Chapter 204: The Soul-Absorbing Eye

 Chapter 204: The Soul-Absorbing Eye

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After the Red Spider Vessel passed, the lake surface gradually quieted down.

The elder in blue let out a long sigh. "Since the big names in the Tarantula Chamber of Commerce have come to Earth Blaze City, the students of the School of the Martial Market won't dare to come here."

"Get up!" Zhang Ruochen said.

The Red Spider Vessel was quite something, but it would not scare the students of the School of the Martial Market. At least, Zhang Ruochen was not scared at all.

He would still go to Earth Blaze City.

The elder in blue glanced at Zhang Ruochen and gave him a meaningful smile. He walked to the center of the little boat and poured a cup of hot tea for Zhang Ruochen, then said, "The water's freezing and the wind's chilly. Please drink this tea to warm up."

Just when he poured the tea, the elder in blue twisted his finger and dropped some white powder into the cup from his fingertip.

In fact, Zhang Ruochen had seen his little trick when he was pouring the tea. He smiled and replied, "I'm neither thirsty nor cold. Why don't you drink it yourself?"

The expression on the elder in blue's face didn't change. With the same smile, he replied, "In that case, I'll leave the tea here. You could drink it when you feel thirsty."

He put the cup down in front of Zhang Ruochen and turned around to go back to paddle the boat.

"I said," Zhang Ruochen began, "that you should drink it. Are you deaf?"

The elder in blue stopped. With a sharp malice in his eyes, he laughed harshly, "Boy, you've got sharp eyes. You've caught me!"


He whipped around and swept his arm to shoot thirteen 17 centimeter-long golden needles at Zhang Ruochen. They flew fast with a rush of wind.

Each golden needle was a first level Genuine Martial Weapon. An Ice Series Inscription on the surface to connected its head and tail. Once activated by Genuine Qi, the outburst was ten times more powerful than a normal Golden Needle.

Zhang Ruochen still sat at the stern, legs crossed, without a trace of nervousness.

"WHOOSH... "

The thirteen Golden Needles flew towards Zhang Ruochen, only to be blocked by his Genuine Qi shield only a foot away from him. They stopped immediately and hung suspended in the air.

"A Genuine Qi shield! You're a warrior of the Earth Realm?"

The elder in blue's expression changed to dismay. He realized that had messed with the wrong guy, so he climbed on the edge of the boat to hurl himself into the lake to flee.


With a wave of his arm, Zhang Ruochen sent the Golden Needles flying backward to attack the elder in blue.


The elder in blue was perforated by the Golden Needles. With a horrible scream, he fell into the lake. Soon, the lake was blood red, and a dead body surfaced.

Zhang Ruochen sighed lightly and rose up to pour his Genuine Qi to the little boat.


The little boat shot to the Red Spider Vessel's direction like an arrow, heading towards the far side of Fog-Hidden Lake.

15 minutes later, as the mist covering the lake faded, the outline of an island appeared in front of Zhang Ruochen.

Earth Blaze City at last.

The island was surrounded by hundreds of meters high cliffs and guarded by arrays. Normal people were unable to sneak into Earth Blaze City. They could only enter from the front door in the south of the island.

Zhang Ruochen did not risk rushing into Earth Blaze City. Instead, he docked the little boat at the front door in the south and bribed the guards with some silver coins. Then, he entered the city without any difficulty.

The Red Spider Vessel was also docked there. The warriors of Tarantula Chamber of Commerce were escorting slaves from the huge ship and taking them into Earth Blaze City.

"Hurry up. Or I'll beat you to death."

A warrior in purple roared, with a lightning long whip in his hand.


The whip struck a sturdy-looking slave, splitting the skin on his back and spraying his neighbors with blood.

Hua Qingshan walked down from the Red Spider Vessel with his hands behind his back. He smiled evilly. "You'd better be careful. That slave is a warrior in the Completion of the Black Realm, so he is worth a lot. You can't afford to pay for the loss if you kill him."

"Yes, sir." The warrior in purple kneeled down at once, shaking with cold sweat.

The man standing in front of him was not only the young master of Tarantula Chamber of Commerce but also one of the seven top masters of the black market. He was definitely someone among the 36 commanderies of the Omen Ridge.

The kneeling man was just a captain of the guard of the Tarantula Chamber of Commerce, and he could not risk offending Hua Qingshan.

Hua Qingshan was satisfied by the terrified reaction of the captain. With a smile, he nodded, "Where is that District Princess Yanchen being held? Show me."

The captain answered awkwardly, "Boss's orders--no one gets near Princess Yanchen without his permission."


"Does that include me?"

The captain clenched his teeth. "Sir, please don't make our job hard. We're just following orders."

"Fine. I won't make it hard for you." Hua Qingshan smiled. "Raise your head," he said.

"I dare not." The captain's head remained down.

"I command you to raise your head!" Hua Qingshan's voice became sharp and cold.

The captain was so afraid of Hua Qingshan that he lifted his head.

A strange smile clouded Hua Qingshan's face, and some green lines began to appear in his eyes. Soon, his eyes turned totally green. They glowed with an uncanny light. He ordered, "Take me to see Princess Yanchen."


The captain's eyes glazed over. He stood up and headed to Earth Blaze City like a puppet.

"An Internal student of The School of the Martial Market, Princess of Qianshui District...I'm intrigued! Hehe!" Hua Qingshan said to himself as he followed the captain.

After they both left, Zhang Ruochen walked out from an alley. He said to himself, "He is such a powerful warrior that he's already practiced the Soul-Absorbing Eye Successfully!"

The Soul-Absorbing Eye was a quite profound martial technique in the Superior class of the Spiritual Stage. It was very hard to practice and its power was unpredictable. Few people could manage it.

As far as Zhang Ruochen could recall, only warriors of the Heaven Realm with the help of very powerful Martial Soul could practice the Soul-Absorbing Eye successfully.

But Zhang Ruochen could tell that Hua Qingshan's martial cultivation was not of the Heaven Realm. It showed that his talent was super high. Especially his Spiritual Power; it must be over level 25.

Only strong Spiritual Power could control the Soul-absorbing Eye.

In the black market, half of the heretics who could use the Soul-Absorbing Eye were infamous seducers. No woman could resist its power.

At the same time, they had to absorb Yin Qi from women to consolidate their Martial Souls, in case the Soul-Absorbing Eye backfired.

"I can use this chance to find senior sister apprentice Huang."

Zhang Ruochen released the power of the Space Domain to twist the space around him. Instantly, he disappeared into thin air.

With Zhang Ruochen's current cultivation, only a warrior of the Heaven Realm could see through the cloak of his Space Domain's invisibility.

Despite the young leader of Poisonous Spider's strength, Zhang Ruochen had to follow him. After all, Huang Yanchen was his fiancee now.

He had to rescue Huang Yanchen even if the cost was his life.

After applying his camouflage , Zhang Ruochen followed Hua Qingshan stealthily to the Earth Blaze City branch of Tarantula Chamber of Commerce.

The guard captain led the way to a courtyard protected by the Inscription of Array. He waved his hand slightly and the captain stood down.

Two maids kneeled down immediately to greet Hua Qingshan. "Greetings, young master," they said.

Hua Qingshan asked, "Is Commandery Princess Yanchen held inside?"

"As per your orders the medicinal water has been prepared." Two of the maids spoke in unison.

Hua Qingshan waved with a smile. "You can both stand down. I don't require your service here," he informed them.

"Young master,"

The maids were both masters of Martial Arts with cultivations of the Earth Realm. They were no weaklings. The Tarantula Chamber of Commerce had given them the responsibility of guarding Princess Yanchen.

They were about to continue their protest, but when they met Hua Qingshan's eyes, they suddenly turned dumb. They bowed to him and said, "As you wish."

Then they left.

Hua Qingshan shook his head and smirked as he walked into the courtyard.

The moment he was inside, he stopped and let out a hollow laugh. "Still hiding? Come out!"

Zhang Ruochen, who was 50 steps away, was shocked. He stopped immediately, wondering if Hua Qingshan was aware of his presence.

Just before Zhang Ruochen could attack, two sounds of the wind whistle rang out.

"Whew! Whew!"

Two figures flew out of the shadows like lightning. They rushed into the courtyard and stood on opposite sides of Hua Qingshan.

They both wore the Internal Student robes of the School of the Martial Market and their skill levels were high. One carried a blade, and the other hefted a long spear.

"Haha! It was fast for the internal students to get Earth Blaze City. Interesting. What're your names?" Hua Qingshan seemed calm. He looked askance at them.

"Zuo Sheng!" the one with a long spear said. He stood with pride and his cultivation was in the Dawn State of the Earth Realm.

Hua Qingshan shook his head, "Didn't ring a bell. Although I once heard of a person called Zuo Lengxuan whose martial cultivation seemed fine."

"He's my cousin." Zuo Sheng said.

Hua Qingshan laughed, "Another guy from House Zuo of District. Your cousin has a lot more skill than you."

The other student with the blade, who was short and thin with thick black eyebrows, glanced at Zuo Sheng and shouted, "Enough small talk! Shall we rescue her first?"

Hua Qingshan turned to him and laughed, "What's your name, then?"

"Listen carefully, man. The name's Chang Qiqi."

After that, the short one rushed to Hua Qingshan with three steps. Each step was in the air without touching the ground. He held his blade with both hands and cleave at Hua Qingshan.

Although short and thin, Chang Qiqi attacked with incredible power. His blade thrummed with the sounds of wind and thunder and released 4 bolts of purple lightning. Combined with the Qiqi's knife energy, the attack threatened to split Hua Qingshan's skull.