Chapter 189: Four-realm Fighting Genius

 Chapter 189: Four-realm Fighting Genius

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"The speed that Zhang Ruochen demonstrated earlier was at least 76 meters per second." Chen Xier's eyes immediately lit up with excitement. Her long and curling eyelashes slightly trembled.

If he could achieve such a high speed in the Black Realm, what would happen once he broke into the Earth Realm?

"I didn't expect my elder cousin to have such an outstanding fiancé. Judging from Zhang Ruochen's talent, perhaps he can reach the Heaven Realm before turning 30."

"If so, he might have the opportunity to become a Half-Saint."

Chen Xier gently pressed her lips together and revealed a cunning smile. She said, "My elder cousin, don't blame me for being too greedy. I can't help it. My brother-in-law is too outstanding. Hehe!"

She had already made up her mind to steal Zhang Ruochen from Huang Yanchen.

Not to mention that Huang Yanchen was having a misunderstanding with Zhang Ruochen now. This was definitely the best opportunity.

Within moments, Zhang Ruochen and Yue Qianfan had already exchanged more than 10 moves in a row. Their fist technique and palm technique were all incredibly fast, and their speed was equally matched. It was a close race.

Yue Qianfan's fist technique was tough and fierce. Every blow had the power of crushing a stone. The wind carried by his fist could chop down a big tree, whose trunk was as thick as the opening of a bowl in 10 meters away.

Judging from Zhang Ruochen's current state of cultivation, if he was hit by Yue Qianfan's fist, even if he did not die, he would still suffer serious injuries.

"Spirit Conquering Mountains and Rivers!"

Yue Qianfan unleashed "Qi Holding Palm", a low-class of Spiritual fist technique. It made his arm resembled a dragon. His Genuine Qi surged out from his fist and hit Zhang Ruochen in the face.

"Dragon and Elephant Nine-fold!"

Zhang Ruochen simply had no way to dodge it. He could only fight head on.

Unleashing five palms, the five palm prints of Zhang Ruochen overlapped and merged together to release five times the power. It collided head on with Yue Qianfan's fist technique.


Both Zhang Ruochen and Yue Qianfan were sent flying backward by the great force at the same time.

Yue Qianfan could only feel the burning sensation that came from his arm. Half of his body went numb, even the Genuine Qi in his body could not flow smoothly.

"How could a warrior of the Black Realm be so powerful?"

Normally, fighting with someone who was one realm higher was considered quite a feat. The warrior could be regarded as the "One-realm Fighting Genius".

In the Internal Academy of the School of the Martial Market, there were some warriors who could fight with people from two realms higher, such as Xun Guihai and Chen Xier. Geniuses like them were known as the "Two-realm Fighting Genius".

Warriors who could fight with people from three realms higher were extremely rare. Only the "Ten Prodigies of the Omen Ridge" could do that, and they were given the title of "Three-realm Fighting Genius".

In most cases, the Three-realm Fighting Genius would get into the top 10 of the Profound Board when they reached the Black Realm.

For example, Huang Yanchen and Duanmu Xingling were basically between the levels of Two-realm Fighting Genius and Three-realm Fighting Genius. If they were lucky enough, there would be an opportunity for them to become Three-realm Fighting Genius.

But Zhang Ruochen was fighting against people who were four realms higher than him. Could it be possible that his talent had surpassed the "Ten Prodigies of the Omen Ridge", reaching the level of "Four-realm Fighting Genius"?

Zuo Lengxuan who was standing and watching closely from the side was pretty shocked too. He had never expected that Zhang Ruochen could get this far in the battle.

According to his speculation, with Yue Qianfan's cultivation, he could totally beat Zhang Ruochen within three moves.

"Zhang Ruochen is really powerful. He must be a Three-realm Fighting Genius, or perhaps, reaching the level of a Four-realm Fighting Genius. Damn! Could it be that junior sister apprentice Chen fancied him for his talent and potential, and thus, she chose to stay close to him?"

Feeling threatened, a strong sense of crisis arose in Zuo Lengxuan's heart. If they were not in the School of the Martial Market, he would have killed Zhang Ruochen to spare himself any future troubles.

"I refuse to believe that he'd be so powerful."

Clenching his teeth, Yue Qianfan summoned all his Genuine Qi to swirl around him, forming a huge vortex of Genuine Qi.

"Shocking the World!"

The moment Yue Qianfan struck out a fist, the Genuine Qi vortex surged forward as well.

A huge shadow of the fist appeared in the vortex, letting out a roar that echoed like a behemoth's howling.

Zhang Ruochen did not want to drag on the fight with Yue Qianfan any longer. He stretched out his arms, and tons of fallen leaves on the ground flew up to float around him.

Surrounded by Genuine Qi, the leaves became extremely sharp. They began to rotate at a high speed.


The moment Zhang Ruochen shoved his palms forward, hundreds of thousands of leaves immediately flew toward Yue Qianfan like flying raindrops.


The shadow of the fist was broken.

The vortex swirling around Yue Qianfan was shattered in a flash.

Those leaves pierced into his body, leaving dozens of bloody gashes. The powerful impact sent him flying off to the side and landed on the ground tens of meters away.

Yue Qianfan's body trembled violently from the extreme pain, and he let out a miserable shriek.

"How dare you to injure an internal student? Zhang Ruochen, you really have some balls. I'll destroy your cultivation!"

Zuo Lengxuan finally found an excuse to take action. He flashed into motion at his top speed and then stabbed his finger toward the Sacred Merdian on Zhang Ruochen's back.

If his Sacred Merdian was shattered, then his cultivation would be completely ruined. He would not be able to practice anymore.

Zhang Ruochen felt a sensation of unprecedented crisis. The Qi that streamed from Zuo Lengxuan's fingertip seemed powerful enough to pierce through his body.

"Such a terrifying power!" A cold sweat broke out on Zhang Ruochen's back. He quickly increased his speed to the limit.

Zuo Lengxuan's martial cultivation had reached the Final State of the Earth Realm. On top of that, he was a One-realm Fighting Genius. Even an ordinary warrior at the Completion of the Earth Realm could not be his opponent.

In an instant, his finger had reached Zhang Ruochen's back.

Anyone could tell the outcome of a fight between a warrior at the Final State of the Earth Realm and a warrior at the Completion of the Black Realm. It was a predictable battle with no suspense.

"Haha! Zhang Ruochen, once your martial cultivation is destroyed, junior sister apprentice Chen surely won't spare you another glance!"

Zuo Lengxuan was very confident in his own attack. He could easily crush an external student of the school at the Completion of the Black Realm with one finger.

Just when Zhang Ruochen's Sacred Merdian was about to be shattered by Zuo Lengxuan, suddenly, the air behind him transformed into a water curtain with ripples.

The space was distorted.

Zuo Lengxuan's finger slightly shifted in direction, and ended up hitting Zhang Ruochen's left shoulder.


Zhang Ruochen immediately felt a sharp pain on his left shoulder. Not long after, blood could be seen gushing out from the wound. The blood hole was the result of Zuo Lengxuan's powerful air carried by his finger.

Zhang Ruochen clenched his teeth and flew forward, retreating to a distance of 10 feet away from Zuo Lengxuan.

"That was close! Luckily, I've used the Space Domain to direct his finger away from the vital part. Otherwise, a single move from him is enough to make me lose all my cultivation."

Zhang Ruochen glared at Zuo Lengxuan with a cold look and said, "Junior brother apprentice Zuo, aren't you a well-known figure in the Internal Academy? How can you pick a fight with me, an external student of the school?"

Zuo Lengxuan withdrew his finger and felt quite surprised. His finger attack should have made Zhang Ruochen lose his cultivation. How did he escape from that?

"Perhaps he had practiced some kind of martial techniques that could shift his form and position."

He did not believe that Zhang Ruochen could distort space. So, he did not think of the possibility at all.

He said, "Zhang Ruochen, you've hurt an internal student, which is akin to committing a fratricide. Shouldn't that be enough of a reason for me to take action and destroy your cultivation?"

Just when Zuo Lengxuan was ready to make his next move, the beautiful shadow of Chen Xier could be seen coming from a distance. She shouted at Zuo Lengxuan and said, "Zuo Lengxuan, you're an internal disciple, don't you feel ashamed for attacking an external student of the school?"

Upon seeing Chen Xier, Zuo Lengxuan could do nothing but to withdraw his Genuine Qi. He replied, "Junior sister apprentice Chen, it was Zhang Ruochen who had injured junior fellow apprentice Yue first. I have no choice but to teach him a lesson."

Chen Xier flew to Zhang Ruochen's side and stopped there. She straightened her back and said in a cold voice, "Yue Qianfan is at the Advanced Stage of the Earth Realm while Zhang Ruochen is just an external student of the school. How can he hurt Yue Qianfan? Besides, even if Zhang Ruochen did hurt him, he can't blame anyone but himself for being weak. Being defeated by an external student, he'd made us lose our faces as an internal disciple. How embarrassing is that!"

The fact that Chen Xier was defending Zhang Ruochen had truly enraged Zuo Lengxuan. He clenched his fists, wanting to tear Zhang Ruochen into pieces.

But, he had to restrain himself. He gritted his teeth and said, "You're absolutely right, Junior sister apprentice Chen. I'm too reckless this time. Let's go!"

With that, Zhao Minggong helped the severely injured Yue Qianfan to his feet, followed Zuo Lengxuan and left the place.

After they had left, Chen Xier immediately supported Zhang Ruochen by the arm. She said with a voice filled with concern, "Junior fellow apprentice Zhang, are you alright?"

"It's just a minor injury. Not a big deal." Zhang Ruochen smiled and shook his head. Then, he added on and said, "Senior sister apprentice Chen, didn't you leave for something? Why did you come back?"

"I heard that Zuo Lengxuan wanted to pick a fight with you, so I came back right away. I'm afraid that he'll do something bad to you. Luckily, I've arrived just in time. I can't imagine what will happen if I'm late." Chen Xier said.

"Thank you again, senior sister apprentice Chen. I owe you a favor for this." Zhang Ruochen said.

If Chen Xier did not come back in time, Zhang Ruochen was absolutely no match for Zuo Lengxuan with his current state of cultivation. His chance of escape was very slim as well.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen did have a way to keep himself alive. He could hide in the Time and Space Spinel if necessary. However, that was his last resort. He did not want to expose his Time and Space Spinel.

Chen Xier was very pleased. If Zhang Ruochen owed her a favor, there was no way for him to escape from her in the future.

Taking out a small jade bottle, Chen Xier poured out a cyan-colored pill and picked up the pill with two slender white fingers. She said, "This is a Fourth Class healing pill, known as Muscle Growing Pill. You have to take it now."

"Fourth Class healing pill... " Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, "My injury is not that serious. It's a waste to take a Fourth Class healing pill. I have other healing pills with me."

A Fourth Class healing pill worth more than 100,000 silver coins. This was not a small sum of money. Zhang Ruochen did not want to owe her another favor.

Chen Xier glared at him with her almond eyes. With a hint of displeasure, she said, "Isn't junior fellow apprentice going to practice in the Mount Saint Crossing? You'd better recover from your injury as fast as you can. If you take this Muscle Growing Pill, you'll recover in two hours."

Since she put it that way, Zhang Ruochen could not refuse anymore. He laughed bitterly and said, "Alright! I'll take it on my own!"

Shaking her head, Chen Xier brought the pill to Zhang Ruochen's lips. She wanted to feed Zhang Ruochen herself.

Zhang Ruochen had never been previously treated with such care and concern, let alone having someone who would take the initiative to feed him pills. In the end, he still took the pill that was held by Chen Xier's fingers. Then, he stood there and quickly refined the pill with his eyes closed.

Meanwhile, in the distance, behind a maple.

"This is bad! Huang Yanchen's cousin apparently wants to claim Zhang Ruochen as her own. Stealing her elder cousin's fiancé, that woman is really something." Blackie said.

Duanmu Xingling rushed over at her top speed. Seeing the intimacy between Zhang Ruochen and Chen Xier, she slightly frowned and said, "With Zhang Ruochen's talent, it's not surprised to see many girls having a crush on him. However, Chen Xier is the daughter of the Palace Master, and thus, her status is way higher than the rest of us. She obviously has better choices. Why does she pursue him instead?"

"There's only one possibility. That is to say, she wants to take Huang Yanchen's fiancé away on purpose." Blackie laughed and continued to say, "If I were Zhang Ruochen, I'll accept her. It'd be silly to reject something that is sent straight to my doorstep."

Blackie had a good relationship with Duanmu Xingling. Seeing that Zhang Ruochen was in danger, it immediately informed Duanmu Xingling. Therefore, they witnessed the scene from earlier.

"You're just a cat. Why do you have such disgusting thoughts?" Duanmu Xingling rolled her eyes. She grabbed Blackie by its ears and dragged it away, heading to the secret palace where Huang Yanchen practiced.

She thought it was necessary to tell Huang Yanchen. After all, she hated Chen Xier a lot too.