Chapter 184: Peacock Canon

 Chapter 184: Peacock Canon

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If you didn't have a powerful background as a warrior, then you simply weren't able to obtain a superior practical skill or enjoy a steady flow of practice resources.

Without these two qualities, the chance of becoming a superior warrior was relatively low, even if you had a great deal of talent.

Kong Xuan now had a decent chance of becoming a better warrior, and she would surely fight for it.

She was a clever girl, she swore to keep her promise right away rather than question Zhang Ruochen why he knew the exercises of the half-peacock humans.

She was frustrated after giving her word. "Mister, do you really possess the practical skills of my clan?" she asked.

In her mind, even if Zhang Ruochen did know the exercises, they would only be Low-Class of Spiritual at most.

Even for the Royal Family of the Yunwu Commandery the top practice skills were the Innate Skills, a Mid-Class of Spiritual Stage.

The exercises of Low-Class of Spiritual was indeed incredibly enough for Kong Xuan. If he didn't pass them onto her she would never have a chance to practice such technique.

Zhang Ruochen responded. "If you continue to practice the Black Wind Hearing the Wave Technique you will only be able to open up 12 Meridians, even if you reach the Completion of the Yellow Realm. The fewer Meridians in your body the slower the speed of cultivation will be, or even stop altogether. Warriors who only acquire a few Meridians will automatically be put in an unfavorable position when fighting with others. The speed at which you transfer Genuine Qi won't be as good as your opponent."

Zhang Ruochen was able to defeat warriors who were realms higher than him not only because had he reached the Ultimate Realm of the Yellow Realm, but because he practiced Scripture of Emperor Ming's Empyrean, which opened up 36 Meridians within his body.

His speed of transferring the Genuine Qi was far ahead of other warriors in the same realm. The power he was able to wield would naturally be larger.

He continued, "Since you're at the Dawn State of the Yellow Realm, the Meridians in your body haven't gotten into shape yet. You can switch to other exercises in order to open up more Meridians. The exercises I'm going to pass on to you are called Peacock Canon. I only have the first four practice skills, which will allow you to cultivate to the Heaven Realm. Whether or not you wish to learn them, is completely up to you."

"Peacock Canon?" Kong Xuan was so shocked her expression changed. She held her breath and gazed at Zhang Ruochen in disbelief.

"Peacock Canon" was one of the top two exercises of Peacock Mountain Village. It was as brilliant as the "Feather Emerging Classics". Only geniuses of the linear posterity of Peacock Mountain Village would have the chance to practice it.

Zhang Ruochen ignored her surprise and continued, "By practicing Peacock Canon, you can stimulate the peacock Blood Meridian inside your body to a great extent. If you can practice it to the fourth level and reach the Heaven Realm, you will be able to transform into a genuine peacock. You will be able to fly high in the sky as well as lodging in the earth, provoking the wind and breathing fire. Your fighting force would outshine ordinary human warriors in the Heaven Realm."

She couldn't believe how generous he was being. Clear tears were falling from her beautiful eyes. She kneeled down on the ground, saluted Zhang Ruochen and said, "Thank you, master."

"Why do you call me master? Mister will be fine!" Zhang Ruochen corrected her.

He could never understand how touched and excited she felt.

After she had been caught by the human warriors, she had been sold to one family after another. During this brutal period of her life, she encountered a lot of people who just wanted to use her. Everyone had seen her as a product rather than a person. She got used to the fact that no one was truly being nice to her.

Therefore after Zhang Ruochen bought her she called him "mister", without much politeness. Just like she used to call her previous buyers.

However, after getting to know Zhang Ruochen for a while, she realized that he was completely different from those who bought her in the past. Not only was he talented. but he also destroyed the contract of bondage and set her free. Not only that, he wanted to teach her advanced practice skills.

Everything Zhang Ruochen did for her had affected her deeply and won her admiration, hence she kneeled and called him "master".

She thought that she could see a light at the end of the tunnel, and one day become a strong warrior if she followed such a powerful master.

She shook her head stubbornly and said, "Master is like a father to me, giving me a brand new life. I can't be impolite to you."

Zhang Ruochen responded. "If you insist on calling me master, I will not teach you 'Peacock Canon'."

Kong Xuan felt slightly anxious. She gently bit her lip, had a determined look on her face and exclaimed. "Well, then I'm not going to learn Peacock Canon. But I'm still calling you 'master'."

Zhang Ruochen was impressed and completely changed his opinion of her. He didn't expect her to be so stubborn. He responded. "Fine! If you insist."

"Well get up! Let's teach you the practice of the first level of 'Peacock Canon'."

He took out a pen from the space bracelet and quickly wrote down the formula for the first level of 'Peacock Canon', 874 words in total.

Kong Xuan stared at the space bracelet on Zhang Ruochen's wrist. Her eyes were glittering while her voice was as soft as a lark. "Master, is that a Space Treasure?"

He smiled slightly and said, "If you want, I can give you one."

She shook her head immediately. She kneeled down with fear and said, "Servant doesn't dare..."

"Why do you kneel again?" He was annoyed and said, "It's just a space treasure of storage. I'll give you one when you reach a certain realm. Come on, get up!"

After he had written down the key of practicing the first level of 'Peacock Canon', he passed it to Kong Xuan. She memorized it right away before Zhang Ruochen burnt the paper to ashes.

"Why don't you go and start practicing? You'll need to transform the exercises to 'Peacock Canon' as soon as possible," he said.

Her tiny waist bent slightly and saluted Zhang Ruochen before she left.

"It's such a pity that my fourth brother has already reached the Black Realm, and his martial cultivation is solid. His physical quality has already been shaped. Otherwise, I could have taught him other practice skills."

Once the cultivation of a warrior had reached the Black Realm, they were no longer able to open new Meridians. If they insist on practicing other exercises, it might not benefit them at all.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head slightly and entered the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel.

Blackie was fixing the fundamental inscription carved on the Abyss Ancient Sword inside internal space.

If he could reconnect the 66 fundamental inscriptions, the Abyss Ancient Sword would be restored as a ninth-level Genuine Martial Arms. Zhang Ruochen couldn't wait to hold the Abyss Ancient Sword again.

"The efficacy of Half-Saint's Essence isn't significant to me anymore. I should leave the remaining 14 drops for my fourth brother and Kong Xuan."

That didn't imply that Half-Saint's Essence was completely ineffective on him. It was still beneficial to him when he broke through to the Heaven Realm.

He just had a better choice now over Half-Saint's Essence, thus he considered that its efficacy wasn't strong enough for him anymore.

It could be said that the cultivation resources Zhang Ruochen utilized were superior to that of most of the large-scale families and geniuses of the Suzerains. He never worried about wasting resources. Hence it was understandable why his speed of cultivation was exceptionally fast.

Zhang Ruochen took out an emerald jade bottle and placed it on the palm of his hand.


His palm sent out a strand of Genuine Qi and shook the lid of the bottle, causing a wisp of white mist to strike out.

A Saint Sprout with four long leaves shone in brilliant splendor within the mist.

This was the only drop of Sacred Liquid that Zhang Ruochen possessed. It was purer than Saint Power of Half-Saint's Essence, and the efficacy was much more powerful.

Perhaps if he swallowed the drop, it would further elevate his physical quality.