Chapter 180: Zhang Ruochens Morality

 Chapter 180: Zhang Ruochen's Morality

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Although Zhang Ruochen had never been to the devil Martial City, many of the young warriors there had heard of his name.

It was not because of his magnificent talent, but rather his engagement with Huang Yanchen that had caused quite a stir in Devil Martial city.

The geniuses in 36 commanderies of the omen Ridge emerged in an endless stream. In the Devil Martial City, there were dozens of young masters whose reputation were more prominent than Zhang Ruochen's.

If there really was a ranking, Zhang Ruochen probably could not even get into the top 100.

Even if he had defeated the princes of every commandery in Qianshui Commandery, everyone knew that all of them were in the same realm, so Zhang Ruochen could be the winner. If there were a real fight, who would care if you were in the same realm?

Even though you were invincible in the same realm, other people's cultivations were much higher and their practicing rates were also faster. There would be of no use even if you were unmatched in the same realm.

Besides, the distance between Qianshui Commandery and Devil Martial City was far. Everyone only knew that Zhang Ruochen had defeated all the princes in the same realm, but they did not know the process of the fight. It was only natural that they would not think highly of Zhang Ruochen.

Hence, the real reason that made Zhang Ruochen famous was that he became Commandery Princess Yanchen's fiance, which made a lot of people jealous and envious.

"With Zhang Ruochen' strength, if he really goes to Coliseum of the Martial Market, there should be no difficulty for him to make it into top 200 on the Profound Board."

"That's not necessarily true. It is said that his cultivation is not that high. There are just more than 20 young warriors who can make it into top 200 on the Profound Board, not all of them can get a rank."

"If he really has that strength, I'm afraid he would have gone to the Coliseum of the martial market to compete for the profound board long ago. Why hasn't he done that yet?" Hua Jiuhan asked.

Everyone nodded, thinking that Hua Jiuhan made a point.

"His engagement with the Commandery Princess Yanchen in Qianshui Commandery has caused quite a stir in the devil Martial city at that time. Everybody thinks that he doesn't deserve Princess Yanchen of Qianshui Commandery."

"Although Zhang Ruochen is outstanding, he is not as talented as the Ten Prodigies of Omen Ridge. Indeed, he is not a fine match for Commandery Princess Yanchen. When the Ten Prodigies of Omen Ridge were his age, they had all reached the level of the Earth Realm."

"It is said that two of the Ten Prodigies of Omen Ridge have declared, if Zhang Ruochen dares to enter the Devil Martial City, they will never let him leave in one piece."

After knowing Zhang Ruochen's identity, the whole sky-approaching Pavilion clamors. They stared at Zhang Ruochen strangely. There was admiration, jealousy, and regret in their eyes.

Lin Ningshan was looking at Zhang Ruochen too. Only one year had passed, the sick boy she once looked down on had turned into a handsome man, who had also become the top master in the Western Campus of School of the martial market. He even got engaged to the Princess Yanchen of Qianshui Commandery.

She was already regretting it, thinking that she should not have treated Zhang Ruochen like that before.

Otherwise, she would be the one who would get engaged to Zhang Ruochen now.

Although Lin Ningshan had engaged to Zhang Tiangui, she was not appreciated by him at all. She only saw him once afar off. In his eyes, she was just a dispensable woman.

What everyone did not know was that at this very moment, Huang Yanchen was in the sky-approaching Pavilion, sitting in a private room on the third floor.

More than a dozen of young geniuses were in the room; there were handsome men and beautiful women. Every one of them was famous and outstanding in the Devil Martial City, with both powerful background and strong personal strength.

A very beautiful woman was sitting next to Huang Yanchen, who was about the same age as her. She had a royal blue long hair, snow-white skin with delicate features and long, fine eyelashes. Her beauty could even rival Huang Yanchen's.

Her name was Chen Xier, Huang Yanchen's cousin who was only one month younger than her.

Chen Xier heard the comments from downstairs. She narrowed her eyes and said with a smile, "Yanchen, now that Zhang Ruochen is in Sky-approaching Pavilion, why not invite him up here and let me meet him?"

As a child, Chen Xier liked to compete with Huang Yanchen. When Huang Yanchen was five and wearing elegant clothes, she wanted that too; Huang Yanchen used the fourth-level Genuine Martial Arm at the age of nine, she would then use the fifth-level; Huang Yanchen entered the School of the Martial Market to practice, she went there, too, even getting directly into the Internal School.

She wanted to outdo Huang Yanchen in everything, only then she would be satisfied.

Now that Huang Yanchen had a fiance, she decided to find one for herself too, a much better one.

Huang Yanchen naturally knew Chen Xier's personality and did not want to involve Zhang Ruochen into this mutual competition. She said, "When he enters the internal of the School of the Martial Market, you will have a lot of chances to meet him. There's no hurry."

Chen Xier replied in a soft voice like a spoiled child. "But I just want to see my future brother-in-law now, and I am really curious. How did he manage to impress Your Majesty, a woman with so much pride and arrogance?"

Xun Guihai who sat opposite Chen Xier, hummed in a cold tone. "Xier, I advise you not to meet him, when you do, you will be very much disappointed."

Xun Guihai's cultivation had reached the level of the Earth realm and became an internal student in the School of the marital market.

Huang Yanchen's gaze turned cold, staring at Xun Guihai and said, "I'm afraid you are not qualified to judge Zhang Ruochen."

Xun Guihai said, "Commandery Princess Yanchen, you must not be fooled by Zhang Ruochen' sweet talk. As far as I know, Zhang Ruochen's personality is quite bad, and his relationships with female students in Western campus are pretty ambiguous. And, he decides to engage with your Majesty only because he wants support from the Qianshui Commandery to resist the annexation of the Square Commandery. Your Majesty, he is using you."

There was an odd change in everyone's expression in the private room.

None of them had met Zhang Ruochen before, they only knew that Zhang Ruochen had some talent for practice, but they totally had no idea what kind of person he was.

After hearing Xun Guihai's statement, everyone felt a sense of waste for Huang Yanchen.

With such beauty and outstanding talent, Commandery Princess Yanchen could find a man 10 times or 100 times better than Zhang Ruochen and it would be a piece of cake.

Xun Guihai smiled and said, "and, I hear that Zhang Ruochen used to be quite fond of his cousin. It's a pity that his cousin disapproved of him because of his bad personality."

"Xun Guihai, you do hear quite a lot about him!" Huang Yanchen sneered.

Xun Guihai did not want to irritate Huang Yanchen and quickly added on, "Commandery Princess Yanchen, I'm saying this for your own good, just so you can see the true color of Zhang Ruochen. His talent in practice is not bad, but not unparalleled; at least the Ten Prodigies of Omen Ridge are more outstanding than he is."

Chen Xier noticed that Huang Yanchen was about to get angry, and said instantly, "Xun Guihai, can you shut up? Zhang Ruochen is my cousin's fiance now, even if he does something wrong, it's not for you to judge."

Xun Guihai did not dare to offend Chen Xier and apologized to Huang Yanchen immediately. He said, "Your Majesty, I spoke hastily, please forgive me."

Xun Guihai just finished speaking, on the first floor of the Sky-approaching Pavilion, there was an overwhelming noise.

Chen Xier asked, "What happened down there?"

Upon hearing Chen Xier's instruction, a maid quickly walked out of the private room.

A moment later, the maid returned to the private room and said, "Dear honorable guests, there is an auction for the eight eating accompany beauties going on downstairs."

Every woman in the private room had a disdained look on their faces, showing their contempt for such behavior of Tianyue Palace.

With a strange light in their eyes, those male prodigies all itched to have a go. If it were not for maintaining their images in front of Huang Yanchen and Chen Xier, some of them definitely would like to buy an eating accompanies beauty at vast expense just to spend one night in the Tianyue Palace.

Huang Yanchen frowned slightly and said, "Isn't this just about the auction for eight eating accompany beauties, why does it cause such a big star?"

That maid hesitated and said, "Because the top genius from the Western Campus of the School of the martial market is competing for the best eating accompany beauty with Ximen Guanren from Yuntai Suzerain, and the price has gone up to 1.5 million silver coins."

Upon hearing the maid's word, everyone in the private room showed a gloating smile. They all turned to look at Huang Yanchen.

Huang Yanchen's face was as cold as frost and said, "Pardon me? Who is competing for the best eating accompany beauty with Ximen Guanren tonight?

That maid became even timider. She answered carefully, "The top genius from the Western Campus of the School of the Martial Market, Zhang Ruochen."

Xun Guihai was overjoyed at the news. He laughed and said, "Now everyone should believe what I say!"

"How dare Zhang Ruochen! He has already been engaged with the Commandery Princess Yanchen, but still acts absurdly. Commandery Princess Yanchen, I would like to teach the profligate a lesson." A man with a golden purple crown and a folding fan in his hand stood up and said with a sense of outrage.

This man is Zuo Lengxuan, 28 years old. He ranked 34th in the internal of the School of the Martial Market and his cultivation was at the level of the final state of the Earth Realm. He stood a good chance to reach the level of the completion of the Earth Realm before 30.

In the Devil Martial City, only those who had reached the level of the completion of the Earth realm in the Devil Martial City, only those who had reached the level of completion.

If not, he would just be an ordinary warrior.

Another warrior whose talent was not any less than Zuo Lengxuan stood up and said, "Just one word from you, Your Majesty, and I will cut off his legs and arms right away."

Huang Yanchen was certainly very angry. She clutched both hands tightly. She wanted to go downstairs to break Zhang Ruochen's legs so badly.

That guy was really a terrible person. He was indeed a real pervert.

However, Huang Yanchen held back her feelings and did not want Chen Xier to laugh at her. She tried to be calm and said, "No hurry, I want to see just how high he can raise the price?"


Tonight, the best eating accompany beauty in the sky-approaching pavilion was a 17 years old woman. She was wearing a red silk robe over her slim figure. With her pink cheeks as well as crystal, glittering lips, she was a one-in-a-million beauty.

She was also a half-human from the half-peacock human, so she had a colorful pair of wings on her back. It was said that she was also a talented warrior with her cultivation reaching the level of the Dawn state of the yellow realm.

Her martial cultivation was not high, but she had an elegant appearance and the graceful movements as a dancer. She was a very feminine woman and lots of men wanted to make her their own.

In the beginning, many men participated in the bidding, but when the price went over one million silver coins, there were only Zhang Ruochen and Ximen Guanren from the Yuntai Suzerain stayed in the bidding.

One million silver coins were a huge wealth, even for the Earth Realm warrior. It could buy a lot of practice resources. No one wanted to spend so much silver coins for a woman.

Zhang Ruochen joined this because he wanted to buy a Crown Princess for Zhang Shaochu.

Zhang Ruochen continued to bid when the price exceeded one million silver coins was because one million was no different from two million to him.

He only needed to sell one space bracelet in order to get large quantities of silver coins.

He had no lack of money!

"1.8 million silver coins." Zhang Ruochen offered a price.

Ximen Guanren continued calmly and said, "Two million silver coins."

Ximen Guanren was the top master among external students of the Yuntai Suzerain and ranked 13th on the Profound Board. Moreover, he was the grandson of one of the Vice Lord's in the Yuntai Suzerain, so he was not lacking money either.

Ximen Guanren, Lin Chenyu, and Lin Ningshan were sitting at the same table. They were also one of the guests invited by Hua Jiuhan.

"Brother, forget about it! It's not worth to spend two million silver coins to buy a woman." Zhang Shaochu said in a low voice.

Liu Chengfeng who was sitting next to him shook his head and said, "Your Highness, it's too late to give up! Now it is not as simple as competing for the best eating accompany beauty. It is about the game between the eldest brothers from the Western Campus of the School of the Martial Market and the Yuntai Suzerain. If he gives up right now, that is to tell others that our School of the martial market is not as good as the Yuntai Suzerain. Our students in the Western Campus won't be able to face the ones in the Yuntai Suzerain in the future."

Zhang Ruochen smiled slightly and said, "Brother, doesn't worry, there are just a few silver coins. It's no big deal."

Zhang Ruochen did not want to bargain with Ximen Guanren anymore, and he was determined to buy that best eating accompany beauty as fast as possible. So he offered a sky-high price and said, "Four million silver coins."


The whole sky-approaching pavilion went into an uproar. Everyone was deeply shocked.

Zhang Ruochen went so far as to double the price. With such high price, it was enough to buy one thousand women, let alone one.

Ximen Guanren went silent for a long time and did not follow in the end. After all, he did not have much money, only about one million silver coins. If he were to spend two million silver coins to buy the best eating accompanies beauty, he would need to borrow some money.

It was not hard for him to borrow a few hundred thousand silver coins. But he needed a few million silver coins, which were not a small sum.

Ximen Guanren spared Lin Chenyu a glance, shook his head slightly and said apologetically, "I can't raise the price anymore!"

Lin Chenyu nodded his head gently, showing his understanding.

Afterward, Lin Chenyu stood up, walked toward Zhang Ruochen and said with a smile, "About one year apart, I didn't expect you to become such a playboy. I can't believe you spend four million silver coins just for an eating accompany beauty. I am impressed. What will Commandery Princess Yanchen think of this if she knows?"

Everyone believed that Zhang Ruochen was engaged to Huang Yanchen, so their relationship was definitely intimate.

But only Zhang Ruochen knew that his engagement with Huang Yanchen was temporary, so they could solve their own trouble. It was impossible for them to really be together in the future.

Therefore, Zhang Ruochen seemed quite relaxed and responded with a confident smile. "You can rest assured, even if Commandery Princess Yanchen knows this, she will never have any objections."