Chapter 169: The Return

 Chapter 169: The Return

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The Genuine Qi surged aggressively out of Zhang Ruochen's palm, where he had injected the drop of the Half-Saint's Blood.


The Half-Saint's Blood immediately formed a one-meter long Spiritual Blood snake that flew around Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen took a deep breath and inhaled the Spiritual Blood snake into his body.


After entering his body, the Spiritual Blood Snake burst out Saint Power as if it was on fire. It caused unimaginable pain to Zhang Ruochen's five internal organs. The blood in veins felt like it was boiling.

Zhang Ruochen had prepared an Icing Meridians Pill that he quickly swallowed.

The Icing Meridians Pill transformed into frost and flowed into Zhang Ruochen's body. It protected his five internal organs, Meridians, and Blood Meridian.

"Sacred Purifying Jade!"

Zhang Ruochen referred to the way of practice of the second level as recorded in the Scripture of Emperor Ming's Empyrean. He activated the 36 Meridians in his body to quickly absorb the Spiritual Blood and Saint Power embedded in the Half-Saint's Blood.

Spiritual Blood fountained out of his body. It coagulated into a massive, three-meter diameter blood cocoon around Zhang Ruochen.

Three days later, Zhang Ruochen had fully absorbed the Frosty Pill Spirit of the Icing Meridians Pill. The burning power of the Half-Saint's Blood exploded again, threating to burn Zhang Ruochen into ashes.

Zhang Ruochen took the second Icing Meridians Pill, and another frosty blast poured into his body. Once again, it helped Zhang Ruochen resist the heat of the Half-Saint's Blood.

Another three days passed. Zhang Ruochen took the third Icing Meridians Pill.

Zhang Ruochen had been constantly absorbing the Spiritual Blood and Saint Power in the Half-Saint's Blood. Every cell inside his body was filled to bursting.

The martial cultivation of Zhang Ruochen's martial cultivation had reached a critical point.


The Qi Lake between his eyes roared aggressively, shaking Zhang Ruochen's entire body.

The capacity of his Qi Lake was expanding like the opening of a wider world.

His Genuine Qi, which had nearly burst open his body, had found an output and dashed towards Qi Pool insanity. The intolerable sense of swelling eventually disappeared, replaced by an unspeakable comfort.

The capacity of his Qi Lake was 21 times larger.

The Qi Lake of other warriors who had passed from the Final State to the Completion of the Black Realm would usually only enlarge 10 times.

"I think the Saint Power of the Half-Saint's Blood caused an enhancement in my Qi Lake. Therefore, my Qi Lake was able to grow 21 times larger."

Indeed, the greater the Qi Lake expansion, the harder it became to refine Genuine Qi.

When Zhang Ruochen was breaking through realms, the capacity of the Genuine Qi inside his body had doubled up. Yet, it was only one-tenth of the capacity of his Qi Lake. He would need to refine nine times more Genuine Qi to fill his newly-expanded pool.

After breaking through the realm, Zhang Ruochen continued sitting cross-legged on the ground and refining the remaining Saint Power and Spiritual Blood in his body.

He spent another five days transforming all the Saint Power in his body into Genuine Qi.

Zhang Ruochen lifted up his hands, drew a circle, and absorbed the blood cocoon that was wrapping around him into his body. The blood light completely disappeared after flashing on his skin.

"I've just broken through to the Completion of the Black Realm, so my realm is not stable yet."

After his realm upgrade, Zhang Ruochen could clearly feel a great elevation of his power. However, he was not strong enough to master such power at the moment.

Anyhow, Zhang Ruochen had not refined the Saint Power and Spiritual Blood himself. Even though he had transformed them into Genuine Qi, it was still relatively hard for him to master the power. He would need to spend some more time to polish up the power and allow the newly added Genuine Qi to blend with his body as a whole.

He spent another three months training in the Time and Space Spinel, mostly practicing the palm technique. By utilizing the palm technique, he was able to stimulate all the obscure power inside the Half-Saint's Blood.

At the same time, he refined his Genuine Qi in order to stabilize his realm.

While he was practicing his palm technique, Zhang Ruochen ingested and fully refined the remaining 10 drops of Half-Saint's Essence and four Icing Meridians Pills.

Zhang Ruochen did 30,000 repetitions of the palm technique every day.

After three months had passed, his Nine-folds of the Elephant Power had been elevated to a new height.

He stood 10-meters away from a stone wall and activated his Genuine Qi one-handed. The Genuine Qi was flowing all around Zhang Ruochen's body. It condensed towards his palm.

"Nine-folds of the Elephant Power!"

Zhang Ruochen executed four palm techniques, which condensed into a Genuine Qi palm shadow. With a roar of breaking wind, it slammed into the stone wall.


The stone wall and the ground shook so severely that pieces of crushed stone fell down.

A half-meter giant palm print was left sunken into the stone wall. Numerous tiny cracks appeared all around the palm print.

Zhang Ruochen had stood a full 10 meters away from the stone wall to release this powerful palm strike.

If he struck his palm on the stone wall itself, the destructive power would be massive.

"This is a palm technique with quadruple power? Now I want to see how strong Nine-folds of the Elephant Power will be if I practice until I reach nine times power."

Zhang Ruochen was extremely excited to think that if he encountered a black underground savage beast with eight tentacles, he would be able to confront it.

After the practice of the last three months, Zhang Ruochen's Genuine Qi filled 30% of his Qi Lake. His Genuine Qi had increased six times before he broke through to a new realm.

"I've been in Chikong Secret Mansion for almost two months now. It's time to go out and retrieve the Half-Saint's Light."

Even though he had spent only two months in the Mansion, in fact, Zhang Ruochen had completed six months worth of practice.

He walked towards the hole that he had fallen through and tried to dig out the crushed stones that were blocking it.

After two days of digging, Zhang Ruochen finally crawled out from underground and reached the side of Haunted Mist Mountain.

Next to the cave there was a dead body of a Gigantic Cyan Scorpion. Its blood was completely gone, leaving behind pieces of cyan shell.

Zhang Ruochen sighed with relief. "I can't believe how terrifying Lu Han is. After confining the Half-Saint's Light, she even absorbed the blood of the savage beast."

If she absorbed enough blood, her cultivation would be continuously enhanced.

If her power had reached the Heaven Realm, even if Zhang Ruochen acquired the blood of the Golden Cloud Half-Saint, it would be difficult to capture her Half-Saint's Light.

If so, the monks and savage beasts inside Chikong Secret Mansion would probably become her next targets.

Then, Zhang Ruochen rushed down from the mountain. Along the way, he saw the dried dead bodies of savage beasts that had all been sucked dry of blood.

"I need to find her immediately and stop her from fully developing."

Zhang Ruochen dashed down from Haunted Mist Mountain as fast as he could.

He followed the blood trail left by Lu Han when she set off, looking for her footprints.

By reaching the Completion of the Black Realm, Zhang Ruochen was able to dash at 75-meters per second, which was faster than the No.1 warrior of the Profound Board. Meanwhile, his fastest speed had also exceeded Zhang Tiangui's when he was at the Completion of the Black Realm.

Most importantly, he still had lots of room for the improvements he would gain when he broke through to the Ultimate Realm of the Black Realm.

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen's ears moved slightly. He heard the sound of people fighting from the rock cave.

"Perhaps it is Lu Han fighting."

He became cautious instantly. He took out one drop of Half-Saint Spiritual Blood, wrapped it with Genuine Qi, and walked closer to the cave while squeezing it tightly in his hand.

Inside the rock cave. [REMOVE]

Inside the cave, Zi Qian was wearing a white fighting robe that matched her snow-white skin. Her dark hair flowed like a waterfall down her slim, willowy body. Her long, slender legs were moving at a high speed as she used a foot technique.


She whipped out the fish intestines sword hidden in her sleeve and pierced the chest of a shriveled elder. Then, she retreated quickly and hid in a corner of the cave.

Without blinking, Zi Qian stared at the three elderly men gathered around at the entrance of the cave.

Four dead bodies were lying in the rock cave, all killed by her. Some had been stabbed in the heart, others between the eyes, and some had their throats slashed.

Zi Qian was also seriously injured. A streak of blood dripped from the corner of her mouth. The white robe on her back had been torn by a palm strike, exposing a large patch of her soft white skin.

However, a bloody handprint stained her skin. Drops of blood oozed from the wound, completely reddening her back.

If the seven heretics caught her alive, what she would suffer would be way more severe than getting injured.

Of the seven heretics, four of them were dead. That left three Martial Arts masters of the Earth Realm.

"How dare such a pathetic bitch killed four of us? If I catch her, I'll ravage her to death!" A middle-aged man with a scar on the corner of his eye said cold-bloodedly.

His tanned arms were two times thicker than normal and brimming with power. He walked towards Zi Qian and said, "I'll spare you from death if you hand over the eighth-class Genuine Martial Arms."

Zi Qian held her sword up and bore the pain on her back. The three Martial Arts masters of the Earth Realm stood like three impassable mountains. She was scared and growing desperate.

How could she escape the wall of the three masters?

Escape was impossible.

When the end came, she would bite the poisonous pill in her mouth. She could never be caught alive. The consequences would be much worse than putting herself to death.

Zi Qian looked grim. She said, "Tu Yun, I'm also a member of the Hades Department. You dare to steal the treasure I found... Aren't you scared that the Hades Department will seek revenge?"

Tu Yun, the middle age man with a scar, was one of the heretics of the Black Market.

He had killed more than a hundred citizens of Flame Dragon Commandery 10 years ago and destroyed seven properties of Martial Market Bank. Eventually, he was caught by an internal student of the School of the Martial Market. Since then, he had been imprisoned in Purgatory of the Red River in Chikong Secret Mansion.

Not long ago, a member of the Black Market went undercover as a student of the School of the Martial Market. He had been assigned a mission to open Purgatory of the Red River and release all the heretics and assassins.

The other two people who were standing next to Tu Yun were called Huo Gang and Chen Lidao.

Tu Yun had reached the Mid Stage of the Earth Realm while Huo Gang and Chen Lidao were at the Initial Stage of the Earth Realm.

Chen Lidao sneered and responded, "Do you think I'll believe that you're one of the assassins of the Hades Department? We recognize that you're wearing the robe of the School of the Martial Market which means you're a student of the School."

Huo Gang had a dirty, evil smile on his face. He said, "I feel sick looking at her clothes. I wonder how she would look if all her clothes were taken off? Haha!"

Tu Yun nodded and laughed. "I've been imprisoned in Purgatory of the Red River, and I haven't touched any woman for 10 years. I can't believe that I encountered such a beautiful woman right after I escaped. I don't care if she is the daughter of the suzerain of the Hades Department, I want to play dirty with her! Worst case scenario, we kill her and no one knows we did it."

"Since my brother has already decided, let me catch the beauty for you! I can't wait to see what is underneath her clothes. Haha!" Huo Gang stared at Zi Qian's chest and narrowed his eyes to tiny slits.