Chapter 194: Major Task

 Chapter 194: Major Task

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Duanmu Xingling said, "I was planning to go to the Red Elementary Relic to hunt down the Golden-Eyed Soul-Eating Beast, a third-level savage beast. This beast's eyes are worth 600 merits in the School of the Martial Market. However, I don't think I am able to defeat it because of its great power. Can you do me a favor?"

The Golden-Eyed Soul-Eating Beast's eyes had a very high medicinal value. They could be used for refining third-class pills.

It's not so dangerous to hunt a Golden-Eyed Soul-Eating Beast whose eyes are worth 600 merits. I could go to the Red Elementary Relic with her.

Zhang Ruochen pondered that while looking toward to Huang Yanchen.

Huang Yanchen said disdainfully, "It's a waste of time to only get 600 merits. I have a better mission. It is the most important task the school has issued recently."

Duanmu Xingling looked shocked. She asked, "What task?"

Zhang Ruochen also had a curious look on his face.

"A half year ago, the black market leaders and the Moon Worship Demonic Sect destroyed the properties of the Martial Market Bank in Yunwu Commandery. They also developed their influence on a larger scale. They began building branch gang to control the economy and trying to exclude the Martial Market Bank from Yunwu Commandery," said Huang Yanchen.

"Just moments ago, in order to handle this situation, the School of the Martial Market assigned a mission. If either external or internal students of the school kill a completed warrior of the Yellow Realm of the black market or of the Moon Worship Demonic Sect, they can earn one merit point."

"One warrior in the initial stage of the Black Realm is worth 10 merit points."

"One completed warrior of the Black Realm is worth 100 merit points."

"One warrior in the initial stage of the Earth Realm is worth 500 merit points."


"The stronger the enemy a student kills, the more merit points he can get. If someone can wipe out a whole branch of the black market or of the Moon Worship Demonic Sect, killing all major members beyond the Black Realm, he can earn 1,000 merits."

"Stronger branch gangs are worth even more merits. For instance, a branch gang of the heresy in Peiyun District is worth 5,000 merits because their leader is a strong warrior who has completed the Earth Realm."

"If someone manages to exterminate a chief of heresy or of the black market, he will earn many merits ."

Zhang Ruochen's interest was aroused. He asked, "Does the Martial Market Bank want an all-out war with the black market and the Moon Worship Demonic Sect?"

"Not exactly an all-out war. Battlefields are only in Yunwu Commandery, and only internal and external students can take part. Presbyters are forbidden," replied Huang Yanchen.

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, "It would be hard for the Martial Market Bank to control the situation if presbyters are involved. It may arouse an all-out war among the 36 districts. It seems like the Martial Market Bank just wants to take revenge on the black market and the Moon Worship Demonic Sect."

Duanmu Xingling frowned gently. "All heretics of the black market and Moon Worship Demonic Sect are sinister and cruel. Sister Chen, are you sure you want to take this dangerous task?" she asked.

"We'll see. If we don't take it, other students will. No one wants to miss this golden opportunity," said Huang Yanchen.

Huang Yanchen gazed directly at Zhang Ruochen. "Zhang Ruochen, would you rather go hunt the Golden-Eyed Soul-Eating Beast down with Duanmu or kill the heretics with me?" she asked.

Zhang Ruochen gave a wry smile. He knew that a promise made to either side would offend the other.

How could he choose?

"The Realm of my cultivation has not been steady. I have no intention of taking any tasks within this month except to consolidate my Realm," said Zhang Ruochen.

Huang Yanchen bit her crystal lips slightly, cast a cold glance at him and stood up with pride, leaving Duanmu Xingling's Secret Mansion without a word.

Zhang Ruochen watched her go. He took a deep breath and shook his head. "The black market and Moon Worship Demonic Sect have been hidden in the dark all along, and their forces are not weaker than the Martial Market Bank." Huang thought it about superficially. To deal with the black market and Moon Worship Demonic Sect is definitely going to be a dangerous task because they must have some strategies to defend themselves."

Duanmu Xingling nodded and said, "You are right. By no means are the black market and Moon Worship Demonic Sect two push-overs. Although they will not fight back on a large scale, they may send some young masters to deal with disciples of the Martial Market Bank."

"Maybe it is just a way for the School of the Martial Market to train their students. Perhaps all possibilities have been taken into consideration" said Zhang Ruochen.

Duanmu Xingling smiled at him. She said, "Are you sure you won't go to Yunwu Commandery with Sister Chen? I think she might be angry."

"I will play it by ear!"

Zhang Ruochen put the key to the secret mansion on the table and left.

He left the Internal Academy and headed to the mansion of Liu Chuanshen while Blackie was still staying in Duanmu Xingling's place.

Even though his fame on the Bounty Hunter Board had made many people want to kill him, he was safe in Devil Martial City. It would be a daunting task to kill an internal student of the School of the Martial Market, even for a Heavenly Realm warrior in Devil Martial City.

Moreover, Zhang Ruochen had reached the Initial Stage of the Earth Realm, rising to the rank of Martial Arts Master. Not just any killer could take his life.

When he arrived at the mansion of Liu Chuanshen once again, the first person he met was Zhang Shaochu.

Zhang Shaochu had been staying in Devil Martial City constantly. He had been promoted quickly, and reaching the Completion of the Black Realm.

"Ninth brother, thanks for your Half-Saint's Essence which helped my growth a lot. Now my fastest outbreak rate comes up to 56 meters per second. Although I still have no hope rushing at a Warrior of the Profound Division, I can be counted as a top master below the Warrior of the Profound Division." Zhang Shaochu said proudly. He had never imagined he could complete the Black Realm so quickly.

According to his original estimation, he had to spend at least three years to reach the present realm. With Zhang Ruochen's help, his growth rate had ascended by leaps and bounds.

Looking at Zhang Shaochu, Zhang Ruochen considered for a moment, took out the spiritual paper and inscription pen, and then scribbled down the instructions to the Guardian Fist Technique, a mid-level Spiritual Stage martial technique.

"Fourth brother, since your martial cultivation has reached the Completion of the Black Realm, it is time to practice other exercises. I possess a fist technique named 'Guardian Fist Technique', which can temper your skills. If you can practice this fist technique successfully, your Body of Martial Arts will scale new heights." Zhang Ruochen handed the spiritual paper to Zhang Shaochu.

Zhang Shaochu took the paper and read the Guardian Fist Technique carefully, soon he feeling it delicate. He put it in his sleeve instantly and said lowly to Zhang Ruochen, "Ninth brother, is this fist technique at least a low-class of spiritual martial technique?"

Zhang Ruochen smiled. He said, "It is nothing but a fist technique. If you practice it successfully, you can dash to the Warrior of the Profound Division."

Zhang Shaochu smiled embarrassedly. "I do not have the physical ability to become a Warrior of the Profound Division. Ninth brother, did you know Senior Sister Apprentice Zi has made great progress, ranking higher and higher on the Profound Board , now the 142nd position. She even has the chance to dash to the top 50!" he said .

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, "I would expect no less of someone with her high aptitude.

Zhang Ruochen took his leave of Zhang Shaochu and checked the rate of Kong Xuan's practice.

Kong Xuan's abilities had enhanced considerably since Zhang Ruochen gave her the Peacock Canon . She had completed the Yellow Realm within four months, and she had practiced the first level of Peacock Canon successfully, opening 27 meridians in her body.

Kong Xuan's achievement was beyond Zhang Ruochen's expectation.

Even proud sons of heaven like the Ten Prodigies of the Omen Ridge could not open so many meridians in their bodies.

Moreover, Kong Xuan was only 17 years old and her own great achievement amazed even herself.

She knew that she owed her extraordinary change to Zhang Ruochen.

If Zhang Ruochen had not given her the Peacock Canon , which provided her many practice resources, she could not have reached her present realm. She would still have been stuck in the Dawn State of the Yellow Realm.

But Zhang Ruochen didn't think so. In his opinion, Kong Xuan's intelligence helped her even more than the Peacock Canon or practice.

When Kong Xuan saw Zhang Ruochen, she saluted him at once and said with great respect, "Master."

Kong Xuan wore a pure white cloth, which matched her slender body well. Her black hair was like a waterfall and her two big eyes were full of spirituality. She could feel that Zhang Ruochen's development had become stronger through an intangible pressure.

Her master could see through her with just one eye.

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, "I've told you, don't call me 'master' and don't salute me, either. Your cultivation has reached the Completion of the Yellow Realm, hasn't it?"

"Yes!" Kong Xuan stood up and put her hands on the chest, compressing her lips slightly. She was about to say something else, but she bit it back.

Zhang Ruochen knew she wanted to say something. He smiled at her and took out the second level practice skills of the Peacock Canon and held it in front of her. He asked, "How much power can you break out now?"

"Strength of 78 Bulls," said Kong Xuan softly.

After hearing that, Zhang Ruochen gave her the second level practice skills of the Peacock Canon and four drops of Half-Saint's Essence.

"With your strength, you now have an opportunity to win first prize at the next Yellow Board contest in an inferior district. But I hope you continue to stimulate your body's potential, to refine your Body of Martial Arts and to condense the Genuine Qi before breaking into the Black Realm. If you can learn to break out Strength of 90 Bulls while still in the Yellow Realm, it will help you a lot," said Zhang Ruochen.