Chapter 181: The Anger

 Chapter 181: The Anger

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"Well! You are really bold. I'm very impressed." Lin Chenyu smirked as he sat back down.

Just then, a maid walked out of the third floor of the Sky-approaching Pavilion, stared at the lobby below and said aloud, "Young master, Commandery Princess Yanchen wants to meet you in the private room on the third floor."

Suddenly, all the warriors in the sky-approaching pavilion went silent.

They were all staring at Zhang Ruochen. With a gloating smile, many of them wanted to see the look of panic on Zhang Ruochen's face.

But to their disappointment, Zhang Ruochen was just momentarily stunned. His expression immediately returned to normal and he walked up the stairs to the third floor.

He was not really engaged in Huang Yanchen, so there was nothing to worry about.

Ximen Guanren stared at Zhang Ruochen who was walking up the stairs and he grinned suddenly, "Zhang Ruochen dares to compete for the best eating accompany beauty in front of Commandery Princess Yanchen. Just watch, Commandery Princess Yanchen certainly can't tolerate him, and will break off the engagement today."

"That is inevitable. He may even get a good spanking and get beaten to a wreck. Haha!" Hua Jiuhan laughed.

Even Liu Chengfeng and Zhang Shaochu looked worried. After all, Huang Yanchen was a famous devil. Zhang Ruochen was really behind the eight ball this time.

Zhang Ruochen opened the door to the private room. There were 12 people in the room and they were all staring at him.

There were seven men and five women, all of them good-looking and graceful. They were all peerless talents.

"Everyone's cultivation is above the level of the Earth Realm." Zhang Ruochen felt their breathing and could roughly tell their cultivation.

Indeed, birds of a feather flock together.

Huang Yanchen stared at Zhang Ruochen, her eyes were cold. She said, "Zhang Ruochen, the best eating accompany beauty is very beautiful, isn't she?"

Since there were outsiders here, it was better for Zhang Ruochen to clear things up. So Huang Yanchen would not feel embarrassed in front of her friends.

Even if it was a fake engagement, they should still respect each other.

Zhang Ruochen said, "Senior Sister apprentice Huang, you misunderstand me! I am just helping my brother to aid the best eating accompany beauty, there is nothing else."

Xun Guihai laughed coldly and said, "Zhang Ruochen, it has come to this point. Is there any meaning to life again? You should kneel down and admit your mistake, otherwise, even if Commandery Princess Yanchen let you go, I, Xun Guihai, won't."

Zuo Lengxuan gave Zhang Ruochen a side-eye and said, "Not only that, I think he also needs to personally kill the best eating accompany beauty."

At this moment, two warriors clad in armor escorted the best eating accompany beauty to them.

Being pressed down with a great force, she knelt down on the ground with a muffled groan.

Zhang Ruochen felt a chill watching this, and he swept the room with a glance. His eyes rested on Huang Yanchen in the end and said, "Huang Yanchen, is this your idea as well?"

Huang Yanchen gave Xun Guihai and Zuo Lengxuan a severe look. She knew very well that Zhang Ruochen was more arrogant than anyone. Even if both of them forced Zhang Ruochen, there was no way he would kneel down.

They wanted to force Zhang Ruochen to completely join the opposing side of her.

However, Huang Yanchen was adored by many people since young and she never lowered her head to anyone. Now, facing Zhang Ruochen's question, would she lower her head?

Besides, it was all Zhang Ruochen's fault for making her lost face today, why would she yield?

Xun Guihai noticed Huang Yanchen's hesitation. He grabbed the chance, stood up instantly and said, "Zhang Ruochen, you see now that Commandery Princess Yanchen doesn't want to talk to you at all. Why don't you kill the best eating accompany beauty immediately, kneel down and admit your mistakes?"

Zhang Ruochen looked at Huang Yanchen disappointedly, flapped his sleeves and said, "No one can force me to get on my knees and admit a mistake, and no one can force me to kill someone either."

Then, Zhang Ruochen turned around and went out. He quickly extended two palms and sent the two warriors clad in armor flying into the air.


Two warriors fell all the way down onto the first floor from the third floor.

Zhang Ruochen helped the best eating accompany beauty who was a half-peacock human to her feet and said, "Since I bought you, you are mine from now on. No one can kill you. Let's go!"

In the past, Zhang Ruochen believed that although Huang Yanchen was spoiled, at least she had a principle of doing things. But now, he was very disappointed in her and did not want to stay here anymore.

In fact, Zhang Ruochen regarded Huang Yanchen as a friend of his own. As a friend, she should know his conduct. If Zhang Ruochen wanted a woman, would he spend money to buy one?

Anyway, since they were friends, if they could not trust each other, there was no need to stay friends anymore!

Huang Yanchen felt a pang in her heart as she watched Zhang Ruochen leaving the place. It was an unprecedented feeling of pain. She felt as if a knife had pierced through her heart.

"Zhang Ruochen, do you still think you can leave the Sky-approaching Pavilion alive?"

Xun Guihai who was in a really good mood gave a loud laugh. He flew out of the room and caught up with Zhang Ruochen. He ran the genuine Qi to his fingertips and pointed at Zhang Ruochen's back.

He wanted to kill Zhang Ruochen!

Having heard the sound of the wind behind him, Zhang Ruochen halted his steps instantly. He turned around and unleashed a five-palms strike. Five times of power broke out when all five palms were combined together.

"Nine-folds of the Elephant Power."

Zhang Ruochen's palms turned completely white, emitting dazzling light.

The force of their palms and fingers collided, and ripples of energy burst out of the fight between Zhang Ruochen and Xun Guihai.


Xun Guihai flew backward and smashed the door of the private room. He spat out a mouthful of blood and fell down to the ground with his hair disheveled.

Zhang Ruochen only stumbled half a step backward before regaining his balance. He stared at Xun Guihai and said, "Do you think you can stop me? You're such a fool."

The fight between Zhang Ruochen and Xun Guihai just now was certainly witnessed by the warriors on the first and second floor.

Everyone was astonished and found it unbelievable.

"Xun Guihai was once the top student in the Eastern Campus. Now, he is at the level of the Earth realm and has become an internal student. His cultivation is unfathomable. How can he be defeated by Zhang Ruochen with one palm?"

"Is it true that Zhang Ruochen's cultivation is only at the level of the Black Realm?"


Not only the warriors on the first and second floor were shocked, but those in the private room were very much amazed as well.

They did not know the real strength of Zhang Ruochen, but they were clearly aware of Xun GuiHai' strength. His cultivation had almost reached the level of the mid-stage of the Earth realm and could totally compete with the warriors at the level of the Advanced Stage of the Earth Realm.

But Zhang Ruochen defeated Xun Guihai with only one palm. That was too exaggerated.

"Could it be that Zhang Ruochen's cultivation has reached the Earth Realm?" Many of them were making the same assumption.

Xun Guihai was furious. He did a kick up and shouted. "Zhang Ruochen, today, one shall stand and one shall fall."

Xun Guihai spread his legs slightly apart and changed his standing posture into a horse stance. Lifting his head up, he took a deep breath and it expanded his abdomen.

The wave of Genuine Qi came rushing in, gathering at his abdomen.

"Whoosh." Suddenly, Xun Guihai rushed out of the place at a speed as fast as lightning and flung himself in front of Zhang Ruochen in no time.

The Genuine Qi in his abdomen surged up to his arms, and he unleashed a big palm strike.

"Abdomen-through Palm!"

Abdomen-through palm was a martial technique in the mid-class of the spiritual stage.

"Nine-folds of the Elephant Power."

Zhang Ruochen stood still in his original position with his arms extended out straight and unleashed five palms in a row. Combining the force of all five palms, he confronted the attack.