Chapter 182: Kong Xuan

 Chapter 182: Kong Xuan

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Two powerful palms clashed together and a deafening sound erupted upon contact.

Ice power and power of thunderbolt poured out frantically from Zhang Ruochen's palms and charged toward Xun Guihai in a peremptory manner.

The combined powers became five folds stronger.


Xun Guihai was sent flying backward again. He crashed through the rails and landed on the first floor of Sky-approaching Pavilion. Smashing into a table, he fell miserably to the ground.

The surrounding warriors quickly stepped backward, retreating to a safe distance.

Zhang Ruochen took seven steps backward and released the palm power which he had received from Xun Guihai into the air. He managed to do so with ease.

"Let's go!"

Zhang Ruochen took the best eating accompany beauty of half-peacock human with him, slowly walked down the stairs and never looked back. He was about to leave Sky-approaching Pavilion with Zhang Shaochu, Liu Chengfeng, and Zi Qian.

Those warriors in Sky-approaching Pavilion were all shocked.

If this was the first time Zhang Ruochen defeated Xun Guihai, it could have been an accident. They could not attribute his victory to his true strength.

However, this was the second time. Xun Guihai even unleashed his unique technique "Abdomen-through Palm", but he was once again defeated by Zhang Ruochen.

The only explanation that could justify the reason for his failure was that Zhang Ruochen was indeed more powerful than Xun Guihai.

"With Xun Guihai's current strength, even Yan Lixuan, No.1 of the Profound Board, is no match for him. Since Zhang Ruochen defeated Xun Guihai, doesn't this mean that he is more powerful than Yan Lixuan?"

"The top prodigy of 36 commanderies of Omen Ridge, Zhang Tiangui, could only make it to the third of Profound Board when he reached the Black Realm. Is it possible that Zhang Ruochen is actually more talented than Zhang Tiangui?"

"Zhang Ruochen must have reached the Earth Realm. Otherwise, how could he be so powerful?"

On the second floor of Sky-approaching Pavilion stood a venerable Martial Arts predecessor who was staring at Zhang Ruochen. With a thoughtful expression, he said, "Zhang Ruochen hasn't reached the Earth Realm as he hasn't practiced Qi Sea."

That Martial Arts predecessor unknowingly dropped a bombshell. His words immediately stirred up a huge uproar as all the warriors in Sky-approaching Pavilion broke into discussion.

Zhang Ruochen was powerful enough to be No.1 on the Profound Board, wasn't it?

Such rare talent was hardly seen even in a hundred years in 36 commanderies of Omen Ridge.

"Even if Zhang Ruochen's cultivation hasn't reached the Ultimate Realm of the Black Realm, I would say he's not far from it." That Martial Arts predecessor casually dropped another bombshell.


"The Ultimate Realm of the Black Realm?"

No one could stay calm after hearing that. They all turned to look at Zhang Ruochen again. The mockery in their eyes had been replaced by admiration and respect.

The Ultimate Realm had always been a myth since ancient times.

Had Zhang Ruochen really reached that legendary realm?

At this moment, everyone seemed to have forgotten about Zhang Ruochen's competition with Ximen Guanren for the best eating accompany beauty. Instead of dwelling on that matter, they had switched their focus to Zhang Ruochen's strength, discussing which level he was at.

Meanwhile, on the third floor, in the private room.

Every Young Genius looked somewhat absent-minded as they had not recovered from their shock.

It was not until this moment that they finally understood why Huang Yanchen would choose Zhang Ruochen. How many men in 36 commanderies of Omen Ridge could match up to his incredible talent?

Huang Yanchen certainly knew Zhang Ruochen's strength better than any of them. She knew that Zhang Ruochen had reached the Ultimate Realm when he was still in the Yellow Realm. There really was no one who could compare to him in 36 commanderies of Omen Ridge.

Chen Xier was gracefully standing next to Huang Yanchen like a beauty who had walked out of the canvas of a painting. Her beautiful eyes glittered as she watched Zhang Ruochen's departure. She smiled and said, "Cousin, I think with Zhang Ruochen's talent, he doesn't need to spend a huge sum of money to compete for the best eating accompany beauty. The competition between him and Ximen Guanren is probably due to their personal matter. He isn't really interested in that girl."

"So what?" Huang Yanchen's expression remained just as cold as ever. Her eyes staring intensely at Zhang Ruochen's receding figure.

Huang Yanchen knew that Zhang Ruochen was an honest person, and he would not lie deliberately. What Zhang Ruochen had said earlier should be the truth, that he bought the best eating accompany beauty for Zhang Shaochu.

But, Huang Yanchen could not just apologize to Zhang Ruochen in front of so many warriors. Her high pride would never allow herself to do that.

"When this matter is over, I will go and talk to him alone." Huang Yanchen thought to herself.

Seeing that Huang Yanchen did not chase after Zhang Ruochen, Chen Xier's eyes glowed with a strange light.

Chen Xier believed that it would be very difficult for her to find a fiance that could outshine Zhang Ruochen, so why not just stole from her cousin?


The best eating accompany beauty was worth four million silver coins, and yet Zhang Ruochen only had about one million silver coins. Luckily, he could exchange practice resources for silver coins in Tianyue Tower.

Zhang Ruochen took out one million silver coins, together with six drops of Half-Saint's essence and paid it to the Tianyue Tower. Then, he took the best eating accompany beauty and left the place.

One drop of Half-Saint's essence was equal to 500,000 silver coins.

Being the No.1 in Western Campus, Zhang Ruochen could receive 10 drops of Half-Saint's Essence once per quarter. Now, he still had 14 drops left.

Zhang Shaochu felt very guilty and said, "Ninth brother, I'm sorry. I don't know asking for a favor will cause such a big misunderstanding between you and Commandery Princess Yanchen. I'll go and tell her the truth. Even if she wants me to kneel before her and beg for forgiveness, I must clear things up."

Zhang Ruochen began to calm down after leaving Tianyue Tower. Returning to his usual calm, he said, "Brother, you don't have to blame yourself. It's my fault too. As for Commandery Princess Yanchen, I think there is no need to explain anything. If she still wants to be friends with me, she will come to me. By then, I will tell her the whole story."

Zhang Shaochu still felt somewhat uneasy, thinking that he had made a big mistake.

If his father knew that he had ruined the relationship between his ninth brother and Commandery Princess Yanchen, he would never spare him.

Zhang Ruochen took a glance at the best eating accompany beauty and asked, "What's your name?"

The best eating accompany beauty had been looking at Zhang Ruochen with an adoring gaze ever since they left Tianyue Tower. Her beautiful eyes glowed with admiration and praise.

Judging by appearance alone, her face and figure were no less than those of Zi Qian and Huang Yanchen. She had a delicate and gentle kind of beauty, reminiscent of a frail girl.

She lowered her head and said gently, "Master, my name is Kong Xuan."

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, "From now on, you are with my brother..."

"No!" Zhang Shaochu immediately shook his head and implored, saying, "Brother, you mustn't pass her to me. I'm begging you! If our father finds out about this, he will surely kill her and punish me harshly."

If Zhang Shaochu bought the best eating accompany beauty without a fuss, he would gladly take her in.

But now, everyone knew that the best eating accompany beauty was the cause of the contradiction between Commandery Princess Yanchen and Zhang Ruochen. The news would soon reach the Yunwu City in Yunwu Commandery, and Yunwu Commandery Prince would be the first person to learn about this.

If Yunwu Commandery Prince knew that Zhang Shaochu was behind this, he would surely sentence Kong Xuan to death, and then punish Zhang Shaochu heavily.

"This truly is a very tricky matter!"

Zhang Ruochen understood Zhang Shaochu's concern. He thought for a moment before turning to look at Kong Xuan again. Then, he took out the indenture, torn it into pieces, and said, "Kong Xuan, you are free! You can leave now!"

Kong Xuan immediately dropped to her knees in terror. Shaking her head, she said fearfully, "Master, I beg you not to send me away. Even if I'm free now, I can't escape the Devil Martial city. I will soon be captured by them and sold to Tianyue Tower again, or worse, to Black Market."

It was indeed difficult for a beautiful woman like her to obtain real freedom without a powerful strength or a solid background.

Being sold to Tianyue Tower was a relatively good ending.

If she was sold to the black market, that would be a real tragedy.

Zhang Ruochen was in a bit of a dilemma too. He could not send her back to Tianyue Tower.

"Well then, you'll follow me and be my maid for the time being." Zhang Ruochen said.

Kong Xuan wept with joy and said, "Thank you very much, master. Thank you very much, master."

"Get up!" Zhang Ruochen said.

Liu Chengfen's face was riddled with worry. He said urgently, "Elder brother, Xun Guihai had tasted defeat at your hands. He surely can't bear the disgrace and of course, he won't be convinced of his loss. I'm afraid he will make a desperate attempt and send a killer to assassinate you."

Zhang Shaochu nodded his head and said, "Lin Chenyu, Lin Ningshan, and the Lins have always looked down on you. Now that you've risen to prominence, they certainly won't sit by."

Zhang Ruochen said, "You have a point. Well then, I'll stay in Devil Martial City for now. As long as I'm here, they couldn't brazenly kill me."

Zhang Ruochen was the top genius in Western Campus of the School of the Martial Market. Who would dare to do that?

"It is easy to dodge an open spear thrust, but difficult to guard against an arrow in the dark. Elder brother, I suggest that you can stay in my father's mansion. Who dares to make a move under his nose?" Liu Chengfeng said.

"All right! I guess I will have to bother predecessor Liu for a while." Zhang Ruochen replied.

Liu Chengfeng said with a beaming smile, "You saved my father's life. He will be very happy if you go to his house and stay temporarily with him."

Guided by Liu Chengfeng, Zhang Ruochen and the others headed to the mansion of Liu Chuanshen.

After getting too much publicity at Tianyue Tower, he knew he would surely get a lot of resentment.

Zhang Ruochen had already decided that if his cultivation did not reach the Earth Realm, he would not leave Devil Martial City.


As Xun Guihai walked out of the Tianyue Tower, his internal organs began to burn, intensifying the pain. He felt very aggrieved.

Being a top genius since youth, he was highly sought after by countless people. But today, he was defeated by an external student of the school and was thoroughly discredited.

How could he face other people in the future?

"Zhang Ruochen, I swear on my life, I'm gonna kill you!" Xun Guihai howled without a care for his image.

A warrior rushed from afar, knelt one one knee in front of Xun Guihai, and said, "Master, Zhang Ruochen is going to Liu Chuanshen's mansion."

"Does he really think that if he hides in Liu Chuanshen's mansion, I can't do anything to him?"

Xun Guihai's face twisted into a furious scowl. He continued saying, "Tell my father to transfer 20 million silver coins to me immediately. I'll offer a big reward to anyone who can bring me Zhang Ruochen's head. As long as he's alive, I'll never have my day."