Chapter 179: The Dispute

 Chapter 179: The Dispute

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"Rumor has it that a female devil appeared in the Omen Ridge who facilitated her cultivation by absorbing blood. She is absolutely vicious with a powerful cultivation. I wonder where she comes from," said one of the external students of the Yuntai Suzerain. She looked about 20.

Lin Chenyu sneered and said, "Do you mean the monster who escaped from the Chikong Secret Mansion?"

Lin Chenyu was a handsome guy with fine features, but he was fairly pale. He had no Adam's apple on his neck, and his voice was very high-pitched. He sounded like a woman.

Another female disciple of the Yuntai Suzerain said, "Yeah! That's her! They say the School of the Martial Market has sent 10 masters to take her down and yet, she still manages to escape."

"Two weeks ago, the Sword Suzerain was exterminated overnight. The only thing left was 800 desiccated corpses. All of their blood had been drained. Even Sword Master Yunkai Mountain was badly injured and hid in the Devil Martial City."

Lin Ningshan who was sitting next to Lin Chenyu was shocked and said, "The Sword Suzerain is an enormous Seventh-Class power. Master Yunkai Mountain is a martial arts legend of the Heaven Realm who is famous among the Omen Ridge. How is it possible that the monster is stronger than Yunkai Mountain?"

While Zhang Ruochen enrolled in the School of the Martial Market, Lin Ningshan had also registered at the Yuntai Suzerain. Her cultivation had reached the Advanced Stage of the Black Realm. She had improved significantly.

Zhang Shaochu followed Zhang Ruochen's eyes and looked over. There he saw Lin Chenyu and Lin Ningshan.

In fact, he knew that his ninth brother had liked Lin Ningshan ever since he was little. However, Lin Ningshan looked down on him. She was engaged to Zhang Tiangui, the Seventh Prince.

"That must really hurt his feelings!" Zhang Shaochu stared at Zhang Ruochen and could guess what was going on in his mind.

He thought Zhang Ruochen was still in love with Lin Ningshan. Therefore, he said with concern, "My ninth brother, Lin Ningshan isn't worth your love! Moreover, Commandery Princess Yanchen is a hundred times better than her. She is not a good match for you!"


Zhang Ruochen had recovered, and he asked, "What are you talking about?"

Zhang Shaochu said, "I said that you should let things go!"

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and laughed. "I'm just listening to their discussion about the monster that absorbs blood for cultivation."

He never expected that Lu Han would turn into such a powerful creature, able to escape under the joint attack of the 10 masters of the School of the Martial Market. She had even destroyed a seventh-class Suzerain on her own.

If she kept developing, it was going to be a disaster.

However, Zhang Ruochen had only reached the Completion of the Black Realm. His martial cultivation was far less than hers. Even if he possessed the blood of the Golden Cloud Half-Saint, it would be impossible for him to recover the Half-Saint's Light.

Zhang Ruochen asked, "My fourth brother, what else did you say just now?"

Zhang Shaochu realized that Zhang Ruochen really was not thinking about Lin Ningshan, and he was relieved. He squinted and laughed. "My ninth brother, I beg you to bid on a 'eating accompany' for me so that I won't be lonely for the rest of my life."

"You're over-reacting!" Zhang Ruochen said.

Zhang Shaochu leaned towards Zhang Ruochen immediately. He cried out loud and said, "Last time we returned to the Yunwu City, my mother gave me an order. She said that if I didn't bring a princess or a concubine with me next time when I go back, she would disown me. Ruochen, you know I'm not as handsome as you and that my talent isn't as good as yours. The junior and senior sister apprentices in the School all despise me. You are the only one who can help me. Please, my ninth brother, I just want to fulfill my duty as a son. Thus, I want to bid on a 'eating accompany'."

Zi Qian stared at Zhang Shaochu and said coldly, "Shameless!"

"Senior sister apprentice Zi, I mean what I say." Zhang Shaochu responded.

Zhang Ruochen let out a sigh. "If I help you to bid on one of the 'eating accompany', are you sure you want to marry her?"

Zhang Shaochu quickly glanced at the eight pretties who were dancing. He said seriously, "I swear to God..."

"No, that's enough! We're brothers. If you really wanted to get married, how can I not help you?" Zhang Ruochen said.

Zhang Shaochu was excited at what Zhang Ruochen had said. He grabbed Zhang Ruochen's arms so tightly and tears were all over his face.

Zhang Ruochen looked towards the eight elegant women and asked, "Which one do you like?"

Zhang Shaochu responded. "Anyone."

"How can you be so casual? You need the 'the best eating accompany' to match your status as the Fourth Prince," Liu Chengfeng said.

"It would be amazing if I could have 'the best eating accompany'." Zhang Shaochu grinned, drooling.

The so-called 'the best eating accompany' referred to the most standout beauty among the eight women in terms of appearance and dancing skills. She was surely one in a million.

Undoubtfully, countless people would want to bid on 'the best eating accompany', driving the bidding price at auction unimaginably high.

At the moment, the disciples of the Yuntai Suzerain sitting apart and discussing another matter.

One of the disciples poured a drink for Lin Chenyu with a flattering expression. She laughed and said, "Elder brother Lin, I've heard that you are going to the Coliseum of the Martial Market later this afternoon to fight for a spot on the Profound Board. I hereby wish you a victory, with a ten-win streak, so that you become a Warrior of Division Profound."

Another disciple chuckled. "Elder brother Lin had a nine-win streak last time. He was only one step away from being a Warrior of Division Profound. Since his cultivation has improved recently, getting a ten-win streak will not be a difficult task."

"Once he has a ten-win streak, he will receive one million silver coins as a reward. I'm so jealous!"

Watching everyone fawning over her brother put a pleasant look on Lin Ningshan's beautiful face. She said, "Of course, my brother has already cultivated to the seventh-level of the 'Yuntai Classics.' Even if he challenges the top five of the Profound Board, he still has a great opportunity for success, let alone becoming a Warrior of Division Profound."

The four external students of the Yuntai Suzerain were all shocked at what Lin Ningshan had said. They could not believe that Lin Chenyu had already reached the seventh-level of the Yuntai Classics in the Black Realm. Only very few warriors in the external school of the Yuntai Suzerain were able to do it.

Zhang Shaochu had never liked neither Lin Chenyu nor Lin Ningshan. When he saw that the disciples of the Yuntai Suzerain were all sucking up to Lin Chenyu, he was irritated and sneered. He said, "How is it amazing being one of the Warriors of Division Profound? My ninth brother is going to challenge the top ten masters of the Profound Board!"

Zhang Shaochu's words had displeased the disciples of the Yuntai Suzerain. They quickly looked over at him.

One of the external students of the Yuntai Suzerain realized that it was a fatty being boastful. He felt that he had been scorned and murmured, "Who is boasting over there? Doesn't he know that elder brother Lin is the prodigy who ranks eighth among the external school of Yuntai Suzerain?"

Zhang Shaochu looked back with contempt. He responded. "The eighth prodigy? He is just someone's neutered pet dog."

Every one the disciples of the Yuntai Suzerain was aware that Lin Chenyu was a servant of Zhang Tiangui. Yet, no one dared to admit it, not to mention saying it out loud.

"You've got some nerve! How dare you humiliate elder brother Lin? I'll cut off your tongue as punishment!" said Hua Jiuhan, an external student of the Yuntai Suzerain whose cultivation had reached the Final State of the Black Realm.

Hua Jiuhan surely knew that Lin Chenyu was Zhang Tiangui's servant. Therefore, he invited Lin Chenyu and Lin Ningshan to dine at Tianyue Tower and gave all his effort to fawning over Lin Chenyu.

Since someone was offending Lin Chenyu, he had to step up.

Lin Chenyu put his hand on Hua Jiuhan's shoulder. He lifted up his drink, stood up calmly and laughed. "I never expected to see the Fourth Prince in the Sky-Approaching Pavilion. Cousin, we haven't seen each other for ages. Shall we have a drink together?"

Zi Qian glanced at Lin Chenyu and noticed that he looked familiar.

She thought carefully, and something came up in her mind. She finally remembered that Lin Chenyu had once spent a large amount of money hiring killers from the Hades Department to assassinate Zhang Ruochen.

She could not believe that Lin Chenyu was Zhang Ruochen's cousin.

"Should I remind him?"

While Zi Qian was lost in thought, Zhang Ruochen stood up. He gazed at Lin Chenyu and said faintly, "Drinking? I'm not interested."

Hua Jiuhan laughed coldly and said, "Elder brother Lin invites you for a drink, and you dare refuse. I guess the students of the School of the Martial Market have always ignored us, the students of the Yuntai Suzerain!"

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Hua Jiuhan. He thought for a while and responded. "Fine. If you insist."

Zhang Ruochen was standing seven feet away. He pointed his finger. The glass on the table next to Lin Chenyu flew up in the air steadily.

The next second, the glass flew across the seven foot distance and dropped into Zhang Ruochen's hand. Not one drop had spilled.

Zhang Ruochen tossed back the glass right away. He waved his arm, and the glass flew back to the table.

Most of the people who were dining on the first floor of the Sky-Approaching Pavilion were shocked at this.

"Telekinesis!" A pretty girl screamed from far away.

Only warriors who had cultivated the Sword Following the Heart to the advanced stage were able to perform telekinesis. Not a lot of warriors could reach such a realm, even if they had cultivated to the Earth Realm.

Zhang Ruochen's technique had just totally astonished the external students of the Yuntai Suzerain. No one dared to say a word.

"My cousin Ruochen, it's only been a year since we last saw each other. I can't believe that your martial cultivation has reached such a powerful level. You indeed amazed me. However, I don't understand. Why haven't you become a Warrior of Division Profound?" Lin Chenyu asked.

Liu Chengfeng responded. "The Ninth Prince is the number one master of our Western Campus. He is famous among the commanderies. Do you think he cares about the fame of the Profound Board?"

"He is Zhang Ruochen, the number one master of the Western Campus, as well as the Ninth Prince of the Yunwu Commandery."

Everyone was suddenly enlightened.