Chapter 198: Collapse at the First Blow

 Chapter 198: Collapse at the First Blow

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After hearing Zhang Ruochen's words, the Evil Warriors were stunned speechless at first. Then they laughed out loud.

An Evil Warrior, who rode on a Bell Horse with an iron stick that was about the size of a bowl in his hand, laughed and said, "Little boy, are you a fool? You're going to spare our lives? Do you think you're the Ten Prodigies of Omen Ridge?"

Lin Ningshan, who sat on the back of the giant golden spot tiger, looked up and glanced at the teen in the distance who was wearing a mask. She felt he was somewhat familiar.

His temperament had changed greatly. He wore a metal mask so Ningshan did not recognize him, yet she felt that he was a kind of familiar.

She could tell that the teen had blocked the way of the heretics of the Black Tiger Hall on purpose. Who was he indeed? How dared he oppose the Black Tiger Hall?

A desire to survive stirred in her heart. She shouted, "I'm a disciple of Yuntai Suzerain, can you please save my life? I'll be very grateful and give you a substantial reward."

Nie Zhenghan glanced at Lin Ningshan and said with a cold and deep voice, "If you dare to say one more word, I shall cut out your tongue."

Lin Ningshan felt intimidated by Nie Zhenghan's powerful aura of Martial Arts. She instantly closed her mouth and stared at the teen in the distance pathetically.

Now, he was her only hope.

Nie Zhenghan gazed at Zhang Ruochen and said in a deep voice, "Could it be that you really want to fight against the Black Tiger Hall?"

Zhang Ruochen said blankly, "I'll say it once again, I just want to go to Earth Blaze City. If you can lead the way i'll spare your life. Of course, you people of the Black Tiger Hall have done all kinds of evil, therefore you must be punished. I can spare your lives, but you must suffer greatly."

"Are you going to punish us?" Nie Zhenghan asked.

"I am thinking that you should be put in prison for 10 or 20 years," Zhang Ruochen responded.

"What a tone! I, Ji the Third, would like to see how strong you are!"

With an iron stick in his hand, the warrior rode on the Bell Horse and suddenly rushed toward Zhang Ruochen.


The Bell Horse dashed forward, making the earth shook.

Ji the Third's cultivation was in the Final State of the Black Realm. He was the right-hand man of Nie Zhenghan. The Blood Soul Stick in his hand was a third class Genuine Martial Arms that had killed numerous masters of Martial Arts.

With the Genuine Qi swarming into the Blood Soul Stick, the nine Inscriptions of Fire Series in it were activated instantly.

The Blood Soul Stick was totally covered in flames and let out a "Chichi!" sound.


Ji the Third held the stick with one hand and suddenly attacked toward Zhang Ruochen's head. A hot wave of flames transformed into streams of flame lights that swarmed toward Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen stood still and did not move an inch.

Ji the Third felt very delighted because he thought that he had met a fool who was intimidated by his momentum. Therefore, he didn't dare to move even an inch.

Lin Ningshan was pretty nervous as well. Her bright eyes fastened on the teen in the distance. "Could it be possible that he just bluffed on purpose?"


The Blood Soul Stick was blocked by a layer of Genuine Qi when it was only half a foot away from Zhang Ruochen's head.

Ji the Third could feel the tremendous power that swarmed out from the Blood Soul Stick. It made the flesh between his thumb and index finger split and the Blood Soul Stick flew out of his hand.

"Duang!" The Blood Soul Stick fell on the ground and smashed a 500 kilogram stone.

Ji the Third was terribly shocked and exclaimed, "The Genuine Qi hood that can protect the body! Be careful, he is a Martial Arts master of the Earth Realm."

Riding on his Bell Horse, Ji the Third immediately fled.

Zhang Ruochen didn't try to kill Ji the Third. He stood still as he had before, looked pretty calm.

The evil masters of the Black Tiger Hall were all greatly shocked. Their faces turned pale as they gazed at the teen across from them, feeling quite impressed.

Although the teen wore a metal mask, they could still tell that he was very young and definitely no more than 20 years old.

The teen was fairly terrified because he had reached the Earth Realm at such an early age!

Nie Zhenghan ranked fourth in the Black Tiger Hall, but he had not reached the Earth Realm until he was in his 50s.

Nie Zhenghan took out his giant silver axe and held it in his hand. He gazed at Zhang Ruochen vigilantly and asked, "Are you an Internal disciple of the School of the Martial Market?"

Zhang Ruochen smiled slightly and said, "That's right."

All of the Evil Warriors of the Black Tiger Hall felt nervous now. They already knew that masters of the School of the Martial Market had come to Lingyue Town and they had prepared emotionally. However, when seeing the master of the School of the Martial Market in person, they also felt nervous.

This was the Internal disciple of the School of the Martial Market. Of course, he was a top master.


Nie Zhenghan shouted out loudly.

The Evil Warriors of the Black Tiger Hall all scattered and formed a huge circle around Zhang Ruochen.

Every Evil Warrior held a jade stone in his hand and infused Genuine Qi into it. Then, an Inscription of Array flew out from it.

Over 10 Inscriptions of Array combined together and formed a huge array. The Evil Warriors who held them were totally integrated and became a whole.

"Combined Attack."

Zhang Ruochen stood at the center of the array without showing any panic. He just nodded and said, "Interesting."

Combined Attacks were used widely in the Martial Arts world.

The Array Master carved the Inscription of Array in advance in the jade stone, which was called an "array base". Warriors only needed to infuse their Genuine Qi into the array base of the jade stone to activate the Inscription of Array.

The more array bases, the stronger the warriors. Besides, the Combined Attack would be more powerful as well.

A set of Combined Attacks needed at least two array bases and two warriors to activate the array.

Some super Combined Attacks could have over 10,000 array bases. Its power was strong and beyond imagination.

Generally speaking, if 10 warriors in the Dawn State of the Yellow Realm used a Combined Attack, they could deal with a warrior in the Initial Stage of the Black Realm.

The aim of the Combined Attack was to allow warriors to release the Genuine Qi in their body in a short period of time and combine it together so they could explode out a power that was several times stronger than they could individually.

Controlling this kind of Combined Attack would exhaust the Genuine Qi of the warriors very quickly.

If the warrior who attacked exhausted his Genuine Qi, then the array would collapse without even being attacked.

There were a total of 67 Evil Warriors of the Black Tiger Hall. Among them, 57 were in the Yellow Realm, 9 were in the Black Realm, and only Nie Zhenghan was in the Earth Realm.

All of them held the jade stone array base. The jade stone array base that Nie Zhenghan held had 20 Inscriptions of Array. Every Inscription of Array was very thick and strong, just like an array pole, and they supported the array.

Among the nine warriors in the Black Realm who held the jade stone array bases, some controlled three inscriptions, others controlled 10 inscriptions. The inscriptions were very thick and became the second level poles of the array.

The 57 warriors in the Yellow Realm only controlled one Inscription of Array.

Under the effect of the Combined Attack, 67 warriors combined their power together.

"A set of Combined Attacks would cost a million silver coins at least!" Zhang Ruochen thought to himself.

"Fire Dragon lock," Nie Zhenghan shouted out loud.

The Incriptions of Array were fully activated. They continued rotating and streaks of flames condensed outward.

The flames mingled together and formed a 10-meter-long fire dragon. It flapped its wings, stretched out its giant claws, and swung toward Zhang Ruochen's head.

"So vulnerable!"

Zhang Ruochen thrust out a palm out and a strong palm force swarmed out, forming a one-meter-palm print of Genuine Qi.


The palm print of Genuine Qi shattered the fire dragon.

"Awesome!" Nie Zhenghan felt quite shocked.

The power of the fire dragon could have severely injured him with just one of its claws, yet it was shattered by Zhang Ruochen with a single palm. This teen's cultivation really was unfathomable.

"Splitting the Heaven and Earth!"

Nie Zhenghan held up the giant silver axe in his hand and all the Incriptions of Array swarmed toward the axe.

The giant silver axe emitted a harsh light and chopped downward.

A 10-meter giant axe shadow broke the void space and chopped toward Zhang Ruochen's head with great force.

It was a giant silver axe, a level six Genuine Martial Arm with 35 inscriptions on it. It was impossible for Nie Zhenghan to activate all 35 inscriptions at once with his cultivation.

But relying on the power of the Combined Attack, he fully activated the 35 inscriptions and demonstrated its horrifying power.

Zhang Ruochen reached out his arm, and the Blood Soul Stick, which had fallen to the ground earlier, flew to his hand under the influence of his Genuine Qi.

Though the Blood Soul Stick was a third-class Genuine Martial Arm, it could explode out incomparable power when it was in Zhang Ruochen's hand.


Zhang Ruochen swung his arm, and the Blood Soul Stick collided with the giant silver axe and created a deafening sound.

Shattered by the great power, the Blood Soul Stick broke into pieces of iron and flew toward the Evil Warriors nearby.

"Pfft! Pfft..."

Over 10 Evil Warriors' bodies were pierced straight through by broken pieces of iron. They wailed in agony on the ground.

Nie Zhenghan was knocked back over 10 feet by the force of the impact. There were many bloody gashes on his arm. His fingers were in so much pain that the giant silver axe nearly flew out of his hand.

A casual attack from Zhang Ruochen not only disintegrated the Combined Attack, but also injured Nie Zhenghan, who ranked fourth in the Black Tiger Hall.

"Escape, everyone! We're unable to deal with this guy!" Nie Zhenghan shouted, and mounted his giant golden spot tiger, hoping to escape.

"I offered you a chance before, but you didn't take it. Do you think that you can escape from here now?"

Zhang Ruochen executed the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon and moved one step forward. He directly flew forward over 10 feet and stood over Nie Zhenghan's head.

Nie Zhenghan's expression changed. He slashed upward with the giant silver axe in his hand.


Zhang Ruochen pulled his palm downward and a stream of powerful palm force swarmed toward Nie Zhenghan. Nie Zhenghan was sent flying and his body hit the wall, leaving a body-shaped hole in it.


The whole room collapsed and Nie Zhenghan was buried inside of it.

With his whole body covered in blood, Nie Zhenghan crawled out from the ruins. He gazed fearfully at the teen wearing a mask across from him and clenched his teeth. He said, "Even in the... in the Internal School of the Martial Market, there are few people who possess your cultivation. Yet, they are all well-known. Who are you?"


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