Chapter 206: Escape the Siege

 Chapter 206: Escape the Siege

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"You can only leave the Poisonous Spider Lair with the permission of the Poisonous Spider Lord."

Hua Qingshan sneered coldly and activated all his Genuine Qi. He was covered in a shroud of purple gas, and then he stretched out his hand to attack.

"Heart-breaking Palm! "

Zhang Ruochen's eyes went sharp and he activated his Blood Meridian Power.

A Divine-Stage Blood Wave of nine meters in diameter formed under his feet. Zhang Ruochen raised a blood pillar and wrapped himself in the center.


Nine blood swords appeared to spin around Zhang Ruochen. The sharp ends aligned to point downwards.

Zhang Ruochen flicked one finger, and the nine swords merged to attack Hua Qingshan.


The Sword Breath and the Palm Strike crashed together.

The powerful collision sent Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen flying backward. Their bodies smashed through the banister and fell off the roof to the ground.

Hua Qingshan's palm had been pierced by the great Sword Breath. His whole hand would have been damaged if he had not activated the Blood Meridian power to block some of the Sword Breath's onslaught.

"Blood-condensed Nine Swords"

Hua Qingshan stared at his bleeding hand with wild eyes. He was outraged. He chased the fleeing Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen, then pulled up with a sneer. "There's an Imprisoning Formation Inscription around the building. It's easier in than out. You two can't escape!"

Huang Yanchen knew better than anybody else about the power of the Imprisoning Formation Inscription. She warned her protector. "Zhang Ruochen, the Imprisoning Formation Inscription is quite powerful. We may get serious injuries if we take the hard way."

Hua Qingshan supposed that Zhang Ruochen had no way to break the array and escape, so he didn't worry at all. He laughed with ease. "Her Majesty was right," he said. "Only warriors of the Heaven Realm could break the Imprisoning Formation Inscription. Boy, since you could block my Heart-Breaking Palm, you must have some talent. I'll consider sparing your life if you're willing to surrender and be my slave."

Zhang Ruochen held Huang Yanchen's slender waist with one hand, with the Ancient Abyss Sword in the other. He squinted at Hua Qingshan and asked, "Is there another way?"

"Of course!"

Hua Qingshan chuckled. "First, hand over District Princess Yanchen. Then, kneel down and kowtow to me three times, and then destroy your cultivation willingly. In that case, I'll let you live."

"What if I choose a third option?" Zhang Ruochen said.

"There's no third option," Hua Qingshan remarked sullenly.

"Let me show you my third option."

Zhang Ruochen approached the Imprisoning Formation Inscription with an intricate and unique dance of footwork.

Huang Yanchen's expression changed. She grasped Zhang Ruochen's chest with her snow-white fingers and asked, "Are you crazy?"

"You must not understand death or danger if you are actually trying to break the Imprisoning Formation Inscription." Hua Qingshan sneered cruelly. He thought that Zhang Ruochen was asking for death.

Right in front of the Imprisoning Formation Inscription, Zhang Ruochen suddenly waved his arm. The space in front of him split with a sound like a tearing seam.

He had opened a foot-long crack in space.

A strong whirlwind formed automatically around the opening and began to absorb everything near it, including the air, the stones, and the inscriptions.

In only a moment, the crack had absorbed a large area of array inscriptions around it and formed a small portal.

Space cracks only appeared for a moment and then disappeared immediately.


Zhang Ruochen's calculations were quite accurate. He never slowed as he grabbed Princess Huang Yanchen and pulled her through the portal.


Hua Qingshan's exploded with anger. He could not figure out what method Zhang Ruochen had just used to open a rift in space.

"What martial technique has he practiced?"

Hua Qingshan just shocked for a short while and immediately recovered from it. He moved as quick as a flash and rushed out through the tactical formation cavity to chase Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen heard the sound of the wind behind him. He was a little surprised. "He's quite quick," he told Huang Yanchen.

Hua Qingshan's speed was indeed amazing, topping at 160 m/s. In the blink of an eye, he was not far behind Zhang Ruochen.

It was almost impossible to run away from a master such as Hua Qingshan.

With his current martial cultivation, and even though Zhang Ruochen had practiced Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon, his fastest speed was only 110m/s. Hua Qingshan was just too fast.

Zhang Ruochen heard the sound of fast steps from the front. The royal guards of the Poisonous Spider Chamber had heard the commotion and come running. Almost a hundred of warriors surrounded Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen.

At least 50 royal guards drew sinister black bows to aim Armor-Piercing Arrows at Zhang Ruochen.

Dozens of other royal guards blocked all the exits of the Poisonous Spider Chamber, wielding long spears.

In front of the royal guards stood two stout masters of the Earth Realm. It was none other than the maids that were guarding Huang Yanchen before.

"Stop fighting, boy! You have no way to escape. You will never escape from Earth Blaze City, even if you manage to escape from the Poisonous Spider Chamber." Hua Qingshan laughed.


One of the maids of the Earth Realm ordered as soon as she saw Zhang Ruochen coming.

Dozens of the Armor-Piercing Arrows whistled as they flew at Zhang Ruochen like a hailstorm.

Even warriors of the Earth Realm with their Genuine Qi shields were unable to block the explosive force of the Armor-Piercing Arrow.

It seemed that Zhang Ruochen would die here, pierced by a myriad of arrows. Mysteriously, all the arrows flying at him changed directions. They rotated around Zhang Ruochen and flew at Hua Qingshan, who was still chasing him.

Hua Qingshan watched changed the arrows, and his eyes narrowed, "That boy does have something. Maybe he has the power to control the space?"

Dozens of Armor-Piercing Arrows held Hua Qingshan up for a moment.

Unchecked, Zhang Ruochen crashed into the formation of guards and sent a dozen or so flying.

"Say your prayers!" screamed one maid of the Earth Realm as she launched an attack on Zhang Ruochen.

Her arm was thicker than Zhang Ruochen's thigh. Her palm emitted silver light and it seemed like her body was made of silver.

Her power formed a black tornado that hammered down at Zhang Ruochen's head.


Zhang Ruochen cleaved at her with his sword to break the palm technique.

His Sword Breath split the maid's head open, spilling a plume of blood into the air.

Her attack stopped immediately, as her dead body hit the ground with a heavy "whump."

Zhang Ruochen took out a Thunder Pearl and poured his Genuine Qi into it, then threw it to the royal guards.


The Thunder Pearl exploded with a flash like lightning. It roasted dozens of the warriors at the same time. They all fell to the ground charred and dead.

Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen were long gone by the time the lightning disappeared.

"They can't escape! Find them!"

Hua Qingshan's face darkened and he took the lead in chasing Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen. Moments later, he was out of the Poisonous Spider Chamber.

Outside the Poisonous Spider Club, he could find no trace of them.

Hua Qingshan looked around, but he found no sign of them. "How can this be?"

"Young master, there's no one."

"Young master, it seems like they disappeared into thin air. They just vanished."


The warriors of the Poisonous Spider Chamber all came back to report to Hua Qingshan.

Hua Qingshan clenched his fingers and said heartlessly, "There's no way they could escape Earth Blaze City. Close Earth Blaze City now. Only entering is allowed. Don't let anything out, even a fly."

Huang Yanchen was the princess of Qianshui Commandery, so the Poisonous Spider Club could trade her for massive practicing resources. She was a rare commodity worth hoarding to corner the market.

Now that she had been rescued, it was a great loss to the Poisonous Spider Chamber.

Hua Qingshan would be punished heavily if he could not bring Huang Yanchen back.

Hua Qingshan said, "Send everyone out. They must be found even if you have to turn every stone."

Hua Qingshan did not notice, 100 meters distant, a tiny black cat swaggering away with a crystal on its neck.

Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen had entered the internal space of the Space-Time Ruby as soon as they escaped the Poisonous Spider Chamber. Then, Zhang Ruochen sent Blackie out to carry the ruby away.

After all, Blackie was just a cat, and no one would pay attention to it.

Zhang Ruochen bent his voice into his Genuine Qi and sent it out to instruct Blackie. "Go to the city gate as quickly as you can. Try to escape Earth Blaze City before it's closed."

Blackie looked at the closed gate far away, only to see Inscription Arrays covering the whole gate. He replied, "I'm afraid we're too late. We can't escape."

Chang Qiqi had been using his small stature to hide in an alley not far from Blackie. He looked at the closed gate, and cursed in a low voice, "I'm screwed!"


A black cat stood near Chang Qiqi's feet and stretched out its big head to stare at the far away city gate, then sighed, too.

Chang Qiqi's eyes brightened. He reached out one hand to seize the little cat and rubbed the cat's belly. He laughed, "Picked a cat in Earth Blaze City. Amazing!"

Chang Qiqi kept petting the cat. It was soft and warm.

Blackie widened his eyes. He was very dissatisfied that Chang Qiqi was touching him so much. It felt so obscene.

"I think I should hide in the Rosefinch Tower for now and hope that the warriors of the School will come as soon as possible." Chang Qiqi put Blackie in his pocket, then lowered his body to run to downtown Earth Blaze City like a shadow.

Huang Yanchen looked around with curiosity in the Space-Time Ruby. She was quite sure that she was not in the Spatial Ring, because it was never so stable and it never had so much Spiritual Qi.

It could only mean one thing: Zhang Ruochen had a real space treasure with him and they were now inside it.

"Zhang Ruochen, who are you indeed?" Despite her injury, Huang Yanchen stared at the boy in front of her with doubt in her beautiful, royal blue eyes.

Huang Yanchen had thought that she knew Zhang Ruochen quite well, but after she saw Zhang Ruochen battling Hua Qingshan today, she found out that she had only knoown a tiny part of him.

How many more secrets did he have?

Zhang Ruochen took off the metal mask to reveal his handsome face, and then he took out a jade bottle. He removed a pill and handed it to Huang Yanchen, "Heal your wound first!"

"I'm fine...Tell me who you are first...Why did you rescue me?" A trace of blood came out of Huang Yanchen's mouth, but she was still very stubborn. She pushed Zhang Ruochen's hand away, stared at him, and bit her lip.

How could a prince of an inferior district have so many incredible tricks? He could even control space!

She refused to believe that Zhang Ruochen only had one identity.