Chapter 191: Princess Yanchen

 Chapter 191: Princess Yanchen

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Three days had passed. Although Zhang Ruochen sustained heavier and heavier injuries, he refused to leave the room. Instead, he continued to practice Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon in the Hurricane Secret Room.

Zhang Ruochen improved quickly in the environment and pressure of the Secret Room.

Now he only slammed into the wall 10 times every minute. If he did well, sometimes only seven times per minute.

This was the signature of improvement at Shadow of the Wind Dragon!

Being slammed against the stone wall didn't just injure him, it was also a form of training for his body.

Zhang Ruochen could feel his body growing stronger and stronger. His bones were tougher, his muscles more powerful after every Practice.

At the same time, the Genuine Qi in his body was becoming more pure, and his Meridians tougher.

"Although the environment of the Hurricane Secret Practicing Room is very harsh, it allows me to quickly consolidate my foundations in this Realm. If I continue practicing like this, I will only need three months to perfect my cultivation in this Realm."

Zhang Ruochen calculated that he would be attacked hundreds of times each day he spent practicing in the Secret Room.

Two weeks time passed very quickly.

Zhang Ruochen had little to no rest at all while Practicing in the Secret Room. If he wasn't Practicing, he was healing.

He probably would have had a mental breakdown by now if it hadn't been for his strong Spiritual Powers.

Even so, he felt completely exhausted. He was dizzy, dazed and felt as though there was no energy in his body at all.

After two weeks of training as though possessed, Zhang Ruochen reaped many benefits.

Now in the Hurricane Secret Practicing Room he only hit the stone walls five times every minute.

In his best state he could hover in the hurricane for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds he could use the wind power to control his center of gravity and ensure he did not slam into the stone wall.


Chen Xier entered Mount Saint Crossing and came to the entrance of the Secret Practicing Rooms. She wore a snow silk robe and her face was made up. Her hair was in a bun in which she continued to wear a white bell.

With every step she took you would hear a delightful jingle.

This was Chen Xier's fifth trip to Mount Saint Crossing in the last fortnight.

"He still hasn't come out of the Secret Practicing Room?" Chen Xier asked.

The silver robed elder stood up and replied, "He's been Practicing for a fortnight, he should be out soon!"

The silver robed elder knew Chen Xier's identity, so he did not treat her as one of the younger generation. He spoke to her as an equal.

Chen Xier tapped her chin with a pale finger. The trace of a smile tugged at her lips, "Only a warrior of the Black Realm, yet he can stay an entire fortnight inside the Earth Stage Secret Practicing Room. Elder Yao, why do you think he is able to accomplish this?"

The silver robed elder replied, "In the last decade, Huang Yanchen performed the best in the Secret Practicing Rooms. In her first visit she stayed a total of three days. Although she was already a warrior at the Initial Stage of the Earth Realm at the time."

"On her second trip to the Secret Practicing Room, she lasted a fortnight. At that time her cultivation had already reached the Mid Stage of the Earth Realm. Furthermore, her physical quality is classified as Wind Nature and that's part of the reason she was able to do so."

"Zhang Ruochen's physical quality is not of Wind Nature, and his Cultivation is only in the Black Realm. Yet he is more powerful than Princess Commandery Yanchen. He must be very close to the Ultimate Realm of the Black Realm. Perhaps he entered the Secret Practicing Room for the purpose of breaking into the Ultimate Realm."

Having heard the analysis of the silver robed elder Chen Xier's face changed, "Hasn't it been said that no one has ever reached the Ultimate Realm?"

The silver robed elder smiled, "Although that is what people say, it doesn't necessarily mean that no one has ever reached the Ultimate Realm. A warrior who has managed to reach the Ultimate Realm would not tell people they have done so. For example, if Zhang Ruochen were to reach the Ultimate Realm, he would certainly never say so."

Chen Xier nodded.

If Zhang Ruochen really was trying to break through to the Ultimate Realm, then there was more reason then ever not to allow him to escape her.


Zhang Ruochen dragged his injured and exhausted body out of the Hurricane Secret Practicing Room.

All he wanted to do now was have a good nights sleep.

Chen Xier immediately went forward when she saw Zhang Ruochen leaving the room. In a clear and concerned voice she asked, "Junior brother apprentice Zhang, why are you injured so heavily?"

Zhang Ruochen had a confused expression on his face upon seeing Chen Xier, "Senior sister apprentice Chen, why are you here?"

Chen Xier replied, "I calculated that you would be leaving today so I came to pick you up."

"Pick me up? And go where?" Zhang Ruochen asked.

Chen Xier rolled her eyes at Zhang Ruochen, "Somewhere to rest and recover of course."

Although Zhang Ruochen had not rested for a fortnight and was very tired, he remained alert and vigilent.

After all, he and Chen Xier were not very close, so why would she be so nice to him?

"I don't think there is any need!" Zhang Ruochen replied.

Chen Xier asked, "What do you mean 'there isn't any need'? Given your current state, are you going to leave the Inner Academy to find somewhere to stay? That would be too dangerous. What if you run into Zuo Lengxuan again?"

It had to be said, Chen Xier was very intelligent. Everything she said hit on one of the worries in Zhang Ruochen's heart.

Zhang Ruochen thought it over for a moment and decided, "OK then!"

Students of the Inner Academy only had to exchange 100 merit points for their own Practice building.

Most of the Inner students had their own Practice buildings, just like Chen Xier did.

12 serving girls came out to welcome Chen Xier and Zhang Ruochen when they entered her Practice building.

"Greetings, master." The leading maid said to them. Her cultivation had reached the Final State of the Yellow Realm. She was pretty and seemed to be about 20 years old.

The maids were rather confused as this was the first time their master had brought back a male to the Practice building.

Chen Xier glanced at Zhang Ruochen and smiled, "In the Market School anything can be obtained with merit points. For example, these serving girls. The cheapest maids can be exchanged for one merit point. If the transaction is successful she belongs to you forever. If you have enough merit points you can exchange for maids of the Black and Earth Realm."

Chen Xier ordered, "Are the blue tea, green tea, and seven spirits medicinal spring water ready to serve?"

"As per your orders the medicinal water has been prepared." Two of the maids spoke in unison.

Chen Xier nodded, "You two take junior brother apprentice Zhang to the medicinal water immediately and see to his injuries."

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Chen Xier, confused, "I've only met her twice, why does she care so much about me?"

Even if Chen Xier was Huang Yanchen's younger cousin, there was no need to go this far.

What did she want?

At the moment, Zhang Ruochen was very tired and did not want to think about it. He followed the two maids and came to a bath.

The medicinal water in the bath shone in seven different colors and emitted a strong fragrance.

Seven spirits medicinal spring water was made using seven different types of medicinal liquids combined together. Each of the medicinal liquids cost over 100,000 silver coins. The seven spirits combined would cost over a million silver coins.

Even legends of martial arts in the Heaven Realm would only use the seven spirits medicinal spring water when they were very heavily injured.

A bath of such water could buy half a city. It was very extravagant.

Lying in the medicinal water, Zhang Ruochen couldn't even explain how relaxed he felt. His pores opened to absorb the healing properties of the water.

Gradually Zhang Ruochen fell into a deep sleep in the bath.


Huang Yanchen arrived at Chen Xier's Practice building. With one hand she held her sword, and with the other she struck out.


The copper ring was shattered and fell to the floor.

Two giant copper doors suddenly opened under her attack.

Two maids hurried out and knelt on either side of her, pleading, "Princess Commandery Yanchen, our master is currently secluded and Practicing. You can't enter right now."

Huang Yanchen held her sword and stood up straight. Her eyes sharp. "Is that so? How come I saw her returning from Mount Saint Crossing?"


A beautiful human silhouette flew out of the Practice building and appeared in front of a maple tree, leaving a shadow behind.

It was Chen Xier.

There was a smile on Chen Xier's face as she walked towards Huang Yanchen, "Cousin, who has bothered you and made you so angry?"

Huang Yanchen's eyes were cold and there was not a trace of a smile on her face. Getting straight to the point she said, "Where is Zhang Ruochen? I want to see him immediately."

"Haha! So you have come to find junior brother apprentice Zhang."

Chen Xier did not appear concerned at all. On the contrary, she smiled even more brilliantly and replied in a soft voice, "Junior brother apprentice Zhang was injured heavily while Practicing in the Hurriance Secret Room. Right now he's recovering in a bath of seven spirits medicinal spring water."

Huang Yanchen became even colder, "Cousin, he is my fiancée. If he needs to recover he should do it in my residence. It's not appropriate for him to stay at yours!"

Chen Xier continued to smile, "It's because of the incident at the Tianyue Tower last time. He's worried you're still mad at him and didn't dare seek you out. Instead he decided to stay with me for a while. Please return home cousin. I'll look after junior brother apprentice Zhang for you. As long as he's here, no one will hurt him."

Huang Yanchen had no intention of leaving and her eyes darkened, "Chen Xier, don't exaggerate. I know what you're planning and I will tell you this once. Zhang Ruochen is my fiancée. He is engaged to me, not you. If any woman has her eye on him they will become my enemy."

Chen Xier laughed, "Haha! Who would have thought that you actually consider him your fiancée? I thought it was just a fake engagement. Don't worry cousin, if any other woman has her eye on him I'll teach them a lesson for you."

Huang Yanchen and Chen Xier had fought since they were children, so she knew Chen Xier very well.

Chen Xier was a person who would do anything to achieve her goal. She must have seen Zhang Ruochen's potential and was now deliberately taking action to steal him away.

Not only did she want to steal Zhang Ruochen, she also wanted to challenge Huang Yanchen. Only by stealing Zhang Ruochen could she demonstrate that she was better and more attractive than Huang Yanchen.

Huang Yanchen had no time for Chen Xier's games, "Where is Zhang Ruochen? I am not leaving without him today. If anyone dares to challenge me, I won't show any mercy."

Chen Xier smiled, "Cousin, don't say I didn't warn you. Men don't like being controlled by women. If you take him away by force it might be counterproductive."

"I don't need you to lecture me on my actions."

Huang Yanchen's dark eyebrows tightened and she stared coldly at Chen Xier. Sweeping aside her blue hair and her headed towards the seven spirits bath.