even bargain with the Qianshui Commandery Prince in order to tap into the black market of Qianshui Commandery.

However it had failed to succeed, which put the Tarantula Chamber of Commerce into an absolutely passive dilemma.

The news had spread that Commandery Princess Yanchen had been rescued. Now, the School of the Martial Market, Qianshui Commandery, and Yunwu Commandery would definitely seek revenge on the Tarantula Chamber of Commerce.

Hua Qingshan seemed relaxed and did not fear his father at all because he knew that his father would never hurt him.

Hua Qingshan said, "I never expected that a mysterious teenage master who could control space power would rescue her."

Hua Minggong calmed down and asked, "Are you sure he could control space power?"

"Of course," Hua Qingshan replied.

Hua Minggong frowned. He didn't believe anybody in the world could control space power. "Space power has always been just a legend. In history, only two or three legendary figures could wield it. And they had the ability to rule countries and were even venerated by Saints."

Hua Qingshan smiled, took a jade ring out and handed it to Hua Minggong. "Father, if you do not believe me, look at this ring."

Hua Minggong's face changed. Taking the jade ring, he input his Genuine Qi into it and found the internal space immediately.

" Treasure..." Even though he had already been a Heaven Realm strength, Hua Minggong was greatly shocked.

Hua Qingshan said, "I found it on the Commandery Princess Yanchen. Now do you believe that the young man could control space power?"

Hua Minggong's eyes lit up. "If we tell this news to the chairman, he will let us make up for our mistake. An amazing person who can control space power is more valuable than Commandery Princess Yanchen."

Hua Qingshan revealed a sardonic smile and said lowly, "Father, why do we have to report it to the chairman?"

"What do you mean?" asked Hua Minggong.

Standing up, Hua Qingshan said, "The cultivation of that juvenile was moderate, at most the Dawn State of the Earth Realm. If we can catch him and interrogate him about the space power secret, we can learn how to control space power. After that, why should we remain loyal to the chairman when we could become chairmen ourselves?"

Hua Minggong also had some emotions and said: "But we do not know the true identity of that mysterious teenager.

"Yes, it will!"

Hua Qingshan smiled, staring at the jade space ring and said, "Since the mysterious teenager presented this precious ring to Commandery Princess Yanchen, he must have a very uncommon relationship with her. Maybe he is a student at the School of the Martial Market as well."

"Very few students of the Internal Academy of the School of the Martial Market could match me. We can eliminate many of them."

"There are even fewer students who have a good relationship with Commandery Princess Yanchen. Additionally, the Earth Realm warriors who are under 20 years old are further less. It will be easy to find him using these three criterias."