Chapter 202: Sheep to the Slaughter

 Chapter 202: Sheep to the Slaughter

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Screams rose one after another behind Zhang Ruochen. He looked back at Lin Ningshan, who showed no mercy as expected. She killed almost all the warriors of the Black Tiger Hall.

She didn't have a killer instinct, but she could exchange an evil warrior's head for practice resources in Yuntai Suzerain. Practice resources were definitely something she needed.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head slightly while mounting the back of the Snowflake Eagle. He rode it and flew into the sky.

Lin Ningshan lifted her head and watched the mysterious teenager standing on the back of the Snowflake Eagle. Her gaze held both adoration and admiration.

Compared to the Seventh Prince, she thought that this teenager wearing metal moved her more. He was full of mystery, elegance, power, and surprise. She could find no flaws in him.

"Ningshan, who is that man?" Lin Chenyu hurried over. He had lost an arm, but the broken Meridians around his arm had been sealed, and it was no longer bleeding.

Lin Ningshan shook her head. She said, "I don't know who he is. I only know that he is an Internal student at the School of the Martial Market."

Lin Chenyu was shocked at the mangled corpses everywhere. "Did he kill all those evil warriors of the Black Tiger Hall?" he asked.

Lin Ningshan nodded his head. He said, "He didn't take the heads of warriors who were at lower realms. He left them to me."

Lin Chenyu said, "He isn't the type to be satisfied with the evil warriors at lower realms. There is a message from the owner of the Yuntai Suzerain that he has finished his self-refining. He will be back at Yunwu District soon."

"The Seventh Prince has finished his self-refining?" Lin Ningshan was a bit shocked.

Lin Chenyu nodded and said, "In three days, Master will be here in the Earth Blaze City. With his skill, he will definitely be able to wipe out the Earth Blaze City. We can also get some resources too."

Lin Ningshan stared at the departing Snowflake Eagle. He said, "I'm afraid by the time the Seventh Prince is here, Zhang Rouchen will have already destroyed it."

"Even a legendary warrior at the Heaven Realm dares not guarantee that he will be able to wipe out the Earth Blaze City. He only has the strength of an Internal Student of the School of the Martial Market. Without the help of other Internal Students, he will not even faze the city." Lin Ningshan smiled coldly.

After seeing Zhang Ruochen's strength, Lin Ningshan disagreed with Lin Chenyu. "Brother, what should we do now? Should we go back to Yunwu City or wait here for the Seventh Prince?" he asked.

Lin Chenyu thought for a moment and replied, "Don't you have confidence in him? Let's go to the Earth Blaze City. I want to see for myself how powerful he is."

Earth Blaze City was a giant market, not a secret organization. It had great influence in the southeast of Yunwu District. Lots of warriors shopped there for practice resources.

So, any warrior could lead Zhang Ruochen to the Earth Blaze City.

There was a lake 25 kilometers away, which was covered by fog all the year round. Visibility was extremely low; often less than a dozen meters. Passengers were regularly lost in the lake and discovered later as floating corpses.

It was said that Earth Blaze City was in the lake. However, only the black market ships knew the foggy way to the Earth Blaze City.

Zhang Ruochen told the Snowflake Eagle to wait for him in the woods. He walked towards the fog-hidden lake alone and arrived at a busy lakeside pier.

16 huge ships were docked at the pier. The 10 biggest ships were all equipped with the big flags of the Black Tiger Hall.

Those 10 ships were obviously used to pick up the owner of the Black Tiger Hall. Unfortunately for them, the sailors did not know that he had alread been killled by Zhang Ruochen.

The boatmen watched Zhang Ruochen appear on the pier. He guessed accurately from the hostility in their eyes that they were actually disguised warriors of the black market. Some of them walked toward Zhang Ruochen.

An grizzled man of about 60 years took a look at Zhang Ruochen and said, "Sir, where are you going?"

"Earth Blaze City!" Zhang Ruochen said.

One-by-one, the warriors loosened their weapons as they became more alert.

The old man smiled calmly. "The gate of the Earth Blaze City closed two weeks ago, and it won't be opened to the public."

A smile crept onto Zhang Ruochen's face. He asked, "Is the Earth Blaze City going on guard against masters from the School of the Martial Market?"

One of the warriors began to smile. "I think you are a student from the School of the Martial Market. Young man, you'd better tell me who you are. Otherwise, you will die here, never mind going to the Earth Blaze City."

Zhang Ruochen's eyes narrowed. He took out a token. "I'm from the imperial court, and I'm going to buy some practice resources in the Earth Blaze City."

Zhang Ruochen had not intended to just barge into the Earth Blaze City. After all, he did not know its current strength. He decided not to expose his identity as a student of the School of the Martial Market. Instead, he used his imperial court identity.

That old man's eyes brightened as he looked at Zhang Ruochen's token. "A Golden Dragon Token! Are you a descendant of the royal family in Yunwu District?"

Zhang Ruochen put away the token and said, "Yes."

"Since you are from the Royal Family, why are there no royal guards or attendants with you?" The old man was puzzled.

On the surface, the black market and the official power were enemies. But many people from the imperial court went to the black market to buy practice resources secretly.

After all, they wanted to practice, too. Some of the unique practice resources could only be bought on the black market.

Also, some people in the imperial court had acquired treasures with an unknown origin. They could only sell them on the black market. The black market dealers had countless ties with officials in the imperial court.

It was perfectly ordinary for people from the Royal Family went to buy practice resources from the black market.

But it was definitely strange for Zhang Ruochen to keep such a low profile. Usually, the masters from the Royal Family were escorted by a crowd of servants and royal guards. Naturally, the old guard was suspicious.

Zhang Ruochen said, "If I had brought a large number of royal guards and servants, would I be allowed to go to Earth Blaze City?"

"Certainly not," the old man said. "Things have changed now. Two weeks ago, the mayor personally ordered that warriors who want to get in the Earth Blaze City must be checked strictly, especially those who come from the imperial court. The number of people entering the city each day must not be over ten."

Zhang Ruochen said with a smile, "It seems that the Earth Blaze City guards against the imperial court heavily."

The old man said directly, "At any other time, Earth Blaze City certainly wouldn't care about the imperial court. However, the School of the Martial Market has been fighting with the black market. The army of the imperial court is likely to join in. Earth Blaze City has to take more precautions."

Zhang Ruochen spread his hands and said, "You see that I'm alone, can I enter the Earth Blaze City?"

"Of course."

Zhang Ruochen was just a teenager, so the old man had no idea that he posed a threat to Earth Blaze City. If the City held one of the imperial family, the imperial army would think twice before attacking.

"But if you want to enter Earth Blaze City, you have to pay the ship fee." The old man narrowed his eyes. He continued, "And, don't blame me for not warning you. Earth Blaze City is in chaos. It is very tumultuous and dangerous. If a man from the royal family goes there alone, he could be slaughtered like a sheep!"

"No worries!"

Zhang Ruochen grabbed a handful of silver coins at random, generously put them in the old man's hand, and said, "Now give me a ride to the Earth Blaze City."

The boatmen watched him stash his money bag.

Their eyes brightened, and some even began to fill with murderous intent.

As he accepted the silver coins, the old man changed his attitude greatly. He bowed to Zhang Ruochen with a flattering smile. "Master, please board this boat. I'll take you to Earth Blaze City personally."

Zhang Ruochen boarded the little boat.

That elder in blue stood in the front of the boat and rowed the oars. Ripples spread across the surface of the water. The little boat soon entered the white fog and disappeared.

"He must have grabbed at least 30 coins! He is definitely a fat sheep."

"Some playboy from the Royal Family, daring to come to Earth Blaze City alone. Is he really so unfamiliar with the concept of death?"

"It's a pity that Old He gets him first. Damn."

"It's too good for the old man. After this, Old He may add tens of thousands to his wealth."

"I think it's more than that."

The disguised warriors stared enviously as the little boat sailed away.

That teenage punk from the Royal Family would definitely be killed by Old He and turn up as just another corpse in the foggy lake.